What do you do when you’ve used your secret technique and failed to come up with a good distraction? Well, if you’re Naruto—or anyone else for that matter—a good fall back is to rethink things and start again with the basics, and that’s exactly what he does. With this chapter, the Shadow Clone technique makes a triumphant return, and it’s all about Naruto bringing together everything he’s learned so far. Tactically, he’s no longer the same person as he was before, and it shows in just how easily he’s able to dupe Kaguya into believing that a clone was actually his real self. Arguably, it’s a bit too easy in hindsight, but there’s no denying the fact that if he’s got all the tailed beasts working together and lending their particular specialties to him, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Interestingly enough, it’s Kaguya that’s on the back foot here despite her overwhelming strength, and in many ways it’s a bit surprising to see. Looking back, it’s kind of feeling like both Madara and Obito felt like more worthy adversaries than Kaguya is, but I guess it is what it is considering the nature of the genre and the power boost our main characters have received. Either way, it’s suddenly Sakura who’s put in the limelight as the person to rescue Sasuke—fittingly so—and the tables are slowly but surely turning on Kaguya, who demonstrates that she too has a limit to the chakra reserves she has at her disposal. And that’s not even counting on the Sage of Six Paths or the other Hokage, who seem primed to join the fight sooner rather than later.

With that, it’s another week, and here’s waiting to see what the coming week holds.


  1. First comment!

    Nice to see there’s still something Sakura can do to help out, and she’s paired with Obito for this one. Next chapter Kakashi will hopefully get to do something too, but I’m curious how he’ll fight without his Sharingan. Maybe the eye Naruto restored can become one on command. One of the many reasons to look forward to the next chapter.

    1. Well, if you’re talking about Kaguya using the bone ability, that was interesting considering its usage before… but I kinda felt like at this point I’d be more surprised if there was a move she couldn’t do, lol.

  2. Naruto surely became a better fighter, but it is obvious taijutsu alone won’t work, even Gai’s masterful 8 gates couldn’t defeat Madara, so it’s really uncertain how the clones will manage to pull this off.

  3. Naruto Rendan certainly brought back memories.

    But this Kaguya surprise final boss is really un-entertaining to follow. I was enjoying OP-Madara a lot more.

    I wonder if he’ll return once Kaguya is defeated/sealed. And perhaps with a change of mind? lol. First villain to change sides without talk no jutsu?

  4. I’d really like to see Sakura become relevant in ways that don’t include just watching in awe and serving as some form of comic relief. Her being Tsunade’s student really just seems to be going to waste and her sheer strength, knowledge and medical jutsu are all kind of undervalued and underused.

  5. Sexy Jutsu with a twist, and now Naruto Rendan… the part 1 callbacks really make this feel like things are coming to an end.

    Gotta admit, I have a hard time caring for Kaguya. She’s just so underdeveloped compared to the past antagonists. Barely foreshadowed at all, and this whole time she’s been behaving like a bit of a zombie.

  6. Well…I mean are you really that surprised? Kaguya is a WOMAN, in all of Kishimoto works, no matter how bad ass or powerful the women characters are, it will always be the men that would take center stage.

    See how long the Madara fight dragged out and he’s suppose to be a small fry. Yet give the woman a little power like Kaguya who suppose to surpass that and now she’s reeling.

    Maybe he is sexist maybe not, but does it stop my enjoyment and see this through to the end? Probably not 😀

  7. Ok … so she can use Bone jutsu … Has a 5-dimension ability, with 1- linked to the other 4 …

    1. Lava-world
    2. Ice-world
    3. Desert-world
    4. Rocky-world <<< Main dimension ?
    5. ??? Water-world ? Air-world ? Mushroom / Forest World ? Space-/Moon-World ????

    Sasuke C+-K-+O Naruto
    Joining hands will seal her.

    Right now Sakura&Obito are in the main dimension ( Naruto and Kakashi in ice-World )
    So they cant let Kaguya warp back and forth ( remember she can sense peoples intent even if they are far-away )

    4 Ex-Hokages probably must play Elder-type roles after advise/council with Hagoromo. So Naruto probably wont get much chance to spend time with his dad and learn Sealing jutsus from him.

    Looks like Main characters are all original Team7 and old geezers.

    Sasuke has ability to use Kuchiyose-no-Jutsu … surely it is spacey-timey stuff he can pull off to transport himself on the eagle or inside a snake to the required dimension ?

    Naruto + Kakashi are both complementary characters ( Naruto all fire, Kakashi all cool )

    Sakura + Obito are weird combo since one is Taijutsu/Medical jutsu and other is Gen/Doujutsu.

    Hmm … I will have to wait and see :-/

  8. Kind of my point. It’s just a bit sad that such characters are practically rendered useless. I guess it’s to be expected since Naruto has pretty much turned into nothing but high caliber jutsu on a scale of world changing proportions but still..

  9. I can see it now Sakura arrives to save Sasuke. She runs to him with open arms *Sasuke you are okay*. Sasuke walks past her *Thanks for the rescue Obito* I want Sasuke to point out that Sakura is virtually Rin reincarnated and Obito can take her off his hands lol. I mean she plays the same role swooning for the prodigy of the team and being useless most the time.

    Anyway I think Kaguya’s lack of aggressiveness might have been tied to her simply wanting to drain the chakra of Naruto and Sasuke. That is why she wasn’t going all out. Now Zetsu has explained Naruto has always been a problem and Kaguya has resolved to try to kill him. Plus Im not sure Kaguya wants humans as enemies. She wants everyone to serve as her mindless army (for some odd reason since the entire world is dreaming WHO IS LEFT TO FIGHT???) Sasuke and Naruto are also the reincarnations of her grandchildren but views them as her own sons at the same time. So I feel all of this has played some factor into how the fight has gone down thus far. Also like Zephyr stated this is a shounen so male > female in plot power and character development.


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