Well then, Obito’s death tour didn’t last particularly long. All about five minutes worth? Jokes aside though, there’s something cool (and ridiculous) about being able to just cross back over to the living side of the world to impart a final gift on someone. It’s a “by the way, here’s a gift from the world beyond” kind of thing, and it ends up being the key to allowing Kakashi to activate a Susanoo of his own—likely to the enjoyment of many viewers. Needless to say, the man smacking himself in the head for being useless is now anything but, and it’s a power-up that comes as par for the course in a chapter where Naruto goes spamming epic Super Tailed Beast Rasen-Shurikens.

All that’s left is for Sakura to get a power up of her own and it’ll be interesting to see how that ends up happening. Because if there’s one thing this chapter showed, it’s to expect the unexpected in terms of power-ups, and while it was enjoyable as heck to watch Kakashi swoop in like that, it also bought in a little bit of “meh” with it as well. After all, I don’t think anyone expected Kakashi to be able to suddenly use Susanoo just because he got a second eye, and there’s a fair amount of stretching here in this chapter in regards to the application of the Sharingan in general. Ultimately there are some ways to explain it out, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’ll need some suspension of disbelief here—for better and for worse.

At least though, it doesn’t take much to believe Obito’s claims that Kakashi should/will be the next Hokage, and it brings up a very interesting point. Prior to the start of this war, I always anticipated Kakashi or someone equivalent in stature/experience taking over the role before finally passing it on to Naruto, and in the scope of normal politics, it would be a prudent move overall. The thing is, Naruto’s arguably made a name for himself in the eyes of all the nations during this war as well, and one could argue he’s more than worthy of the role at this point in time. He is his father’s son after all, and it’s quite clear that Konoha has a pretty nice dilemma on its hands provided Kakashi and Naruto survive until the end of the war. The question is: If they do the Kakashi Hokage route, does this mean we’ll be getting more Naruto even after this part ends?


      1. asd- for me, it’s not the fact that it’s unrealistic that bother me. It’s just that in fiction usually even magic has laws, (Harry Potter = gotta say the words right. Naruto = chakra runs out. Fullmetal = equivalent exchange. etc. etc. )

        This just seemed so out of left field, even for fiction. For example, it was really difficult to get a sharingan until now. The physical eyeball had to be taken at great costs and in general it was kept within the bloodline. But here Obito just “gifts” the power itself to a non-blood relative’s eye, although I guess maybe you could say that Kakashi having the other eye made it easier for the power to transplant. idk!

    1. lol ckspike exactly. It just bothers me how fluid/casual it was. Usually exchanges between the dead are explained by chakra mumbo-jumbo, but this time it was like literally, “Ah wait, Rin, let me go back and give my super awesome power to my friend. I’ll also have a conversation with him in this dead-dimension. After that, I’ll come back and be dead for real. Brb :)”

    2. Two things:

      Obito specifically said “chakra is the power that connects these two worlds”. He just died, so remnants of his chakra were still around, and that’s how he was able to temporarily jump back to reality to possess and project his eyes onto Kakashi. Theoretically, this is not something that only Obito would be able to do. It’s more of a new revelation, and you can’t really call it extreme considering what was revealed about chakra a while back. It’s not quite deux ex machina either, because it has been somewhat alluded to. E.g. with Naruto being able to trigger chakra ghosts of his mom and dad, as well as the Shiki Fujin technique in general.

      If Obito didn’t do what he did, we’d all complain about how Kakashi, a character who was hyped for most of Naruto’s run, has become useless.

    3. so it’s OK for Hagoromo to power up Naruto and Sasuke, but Obito does the same for Kakashi and we have a problem with it? come on, man. it’s the same thing! and it’s a shonen manga – logic does not apply. let’s just have fun with it!

    1. Actually I didn’t think of it, but Kakashi as the next Hokage makes a lot of sense. Although, will they have to carve his mask on the mountain or will we finally see his face :)?

      It seemed obvious that Naruto would become Hokage, but it seemed off because of his relative youth (although there’s Gaara). If Sasuke wasn’t trolling, does that mean while Kakashi is Hokage, Sasuke and Naruto are going to compete to replace him=ending of the series?

  1. Out of all my years reading Naruto, I have to say I really didn’t see that power-up coming.

    I don’t know whether to smack my head or just laugh because it’s awesome.

    Literally what just happened? Okay sure, there’s the “revive everyone from the dead-via into zombies” route, but did Obito just sharingan himself in and out of hell/heaven/being dead? What the heck? In Naruto-verse, is being dead =temporary/alive in a different dimension. I’m so confused lol.

    But I have to say it does look awesome and Kakashi did deserve it. Just flabbergasted that there wasn’t even a build up. If Kakashi wasn’t a somewhat side character and was the MC, this would have been ridiculous/unacceptable.

