「決意」 (Ketsui)

When you’re locked in a battle with the odds against you, you’re inevitably going to need a game changer to turn the tide if you want to win, and boy did we get that this week. Just when you thought things we looking grimmer than they ever were before, we get the revelation that the Sidonia’s been developing new propulsion system and
super high speed projectile accelerators that can fire “kabi” bullets. Needless to say, it’s the game changer we’ve been both hoping for and expecting to some degree—I mentioned the need for one a few episodes back—and Tanikaze manages to demonstrate just how effective it can be by rescuing the pioneer fleet with it.

With that said, it becomes interesting to note that the aforementioned revelations and use of the weapon successfully aren’t actually the highlights of the episode, but rather just a foundation from which to subtly hint at what could be some very important details. For one, the fact that the “new” simulators are based on ones from a century ago means that the Sidonia (and humanity in general) has actually devolved overtime. It makes sense considering what we know happened with the Fourth Defense War, but hearing about it and actually confirming it are two different things, and one wonders what other technology/weaponry they have that they either haven’t been able to replicate yet or of which the Captain’s intentionally holding off of. Either way, it’s not a coincidence this comes shortly after the event with Ochiai and the auxiliary brain, and his words look to hold truth in more than one sense of the word. Whether they want to or not, they will indeed need his power at some point—whether physically or via the information he possesses—and it’s not without its fair share of irony (and risk).

Then there’s the fact that the Kabizashi have been confirmed to produce radiation that attract the Gauna. As we’ve mentioned previously, there’s always a measure of true to legends/myths even in real life, and it’s a notion that rings twice as true when it comes to fictional constructs. The interesting caveat to this however, is that it seems like even if you don’t have any Kabizashi, you’re not immune to being targeted—the pioneer fleet found out first hand and the fact that Earth was attacked in the first place attests to this—and it leaves you wondering what exactly the missing piece is that attracts them in the first place. Or alternatively, is it possible that some agents intentionally snuck a kabizashi piece onto the fleet? Or is it that the Immortal Council’s actually relying on something from the Gauna to live, and that’s attracting them instead?

There’s a lot of questions to say the least—that hybrid human/Gauna creation from Ochiai not withstanding—and while the episode’s generally a positive one that gives our cast some hope, it’s a relief that ends up short lived. The arrival of a new Gauna threat culminates the bad vibes we’ve been getting over the past few weeks and at eight thousand times the size of the Sidonia—ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?—it’s presence literally overshadows all the positives from this week, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Just when the Sidonia crew feel like they can finally annihilate the Gauna, it could very well be that they get annihilated before they even get to properly use their new toys, and Tanikaze has his work cut out for him if he wants to ensure the Sidonia’s survival. That’s assuming he’s able to turn the tide even with his best effort…

Looking forward, it looks like Sidonia needs one more game changer to ensure its survival, and one wonders if the human/Gauna hybrid may not end up being used in some shape or form. Or perhaps it’ll be the Hoshijiro clone that makes the difference? She’s definitely shown affection for Tanikaze—spotting a hot new “dress” pattern—and it’ll be interesting to see how things go from here. Either way, it looks like we know how they’re planning to set up the end of this first-cour here, and they arguably couldn’t have picked a better way to do it. I just hope it doesn’t end in some ridiculous cliffhanger…

Author’s Notes:

  • Gotta say, it’s interesting to see how the Captain gave Tanikaze the leeway to sortie in order to try and prevent him from fighting against her command like Saitou did. We mentioned her as one of the key people that needed to use her experience to prevent history from repeating last week, and she’s doing just that.
  • Had a bit of a chuckle at the Mole Man reference making it back again… along with Tanikaze turning into a punching bag again.
  • As usual, please refrain from spoilers, especially if they’re not in response to a query of some sort. If you must, please remember to use spoiler tags.



    1. Goddammit…why cant this be 26 episodes…

      I know that starting from here on out, the manga switches from being a really good meccha with physics to one of the best manga i’ve ever read.

      I hope a season 2 happens soon…

      1. The way I see it, it’s definitely going to get another season at least, but it looks like they’re planning the split cour route. I remember seeing good pre-order numbers for it. So we’ll see.

