It’s the 677th chapter and we got the Infinite Tsukuyomi’s activating and everyone’s getting Rinneganned/tossed into Madara’s dream land. You get one. He gets one. Everyone gets one. Well, almost everyone. As it turns out, the Tsukuyomi seems need a little bit of time before it affects everyone on the battlefield—and for some, such as Sasuke and the undead, it doesn’t affect them at all—and it looks like that just might be the key that turns the tide in the upcoming chapters.

Generally, much of the aforementioned ends up as expected—many of you anticipated a lot of this in the comments before—but there were some surprises in this chapter, and it’s mostly in the form of some familiar faces. After waiting who knows how long, we not only get the long awaited return of Yamato (who’s doing God knows what at this point), but also of Tenten, who’s trying to figure out some way to utilize and acquire the Ninja Tools that Madara so conveniently tossed away. Admittedly, the return of these two qualifies as a “I should’ve known they’d be back” kind of thing, so I guess in the end it’s not too surprising, but actually seeing them is a whole lot different than constantly anticipating their inevitable return.

With that said, it’s generally a transition chapter as Madara activates his ultimate trump card, and I think the only things left to talk about really are just how epic Naruto is to be able to spam Rasen Shurikens and the ironic nature of the chapter, which seems to demonstrate both Madara’s ultimate weapon and the keys that should ultimately lead to his defeat. Looking forward, I guess it’s just all about how those keys end up getting used (and what part Yamato may inevitably play in everything), and I reckon we got some fun times ahead.


  1. Almost thought I had the Mangekyou Sharingan there. Firstly, I was not affected by Madara’s Infinite Tsukiyomi. Secondly, my eyes bled from using them to read this chapter.

    1. I think it’s something like in Fate (Zero/etc.) in which summoned Heroic Spirits automagically know the common knowledge in the era (like Saber said she already knew how to ‘mount’ a superbike).

      Lone Wanderer
    1. I never expected him to come from the inside of Guruguru, the White Zetsu Clone… If we think about it, Yamato has been there the whole time, and now Kishi can claim he didn’t forget about Yamato. Nope Kishi, you ain’t foolin’ nobody.

      1. Guruguru was most likely just using Yamato as a battery though. Its not like he was really manipulating him or anything since he’s been unconscious this whole time. He’s just been taking advantage of his Hashirama cells.

      2. A killer takes advantage of a weapon to kill. People have died as a result of Yamato being used to manufacture White Zetsu Clones, and the death tolls from the White Zetsu Clones made from his cells are probably quite high. Are you trying to say a gun is not manipulated by a killer? The basic nature of a gun is not that they’re evil, but that they can’t help but be used for the purpose of evil. Yamato finds himself in such a position, having brought more deaths from his unwilling participation in the Shinobi War, than the lives he has ever saved. Therefore, we can safely conclude his existence has brought upon more evil than good.

    1. Pay closer attention.

      Madara isn’t summoning the dream all by himself. He absorbed the God Tree because SHE told him to and Madara is doing all of this with Kaguya’s help. Madara is being manipulated.

      1. I wouldt be surprice if he was Kaguya’s puppet and said moon goddess was the true villain, heck maybe what hapend to Indra and Madara was actually Kaguya starting to control them even if they themselfs dont realice it.

        Though i wonder:
        Asura and Indra
        Harashima and Madara
        Naruto and Sasuke

        could you think the same hapend to Hagoromo and his brother?

      2. I did bring up a couple chapters ago about how Kaguya could’ve possibly been someone who only ended the wars and kept the peace through fear ala what Nagato had (thought) he wanted to do too by using the Biju as a giant weapon, what with her being the only one who could use chakra at the time and having so much power.

        And in terms of the moon, I believe Madara mentioned before that Rinnegan users are more powerful the closer they are to the moon, so the Shinju served as a tall platform.

  2. I missed Yamato so much! I really really hope he won’t die. Right now he’s being controlled by Tsukuyomi, how can you blame him? And he was totally knocked out when Zetsu was feeding on his Hashirama cells.
    The guy apparently was tortured and you’re calling him evil?? Come on.

    1. Don’t worry, I missed him too. Also, I never said he was evil, I only said he was manipulated for evil means to achieve evil ends, and so could technically be classified as a villain. Guns are evil. They are machinations intended to bring peace, yet cause conflict, and have never done anything inherently wrong considering their lack of will. However, they are still wielded with the express purpose of taking lives. Yamato is in the same position. While he is not immoral, or evil in the wider sense, his existence has only caused more evil to be brought about, much like that of a gun.

      1. In my opinion, saying a human cannot compared to a weapon is equivocal to saying a human can’t be a weapon. That in itself is naïve, and failure to actually read my comment rationalising that Yamato is not evil in any sense, while he may have been used for evil purposes, just goes to display large ignorance shown on your behalf. If you would please refrain from making these kind of attacks after you’ve at least read what I’ve said properly, I would be very happy to accept your perspective, as well as constructive criticism.

  3. OMG TENTEN! Yes maybe we can see what she….. oh…… we are back to Aizen-Madara. I’m surprised Kishi even remembered her. Why is she in this manga anyway. She deserves her own spinoff with more character development that she’s getting.

    Corey Lucas
  4. I know Kakashi is hurt and low on chakra so he probably won’t be help in this fight, but does anyone know whether or not he could use any of the jutsu he has copied without his sharingan? I was thinking that even without the sharingan he would at least remember the hand signs of some them through repetition alone IMO

    Red Alchemist
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