Goodbye, spring. Well done, everyone.

Before you get too wrapped up in the new summer shows, let’s take a look back at spring and talk about the parts that were great (and/or not so great). Mainly great though. What can I say? We’re an optimistic bunch!

One of our most lively podcasts to date, join Zephyr, Zanibas, and me for a discussion about every series that crossed our silly little minds. Nothing about summer though! For some reason I’ve been a little busy, so you’ll have to wait three weeks for a discussion on those shows, or peruse our selection of series introductions and snapshots, available for your reading pleasure. Without further ado, enjoy the podcast!

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  1. This past spring anime season is make my new record.Normally I watched 2-4(at max) anime per season (by watched I mean from first episode till final episode,not dropped).

    But this spring I watched 12 anime :
    -Isshuukan Friends.
    -Baby Steps.
    -Yowamushi Pedal.
    -Seikoku no Dragonar.
    -Captain Earth.
    -Bokura wa minna Kawaisou.
    -No game no life.
    -Soredemo sekai wa utsukushii.
    -Gokukoku no Brynhildr.
    -Sidonia no Kishi.
    -Broken Blade.

    FYI this season I just watched only 4 anime (SAO2,Akame ga Kill,Aldnoah0,Tokyo Ghoul)
    So, It was great anime season for me.

  2. That was interesting…you all have very different tastes.

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  3. I mostly enjoyed Akuma no Riddle, though I can’t remember most of the character names and I felt that the ending really didn’t fit.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Agreed , for the most part. I think Sumireko (android girl) wanting to cook could be her trying to move on… I mean , it seemed as if she was way too obsessed with WHAT she was , so perhaps now she is trying to find out WHO she is? I don’t know if that makes sense , but that is what I think.

  4. I must say i really agree with the 2 stand out anime, sidonia no kishi and NGNL. Other than that, nothing else really stands out, yet the shows are still watchable.

  5. I thin I agree with Zephyr about the quality of the season. Started off really well, but a lot of shows meandered around the mid-point and some ended quite poorly. I watched a lot of shows this season, and the ones I think I enjoyed most were Kawaisou, Nanana, Issuukan Friends and Kanojo ga Flag. They were definitely the ones I always looked forward to every week.

    Also just on Zanibas’ concerns about Soresekai: If you thought there were pacing problems in the first couple of episodes, you’ll probably find it gets much worse for a while. From episodes 4 to 8 there are serious pacing issues that bog the series down. But from 9 on is probably the best paced and most compelling arc in the series, so it does feel worth it in the end.

      1. Your voice, when Japanese guys speak English, it sounds really light, easier to describe, it sounds effeminate. So i thought you were Japanese speaking really good English 😛

  6. Last season I consistently watched 3 shows: Date A Live, Nanana and Ping Pong. So after watching them: I can say that Nanana’s takes 3rd (whole season was kind of lackluster and end was anticlimactic, no offense to Sugitan), while Date 2nd (well, I got what I expected, meaning fun). Ping Pong was by far the best of three.

  7. One thing I find interesting about this season is that by far and away the biggest show in Japan isn’t even mentioned once in this podcast, but then again it’s like it doesn’t even have a profile outside of Japan at all, but if you look at Japanese blogs and forums it’s practically all anybody talks about.

    Kaioshin Sama
      1. I believe Kaioshin is referring to Jojo, based on what I’ve heard of it’s popularity in Japan. Then again, I don’t really keep track of these things, so I might be wrong.

    1. Well, depending on the show you’re referencing… I mentioned Jojo at the very beginning as a show I loved from this season and Love Live was also mentioned as a show both Stilts and I generally liked near the end.

  8. Oh dear lord, don’t remind me of the ending to Mahou Sensou. What were they thinking with that one? Then again, given how much the rest of the show sucked, having an ending like that is almost poetically appropriate.

    Not expecting a sequel for Nanana either, sadly. One of those many, many shows that could use a second season but never will. Sales projections kind of put it in the lower tier of sales (1000 with BD & DVD combined) and I haven’t heard of record LN sales and whatnot either. Awww.

    Anyway, my favourites this season were NGNL, Mushishi and Sidonia in the top three, with Kanojo Flag and Nanana/Chaika at four and shared five. Not a bad batch, really. Though it was also the first season in a year where I dropped shows (M3 and Mahouka) so make of that what you will. There’s been better Spring seasons for sure, but I wouldn’t call it bad outside of that context.

    1. It’s on our list, but due to the way the site is setup, we could (see: almost certainly would) break the whole thing if we tried to implement mobile optimization rashly. Plus it takes a lot of time to just keep up with what we normally do. Sorry I can’t give a more reassuring answer than that.

      P.S. Is your name a Hudsucker Proxy reference? Because if so, you pretty much rock.


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