「バクの街」 (Baku no Machi)
“Baku’s Town”

As the midpoint of Captain Earth arrives, so does the end of the designer child themed episodes for the time being. With Baku awakening to his Kiltgang memories (surprisingly due to the revelation that the yakuza were actually all just walking illusions), it’s all about singularities, and it’s generally another typical episode for the most part. Week after week, it’s as if they’re taking two steps forward then one step back, and one wonders when they’ll ultimately piece together things in some string of coherency.

For now though, all we can do is work with what we have now, and this week does bring its fair share of puzzle pieces into the equation. Singularities in particular end up being the talk of the town, and the key details seem to be that they’re special abilities the designer children have that require a particular set of circumstances to activate, and of which differ from one child to the next. Adding to this, it seems as though the “Neoteny” (or the Livlaster users) seem to have an ability quite similar to this as well, and it is interesting to see how they’re gradually linking together regular humans, designer children, and Neoteny in a phylogenetic tree of sorts.

At this point, it’s clear there’s a link between all the aforementioned groups, with a base similarity in their humanity, but with key differences in their abilities and life span. And in the grand scheme of things, I find it quite fitting that that’s how it boils down, because it ties in quite nicely with how the series revolves around a variety of factions that have different views toward the same goal (of saving humanity), the notion that differences tend to lead to conflict, and the fact that all this inevitably leaves people feeling a need to find a purpose and a place to belong.

With that said, it’s also important to note the brief conversation in the gun range we get this week as well, because it could very well address a key issue many of us seem to have had with this series in general. And by this, I mean the “development” of Daichi in particular, and the fact that he’s clearly not the person he was at the beginning of the series despite not really being given a reason for it. Up until now, many of us have tried to explain this with the assumption that the Livlaster might actually be causing Daichi to be someone he’s not, and it looks like that just might be the case. It still remains to be seen whether or not it’s a case of the Livlaster actually using the Neoteny to fire itself or whether or not the Livlaster is actually an extension of one self (and thus potentially a personality they might otherwise have suppressed), but there was a pretty obvious change that occurred pre/post Livlaster usage on Daichi’s part, and it looks quite clear that much of the strangeness of his personality is intentional.

That doesn’t change, explain, or excuse why some of the cast hasn’t been as thoroughly developed as I had hoped, but it does show a measure of calculation in regards to how they’re planning to do things here. As with previous episodes, this definitely bodes well for the second half of this series, but they’re not making it particularly easy on the part of viewers to get to that point.

As such, I will confirm that with this thirteenth episode, I will sadly drop coverage of Captain Earth in order to ensure that certain key shows are covered for the summer season. I will however, still continue watching, so it’s likely either me or another author will do an END post for this at the end of the summer, so please do look forward to that. Until then, I’d just like to apologize to everyone for dropping this series—I’m just too disappointed in how things are going so far here—and I’d also like to thank everyone who has come in on a weekly basis to comment/view my posts on this series. I hope you’ll continue to visit though, because there’ll be some intriguing changes coming up in the next season, so stay tuned for those!




  1. Even now I’m still astounded by how Daichi’s mind work. I still could not understand why can’t he figure out that Baku is a Kiltgang at all until they fought each other in a gigantic robot.

    Let’s look from Daichi’s perspective. He knows pretty much nothing about how the Planetary Gears work, which means he doesn’t know how they awaken. He does not know anything about the other designer children as well. However, he is aware of the fact that wherever the Kiltgangs go, the Designer Children must be near as well.

    With that said, why couldn’t he figure it out? There is no reason for Amarok to randomly go into an illegal place just to fight a random dude. The only logical reason he even bother fighting Baku is obviously because he is a DC. That’s all he needs to know. Then he could get the adults or Akari to look up Baku’s background and ta-da you got yourself a DC.

    I know Daichi is a kid, but that is exactly why you don’t let a kid do these secret missions. Oh well, this isn’t No Game No Life or Liar Game, so Daichi isn’t going to become very bright any time sooner.

    With that said, it was heartbreaking to see Kumiko “die” just like that. Bugbear is growing to become very different from the other Kiltgangs. He is angered by the fact he lost his beloved ones and his place of belonging. He understands human concepts that are unknown to the rest of the Kiltgangs, making him more human than anyone of them can be.

  2. So now Baku looks like a second possibility (along with Lin) for changing sides in the future.

    Sadly, for the more dramatic moments, it also felt equally silly at times, especially with Amarok playing announcer during Daichi’s fight with Bugbear…

    1. I really hope it will be better in the second half, but if they really planned to do that, they should have had a much better hook at the end of the first half in order to keep the few viewers that they have left. And then to have the next episode be a filler vacation episode that focuses on Hana, one of THE most underdeveloped characters in the whole series, does not help matters.

      1. @Irene: The only hook I could think of is something Valvrave-esque, although that would mean pulling out developments from thin air.
        So far, Captain’s pieces are already on the board. They just have to be arranged into place.

    2. It’s not looking like it so far, we’re now 13 episodes in and currently have gotten little more than background info and setups for future events. Not to mention next episode looks like the standard beach filler. There’s still time to improve with 11 episodes following, but can that make up for taking more than one cour just to get to the good stuff?

    3. I fully expect it to be. I’ve mentioned it multiple times that there’s a clear set-up for what should be a climactic second half, but I feel like in ways they might’ve dragged it a bit longer than many of us would’ve liked.

      Ultimately I’ll keep watching to see how/if it develops as expected, but just for the time being there isn’t anything to justify covering it over something like Zankyou no Terror for next season sadly.

