「記憶の島 -Steel Step Suite-」 (Kioku no Shima -Steel Step Suite-)
“Island of Memory -Steel Step Suite-“

Way to sink your own ship there, Inaho – though fortunately not literally.

I’m a bit surprised by the markedly hostile turn in the commentary about Aldnoah.Zero of late, because for me it remains a sterling example of how to do popcorn anime right. There are a few factors that might be involved, and a lot of it likely comes down to expectations. As far as I can tell Aldnoah is mainly trying (and thus far succeeding) to be a well-made and entertaining traditional anime sci-fi series, but the trend is for there to be disappointment in series Gen Urobuchi is only tangentially involved with for not being more in his usual intellectual-desolate vein. And of course no group of fans is more anal than mecha fans, who will pick apart every bit of minutiae about a show and endlessly compare it to their franchise of choice (most commonly Gundam), with unfavorable results.

So in the end, Aldnoah.Zero may be stuck in the middle – too traditional for one nearly-half of the audience, not traditional enough for the other. Be that as it may, while there are still things that don’t compute for me (not to obsess, but the fucking timeline just doesn’t make any damn sense) I think the show is rollickingly entertaining – solidly produced and directed, with a very sound and easily relatable general plot and a relatively good stable of characters. “Mainstream” is not a four-letter word, not when it’s executed as well as this show is – and I think Aldnoah holds up very well against other prominent examples of series that have come to the table with the same general set of goals.

This week featured two things I quite welcome, fairly natural exposition and lots of well-paced action. It also more prominently featured the adults in the cast, which I equally welcome – Inaho being the smartest kid in the room and Slaine being the great hope for peace on the Martian side are fine, but the series can only benefit if the actual soldiers prove themselves to be more than window dressing. On the expositional side, I think Asseylum’s reaction (“Grandfather! How could you?”) to the Emperor’s declaration of war pretty much seals the deal on her being the true Princess – though I suppose in theory she could be a twin or something, she seems not to be the double. As for Eddie, I’d love to get her at to the poker table because her acting skills could use some work. Quick tip: if you’re trying to hide the identity of a princess, addressing her repeatedly as “Hime-sama” in front of military officials is not recommended.

It was a big week for Asseylum’s reactions revealing significant nuggets of information about herself, and her conversation with Inaho was an interesting one. She spills a little more detail about Aldnoah (kudos to Inaho for asking, because with full-on war declared you’d certainly want to know as much as possible), the most interesting of which being that it apparently “chose” her Grandfather when he discovered it at Vers. The implication seems to be that it became a hereditary trait in his family, who are now the only ones who can impart it to others – and it’s this which the Emperor used to establish his dominion over the Knights. More on that later, but Asseylum’s pout when Inaho lectured her about how Slaine was wrong about why the sky is blue and clouds are white (Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering) certainly establishes with whom her heart lies. It was also a classically ham-fisted social moment from Inaho, but that’s in-character. I hope Aldnoah doesn’t descend into a romantic boondoggle but even if it does, I don’t see Inaho and Asseylum as a likely pairing.

Meanwhile, the ship (the actual one) is steaming towards Tanegashima (which must surely be most beloved among all RL locations for sci-fi anime), where the full wrath of the Martians fell all those years ago. That brings back nasty memories for Marito, who has plenty of exposition of his own this week. He seems to have been the only survivor of Heaven’s Fall, and the report he wrote was classified as the ravings of a terrified madman (though of course, that was surely for political reasons). Moreover, Captain Magbaredge (forgive me for not mentioning earlier that she’s played by Kayano Ai) reveals herself to be the sister of John Humeray, Marito’s shinyuu, whose death he (wrongly, it seems) blames himself for. Marito’s arc – PTSD, outcast, alcohol issues, scraggly beard – hardly has an original element to it. But I like it as a contrast to all the fresh-faced seishun that dominates the storyline.

