What do you do when your main characters can’t move and are slowly getting their chakra sucked out? You tell a grand tale of how Aizen wasn’t the only one who planned everything from the very beginning, and while it’s not surprising how that’s happened at this point, one must say: it’s a nice usage of events in order to give probably one of more more important info-dumps of the series.

With that said, let’s first take a look at what exactly the story seems to be at this time—at least, what I’ve managed to grasp up until this point:

  • A long time ago, Kaguya consumed the sacred tree’s fruit in order to end the wars that were going on at the time.
  • Kaguya had two children in the Hagoromo and his brother Hamura, whom acquired her powers and the chakra she possessed.
  • In order to re-acquire the chakra redistributed among her sons, she merged herself with the sacred tree to create the Ten-Tails. If Black Zetsu is to be believed though, this story is actually not correct. Rather, Kaguya wasn’t attempting to take back all the chakra herself, but intended to distribute it among both Hagoromo and Hamura.
  • Either way, Hagaromo and Hamura end up sealing the Ten-Tails (and Kaguya while they’re at it) in the upcoming fight, which is sealed in Hagoromo, who becomes the Sage of Six Paths and the first jinchuriki as a result.
  • Before being sealed however, Kaguya would create Black Zetsu, who would spend the rest of time between then and now intentionally manipulating the sage’s descendants in ways that would awaken the Rinnegan—the key to reviving Kaguya. This would include involving himself in the Uchiha v. Senju conflict and intentionally modifying the Uchiha tablet to say that the Infinite Tsukuyomi would save the Uchiha, when in fact it would merely acquire enough chakra to awaken the Ten-Tails/Kaguya once again.
  • …or something or rather. It’s a mouth-full to say the least, and just when you thought you knew the whole story, it turns out that even the Sage of Six Paths (and his descendants) didn’t even know that they didn’t have the whole story themselves. As it turns out, only Black Zetsu knew the whole story, and he’s been plotting the revival of Kaguya for what’s essentially been the entirety of Shinobi History. Needless to say, it all comes together as a tale that’s pretty darn ridiculous, and there really isn’t much to say aside from: “keikaku doori”. Next thing you know, even the wars before Kaguya were planned out by someone even more powerf—okay that’s probably not going to happen, but you get the gist.

    Generally, this little revision of the history book takes up most of the chapter, which ends up surprisingly interesting considering how the whole “keikaku doori” element’s been hammered in multiple times over the past few months. Looking forward, it looks like things are gearing up for our cast to try and use the sealing technique again—which was apparently the technique taught to them by the Sage of Six Paths many chapters back—and for my brain’s sake, I sure hope it comes without anymore history revisions, because my head’s spinning at this point…


        1. I really don’t see how that is a good thing. Anyone can make a stupid incoherent story but use some convoluted BS to explain it all (if you want a recent example Samurai Flamenco fits the bill perfectly). Imo that’s pretty crappy writing. All i see is Kishi continuously backing himself into corners and being forced to pull up a bunch of random nonsense to justify everything.

          I actually stopped reading Naruto for about 2 months. I recently caught up and I pretty much regret every second of it. The show has taken a complete nosedive throwing away all the issues it was trying to tackle before in favor of a over the top boss battle….

      1. The real issue here is that the plot is no longer trascendental for the story, in the end who really cares how the events truly happened, apart from satisfying one’s curiosity, the only real fact is that Kaguya is crazy, and Naruto and Sasuke have to seal her. There’s not much into it rather than that. It was already pretty hard to believe that Madara could plan all of these events right from the beginning, and now we have black Zetsu, a side-lines character that barely makes important contributions to the plot all through 600+ chapters, being the actual mastermind. Rather than crazy, it’s plain stupid.Kishi could have easily stayed with the Madara story and make a coherent, good ending.

        May I dare to guess that the secret sealing technique Naruto and Sasuke have in mind is the chibaku tensei, we’ll have to wait to see.

        1. Well, at least Black Zetsu is actually quite unexpected unlike someone like Obito who EVERYONE could see from miles away as at least in the running as the “mastermind” at the time (alongside Danzo, before he was killed). Then Madara showed up and “took him out” and things started getting big again…and now this…

          But I do agree in that Kishi could’ve kept Madara as the “final boss” and do well. I mean, unlike Kaguya, Madara and legends of his power was someone/thing we were hearing about since Part 1, and became even more prominent in Shippuden post-Kakuzu and Hidan, so to have him literally rise from the dead, and far more powerful than he ever was when alive (and even when under Edo Tensei in his “prime” body), he definitely comes off as much more final boss material. On the other hand, Kaguya is someone whose name only JUST started coming up not that long ago and now she’s suddenly the final boss? It just feels so unnecessary…

    1. Some commentator on another website noticed that in Chapter 626 the First Hokage noticed black zetsu after he defeated Madara. So it looks like this wasn’t made up at the last second.

      Noor Mahmoud
    2. So…..is Kishimoto a masterful storyteller, or a trolling one?
      Hopefully there isn’t any more mastermind(s) behind the scenes..

      Though I still think that in the next few chapters,
      the possibility of Naruto using some sort of Rasengan or Talk no Jutsu as a critical hit on Kaguya isn’t zero.

