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OP: 「moving soul」 by 栗林みな実 (Kuribayashi Minami)

「イリヤ×イリヤ」 (Iriya × Iriya)
“Illya x Illya”

Kuro Illya is on the offensive as she attacks her onee-chan. What a fight, what a second fight, and what a kiss. DAMN!

Action Fantastic

With Prisma Illya, I think Silver Link just likes to show off. The action this episode was stunning, with a bunch of unnecessary (but cool) camera pans and oodles of fight animation. So much was happening in ever scene that I could practically smell them burning through their animation budget. True, there was more of a hint of CGI than there was in the first season, especially with that bog (though now that its nature has been explained, it makes more sense why it looks so off), but CGI is getting so good that you almost don’t notice it as long as the screen is moving fast.

This is all on top of the glorious return of archer Illya, this time in Kuro flavor. Illya’s fight against Saber was the best battle of the first season, and seeing archer Illya flipping around in all her glory this early on was a pleasure to see. She moves with such deadly grace, and it’s one of those combat styles that doesn’t really work outside of a fantasy setting. Since we’re in a fantasy setting, I’m glad to see they’re taking advantage of it.

The Kiss To End All Kisses (For Now)

Holy hell, that kiss! That was long, sloppy, and there was a lot of tongue. I don’t know what to say, other than how it went above and beyond anything I expected, and that they’re going to sell a lot of Blu-Rays. Like so many.

It’s the little things that make it perfect though, like how Illya just stood there and Kuro NTR’d Miyu in front of her, how she got angry because kissing Miyu with her face would just make Miyu misunderstand further (looks like Illya does know what’s going on!), and of course, how the kiss made Miyu misunderstand further. The yuri goggles, THEY ARE TOO TIGHT!! That’s a lie. Tighten them further!!

Comedy Amid Combat

They did a good job of making Kuro extremely competent and just a touch scary, while still keeping the atmosphere light enough to tell us that this wasn’t (too) serious of a situation. Even when trucks were slamming into things or they were laying a trap, there were still laughs to be had, and that kept the whole thing from going grimdark in a hurry…a hallmark of a the Fate series in general, yes, but not of Prisma Illya in particular.

Illya’s early-morning adventures were funny, as was Luvia & Rin’s failure and that incredibly generous fanservice, but my favorites are tied between how they finally ended up beating Kuro, Rin and Luvia gloating about it (with the accompanying reactions), and Rin’s betrayal of Illya. No, I take that back–Rin’s betrayal definitely takes the cake. Every time Illya starts to think a little well of Rin or Luvia, they screw it up. I don’t think that will ever get old.

Ten Episodes(?)

Last episode I talked about my episode count worries, mentioning that the 2wei manga is twice as long as the manga they adapted for season one. Well, the word on the street (though it’s still unconfirmed) is that this will (may) be another 10-episode season. This confuses me greatly. Unless they’re 1) Planning on doing 2wei Part 2 next summer, or 2) They decided that season one didn’t sell enough, so they’re adapting as little of season two as possible to cut their losses, I don’t know where they’re going with this. They don’t seem to be zooming through the source material, which is good, but at this rate I don’t know if the season will have a good stopping point. Though I’ve enjoyed both episodes so far, this one issue is leaving me in trepidation.

Looking Ahead – Who Is Kuro Illya?

Now that they’ve captured Kuro Illya, it appears that we’ll get a little chance to figure out who the hell she is. That’ll mean less archer Illya running around perhaps, but Prisma Illya does more than just action well, and I would look forward to another funny episode next week. Until then!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Archer Illya ga KITTTTAAA!! Kuro is on a rampage, & plucky Illya Classic is only barely staying alive. And that kiss O.O #prismaillya s2e2

Random thoughts:

  • Wait, is Luvia after Shirou in the OP? She really will do anything to piss off Rin.
  • Raise your hand if you recognize that sound that Ruby was making when she was forecasting the future. Or if you even know what a fax is. The strangest things make me feel old.
  • Caren-sensei (Koshimizu Ami) is such a bad nurse. I don’t mind. As long as we get to see more of her!
  • Nice try, Illya. That was sarcasm. Take this seriously dammit!
  • “Onee-chan.” HNG~!
  • When Kuro fell into the bog, I said aloud “The bog! Chekhov, you sonofabitch!” The people around me thought I was weird. I do not care!!
  • Not sure who is better, Illya or Kuro. Uhh, uhhh, uhhhhh…I PICK BOTH!
  • It’s official, Rin and Luvia are pretty much the worst. For so many reasons.