    2. Hoshijiro gauna version lets make a new hybrid race prettier, stronger and friendly to gauna if u know what im talking about (im deeply in love with Hoshijiro gauna version)

      1. I have the suspicion that deep down all what Ochiai has always wanted was providing Sidonia, Humanity, and Himself with Immortal, Self Regenerating, Almost Indestrucrible Tentacled Alien Monster Girls that doesn’t need to be bought clothes.

        Such a Noble Cause.

        1. Sidonia’s strongest woman would snap Tanba like a twig if he tried anything funny. Everyone on the maintenance crew knows not to mess with Sasaki.

        1. Even through the visors, I can see the incredible urge to stick their finger to her ponytail(Believe me, its strangely pleasant);

          …being balanced by the sheer terror of the prospect of getting choked, bashed with a wrench, thrown from the top of residential chamber, or shot out of the airlock.

    3. The ability of placenta Hoshijiro to write is definitely intriguing and builds upon the preexisting ability to speak. What is more fascinating though is Hoshijiro’s unilateral obsession with Tanikaze; the implication is that this “copy” has only retained specific memories from the host, and since they’re only of Tanikaze, likely those memories Hoshijiro had upon death. Remains to be seen what use placenta Hoshijiro will serve as it’s still unclear if she possesses anything beyond her fascination with Tanikaze.

      As for the colony ship either someone deliberately left a kabi on the ship to drive the remaining Sidonia inhabitants towards militarization, or the Gauna are attracted to something else. Personally I got an idea on that. Firstly the new kabi are fashioned out of the remnants of a Gauna. What are Gauna made out of? Hyggs particles. What does all of Sidonia’s systems operate on? Hyggs particles. Who wants to bet the original kabizashi are also made out of Hyggs particles, that the Gauna are attracted to the Hyggs particles in general (not just the kabizashi), and that the reason for the constant attacks is the Gaunas’ need for new Hyggs particles (i.e. food). Might also explain why bigger and bigger Gauna seem to keep showing up, Sidonia probably looks like an oasis in the desert to them.

      1. Ha, beat me to it. The pacifist / exodus faction conveniently glosses over the facts that both Earth and Sidonia were attacked prior to discovery of Kabi. Abandoning Kabi doesn’t help, as demonstrated by the attack on the exodus ship, but of course PR will spin propanda otherwise.

        Gauna are likely attracted Higgs generators since that is the predominant game changing tech of this universe.

      2. Yeah, what attracted the First Gauna’s to attack earth. If we know this secret, then we solved (and perhaps took our Curiosity) the Problem

        this is a Nice Hint for the Spoilers, too

      3. I can sympathise with the Anti-Military Faction, the Gauna Wars has had way too many sacifices and little to no rewards, for God´s sakes Earth-Mother of the human race is gone, humans were forced to sail into the endless Sea of Stars without destination, of the hundreds of Seed Starships that flee the Homeworld only Sidonia remains because withou the Kabizashi the other ships are as good as dead, the war has lasted for a millenia and we´re nowhere to an end and just to make you feel more sad they can´t colonize any world that could sustain life because they Gauna will repeat the destruction of Earth. The Anti-Military Faction just wants peace and quite, away from a world where they are constantly chased by near invulnerable monsters, a place where they start agian and recover what little they can from those peaceful day their ancesters had on Earth, they want exactly what Izana wants: a peaceful, quite and mundane life.

      1. Hopefully this confirmation will quench any more speculation that Nurse Kobayashi was a clone… too bad they don’t have typical japanese school uniforms and most MC already promoted to pilots to see Substitute Teacher Kobayashi or School girl Kobayashi. Wonder if she has a bunny girl suit among her costumes XD

      2. Should be pretty easy for her to keep tabs on who is high level clearance information, and adapt to it.

        Still though, that warddrobe. Even if Tanikaze called her out as captain, the others wouldn’t believe him especially since he’s hit his head so much and he has zero proof.

      3. It’s actually her hobby. She is always wearing a mask and hide her real appearance , so most of the population don’t know what she looks like and she is also immortal , ofc she would spend her time , do different stuff to observe Sidonia and its citizens.

        Tl:dr. kobayashi should have learn by now , that secrecy will only damage the relationship between 2 people and by that i am not talking about not showing her face or telling her 3 sizes(even if i really want to know XD) she is basically Tanikaze Mother after all, she just need to speak her mind being honest , share her pain and feeling when she is down and sometime ask Nagate about what will he do in “certain” situation and that will be fine.( just like if lelouch show his goddamn face to Suzaku, he would have save the world so “Easy”) we all have our role to play , but obviously havingmore back up tend to help you too.

