There’s a few things to talk about here this week, and arguably the first thing is the reunion of our fab five (Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Obito), which doesn’t end up lasting too long. As expected, Obito ends up taking one for the team—of course he’s the one who ends up guarding Naruto—and it looks like things are finally at a point where we can say we’ve probably seen the last of him. Or can we? Part of me wants to believe he’s finally going out—the way he wanted to no less—but at the same time it’s not as if we haven’t been here before. I guess time will tell, but for now, he’s saved not only Naruto and Kakashi (I actually thought he was going to die here actually), and it’s only fitting that this ends up being the case considering what’s happened so far and the flashback they have of Rin in this week’s chapter.

The thing this brings us to is a scenario where Kaguya has now officially used up even more of the chakra reserves she’s fast running out of, and it seems quite obvious that this’ll either provide the opening for Sasuke and Naruto to turn the tables or provide an opening for the Sage of Six Paths (I like how they snuck in an explanation for how he was able to come back) and the other Hokages to use the jutsu they’ve been prepping in the background for a multitude of chapters now.

In this way, it’s pretty straight forward development-wise this week, but one must also note the interesting inclusion of pages detailing what seems to be “The Last” Naruto movie. The fact that it seems to revolve around an older Naruto makes you wonder if the end actually is closer than we ever imagined it to be, and it’s certainly feeling like Kishimoto’s setting things up to potentially wrap up faster than expected. Who knows? It could very well finish before the end of the year at this rate. Maybe. Okay that’s probably a stretch, but still, I can’t stop shaking off that feeling that the remaining 20ish chapters we’ll get this year might just be enough to resolve this fight vs. Kaguya…


  1. The only thing interesting this chapter were those drawings about the movie. This fight has just gone on too long to be interesting anymore. It’s like Bleach near the end of the Aizen arc.

    1. Maybe not so much the fight itself going on too long, but the fact that there’s hardly anything really going on in the fight. You’d think Kaguya, being the (human) “source” of all chakra as people know it, would be pulling out unique move after unique move against Naruto to show just how powerful she really is, especially compared to the likes of Sage Madara.

      Instead, all she’s been doing is falling for Kage Bunshin tricks and jumping through dimensions (which was already done by Obito), and yet, even with Kaguya, they bring up the point of using up a lot of chakra, yet not doing so with Naruto (who, by comparison, even with Hagaromo’s chakra, should be MUCH less, especially with spamming Kage Bunshin so much) or Sasuke before ever since getting the Mangekyo Sharingan.

  2. Predict a story plot:
    Edo Tensei Hokage(s) use their unlimited chakra to help Sage of the Six Paths..

    Predict an epilogue: (assuming the good guys won)
    I wonder what the Hokages would would say if they were offered freedom from the Edo Tensei contract to remain immortal and aid Konoha. Eg defense of the village, teachers of the genin/jounin, etc.

    Or let Sasuke learn the resurrection jutsu with his Rinnegan and bring them back to life.
    (like the tactic Madara pulled)

    1. Until I’ve seen his body decayed, scattered in the wind and his spirit sealed by the most powerful seal ever, I won’t believe that obito is dead. This guy’s endurance is higher than a cockroach’s, he can survive anything!

  3. It feels like the fight is being unnecessarily drawn out now. What’s happening in this chapter is pretty much the same general stuff that’s been going on the last few chapters while only taking tiny steps forward overall.

    I have seen talk that the series is supposed to end in October, but no conformation on whether that’s true or not. (It may just be the date for the movie or something.)

    1. It’s best to ignore rumor, until something concrete is reported on a reputable website. Because I personally can’t see it ending this year, it still sells well and it’s providing the author a major source of income.

  4. Well, to be honest, I have noticed the similarities of Hinata and Kaguya; the way she struggled, through her own gravity power, reminds me of the burden Hinata had to put up with. Who wants to bet that, like Asura and Naruto, Hinata must have a possible connection with Kaguya. I mean, the Hyuga clan must have some history?