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      1. Chiwa Saito characters are lewd. Makes me remember the only good part of IS season 2 – Chiwa Saito giggling for a full 30 seconds in the ep1 preview. Everything else was tripe, but that was awesome. Such is the power of lewd teasing Chiwa Saito >:3



        Even if it means getting the help of a master conman and also becoming the devil herself

        XD =P

  1. As much as I try to fight it…the Fate fan girl in me screamed during every moment of this episode. I was awaiting that kiss, but holy hell they…well they certainly will sell a shit ton of DVDs, you’re right. O.O

    I’m really worried, though. There’s so much content in 2Wei that I really think they need at least ~12 episodes to get through it all as faithfully as these first few chapters.

  2. I don’t understand why they didn’t show Kiritsugu’s face at all. It’s not like he is that mysterious and important in this show so why bother hiding his face? Note: this also confused me in the manga too which is very odd. They can show Iris but not Kirtisugu?

    1. My guess (I’ve only read a little more of the manga, so I’m nearly at anime only level now) is that Kiritsugu just isn’t that important to the story. Iri at least showed up and talked to Illya last season, but if Kiritsugu is only going to be around for Iri to talk to, they might be avoiding putting full detail into him in order to de-emphasize him as a character. “He’s not really going to do anything important,” they’re saying. “He’s just here to keep Iri from being at home all the time.”

      Either that or they were coy about that really being Kiritsugu in the manga, but that doesn’t work as well here when we can actually hear him speak.

  3. …Squee? Yes, squee.

    This was a wonderful and beautiful episode, and very faithful. I love it.

    I have to say, I never really saw a strong resemblence between Illya and Kuro when I was reading the manga, and even here they look pretty different to my eyes (I guess skin and hair color really does matter for distinguishing anime characters). However, last season in episode six, I had to greatly restrain myself from exclaiming when Archer-Illya showed up, because in that transformation, Illya unmistakably had Kuro’s face. Anyone who questions the similarity between the two should go back to the old reviews and look at the screenshots: it’s uncanny.

  4. Thank god I brought the Jaegerbombs this time, I needed them; that make out scene was hilarious and completely unexpected. Nothing else this episode though tops screen caps 14 and 16 as Illya looks on in dazed horror. Those ended me; the sides are still recovering.

    Will be interesting to see where they leave off if this cour is 10 episodes as some are expecting now considering how long the source material supposedly is. As long as there is more gender bent Archer kuro Illya humour and Rin/Lumia stooge fighting though I ain’t complaining, the comedy and lightheartedness has always been one of this series’ strong points over FSN and Fate/Zero.

    (and the Gravatar finally works, this calls for another shot :D)

  5. And that’s why Kuro is the best girl of this series. This was just her debut, I’m sure there’s plenty more mischief to come, she can’t be so prominent in the OP and ED to just be a one off character. If you thought this week was fun Stilts, just wait til next week.

    1. A) It does anime only viewers a disservice to hype up the next episode, because enjoyment is largely based on expectations and the gap between them and reality (whether positive or not), and 2) I’ve actually read the manga past this point, though I haven’t read all of 2wei, so I expect to enter anime only territory soon. But as for next episode – I know. Believe me, I know!

  6. belatkuro
    1. Random hollow ataraxia characters appearing in this too. Not that i’m complaining Caren and Bazett are nice looking ladies. But, I feel ya. At this rate i’m not sure i’ll have enough blood to get through this season let alone make it through the next fate in fall. BUT WE MUST ALL PRESS ON!