      Btw was anybody reminded of Gasai Yuno expression (just without arms) at one panel of Kaguya?
      *The first shot of her staring at the duo and crying.
      **In comparison to this one (http://tinyurl.com/pjv94ag)

    3. I’m hoping that all this stuff with Kaguya and Black Zetsu isn’t also going to be some sort of long-winded attempt to absolve Sasuke and the Uchiha Clan of their actions (once again, they’re portrayed as the poor, misunderstood victims). Even if the Clan was manipulated down a path by the changing of the tablet and Black Zetsu approaching each reincarnation of Indra (and Ashura too apparently), that does not automatically excuse the Uchiha Clan’s actions (that we know of, like Fugaku’s failed coup) that they still chose of their own free will during those times.

      And who’s to say they wouldn’t have turned out the way they did even if the tablet wasn’t changed? After all, Black Zetsu called Hagaromo’s teachings “garbage” and changed the tablet based on that belief and to resurrect Kaguya, and Indra chose to turn against Ashura out of his own greed and lust for power before Black Zetsu approached him at all, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Indra would’ve chosen to teach about “power is everything” to descendents rather than Hagaromo’s teachings, and result in the largely power-hungry Uchiha Clan of the present anyway.

      1. Sasuke is going to be forgiven because Naruto says so. And no one can say no to the savior of the world/”Sixth” Hokage at least. Hmm how ironic that would be.

        random viewer
    4. Dondake! A back-hug, no nevermind. It didn’t matter if she was crying; I sure don’t want to see that face a night. (shivers) And another point a mother has no excuse (of being a mother) for trying to kill her children/descendants. Just to let those who were curious and linked in, there are so many spoilers for over a dozen chapters in this one post review. Dondake!

      random viewer
    5. Whoops! Sorry guys!, posted on the wrong thread (didn’t pay attention to tabs)

      On topic: I’m just going to leave this quote here.

      – PAIN: “I am akatsuki leader and founder.”
      – Ubito: “No I AM the akatsuki leader and founder: I deceived you big time”.
      – Madara : “No it’s me, I was merely manipulating you”.
      – Black Zetsu : “Actually, I was not your will, but was manipulating you too . I am the real akatsuki founder” – Aurelien J

    6. Obito: All according to plan
      Madara: No, all according to my plan
      Black Zetsu: No, mine
      Kaguya: Oh please, all my plans.
      Tenten: Shutup all of you, I’m the big villain!

    7. Anyone notice Naruto / Sasuke hands together form the Uchiha Clan’s Fan Logo ? a Crescent Moon over a Round Sun ? All thats missing is the Fan’s handle 😉 maybe that is represented by Ninja Tools ?????

      INB4 Eternal Death God Seal ? The one used to do ultimate sealing ?

      So Hamura might have sacrificed himself doing the Death God Seal and sealed the Juubi inside Hagoromo while sealing Kaguya inside the Death God with him in eternal combat. ( like Orochimaru, Kaguya probably left a “shadow” of herself called Black Zetsu which in turn could control the White Zetsu )

      While Hagoromo passed on Hamura’s abilities inside Indra and his own inside Ashura, Hamura’s sacrifice would not be forgotten.

      Ashura’s Clan become the clan of Jinchuuriki and Seals ( Senju and Uzumaki )
      Indra’s Clan become the clan of Eye-techniques ( Uchiha and Hyuuga )

      Hence by splitting Chakra into Yin and Yang … and distributing the Chakras across the main clans would allow EVERYONE to use chakra safely. But essentially keeping Kaguya at bay since the chakra would continuously be in use and flowing through everyone. No single concentration of all the chakra in any single individual … like say a Hokage or Leader.

      Makes me think that Sennin-jutsus are the true purpose of most chakra… and the only original fighting/technique that can generate all types of chakra ( wind, fire, water, lightning, earth, sand, air, particle, etc) without needing specific affinity to a single or multiple chakra type.

      I hope this mega-splurge vomit rocket of info talk-no-jutsu doesn’t happen as often as it has in this arc. Some of the flashbacks have been almost brilliant beyond anything I have read anywhere else. Like the whole Obito is Tobi is Madara but still wants to be saved become Hokage live up to Rin and Yondaime. Masterful storytelling !!!

      But this Mega-Dump seems too anti-climatic and I for one don’t want it to end like this for sure !!!
      Also, Kakashi without the Sharingan seems so pathetic … he knows SEALING tech ( which to my knowledge didn’t use the Sharingan ) and he has Body Activation type ( pulling out HUGE chakra quickly ? ) And Sharingan is not needed to playback long ago copied and memorized Jutsus ? right ???

      Sakura is again forgotten, Shikamaru’s strategic planning gone up in puff of smoke, Tenten’s sleeping, Neji dead and Hinata in La-La land :-S

      W T F !!!!!

    8. So in the End it is a Fight of two Different Chakra types.

      The Chakra that born out of the Fruit of the Tree. This includes all kind of Ninjutsu art Chakra


      the Sage Chakra. The Power of the Nature

      What is older and stronger? It is the Sage Chakra


      The World tree consumed the Chakra out of his roots, and where he leeched it away? from the Nature Chakra. Nature chakra is Sage chakra

      Thats why Naruto could break free this easy

      There are more kind of life charka then the World tree

    9. Ah! So that’s why Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s ear! He wanted to implant Holyfield’s cells to awaken his true potential LOL.

      Sorry. This comment is kinda dumb but it’s too good to pass.

    10. I think its really a shame that all wars need to have a mastermind behind with some hidden agenda, its never the case that someone made a bet and things derailed, as it is true with most real wars.


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