        1. @germandude
          in the show , falshback episode , it clearly state that it’s kobayashi who actually ordered the creation of Tanikase(not 100% clone) she assk yure to use Hiroki’s DNA and “alter” his genetic sequence, if my speculation is right , she combine hers with his genetic or yure’s with hiiro or she just modify him but the fact still remain that she is tanikaze guardian and also creator(the one order) regardless of what happen.
          to sum it up Tanikaze is Tatsuya and kobayasshi is Tatsuya’s mother.

        2. If Nagate is the clone of Saitou, wouldn’t he have the same maternal and paternal genetic material as Saitou? So how could the Captain be his mother? Unless you mean the fact that she was the one who secretly ordered his creation? In that case, well, I don’t know…Izana’s grandmother had a lot to do with that too. However, it is obvious that Kobayashi liked or even loved Saitou considering her comments about him during those flashbacks and that one tear she shed when LaLa confronted her. So, her wanting to be a mother figure to his “son” is not out of the realm of possibility.

        3. Well, to create today a Human life, you need 2 things

          Men sperms and a Woman Eggshell. But we saw this Embryo in a Cryo Tank, with a long umbilical cord. Do they need a Women Placenta to grown him?

          No one knows, how Sidonia’s Human creating technology is advanced. Perhaps they just need a DNS Sample of the Host to cultivate a Human Living thing out of the Blue, without a Female eggshell (like we need today)

          So, sure you have a Host as Father or Mother. But you dont need the “womb” anymore. They have artificial uterus tanks now

          Because technically, after they defended the Guana, and began to create the Photosynthesize Generation. there where not many Womans that can give birth. I dont think so, that they used the survivor Females as Birth machines

          So, if you take that the Captain gave the order to “create” him, then yes. She is his Mother. But not mother from Birth

        4. Remember the most VIP Person on Sidona, is not the Captain. Not the Hidden Council, or the Guardians Pilots

          It is the Doctor.

          She can modify Human Life gens. She created Photosynthesize Humans. She made Tanikaze, immortal. Perhaps she gave the Captain and others a immortal Life, so deactivating or mixing other Alien gens with them

          If Sidonia lose the Doctor or her Wisdom, they are doomed

        5. Sorry, where is the Edit button, when i need it…

          Well, the duty of…

          The Doctor is to be a Human God of Sidonia
          The Captain is to Protect the Life on Sidonia

        6. @germandude
          Here is my idea of “Nagate’s creation” Sidonia style (I won’t base any idea on science here, at all since it’s in a fiction world , so if apple float in that universe , we gotta roll with it, we can’t verify anything). Here here , Kobayashi used her DNA and merge with Hiroki DNA , but the reason tanikaze is male is because , It’s intend as “not 100% clone” but new human who bare resemblance to both of them , my speculation is Y chromosome from Hiroki , X from Kobayashi and there , Tanikaze resemble Kobayashi so much(and please ignore stereotype). And i am not trying to rule out our lovely captain out of Tanikaze harem by all mean, but there are so much of her actions , that won’t make any sense unless, she actually have some kind of affection.
          I feel the need to point out the term “Mother” or aka “Family” because it’s quite a fundamental “hidden” topic in most of the futuristic novel,there are 3 notable resent anime , one is this anime, gargantia and Mahouka. That’s why in previous comment , I mentioned Tatusya. But the term mother is mostly associate with “birth mother” but with how the world evolve as you said, artificial womb(tube) is created to fit this description , but does the role of mother or family end with it and become less irrelevant as the future progress? We actually live in the world , that remarriage , adoption and In vitro fertilisation become more common.Is it culture , is it religion, I am asian, and family is the most important thing in my life, this teaching continue for Millennium. I remember watching movie that people calling out to his mother in their final moment , same goes for old people and dying people, when death flash before their eyes. Watashi Kininarimasu?!

          ps. I feel yuo germandude , can’t they at least give us edit fonction ? Seeing so many comments from the same person aka you! replying after your own comment so many time tend to awake the haters, and decrease, the seriousness and credibility of that user. (please don’t take it the wrong way, since the ranting isn’t to insult you aka germandude but to point that w/o edit function it make people who try to have a fine discussion(decent comment) look retarded and incite haters for mamamamammassive downvote for NO reason + spread stupidity). Bisous.