A lot of elements are converging, then, at the end of the episode, as the ship arrives in Tanegashima only to be ambushed by Femieanne (Kaida Yuki) whose Kataphrakt is of the “flying fists” variety – they detach, attack, and re-combine at will. It’s a very traditional VERS mecha – highly potent with some inherent weaknesses. The mech and its components are invulnerable to both types of Terran rounds, but Inaho as usual has a plan – use explosive shells to throw the projectiles off course before they can hit their target. It works well enough, but in a refreshing change it’s not Inaho who saves the day – he can’t hit the one descending from straight overhead (that’s an incredibly difficult shot, BTW) and it seems the bridge is about to be destroyed. But a last-minute deflection saves the day, and it’s a bit of a misdirection in figurative as well as literal terms – rather than Lt. Marito, who’d dragged himself into the cockpit to try and help despite his bouts of terror, it comes from the ship of the escaped Slaine.

Yes, it seems Slaine’s path is about to converge with the rest of the cast on Earth at last. Some will no doubt take issue with the fact that he was able to escape, but I chalk that up to the fact that Cruhteo was ordered by Saazbaum to take Slaine alive. Sniping him down as he fled or shooting his fighter out of the sky would have been easy enough, but taking a fleeing fugitive alive is a lot harder than killing them. What’s more important is why Saazbaum is so determined to take Slaine alive – because he’s the son of Dr. Troyard. Dr. Troyard is obviously a crucial figure in the study of Aldnoah, and the Orbital Knights keen interest in him seems to suggest that his research offers a way to free themselves from the necessity of relying on the Emperor and his family for the granting of its powers.

In any event, Slaine’s arrival would seem to indicate that the story has reached a turning point. In purely practical terms crossing the paths of the two main characters obviously changes things, and there can be no doubt now that Slaine has fully shifted sides (how could he not?). But we’re also seemingly shifting the focus away from the political and onto the military, with Slaine no longer trying to force change from the inside on the Vers side. He’ll no doubt be valuable in terms of providing strategic help to the Terrans, and no doubt try and help his true love establish contact with her Grandfather and bring hostilities to a close. But it seems as if Cruhteo could play an even more crucial role now that Slaine has defected, because he really represents the best hope for someone in a position of power on the Martian side to be an agent for change once he learns the truth.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

Sometimes there are things you just can’t avoid. In Marito’s case, it’s his association with the Humeray family—hello there, Captain Humeray—and in the case of Inaho and Slaine, it’s each other. After multiple episodes of foreshadowing, the inevitable has happened, and it’s all revolving around Asseylum now. Her two “knights” have assembled, and one would think the Martian ass-kicking can only get better from here.

With that said, there’s still some residual effects of last week’s rather awkward “10 minute cease-fire,” and it shows up in the beginning of the episode in the form of a grand declaration of war that doesn’t actually change much. It’s only a superficial change—our cast is now officially drafted—and again, I can’t help but feel the execution on that was just a bit botched. It’s not a big deal in the long run though, and another standard affair in terms of the mecha combat action and the introduction of another Orbital Knight into the picture—one packing quite the literal punch.

Perhaps the only additional thing of note ends up being the discussion regarding Marito’s buried Tanegashima Report, and it just goes to show how there’s definitely some political power play going on in the background on both sides in order to keep certain things a secret. All things considered though, I can’t say I buy the accusations they keep making of Marito, as it definitely seems like he’s not quite the person to aimlessly kill a best friend like that, and I fully expect the truth to come out about that (among other things) before it’s all said and done. Otherwise, Slaine’s continuing to rise on everyone’s most wanted list as the son of the man involved in Aldnoah research (as expected), and he just can’t get much of a break here can he? I guess it all evens out considering how he manages to avoid all those bullets in this scene, however…


    1. i don’t get how asuna from SAO can still get #1 in the newtype char polls -.- this martian princess knows how to handle a gun… uhh.. grenade launcher and has some very professional cpr techniques >.< new waifu incoming

