「セツナの窓辺」 (Setsuna no Madobe)
“Through the Window of Setsuna”

The merry go round of designer children continues with the previously introduced Setsuna as the next person in our planetary gear duo’s cross-hairs. In a welcome break from the typical pattern though, this week’s episode breaks the streak of consecutive awakenings, and notably gives us a few more pieces of the puzzle while they’re at it.

In particular, the (Takeshi) Kanda Incident ends up earning much of the spotlight here, and there’s much to be said about that incident and it’s effect on the present. As it turns out, Kube’s only the CEO now due to the previous CEO being setup, and it begs the question who exactly it is that’s behind it all and what exactly their purpose was in doing so. Did they know Kube would end up using the Machine Goodfellows with the first two designer children and would subsequently awaken Amarok and Malkin? Is it Puck that’s secretly behind everything? Who is this “Robin” who’s referenced near the end? And is the goal of Robin’s group to use the designer children as vessels to install human consciousnesses? Or was that just what Mao wanted to do?

Suffice to say, the additional pieces we get only serves to make things a bit more complicated as things go forward, and it might just be that the biggest threat humanity faces ain’t the Kiltgang, but themselves—or at least, specific groups of people trying to make use of either the designer children or the libido energy source they can provide. For now though, it’s key to note that this new group’s intervention ensures that Setsuna stays out of the Amarok and Malkin’s hands for now, and this multi-way fight between factions might actually have served a positive benefit for our Captain and his fellow knights for the first time. Though now that you mention it… it makes you wonder if Rita herself might not be behind this in some way?

Guess we’ll see. Next week on Captain Earth? Illegal betting and shady boxing matches galore. Oh boy. Before ending things here though, I must say… is it just me, or is it odd that our cast didn’t react to there being another Pitz-like creature? Are all the squirrels like that in this universe or what…?




  1. Wow, there is so much cross-fire between the 5(?) factions now it’s insane.

    (and I’m loving it.)

    OTOH, at least Kube is not exactly blind to Puck’s way of doing things, I was kind of afraid that Kube would walk blind to his own fiery doom.


    btw, there are so much opposing difference between the 2 girls. Good thing their personality’s not one of the differences.

  2. For once, they decided to actually have an interesting episode. The revolving merry-go-round of Planetary Gears and their “Team Rocket” antics was getting old fast. This series has been hanging on by a thread for me for some time, but something always seems to bring me back and I decide to stay on for a little longer.

    However, this was the best episode I’ve seen in a long time with this series. Finally we’re getting back to the intrigue and corporate mystery and it’s definitely refreshing. I’m beginning to think Puck is similar to VIKI in I, Robot, in that he’s orchestrating everything from every angle and that he just might be not only responsible for the whistleblower that informed everyone about what Macbeth was doing, but is also responsible for Kanda’s setup and suicide. His constant “Puck doesn’t lie.” is rather creepy.

    I was genuinely surprised about what happened to Mao. It really felt that she was the one in control the whole time, so that reveal at the end was a bit of a shock. As for Setsuna, I hope she actually joins the Gears. The way they refer to her as Siren-sama suggests that she’s either their leader or she has a lot of power. And Daichi”s team already has Hana, I think Setsuna should join the other side to level the playing field.

    I’m hoping we get a big twist at the end of this cour. I need something to push me to want to watch the next half of this.

    1. The playing field is already very unlevel in the Planetary Gears’ favor. They don’t need any more reinforcements. There are currently five of them vs the two mecha defending Earth. Odds are this last guy will end up joining the Gears too: the environment the preview shows doesn’t look too conduvive to developing trust in humanity. Once they stop awakening their people one at a time and just launch all at once, Earth Engine and Nebula Engine by themselves don’t stand a chance of stopping them.

      Seriously, Daichi and Teppei together barely stopped Amarok and Malkin when they attacked simultaneously, and now that there are going to be six enemies like that you somehow think our heroes have an advantage that needs to be negated?

      1. also don’t forget that (no clue why they haven’t done this besides making the plot impossible) they can easily sidestep the Engines if they wanted to. instead of fighting I mean. the enemy has far superior mobility so if they really wanted to, once they get past the defense, they can go straight to Earth

      2. Really, if you stop and think about it, it’s not as “un-level” as you think. This show made a mistake by putting the plot into a corner by having it that if the Planetary Gears ever win, it will mean the end of a large part of humanity. Because of this, the good guys win all the time and there is never any tension in any situation. I know that Pitz is going to sense the trouble in time, either Daichi, Akari, or Teppei will stop any attack they try do, and the next episode is just rinse and repeat. They are stuck in this endless cycle of bad guys attacking only for the good guys to stop them, and then the bad guys escape to fight another day. It’s rather boring, and until they do something to change things up, they’re going to be stuck in this cycle.

        I think Setsuna may have the ability to do shake things up a bit, if she can give the Gears another advantage, so that they don’t have to keep charging at the Earth all the time. The Midsummer Knight already have a collection of Deus Ex Machinas, they really don’t need anymore. From Akari’s miraculous hacking skills that can save them from any situation, to Daichi and Teppei’s piloting skills/livluster guns that can save the day, to Pitz and his ability to sense any attack that the Gears try, and Hana’s ability to sing and give back up that way, the Midsummer Knights have enough on their side. I need the status quo to change, there’s need to be a bigger sense of danger here, or else it all just stagnates.

  3. So now we got some answers to things and more questions generated.

    So it seems Amarok and Malkin awoke by pure chance, with their kissing just to test out the idea of them being able to communicate telepathically followed by the testing involving the libido energy.