        7. Family is important around the World. Only where there are to much Money in game, they forget their roots. As if the Money create a fog of what is important inside our Minds. We must stay sharp, always look through the fog of Money.

          Because, you can not eat Money.

          So, yes, as you see. We are all Humans with basic needs, but welfare and money change our priorities. Compare the Peoples living in the Citys with the ones outside in the Villages.

        8. Kobayashi never intended to create Nagate. She wanted an immortal replacement body for Hiroki. The new body is immortal to prevent Hiroki from killing himself. If her plan was successful, she would have ripped out the clone’s (Nagate’s) brain and put Hiroki’s brain into it. Nagate was created by accident when Hiroki raided the cloning facility and stole the clone.

          There are hints that Kobayashi had feelings for Hiroki. Mixing her DNA into his replacement body will be counterproductive.

    4. I love the science fiction aspect of this anime. It can get a little confusing but you can see Sidonia has used every procreation/life longevity technique available- cloning, organ replacement,and gene manipulation (photosynthesis and third gender).

      My question is with the immortal counsel, if they could transfer their brain into a clone for life lengthening why do the counsel look like that? Only the privileged few (those of the Third Defense War) can use that technology that’s why they are hiding their faces. Maybe the counsel used a technology that predates clone/ brain transference. Another question is with the Gauna, is there some type of baby / mother situation happening? So many questions!

      Suisei No Gargantia is the only nearest anime in comparison to Sidonia as far as sci-fi backstory. A great original anime! I look forward to the next episode.

      1. Keep in mind they also have to have clones ready to go, and there also exists the possibility the industry facilities were destroyed and not rebuilt. Also possible is the existing material (the bodies of the immortal council themselves) is too far gone to clone, whether from age or alterations by anti-aging medication.

        I am drooling in anticipation for each episode too, but oh so sad there’s only a few left this cour, and it is unknown if another will be picked up.

      2. Well, the current requirements of being a immortal only requires the person in question to have a continuing major contribution to the advancement of Sidonia. (really, that’s the only one.)

        as for the immortal council’s bodies being far too gone to get out of the machines…well, The Captain’s been alive for 100+ years and she still look like the bomb. Same for Shinatose Yure-san.

      3. Yeah i am pumped, too

        Finally a Sci-Fi with Mechas that not build of from Macross. Finally a new IP. Not just Spin offs. That why Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince, was a underdog for me. Their design remembered me a bit of Xenogears/Xenosaga (a PS1 and PS2 Epic game)

        Face it, Macross is slowly getting overused. Not for the Generation that grown with it. They still has “Retro feelings” about them.
        But the younger ones, needs their own Macross.

        1. example:

          Are you hearing your old Songs from your Childhood time? Like ABBA for me and Boney M and so on?

          Your heart is at ease, your swimming in “good old Times” memories and feelings, when you hear them (Game Examples: Final Fanatasy games and so on)

          But the Kids, do they like your “old music”? They have their own ABBA and Boney M. (Game Example: Persona games and so on)

          See. It is a Generation thing.

          This is a free Advice from me, for the Generation Today for making Dreams to Generation followed

        2. As a Macros fanboy and mecha fan, for me this is the first sci-fi that rivals Macros for me.

          Also despite what other people think, I love the artwork both the manga and the anime. It gives me the same feeling as when i see the art of Toume Kei, it just sucks me in.

    5. Another person mentioned this on another sight. But it’s interesting that Hoshijiro clone is always looking towards the kabizashi, EXCEPT when she’s looking at Tanikaze. Then she’s actually looking straight at him. Could there be something else about Tanikaze other than the original Hoshijiro’s that also attracts the Gauna? I think also that in the first couple of episodes, they all mentioned that the Gauna were attracted to Nagate for some reason. Could it have something to do with what makes him immortal? As far as they’ve informed us, he’s the only one who is more of a “perfect immortal” and not medically immortal like the Captain and the council.

      1. Since the gauna duplicates memories as well as form, it could very well be that the gauna has a collective consciousness that ‘remembers’ Tanikaze’s past incarnations.

        le barto
    6. https://randomc.net/image/Sidonia%20no%20Kishi/Sidonia%20no%20Kishi%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
      Caption: This manga adaptation’s chances to succeed is not ZERO!