    Does this mean anyone can just get a sharingan as an uchiha dies? Still shaking my head.

    1. I get the frustration, but I don’t think this is as out of left field as everyone is making it. We’ve already established that someone’s chakra can carry his or her personality: I mean, Naruto’s already had conversations with his dead mom and dad because of the chakra they left behind in Kurama’s seal. We’ve also already established that people CAN be called back from the dead in this universe: Nagato revived half of a flipping village (including Kakashi), and we literally have undead Hokages walking around. I’m not saying any of that made much sense either, but this is hardly a new concept.

      Besides, aren’t we glad that Kakashi’s got some sharingan/can be useful again? Pros outweigh the cons for me, I suppose.

      1. Yeah technically it’s not ‘that’ bad, I think it’s the execution that was messed up last chapter was something like saying goodbye to Obito then in this chapter he’s like “Oh, wait I’ll just go back, give my eyes to Kakashi and then die…….”

  2. …….BS. That’s all I can say. Cool, but total BS.

    As for Kakashi being Hokage, don’t forget that, right after Nagato’s invasion and Tsunade’s incapacitation (using so much chakra to protect everyone), Shikaku does nominate Kakashi to (temporarily) take the mantle of Hokage, to which the Daimyo even agreed to his prowess and such, before Danzo clearly uses Shisui’s hidden Sharingan to influence the Daimyo into naming him Hokage.

  3. this chapter was garbage. Obito was born with two eyes. He gave one to Kakashi. Then had his second one stolen by mandara. So now he should be blind. But he is now “reborn” with both eyes. Then instantly does an eye transplant to give them to Kakashi who has out of chakra. So it seems like Obitio’s charka was saved in his eyes. As much as I enjoy the power-up. It doesn’t make sense at all even using the logic that the manga created for itself.

  4. This chapter was straight up bs
    How can people be okay with an asspull like this?
    It wasn’t bad enough that Obito came back again, even if it was for a little while it took away a little from last week chapter. It would of been better if he should took out his eyes and passed them to Kakashi before he fell apart. It would of been better and possible since we have seen how easy it is to take out eyes in this series.
    But my biggest problem is that how Kakashi was right away able to go to perfect Susanoo like wtf?!

  5. There’s a lot in this chapter that stretches it beyond the realm of acceptability, but what struck me as the most ridiculous was how Kakashi was able to manifest an entire chakra being around him. He has low chakra to begin with and having TWO sharingan certainly ain’t gonna help that. Oh well, we’ll probably get a half ass explanation next chapter. Like, “Obito infused his Uchiha spirit into me so now I’m a Uchiha”.

    Obito teleporting out of the world of the dead reminded me of Goku xD

    Anyway, now that Kakashi somehow has infinite chakra and can use both Kamui and Susanoo to their full potential, he’s pretty much the strongest character in the series. Kamui was already a hax power but a fucking full Susanoo to boot? Who the hell is gonna be able to stand up against this beast?

    1. To be fair, there are a number of other (“normal”) shinobi, at least from previous generations who worked their asses off to become as strong as they are like Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Tsunade (as far as we’ve seen, and even by Madara’s words, she doesn’t seem to have inherited any of the hax abilities of Hashirama, thus having to use seals she made herself to imitate them), Orochimaru (before he went bad), A, Onoki, Hanzo the Salamander, Kakashi (was strong even before getting the Sharingan at least), even Sakura (sure she’s not all uber-powerful with huge, flashy techniques, but considering she came from a completely civilian family and her personality and attitude in Part 1 compared to now, she definitely got much stronger).

  6. Eh I dont find Kakashi using Susanoo all the sudden that strange. Kakashi is famous as the copy ninja who is adept at copying techniques after all. He’s seen Susanoo more than enough time to “copy” it, but probably didnt have the proper eye powers to control it at the time, but now he do.

    Be that as it may, Kakashi’s Susanoo reveal had me cracking up, with how Naruto actually thought Sasuke saved Sakura, when it wasnt him.


    1. Well, it’s not so much Kakashi using it in general that, I think, people have a problem with. In fact, I’m sure a lot of people expected he’d be able to use it if he had two Mangekyo Sharingan eyes rather than one.

      The problem is the lack of any real explanation coupled with the fact that Kakashi suddenly pulls it out when he was low on chakra to begin with, so suddenly pulling out a chakra guzzler like Susano’o at such a point just made little sense. They even showed how much it affected an actual Uchiha like Sasuke when he (finally) started running low on chakra at the Kage Summit and that was merely with a first stage, incomplete Susano’o (the skeleton) and Sasuke also wonders to himself how badly it must’ve been affecting Itachi as well (and he was using a third stage one).