  7. Dear god, that kiss is giving me Sakura Trick flashbacks. Now Kuro, do it to Illya! Selfcest for the win!


    Seriously though, while last ep was a wee bit slow, this one went into all-out awesomeness mode. The comedy was spot-on, the fights were cool as hell, the atmosphere managed to strike the perfect balance and Kuro made one hell of a first impression. Didn’t take me long to love her (and her voice certainly helps). And now we can spend the entire season with her, hooray!

    The looming spectre holding a sign with ‘only ten episodes, booo’ hanging over the show is still worrisome, but for the moment I’m going to enjoy what we’ve got here. This is certainly proving to be a worthy sequel, that’s for sure.

  8. Honestly I don’t know what to think of this series. I like the comedy but there isn’t really anything else eternally charming about it.

    These first two episodes aren’t showing me that the story is supposed to get good. In fact it seems more like it’s just turned up the ecchi switch while trying to sloppily weave in it’s simple plotline. The action is visually pleasing but you know i can’t help but feel that they are taking the this idea of “intentional murder” too lightly for me to take the fights seriously. My main problem with this approach is when the show actually decides to get serious I don’t know if I’ll actually care at that point. If there is a series that got it right imo I think it’s FMA Brotherhood. The show is full of comedic moments but they had the sense to leave the more serious moments alone so I actually felt like the characters were in danger or truly suffering. Needless to say this anime isn’t exactly doing a good job at finding a balance imo.

    And while I’m a fan of yuri I only like it if it’s mutual. So needless to say I think the kiss was a bit much (though the dark side of me still liked it). I just find it kind of hypocritical that people detest men forcing kisses but whenever another girl does it “OMG SO HAWT!”. Personally i feel both are equally wrong which is why I absouletly hated Saikin, Imouto. But i think in anime it’s always been the consensus that two women making out or groping each other is cool even if it’s forced.

    1. You’re not supposed to be tremendously worried that Illya would die at this point. You’re supposed to be thinking about the mysteries. What caused that surge of magical feedback that broke up the cavern at the end of the previous episode? Where did Kuro come from? What is she? Why did she appear then and there? Why does she want to kill Illya? Why did she kiss Miyu (yes, she did in fact have a reason for doing so)? Why is Caren Hortensia the nurse at Illya and Miyu’s school? On a larger scale: what are the Class Cards? Where did they come from? Why are they in Fuyuki City? Who is Miyu? Where did she come from? Why is she in Fuyuki City?

      I could go on. It was obvious from the tone, even in the manga, that Kuro wasn’t going to succeed at this attempt to kill Illya, or even seriously hurt anyone right now. That’s because you’re not supposed to be wondering “OMG, is Illya going to die?!” but rather “Who is this girl and why is she trying to kill Illya, and is she connected to all the larger mysteries of the series?”

      1. Personally speaking I wasn’t wondering any of that. The show really hasn’t done anything to make me care about those mysteries. The characters were questioning it but since the situation wasn’t being taken seriously in the first place why should we care about it? Everyone treats it as no big deal so why should i treat it any differently? Also I know why the kiss was done (someone spoiled me on that) but are you telling that the anime didn’t try to “OMG YURI KISS!” as much as possible? There is a difference between something being justified and something being justified so you think that gives you the excuse to take things further than necessary.

        And them explaining who Miyu is wasn’t even on my radar since it’s pretty much been a dropped plot point from what I’ve seen. I didn’t care about who the nurse was because she seemed to just be there for comedic relief. I have not been given signs to care about that. As an anime only viewer I don’t how any of it is important at this moment. Obviously someone who has read the manga is going to pick up on that stuff. But so far most of the things you pointed out don’t seem that important because the anime hasn’t made them appear to be important.

      2. The fact that you mistook a long-running plot for a dropped one seems to indicate a rather short attention-span on your part. If you can’t pay attention to more than just what’s right in front of you, you won’t do well in this series.