  1. Some exposition issues aside, Aldnoah. Zero is a great piece of entertainment from start to finish and is making itself a case of being quite the excited piece of mecha anime. I really dont understand why some people feel the need for everything to be philosophical or suuuuper deep before they think it has any merit of being good or great. Take the recent guardians of the galaxy for example, which is such pure popcorn fun with an awesome cast of main characters that it doesnt need to be particularly deep (although it does have layers) to be a great movie. Not saying Aldnoah is of Guardian level just yet but Aldnoah couldnt have been released at a better season because it is pure summer entertainment.

    Oh and i kinda loved that subtle scene displaying seylum’s favor for slaine; i thought that was quite cute.

    1. I really think a lot of it comes down to how the show was advertised more than anything. I’m still kind of making the adjustment to how it actually is myself but I felt this week helped quite a bit in that regard by discarding what I felt were some of the remaining pretensions of the early Urobuchi scripted episodes. I particularly enjoy how Inaho’s personality was sort of made light of at times this week and how the rest of the Earth cast were actually given a bit of focus. I haven’t been the characters biggest fan to say the very least because of what I felt was becoming an example of Urobuchi inserting a character representing his particular philosophies on morality and the human condition into a work that just really wasn’t equipped to suffer it and then setting him up as this messianic presence before peacing out on the scripts so it was nice to see the show almost sort of take a stab against that sort of thing this episode. Like hey maybe there’s something more to life than cold logic and nihilism. That’s why I think the look the Princess shot him was kind of priceless as well as some of the comments his friends were making about him missing a really obvious point for more scientific babble. I’d definitely like to see more of the show treating Inaho for the kind of preposterous character he is.

  2. That hime-sama is quiet cute! I also find it hilarious how Inaho keeps ending up in the Orange TRAINER Katapharact, which leads to the Martians having the mistaken impression that Orange = Elite Unit! They even added a little snippit explaining how the trainer was not necessarily worse than the front line unit. They’re both basically the same, but the main units have a bit more armor and less speed. Of course a couple extra inches of Steel won’t do shit against super heated Plasma so it’s actually a disadvantage.

    1. to be blunt, it was more armor meant less speed, since they appeared to have to same movement performance (even when we only compare to how Inaho dodge Vlad 2 weeks back and Yuki dodging those flying fists this week).

  3. After all the discrimination Slaine faced at the hands of the Knights, they expect him to spill the beans on Aldnoah tech? Does Slaine even know how it works? :))

    Anyway, still a fairly entertaining watch. I realize that the concept behind the Vers machines haven’t been as OP as moustache-twirler’s (I forgot his name!) though.

    I guess Asseylum will be outed soon, which I find is very quick. Is Aldnoah 1-cour?

      1. Highly doubt the Martian Knight Saazbaum wants Slaine captured alive because he thinks that Slaine knows how Aldnoah works (and i highly doubt he knows), but what he might know is where his father’s research might be kept or maybe where he researched Aldnoah .. probably something of that sort that would eventually lead them to find and analyze that research.

    1. He’s described as a character who will raise above all obstacles and gain emotional strength by the person who is the series compositor and is working on his storyarc. His low point were episodes 2-3 and once after that he can only go up. He has become a vital key for victory too, when the antagonist wishes to keep him alive and kill his princess.

      Gen Urobuchi is no longer writing or he will turn him into a new Kiritsugu or Homura because he’s a combination of both characters in motives and personality before they became cynical and robotical (Inaho isn’t actually like this, he is not someone world weary).

    2. Slaine to me is a refreshing character in that he’s interesting and not an exaggeration of some kind. He’s a pacifist but will kill when necessary. He’s smart but not the hack that Inaho is. He combines the naivety/idealism befitting of a teenager but also survival instinct necessary so he doesn’t truly have to rely on plot armor. His escape makes sense because he probably grew up being treated like a 2nd citizen on Vers and had to learn how to protect himself more than most. That and as noted taking someone alive is much harder than just killing him.