    As for “Siren-sama”. Considering her singing seemed to be able to draw out so much libido energy as she did in the beginning, I’d guess she’s quite important for Amarok and Malkin to awaken to their side, and all the more reason why it’s important for the Earthgang to get to her first.

    “I’m jealous of that squirrel.”

    Aren’t we all?

    1. I knew it! That AI is behind everything! Why can’t we see more of that thing! Puck’s not even human and he’s one of the most interesting characters in the whole show. In fact, a lot of the auxiliary characters are more interesting than the main cast.

    2. Also, didn’t Mao say that she was being funded by a “Robin” as well, but she didn’t know if it was a person or a company? So, if she was being funded by Robin and her assistant was secretly also working for Robin, was Robin just waiting for her to perfect her invention before having her killed and stealing it? The system supposedly has the ability to put a person’s consciousness into another body. It also has the ability to place a particular dream in someone else’s head. That means that this machine could be used to either brainwash someone, or even replace their consciousness with your own.

      If this Robin IS Puck, like I’m beginning to highly suspect, then, what if his plan is to impress his will onto a human (Kube for example?) or even try to place his AI consciousness inside of a human body? It does seem counterproductive since a machine has far more reach than a human body, but then a human body can travel and experience in a way that Puck can’t yet.

      The more I think about it, the more right this sounds, but we’ll have to see.

      1. @RRW
        But he’s already working with and practically leading the Planetary Gears, he could manipulate them to do whatever he wants. Also, considering their powers and how furious they would be that he took over one of their number, would he risk their wrath? Also, the fact that they could tell immediately that he’s posing as one of them by telepathy, means he can’t just pose as one of them.

        I think it might be more that he’s trying to take over a human. There’s less issue that way. Though then again, he might be wanting to get the PG’s immortality, but I don’t think placing yourself in a designer child’s body would give you the immortality of the Ego Block.

        Also, what do you think Puck’s endgame is? By playing and manipulating both the humans and the Planetary Gears, what is he trying to do? It has to be more than just gain a body, what is he up to?

    1. Her recorder was heard again right after Teppei destroyed his ego block, implying that she’s the one who gave him his Livlaster (and probably saved his life). I figure she’ll show up more whenever we get around to whatever the actual plot is.

  4. That plot twist!!!!!!! Best episode so far.

    Not just because of a certain squirrel’s excellent choice of seat (though this was a huge plus for me) but of


    I knew this crazy lookin’ lady would come back to shake things up and she ended up dead right when she was getting to be incredibly interesting. That being said,

    “Sir, i’ve killed the most interesting character as she became ‘too’ interesting.”

    It took a while, but i’m finally starting to see depth to this story after the long tunnel of the same failed attempts during every episode up to this point. With the backlog of our Team Rocket wannabes and now this extra creepy “lab assistant”, i’m liking where this is going.

    1. i get it, so if Hana or Setsuna kissing someone, it is no Love. They just want to read their Minds!!!! Of course!!!

      Btw, why is Hana the only one with a Tan skin? Did she get it while staying on Earth? 🙂

  5. From the article – “Before ending things here though, I must say… is it just me, or is it odd that our cast didn’t react to there being another Pitz-like creature? Are all the squirrels like that in this universe or what…?”

    No it is not just you. They never showed another squirrel til now. I don’t know if it was just bad writing or what.

    So, yeah this episode was really good and shows they can write a good story if they try. We got more background about the Designer children. We still have no clue what a ‘Neoteny’ is.

    It was a good episode but overall I find this show lacks a central, cohesive plot. It just sort of flows all over the place as if they are trying to distract us before they reveal the true plot of the show.

    They also need to explain why we always go to outer space to fight. Are they trying to attack something out there? I don’t get it.

    Rick Anime
  6. I get a feeling like in Matrix 2. Where the Agent hijack a Human Body. It seem that Puck want a Human Body. And Team Rocket are nearly out of Libido Fuel. So for future attacks they need Setsuna in another way or other, to sing. If Puck would take over, could he sing like her? I dont think so, but anime magic will do it. Like Matrix 2 done it first

    Pro for Setsuna join Team Rocket:

    1. Team Rocket need Fuel, for the next Episodes. Her Libido Energy Generator is Setsuna
    2. Setsuna run away from home. What will a little Girl not know the outside world, end up?
    3. I dont think Setsuna is the last Designer children, the Preview show us the Last, these Green Hair dude is the one. Why would Team Rocket go there?
    4. The voice of Robin, through the Phone, sound like he same guy that gave Salty Dog guy the instructions. So Robin must be Salty Dog CEO or so
    5. A old Geezer, or an old Hag, need Setsuna’s young Body. But Point 1 is far more important then a young fresh body

    There is so many Plot changes, that it created a whirlpool of Holes. Is this the preparations for 2nd Season?

    But, i will give credits for them. they broke the last 3 Episodes cycle.

    1. 4 & 5, Well, since all clues are pointing to Robin being Puck, that could simply mean that the distorted voice on the phone is him. And if that’s true, and that voice is the same as the one who gives the orders in Salty Dog, it could point to and interesting turn of that Puck is the one who is controlling Salty Dog. This could mean that, he has his AI hands in all 3 factions (Macbeth/Ark faction, Globe, and Planetary Gears) and would confirm that he is the puppeteer here.

      In mythology Puck is a trickster and can disguise himself frequently, he also has the elements of a backstabber, helping you one minute, while just as easily turning against you the next. He really only seems to be loyal to himself. So him both helping and harming all three groups isn’t that unusual.

    1. I don’t know if Setsuna is really a loli, she was already a little girl ten years before this all began, she has to be in her mid-teens at this point. I think she’s just shorter and not as well developed as the other girls, but she would technically be around the same age.


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