      3. You kind of missed my point. I actually remembered Miyu was from another world. The point is the anime didn’t/hasn’t made that plot point seem vital to the story. I saw it as nothing more than a means to explain why Miyu was so strange at the beginning. And it worked quite well for that purpose. They have foreshadowed that she has a dark past so yeah I can see how it might come into play later. But as I said these two opening episodes made it seem like the idea was dropped. And given that Kuro is now taking the spotlight again I’m not really given a reason to wonder how it will come into play. If the anime subtly foreshadowed how it would matter later then that would be cool. But it hasn’t. We’ve seen a few scenes about it but that’s it. As an anime only viewer I don’t see how I’m supposed go “Oh Miyu’s dark past is going to play a big factor here!” when the anime hasn’t made that point seem like it will matter.

    2. Considering Fate Kaleid is a magical girls show that should say exactly what to expect from from it. Stories often lacking the depth common to more complex series are generally part in parcel of the genre with comedy and lightheartedness being the main drivers of all plot points.

      IMO it would be wrong to approach Fate Kaleid wanting a good, serious, and in depth storyline because the series was never intended to rival the likes of FMA, or even FSN. Fate Kaleid was not going to be anything but generic, that was never the point (and should have been obvious after the first season); the objective was a reinvention of FSN characters in a magical girl universe, a new scenario to appeal to FSN fans and increase the series’ longevity by giving them back their favourite characters once again.

      Basically you’re going to watch this if you like magical girls, FSN, yuri, or a combination of all three. It may not be perfect, unique, or completely charming, but it’s still a fun weekly half hour, at least for me.

      1. Oh I have nothing against anyone for loving the show. Though i might come off as a bit cynical I still do enjoy the series. However I have slightly higher expectations this season for the story to be stronger since I’ve seen countless messages of things picking up in the second half. But so far that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s practically on the same level as the first season. And that’s cool for now i guess since we don’t know how long the series will be but for me it hasn’t had a particularly strong start.

    3. Wait wait …guys.
      You guys are spoiling it, you do know that, right ?
      As for the those contents, I think we can start complaining after ep 5-6 since it’s still currently faithful to the manga.

    4. On not being worried about Illya dying, Wanderer was right; I never got the sense that we were supposed to be worried, so we probably weren’t. I think that was done well.

      As for the kiss, there’s some dissonance in complaining about a forced kiss while not complaining about the attempted murder. The story certainly dialed up the titillation factor, no argument there, but it wasn’t saying it was right any more than it was saying attempted murder was right. It treated both subjects lightly, for comedy.

      And for the record, while I certainly find two girls kissing more attractive than two guys kissing, due to personal preference, I was laughing my ass off at some guy-on-guy action in the Noucome OVA yesterday. It wasn’t consensual, so yes it was “wrong”, but they were mining it for comedy so I laughed. As long as the story doesn’t go around screaming “THIS IS FINE AND TOTALLY OKAY!!!” – something I felt Kill la Kill did in its sort of rapey beginning – we can laugh at these things when they’re not being taken seriously. They’re being taken for a lark, so enjoy them as such.

      1. I did have a problem with the attempted murder hence my complaint with no one taking it seriously. The mood is comedic yes i noticed that but that style of humor is never really my cup of tea. I mean it’s ok for like an episode but i can guess that she’s going to keep up this whole “It’s funny that I’m going to murder Illya” stick for a while longer before she develops past it or something like that.

        For the record I actually don’t mind violence in anime. Violence, gore all that good stuff in a sense is worse than most sexual situations that get portrayed. However I like all of that stuff because it serves a significant purpose in evolving the characters. If you an example look at Tokyo Goul this season. That show extremely gory and bloody yet I love it. Because it doesn’t just play off the death for laughs (unlike Akame no Kill). The characters are deeply effected by each display of brutality and the development the MC goes through is awesome because of it. Here the fight served to show just how much more powerful Kuro was than everyone else. So I thought it was fine.

        However with sexualized content………well let’s just say knowing Japan they always try to play these situations up for laughs so needless to say I have less tolerance for it. Characters accidentally falling and intentionally groping others while getting away with it, forced kisses etc. Maybe i haven’t watched anime long enough to build an immunity to this stuff but it’s constantly an annoyance because it’s humor I can never get behind.

  9. Wow … this was what I expected to see, and a lot more than I expected too.

    Dat kiss.. it was so immoral I kind of feel like I was in Illya’s seat too.
    (I’m not a yuri fan, but I like it. lol)

    Dat fight.. I’m impressed. It was very nicely done.
    I was pretty happy when Kuro trace “Nine Lives” just like in manga.