      …OTOH, I be can fairly certain that it skipped a few additional things this week too (ie. the confession that The Captain was really fooling around “running” the gravity inn.) However, what it replaced was more priceless – minor spoiler…maybe:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Here’s to the (continuing) hope that it can finish this cour more or less intact.

        1. Looks like the Human part is taking over with little steps, and she is awaking slowly of a coma

          That’s all only possible, because she has no Gauna Core

          i see it that so:
          See the Core as Propaganda from the enemy. Now with it’s gone, she has to think for herself

    7. btw, now with this Episode Izana is official now a Pilot. But we saw last Episode a “Picture” Izana in a Pilot suit…

      hehe found the first “Oops…” thing 🙂

    8. First Sidonia try to crate a Gauna Human Hybrid

      now the Gauna are perhaps trying to have a Human Gauna Hybrid

      But i wonder if Placenta Hoshijirou is connected to the Hive

    9. “The interesting caveat to this however, is that it seems like even if you don’t have any Kabizashi, you’re not immune to being targeted—the pioneer fleet found out first hand”

      IF they didn’t have any Kabizashi.

      If I were the Captain and I wanted to dissuade people from jumping ship and squash the rumor that those without weapons won’t be targeted what better way than sneaking a bit of Kabi material onto the leaving fleet.

        1. Did you not watch the episode?

          They’re producing artificial kabi using the human-gauna hybrid. Both of which emit the radiation that attract the gauna.

      1. Its actually rather obvious that the Gauna are not attracted by the kabi, or at least not the kabi alone. When the Gauna destroyed Earth (and the rest of the Sol System) and then pursued and attacked Sidonia and the other earth ships, it was long before they even discovered the kabi. And while they do seem to concentrate on the kabi at times, there’s got to be something else we’re not seeing here yet.

        1. and, they would create more of these Kabi speer.. Because, they need to research a Weapon capable to shoot these Kabi Ammo in space. But why doing it in secret? until they have results? for not raise false hopes?

          Strange, that all with this Kabi thing

    10. So GaunaJiro learns (remembers?) how to write, she and Nagate get closer, the mad scientist used to make people to have XXX with Gauna somehow… connecting the dots…
      The council…
      They want to try and make more GP (GaunaPiercing) ammo! Depleted Phlebotinium Shells (T) indeed!
      Notabene: Think of all the doujinshi potential! with tentacles!!!!
      Oh and pity the pacifist fools… good thing Nagate saved them. Even captain Kobayashi shows some humane traits. BTW all trekkies hail the easter egg there!
      Also, in another nod to Warhammer40k: Archeotech!

      1. …Okay, lets list the possibilities:
        Tentacles. Watersports. Pissing. Ponytail. Monstergirl. Alien. Futanari(?). Bodysuit. Zero G. Clones. Twins. Group.

        There are some more not listed since not yet in the Anime Adaptation.

      2. Given the sophistication of the cloning/genetic manipulation technology Sidonia has access to I would imagine there are far easier means of producing a human-gauna hyprid than Nagate sticking his penis inside gauna-hoshijiro.

    11. Toha Heavy Industries is back! After long years of only left making Hoodies, Backpacks and Tablets; they’re back to making rhings that once make killings for them in the market a century ago…

    12. They may call you different in this world , “Gauna” ,but you will never deceive me ,I always recognize your form and true name, you “LIFE FIBER” Bi-cht peace! lol

    13. It has not effected the story yet, but the changing of the order of events in the storyline is slightly disappointing.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    14. After gotten their asses handed to them, Sidonia Security Force now already learned from the experience:

      No more fancy ass Swordfighting and Archery – just shoot them with tranquilizer darts

    15. While watching this Picture:

      i remembered a notice from the Captain for the new Commander

      “The embarking should be faster”

      a Tip (perhaps they can build it in the Anime)

      Let these First Wave Guardian Pilots wait inside the Cockpits, with Intercom Links for sharing Information. So they dont need to run to the Guardians and boarding them.

      So if they need a Emergency Standby proceeding for Guardians, let them wait inside the Cockpits, that save time

      1. and..

        This Save a bit of Budget. Because you only have one person on the screen to animate. In this previous Picture you need to animate the group.

        And, if you take some shots from the back inside the cockpit or so, you can reuse the footage to save a bit money

    16. I find it unfair to call it a devolution. Episode 8 informs us how much they lost at the end of the fourth war. Here, we’re finally seeing just how much they’re starting to recover. Or how much they truly lost. depending on how you look at it.


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