      I don’t know if Slaine will make it out alive, but I really want to root for him to end up well.

    1. Basically, Marito’s brain is fried from situations in the past. Not his fault, but I am so rooting for when he finally fights.

      I am so disappointed he didn’t get to this time. I expected Slaine to show up, but hoped for Marito to finally get a grip on reality for once. Right now he’s the kid from Peanuts always aiming to kick the football, and having it taken away from him.

    2. It’s definitely PTSD and it’s definitely going to lead to a breakthrough moment where he overcomes it and goes into battle. I would also gues that Humeray’s death wasn’t his fault and he’s blaming himself anyway. It’s nothing we haven’t seen portrayed many times before, but the execution is good enough that it doesn’t really bother me that we have.

      1. Probably, I have a feeling that there will come a point where he will have to save Cap. Darzana, and that will be the point he gets over it, in that he wasn’t able to save one Humeray, but he will save this one.

  4. I havent seen an abundance of criticism for Aldnoah.Zero that mecha in general doesn’t always get, although maybe I should read more.

    To me it is legitimately interesting in attempting to portray ‘real’ mechas on side versing gundams on the other and coming out on top or minimising loses at worst.

    The discrepency in time line was dampened with this episode I think in how they explained that more or less Aldnoah is a technology that can be applied to any armoured device that is chosen and seemingly the application is based on the machine (and likely pilot’s choice), at least for the technology side. The empire building was also explained, as you would have to rely on an emperor if he had something you need, which can be linked to elitism in a short space knowing that you have something others do not.

    Either way, really liking series.

  5. Whenever we have a ‘useless’ ‘overly-emotional’ protagonist, people complain. Here we have a protagonist that’s calm, analytic and uses what’s available to come out on top rather than a conveniently located OP MECH…and people still aren’t happy. I can understand how his lack of outwardly expressed emotion can make him difficult to relate to but there’s probably more to his character than ‘OMG Gen Urobuchi forgot to give him a personality.’ But the whole ‘how can this kid be more useful than a whole military?’ thing; to use the terminology from the episode they’re all “virgins” to the situation. Sure you can argue that they’ve been training for ’15 years’ but it’s damm obvious they haven’t trained for the Martian Kataphraks – the report that could have proven useful was dismissed and covered up. So far all we’ve seen from him is a high school understanding of physics (and if I’m not mistaken from this episode Wikipedia) coupled with him making observations about the characteristics of the enemy. How have the military not been able to work it out before him? Firstly, they’ve been the first responders, are going in blind and generally have been cut down before they are able to report anything. Additionally, communications jamming has made it difficult to spread relevant information over long distances. Meanwhile, our MC has had the luxuries of being able to observe the enemy in combat and survive as well as receiving basic military training which is explicitly stated in almost every episode so far – in essence he has more battle experience than the rest of the military.

    But no, now he’s too badass and we’re not impressed.

    Will we see any more character development beyond what we’ve seen now? Probably yes – as of right now he seems more of an enigma, a teaser for what’s to come like a movie trailer. Whether his development will be to our liking is still up in the air but it would be unfair to judge him without having a fully developed character as of yet – remember this is 24 episode split-cour!

    1. Just because someone complains about something once and then you give them a whole other thing they also don’t like doesn’t mean it’s unreasonable for them to also dislike that.

      In my opinion, I find Inaho off-putting because he’s simply not interesting to me. When he’s in a scene, I find it boring. I find his interactions with other characters boring. You hear him compared to Tatsuya from Mahouka but at least Tatsuya is smarmy and will passive-aggressively snipe at people when he’s challenged. Inaho just seems…empty. Not much going on up there except figuring out the next strategy to win a fight which he then unemotionally executes.

      1. With all respect, what are you hoping to see from Inaho, exactly? After all, this is the guy who, essentially, saw the whole damned world blow up around him and went back home for breakfast.