      Of course, we also can’t forget that this Susano’o (as far as know) is merely a 3rd stage one (the armor and such) as well, but NOT a “perfect” one that requires the Rinnegan to “stabilize” the chakra like Madara was using or that Sasuke is using now.

  7. This chapter was the proof that Kishimoto don’t know whatelse he can do to keep the story going. Yeah, he probably knows how it was supposed to end (like, the true end), but they’re maybe trying to hoax some more money from Naruto before it truly comes to an end.

    I don’t know if it’s because the Sharingan was never his to begin with, but as far as I can remember, Kakashi never showed any signs of becoming blind, which is amazing by itself since he used the MS for quite some times during the “grown-ups” arcs.

    1. Yeah, they never actually showed anything that completely revealed Kakashi to be going blind in his Sharingan eye at all. Maybe because there didn’t seem to be a need to since it was only that one eye, so as long as Kakashi had his other normal eye, it wasn’t much of a problem. He always keeps his Sharingan eye covered when not in use to preserve his chakra anyway, so it’s not like using only one eye has been a problem for him.

      The only hint (to me anyway) that it was happening was early in Shippuden, when they encounter the shape-shift clone of Itachi during the Rescue Gaara arc and Kakashi asks him how bad his sight has gotten.

  8. Well that was a big load of BS if you ask me.. I guess the only way to explain this stuff is that death brings your soul another dimension and Obito can teleport through dimensions? Even then its stupid tho..

  9. As cool as Kakashi having a Susanoo is, this really was a bullshit deus ex machina. And the thing is that this cheap form of storytelling could have been easily avoided if Obito had just given his eyes to Kakashi before his body deteriorated. Instead we got this cheesy crap.

  10. I don’t get why people are surprised at what Obito did. The Sage of Six Paths gave Naruto and Sasuke major power ups while they were dying. Plus Kakashi and Obito were intertwined since the eye transplant first happened when they were kids. Obito did state this new power up was temporary as well so its not permanent. I’m all for Kakashi being the Hokage since he has indirectly saved the day as much as Naruto over the course of the manga. It will be interesting to see what Kakashi can do with two sharingans since he was a total badass with just one. I don’t think he has to worry about the strain on his body anymore since this new power is utilizing the chakra/spirit of the original owner. Always hated when Kakashi was out of commission for many chapters after using his sharingan back to back.

  11. 1. Whoever says Kakashi was useless are eating their words now.
    2. That front picture would be more epic if it showed Kakashi’s eyes. But then if that was shown then I would have said the same for the Super Tailed Beast Rasen-Shurikens.
    3. I’d actually like to see Kakashi wear the Hokage robe. But his Susanoo is a nice sight to behold.
    4. Go Team 7!

    random viewer
  12. Here’s how I interpreted the whole Obito giving Kakashi sharingan in both eyes:
    Obito: I’m here now, Rin. Now we can be all alone.
    Rin: Obito…
    Obito: Shit, I forgot that Kakashi is useless right now. His dying is going to cockblock me. Brb, Rin.
    *warps into Kakashi’s mind*
    Obito: Hey, Kakashi, my bro. You need to stay alive a bit longer than you planned, and here’s how you can do so: Two freakin’ sharingan! Now you can whoop ass and still have your enemies fear you! After all, you are nicknamed Kakashi of the Sharingan. Oh, and try to be the next Hokage and stuff. I already told Naruto that you will, and I can’t look like a liar to him. So kick some ass and live a wonderful life!
    *warps back to Rin in the afterlife*
    Obito: Now, where were we?
    *Marvin Gaye begins to play in the background*

  13. fuck.. TEH asspull.. Kishimoto finally surpased Kubo on his own game…

    LOLLLL you gotta love Sasuke’s butthurt face and reaction on that last panel though, he is like: WHAT? HE CAN DO IT TOO?.. BUT.. BUT… THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

    1. Comparing Kubo with Kishi is just wrong. While Kubo is known for trolling his fanbase, at least the power-ups and stuff are done better and the mystery is kept up to a certain point. Kishi just went retard on this.

  14. Kubo is the Micheal Bay of manga while Kishimoto is the Brian Michael Bendis of manga. Lol. Yeah I just went there. Both mangas suck. But, It’s finally great to see my favorite character Kakashi not be useless anymore regardless of the asspull. Kakashi stole the show and I can see the manga ending with Naruto being the student to Kakashi being the 6th Hokage.

    Corey Lucas
  15. The battle needed a new dynamic. Kakashi is this dynamic. We all know that Naruto or Sasuke, or both together will inflict the blow to end this battle. Kakashi being powered up just gives them new options, especially if his new abilities are effective.

  16. Stretching… is bingo book villian #1 Sasuke showing up at the battle and he is instantly forgiven by everyone (pretty much) on the spot. After swallowing that whooper anything else that happens in this series is fair game and believabnle.