    I also like the OP, not as much as “Starlog”, but it’s still nice.

  10. As a fan of the manga, I must say that this episodes nails everything right and then some! That kiss scene was phenomenal! Where the hell did i put my loli yuri goggles?! I need it now!

  11. Ah… Caren-sensei, brings backs memories of when I was in school :)!

    Man! That kiss! Sooo Long! IS this the start of a love triangle
    (BTW, I have Illya’s morning kiss any time she wants).

  12. I already saw it coming that Rin was going to use Illya as bait, but that trap scene was still fun to watch because of Illya’s reactions, and Rin and Luvia’s antics. That scene of them slightly smirking with confidence was simple but funny. I was impressed at them for thinking so far ahead to use that bottomless swamp to trap Kuro Illya. It’s a well deserved win, except for Rin and Luvia laughing at their prey’s misery. It’s kinda cruel, but also a bit cute. Was hoping there was also a full length image of Rin and Luvia laughing.

    1. Thinking that far ahead was pretty slick. Which just goes to show that if you’re really serious about killing someone, don’t calmly approach them when you (think) you have them on the ropes. Also: good guys are far more ruthless than antagonists sometimes >:D

      1. What makes it more slick is that Miyu letting go of Sapphire and Rin+Luvia getting tied up was probably within their calculations. I’m not sure though if Illya being used as bait was what Illya expected (Miyu’s reaction while they were waiting for Kuro would suggest she thinks her masters have really gone cuckoo). With Illya’s top notch acting to convince Kuro that she already gave up the fight, I won’t be surprised if the whole thing from start was planned.

  13. I was thinking, when I first saw Kuro in the manga, “what was Type-moon thinking?”

    Not that I was complaining. I just want to know what they were thoughts about Kuro. Why is Kuro brown?(Why Archers after Gil are brown? Gil’s white.) Why did they decide Kuro is like this, Kuro is like that? Why Kuro doesn’t resemble Illya that much, to me at least, even though Kuro came from her.

    Well at least she’s good for a few gay moments. Now I know why this show is aired so early in the morning. The manga wasn’t this lewd…

    1. If I remember my lore right, FSN’s Archer’s hair and skin were “corrupted” by the strain of his magic, used over aeons, much like Sakura’s hair for example.
      Since Kuro is basically just a fusion of Archer and Ilya, that would explain her coloring.

      Tsugumi Henduluin
    2. Wanderer
    3. I think the simple explanation is that they wanted Kuro and Illya to be instantly distinguishable by readers and maybe to avoid the temptation of later using a plot where it turns out that the Illya we follow is the “copy” and Archer Illya is the “real” one.

    4. Kuro is tanned because she follows the design of the 5th Grial War’s Archer: Shiro Emiya.

      the queation is the WHY is Shirou Tanned? because of overuse of his projection macecraft (magic circuits, they… heat up xD)

      so is not just the Archers that are tanned , but just the Counter Guardian EMIYA who was the archer of the 5th HGW

      PS: as matter of fact all the class cards are based on the classes as they showed up in the 5th HGW.

      PS: note that all the other Heroic Spirits dont really use Magic Circuits… that explains why they are not tanned as Shirou (even Caster doesnt use them.. she uses High-Speed Divine Words)

    5. The idea of Kuro and Archer Illya is an official take on the idea of Archer-ko of the Sword Dancer’s doujin.

      Now they can’t make an adult Illya as it would be ripping off too much much but make a brown skinned Illya? Genius!

  14. I’m expecting a lot of downvotes for this, but…

    I’m gonna come out and say it, I HATED that kiss for two reasons. It wasn’t there in the manga (Miyu just tries to sneak a hit in on Kuro and breaks away from her when it fails) so it felt like a cheap attempt to rake in more BD sales; and the way it was executed made it look and feel like they were trying to say “This young looking girl is raping this other young looking girl! Isn’t that HOT!?” which frankly, just left a bad taste in my mouth. The whole thing is really uncomfortable, and the end card really rubbed salt in the wound…

      1. And right when I thought I’d reread the source to make sure, I still end up making an ass of myself because it was repositioned from a different chapter…

        But yeah, my point was that the nature of the scene as it was done in the anime version felt REALLY uncomfortable.

