What do you do when you face an omnipotent God-like entity that can shove you in and out of dimensions in the blink of an eye? Well, if you’re Naruto, you bring back an age old technique and—what what?

I have to say, the chapter name ends up being right on all count. I didn’t see that coming at all. I mean, really? Out of all the possible things he could’ve done, he pulls the “Reverse Harem” jitsu? And Sasuke agreed to it? AND it actually worked for a moment? Are they going to bring back the koncho or what not too?

Jeez. After that chapter, I don’t know if I should be laughing, crying, face-palming, or shaking my head. Because however ridiculous it was to see Naruto pull that jitsu out again, it actually ends up quite appropriate given the situation. In many ways, it emphasizes how Naruto’s still got the same viewpoint/personality he’s had in the beginning, and it brings a measure of truth to the fact that some things never change. You can change how someone looks, how strong they are, and/or how others view that person, but inevitably things carry over, and it’s clear that’s been the case for not only Naruto, but practically the entire cast.

In this way, everything here ends up quite fitting considering how much Kishimoto loves to bring things full circle, and it really is an enigma how Kishimoto manages to do it. Week after week, despite making things more and more over the top as he goes, he manages to piece together plot pieces in ways we didn’t think were possible, or surprises us with something we thought we’d never see again. At times we’ve come to realize that some of the clues were actually in chapters from months ago, and it’s like: is he a genius? Crazy? Lucky? A good writer or a bad writer? One just can’t tell, and I think these past few chapters are a perfect example of just hard it is to pin him down as anything.

Ultimately though, it’s another rather short chapter, and the highlight really ends up just that jitsu and the fact that things are looking grimmer than ever before now that our new godly pairing of Sasuke and Naruto are separated by who knows how many dimensions… which means the previous Hokage are going to play a part soon right? Right? Maybe? What ever happened to Yamato again?


  1. I literally sat there looking at that particular page for almost five minutes before starting the chapter over and making sure I wasn’t hallucinating. (I wasn’t as you probably guessed) The things Kishimoto has been doing lately are crazy and ridiculous and worthy of face-palming but at the same time, I’m smiling and laughing still as though it was the first time I picked up the series. I don’t know why it’s working or how but it is and I’m pretty damn happy about that and still want more.

      1. Yeah, when i saw the page, well lets say Kaguya and Sakura’s exprecion was priceless, aswell as way beack it shows sakura is also a perv when Naruto used this for the first time, sadly it was cut out of the anime

  2. Naruto: I’ve been practicing this jutsu in secret more than the Rasengan! Its worth trying!

    Dear me, and here I thought it was would be a Sage chakra-enhanced Thousand Years of Pain lol.
    This chapter had me laughing for quite a bit, especially that scene. (http://oi60.tinypic.com/4v62ia.jpg)
    If either had led to Sasuke & Naruto actually winning,
    Konohamaru would probably be proud. [ Third Hokage’s nephew for those who don’t remember ]

    On another note, Sakura’s nosebleed is epic.
    I also wonder how Madara would have reacted if regular Harem no Jutsu was used against him..since it seems like
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Right? Maybe? What ever happened to Yamato again?
    Pssst. You also forgot Anko and the two Sage tools that Madara spat out.

    By the way, anybody think Naruto would use Talk no Jutsu on Kaguya?

    1. Funnily enough, I was sitting across from a friend as I read this chapter and as he groans, I look up and see him throwing his hands in the air before he says, “God damn it here comes the freakin Talk no Jutsu again!”

    2. I’m sure Madara would have appreciated the gesture, if you know what I mean.
      On another note, don’t forget how adaptable Sasuke was in helping Naruto with the “ultimate secret jutsu he’d been working on more than the Rasengan”. *le gasp*

  3. I wonder what people would think of this series as a whole if the reverse harem jutsu attack strategy worked and kaguya was defeated and the series ended on that note…

  4. I gotta admit, if I’m Kaguya, I would be pretty confused too. Heck, Naruto might even be able to convince Kaguya through the reverse harem jutsu to let them keep their chakra. So naruto, if ur gonna do that talk no jutsu, at least do it with that reverse harem jutsu, at least it’ll be a funny sight.

  5. Lmfaoooo this was actually really smart. She’s absorbed all the jutsu right? So get her with a jutsu that she wouldn’t expect in the slightest. Kaguya’s surprised face was cute to look at >///> It was kinda adorable actually. Lol When you get past her psychotic nature, you’d think she was innocent.

    Sakura’s epic nosebleed was epic, I didn’t think Sasuke would go through with it….As a matter of fact, Sasuke’s character this entire time has just been back n forth…I don’t know what to expect. He SEEMS cold, but he was the one who envied Naruto’s power before he got Hagoromo’s power, he was the one impressed with Sakura’s power, before he got Hagoromo’s power.

    He only intended to save Naruto and Sakura/Kakashi just happened to be there. Yet when it’s all said and done, he follows through with Naruto’s stupid yet strategic plan. Kinda inconsistent if you ask me.

  6. I have to say, when I reached that page, I really laughed, especially after I noticed that one of those guys looked like Sai and it gave Sakura nosebleed. Everyone else’s reactions were priceless, too.

    I am not even bothered by the fact that this was pulled in the midst of a war because I haven’t been able to take that war seriously for quite a while.

  7. It’s official. Naruto has gone full retard like Bleach, and I’m starting to hate it. I never hated Naruto as much Bleach, but this chapter solidifies it. Has Kishi lost his mind? This series seriously needs to end. All the tension is gone. WTF?!

    Corey lucas
    1. Don’t you guys get it. Shounen Animes have become the hottest and the coolest shows on Planet Earth, I get that maybe your a little tired of the because of it’s never ending run but would you guys prefer we go back to the likes of the simpsons, family guy,south park and the rest of those junk meaninless toons that we see on american tv? screw that I’d have rather Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bleach, HxH stay for eternity over those crappy shows they are the one’s that should get cut. Shounen Anime and Manga has made watching TV and reading comics spectacular.

      K C M

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