  17. I don’t really mind this stuff with Kakashi. I mean it was cool and all.

    My main problem is Kaguya. I don’t understand why Kishimoto is handling her this way.

    Kaguya is essentialy a puppet of Black Zetsu. Note that while it might very well be her calling the shots, Black Zetsu is the only one actually communicating. The one character carrying the personality of the encounter itself.

  18. I had some time to think about what happened in this chapter. Looks like Sharingan allows users to alter Space-Time Dimensional properties in the real world enough to allow Dead-Madara to break the Summoning Seals. Similarly allows Hagoromo / Minato / Obito to manifest at certain points / time. Also the Tree-of-Life / White Zetsus / Kaguya also are to some extent Dead-people come back.

    Naruto isn’t the only one who can share Chakra with others without the Summoning contract. But the shared Chakra has some limits ( usage / duration ? ) and contains the properties of the owner. So Minato and Kushina also re-appeared and shared their chakra properties just like Hagoromo has. All this sharing has been performed by very very high-end top-level Ninja users.

    Kakashi has the Sharingan for like as long as Obito’s remaining Chakra lasts throughout the battle. After that Kakashi will have to “find” a way to “copy” Obito’s chakra over and over again so he can keep the Sharingan.

    More importantly, with Twin-Sharingan duo users as well as Nine-Tail-Senin-Chakra user now in play, Kaguya has finally been compromised from her “Human” element. All the Tail-Beast chakra are fighting to pull-apart and this might reveal Kaguya’s “True” origins … from Outer-space ( since the moon is the original body of the Ten-tails).

    We will see the history of how the “Demon” fused with humans on the Planet Supa-Saiyajin and Namek to create a new Planet of Ching-I-Chihs where Chakra is key.

    And launch Naruto / Sasuke in Outer-Space hunting Kaguya as she flees to her homeworld vowing revenge of utter-destruction. While Kakashi the “Roku”kage ?? prepares to hold the fort and bring up the heavy-artillery and replacements and weaponize the Planet Ching-I-Chihs ( chuck-e-cheese ? ).

    Ok… I think I will take my drugs medicine now that will take me to La-La Land 😀

  19. Definitel think Kakashi would make a better hokage… Naruto, as powerful as he is and with how he affects people around him, is more or a emotional leader, while Kakashi is more strategic and thinks things through a lot more. They could become a hokage duo though…

    I’m not too surprised at Kakashi being able to susano with both eyes, he did get obito’s powerful eyes, and kakashi was able to kamui with a single one… having two eyes would easily double his sharingan power no?

    1. I keep saying that Naruto would not make a good Kage, at least not right now. Maybe a decade down the road after he becomes more mentally fit. He doesn’t have to be a super-genius like Shikamaru, but at least more realistic about things rather than so naively idealistic.

      Being charismatic and powerful is fine if you’re only dealing with your own village, but as a Kage, Naruto would have to deal not just with Konoha (which would require a lot of work as it is), but also in politics with other villages and even within Konoha’s own council (we already saw how ones like Homura, Koharu, and Danzo constantly went against Hiruzen and Tsunade, questioning their every action and so on) which he more than likely has absolutely no clue about and could easily be taken advantage of because he’s so trusting, especially of those from Konoha.

      He’s also far too forgiving of people, and if he keeps being lenient even on big wanted criminals, the citizens would question him as well as his own council. I mean, look at how far Sasuke had to go before Naruto finally decided that he’s beyond “saving”, and even then, he made a (one-sided) suicide pact rather than just do what needs to be done.

      It’s the other way around with Sasuke. He’s also powerful, but much more like Danzo in being less charismatic and more about forcing his will onto others. He also would know little to nothing about the politics of Konoha and other villages, but rather than be too trusting, he’d be suspicious of everyone around him and, as said, try to force what he wants onto others, whether it be Konoha or other villages and that would end up driving away the other villages from being friendly with Konoha and could easily end up igniting more wars and/or start a civil war within Konoha if/when the people/shinobi grow tired of it. He would also probably just put down any criminal no matter the crime.

      Both of them are also highly emotional and tend not to reign it in very much once it’s let loose, and being over-emotional easily leads to making big mistakes.

      As for Kakashi, don’t forget that each Mangekyo Sharingan eye tends to have its own unique power while awakening the power in both eyes is required to awaken Susano’o. In this case though, it seems that Kamui is both eyes rather than a Ninjutsu for the right eye and a Genjutsu for the left eye.

  20. Maybe Obito was suppose to give the sharingan to Kakashi last chapter before he died which wouldve mirrored their fates from the beginning…but Kubo forgot and thought, “So….how is this gonna work?”


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