      2. It’s not repositioned. It’s chapter 2 material, just like everything around it. It happened in that fight, in response to those moves, immediately after those lines of dialogue. All they did with it was increase the titillation factor: showing us in detail rather than stepping back and using sound-bubbles to portray it.

    1. It is true that Silver Link played it more for titillation than for comedy though. It’s not surprising since they’ve been extending (or elaborating) everything that happens, but while an extra joke or a few extra moves to the combat don’t change things, this did change the nature of the scene.

      But yeah, it was definitely in the manga. They’re being nothing if not faithful to the source material.

    2. The loli fanservice has always been in Prisma Illya since the start, so you should have expected this if you read the manga. At least I assume you read it since you seem to keep getting the facts wrong. Its like complaining that Highchool DxD has gratuitous boobies. Don’t go complaining about something you should already know coming in.

      1. He was complaining about the nature of the kiss not the loli fanservice. The first season did not make it apparent there was going to be forced loli kissing. So don’t give that “you should expect this” crap when there was no indication the show was going to go this direction with it’s fanservice.

    3. Partially agree. The kiss can be seen as being “overdone” in choosing to go the provocative route with the few seconds of vivid sloppy girl-girl tongue action. It could have easily been left out while retaining the same sense of shock and comedy. With that said however the yuri allure has always been a mainstay of Fate Kaleid ever since Miyu’s introduction. Upping the ante to unwanted kissing between the girls was simply a natural progression for the show.

      Also if you’re complaining about the kiss why not how Illya was tied up in for the trap? That was some serious hogtied bondage stuff going on there.

    1. I don’t remember there being any full-length opportunities. More to the point though, I only pick the lowest hanging full-length fruit; anything more difficult, I just leave it alone. Not worth the extra effort, alas.

      1. Well i have nothing against the Kiss. But they took the time to give it a detailed scene with French Kiss (do little kids know this already?), and even the Knee in this place… Well, that was to much for my “harmless play”

      2. You’re objecting to two different issues. If you don’t like the fanservice that’s your business. But you’re talking about using fanservice in place of plot. That is something entirely different which I can guarantee you is not happening.

    1. as a manga reader… i tell you: the fanservice IS BECAUSE of the plot.

      Hint: remeber what happened to Miyu AFTER the kiss?

      keep on mind that all this comes from the fate series that started as an EROGE game.. so yeah it will be explained later iirc.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  15. Silver Link is doing a pretty good job with this one so far. Plus this is something to hold us till the fall when Fate/Stay Night 2014 comes out.

    Man been a while since I read the manga version of this but when I saw Kuro Ilya trace Berserker’s axe sword my mind immediately jumped into Nine Lives Blade Works. “Kuro! Dont you think that’s a bit overkill?!”

  16. Stilts, Show Spoiler ▼

    Stilts edit: I can’t spoil what I don’t know, but you can spoil by pointing out that I was accidentally right. Be careful please.

    1. …No it’s not. Anyone who has any familiarity with the Fate series, including simply watching the first season of this anime, would recognize Kuro’s costume and her powers as being Archer’s. Viewers are expected to know that, and if they don’t it kind of means they didn’t watch season one of Prisma Illya, let alone anything else, so they have no business even being here to try complaining in the first place.

  17. The only thing I can think in terms of the episode count is that they must be making this a two-parter. Part one now, and part 2 later on. Maybe they don’t want to have Illya going head to head against the next Fate anime and going in 10 episode bursts might be easier on them. At least I can imagine where they might stop if they want to, though might mean them stretching things out a little for part 2.

    This was a great episode though. Both in the action/comedy and yeah “that kiss.” I mean yeah they should definitely sell a ton of Blu Rays for that kiss alone. All hail Kuro!

    Will just say this show is definitely meeting all my expectations and then some. Good start and looking forward to the rest of these 10 episodes no matter how it turns out.

  18. ewok40k

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