    1. I’m sure they do, but it seems pretty clear that what history there is isn’t anywhere near as “important” as Naruto and Sasuke’s connection. If the Hyuga Clan was going somehow be so important with a connection to Kaguya like the Uchiha and Senju Clans, then why take Hinata completely out of the fight? She would’ve been left in and had a whole chapter of exposition for it.

      It really feels more like Kaguya having the Byakugan was just something thrown in simply because it’s another doujutsu but, unlike the Sharingan and even the Rinnegan, has had next to nothing ever explained about its origins and/or history at all up to this point, so it feels more like a cop out in trying not to have to actually explain it…

  5. Seriously? So, every one who says he is going to die to save others is going to live? This Trope was already used with Guy and now again with Kakashi ‘I see dead people everytime I’m goping to die’ Hatake.

  6. Ugh.. the problem with this fight is this out of nowhere boring villain… i mean Kaguya? is this really the final villain?.. the whole thing with black Zetsu was a good idea, but very badly executed… we just met her and i certainly dont feel any excitement if Naruto and co. defeat her… i prefered Madara.

    1. Yeah, that’s my biggest problem with her. We only heard her name merely mentioned a few times before she actually showed up. No real build-up of her or anything. Just her name and the fact she was Hagaromo’s mother that ate the fruit of the Shinju and then gave birth to him. That all came off more like miscellaneous background information than anything, and so all the stuff being brought up afterwards feels like it’s being made-up as things go along.

      At least with Madara, there has been talk of his legendary power and abilities that rivaled Hashirama ever since Part 1, and then as Part 2 went on with Obito as “Madara”, it only built him up even more until the real him is finally revealed by Kabuto during the war after so long.

      Even Hagaromo, even if not by his real name, has at least been talked about ever since the revealing of Nagato with the Rinnegan way back and was built up as things went on, so him appearing “in person” doesn’t feel that out of nowhere.

  7. No! Oh god nononononononono …. they LOST Obito and Kamui !!! Are they crazy ??? And Kakashi is useless as heck 🙁 He got no Sharingan now … I dunno what his dad was famous … White-Fang and all ….. but USELESS !!! Like Sakura-level useless :'(

    Hagoromo is like a Jack-ina-box … popping up like some lost Voicemail … “You have reached the inbox of …. oh hello there … leave a message after the beep… *BEEP* ”



  8. Are we sure that Sharingans can be simply snatched out of dead bodies and implanted into other people right in the middle of the battlefield …. oh no … oh shi…. Madara is going to come back isn’t he ? This time on the side of the good guys ? :-/

    Also doesn’t that Suicidal Ash Bone Attack disintegrate the body to Ash?? So the eye is already lost ?

    Against a Multi-Dimension / Spacey-Timey User … you really REALLY NEED MUST HAVE A SPACEY TIMEY MULTI-DIMENSION Jutsu to combat the effects …. Remember Sharingan vs Sharingan ? Nothing matches Power for Power like the SAME F***** EQUAL POWER.

    Hagoromo must have given all or most of his Chakra to Naruto / Sasuke to enable their fight against Her Mighty Jumping Jane Rabbit Majesty of 6 Dimensions !!!!!

    Now everyone has to pull together to Pool all the Chakra to perform the Sealing Jutsu … . 4 Dead Hokages and 4 Team7 members. Two with the Markings … Others with the Seal Formation.

    Kakashi knows some Sealing ( Fuuin? ) justus. Sasuke/Naruto/Sakura none. 4 Hokages practically WROTE the Scroll of Forbidden Seals.

    I’m sad. The next week isn’t going to be massive strategy or story or whatnot. Its going to be just people running around hunting for ages clueless what they are each supposed to do and getting in each others way :'(

  9. Well Naruto can still revive him right?
    We still have to see how the Sage of Six Paths sealed Kaguya with the brother in a flashback before Naruto and Sasuke can do it too.

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