  3. Facial expressions are the weakest point of this anime. I don’t believe them. Especially all this “cute” girls’s expressions in any situation. BONES… it is sad.

  4. Looks like Hana, will go “Overdrive” and perhaps get a side effect of doing so. Perhaps they kipnap Hana and somehow blackmail her to sing for them, to refill their Fuel for the Future. So Earth Team has then a new Red Line to go save her from Team Rocket. With little help of the other little Singer. Perhaps the little one is not that Mature or their “quality” of Fuel, no reach Hana’s one. But it will be enough to fuel Earth Team… Well, do they need Libido Energy anyway? Only Team Rocket need it. And this Mind inserter Device, will surly be a Deus Ex for a “sudden turn of story” of a 3rd faction. So, we will have Earth Team vs Team Rocket vs Dark Industry Humans (that create the DC in the first place. Where they have the knowledge? Puck? and i bet the Mind Inserter Device will be needed for Puck to play the 3rd Faction villain) Perhaps the true Life-force on this Space ship stuck around the Planet is like Puck. Or the KI/AI want to return to the Ship under all costs

    1. Oh and the “Surprise Attack”.. Well, it will be something to do with the Moon, they show that much in the Previews…

      My guess?

      He activate some short of propulsion, within this giant Crystal thing on the Moon’s back, and the Moon is falling towards Earth

    1. Maybe because Teppei didn’t get kissed, since kissing allows the memories to be passed. Operating the Kill-T-Gang woken him his planetary gear memories, but that might not include the designer child part as that memory should be the “human” memory. Also, all the DC prior awakening did not seem to remember their days as DC expect the 2 as they awaken when they are still children.

  5. Baku is the only designer child that doesn’t instantly become an asshole after getting kissed by the whore, kudos. He didn’t even talk shit like the rest of the lame ass generic “villains”. Bugbear is a stupid name, Baku is Baku and he is now my favorite character.

  6. A bit disappointed but in a way to be expected I suppose. I have a bit of hope that Baku will prove to be more than just another Designer Child as it certainly felt like such might be the case as his story progressed. At the very, Baku’s two-parter proved to be more engaging than the rest of his counterparts but then again I wonder if that’s truly saying anything. With half the series gone by and all the ‘setup’ more or less accomplished, I guess this is where we’ll really see if Captain Earth can be great.

  7. Not really liking the incompetency and lack of motivation that the midsummer knights are showing. It seems to me that Akari, Daichi and Teppei are just half assing everything they do. Why go around searching for the DC if they’re never going to find them.

  8. Ep 14:

    Well the new OP spoiled us, that our Midsummer Knights get one more Mecha Pilot, a red one.. Long range Guns… And let me guess how it will be… No, not that easy

    But looks like the Mac Beath CEO is still dump as ever, even if he think he is smart.

    Oh an Hana get know more background, more then being sexy and carefree. And my guess with the Falling star from the Sky, was not that false…

    Everybody knows about Blume, except the Anime Watchers… Care to explain us Anime? (and i think Blume is that space ship on the ED)

    So much Spoilers, with the new OP and ED, Amateur

  9. RandomC, you did a good job covering this one. I tried to hang in there but stopped watching after episode 11 (I think it was). Still was hoping it would pickup so was reading the blogs. But looks like it hasn’t like I feared.

    Rick Anime
  10. Ep 15:

    I stopped the watch in the middle of the Episode. Well, you know. My predictions and most of yours, too. Was right with the KI and searching a Human Host.
    “i can move, i can move”….

    so, that gave me the instant kill blow, of the last resolve to look and write here about. Sorry guys

      1. i predict that in one of the 2 Episodes, we will see

        The new Team Rocket Member (The new OP show 1 more Mecha like a Bee)
        The New Midsummer Knights Member (The new OP show us a Red Mecha with Long Range Weapons and like you hear a Amen in a church, i can say how it will be…)

        This Show, has no Surprise for me anymore. Thats because it got boring to watch. Why there is any good, if you know already in your Mind. what will happen?

        Now it is just with every new Episode. The enemy of the week. Like a Power ranger film…

  11. EP 21:

    You know, i am not following this Anime anymore. But today i pick up ep 21, to have a peek if the “storyline out of my Mind book” had changed. No, it have not. The Salty Dog Spy (Glass Guy), had a comeback like i predicted episodes earlier. The Bad Guys against the Good Guys and their reactions, like i predicted..

    But now, this Spy made a decision on his own. He asked our Captain Earth to save the Earth, against Salty Dog and others. This is a point, where this Anime got mature, and try to break free of the default Storyline

    Really, this Anime is more for Kids, that want a “Power Rangers” with Mecha and in Space. For Mature fans it is boring. And as for an experience viewer like me, this no “Story book” Surprises made it boring, too

    But i begin to see a little hope shining in the horizon

    If you still have faith in Captain Earth, perhaps Ep 21 will be a turning point, to get your hopes back…

    1. in Short:

      This Episode 21, forced our young Boy Captain Earth, to shoulder all Humanity and to make sacrifices necessary to that

      A Teenage boy, forceful to grown to be a Men of sacrifices some to save many. If you scrape all it to the Bottom. a Young Boy experience War where Win at all costs. Old War Veterans will
      turn around in their Graves

      1. Thats the Danger, when old Story Writers want to show the Young pure fans, what it need to have Resolve. There is more human friendly way. But the “War” Path is not the right one.. Your poison the Young Fans roots

  12. Final:

    You know of the Movie called “Star Driver”? Yes? Then you know Captain Earth, too
    That’s why this Anime here, spoiled to much inside my Mind. I saw some similar Movie long ago


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