        Not to say that you are, but expecting any kind of normal human behavior out of someone like that would seem to be like setting one’s self up for disappointment.

        I suggested this from the very beginning, but Inaho would seem to be the kind of character that requires a very specific trigger to elicit any kind of significant emotional response, and I’m fairly certain we’ll see a tie-in to whatever the reasoning is behind the way that he is come together in a neat little bow to help expand on his character; that and the fact that his soon-to-be-best-buddy Slaine has shown up should help speed things along.

        Ryan Ashfyre
      2. @Ryan

        First of all I’m shocked I got downvoted so heavily on this. Christ, I just gave my personal opinion of the character. If you like him that’s fine, you’ve got different preferences than mine that are neither superior nor inferior and that is completely cool with me. I evidently stepped on a landmine somewhere.

        As to your point, yes, it seems as if there’s a reason he’s acting this way and I’m certain it’ll be revealed at some point, but the show isn’t really doing anything to make me anticipate this. I’m not seeing any hints yet of what it could be, no trace emotions to point toward anything. He simply is what he is right now and I find it rather dull to watch, despite really liking the rest of the show. Maybe after they finally reveal it or he gets some character development he’ll grow on me, but at this point I’d much rather watch any other character on the show than Inaho.

    2. Imo, both Earth and Vers militaries are grossly incompetent.

      Feudalistic Knights without supporting armies vs militaries that failed to adapt to change. It is idiots fighting idiots. There’s certainly more realism than gundam series. I’m glad our MC is adapting rather than OP mech’ing everything. Actual military force activities are not nearly representative of what’s out there currently. We have the dumbest commanders and worst command & control folk about.

      It really really isn’t that easy to fully disrupt communications due to MANY ways our military forces have developed to keep in touch, let alone all the millions of other tactics, operations, varied types of equipment out there for dealing with all sorts of crazy situations. Slow down communications, yes, full stop, nope.

      All those short range knights wouldn’t stand a change against bombardment from miles away, sometimes from over the horizon. Artillery, naval bombardment, cruise missles, etc etc etc.

      Quite simply Vers doesn’t have enough forces to take over. They have high quality individual units, but not standing armies, enough fleets for air space, etc domination and occupation. Those flying fortresses that’ve landed are just targets.

      Again, both sides are grossly incompetent from the top down.

      1. yeah hes NOT “OP mecha’g it” .. for now… wonder in how many chapters they will find a martian mecha that fell from the moon in Tanegashima… of course that they need the royal DNA to pilot them and the technical “know how” to get it working … wait.. Assylum got the DNA and Sleine got the know how… so i guess they gonna “OP mecha” it anyways? lol

    3. One exception of the calm analytic type pilot that nobody really hates is Sousuke Sagara from FMP. Well, at least when he’s piloting a mech because Sousuke isn’t analytic at all and is a total klutz when protecting Kaname at school.

      The Story You Don't Know
  6. I’m having fun with this anime. Despite flaws, it is still orders of magnitude better than other shows.

    I believe Slaine escape was fitting for the Vers world. Inside jobs are a lot easier, since Slaine has had access to everything since rescued by the Princess. Add to the fact that Vers Empire is grossly complacent, and Slaine had the saboteur skills / lack vers security to hijack a communication device before… it isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

    Issue with capture him alive is only one cog in an entirely clock broken at every turn. There were many points of failure from keeping Slaine under observation and house arrest, to taking away access codes, to simply keeping doors locked, let alone planes and hangar bays locked and manned. Vers failed at all of them.

    The Vers Empire also seems grossly undermanned and not ready to actually take on actual occupation of Earth. They don’t have soldiers for holding onto Earth. They have a few knights here and there, but where’s the ground troops? Occupation forces? More than one Mecha at a time?!? Heck their assassination plot failed, and the Emperor was easily swayed without consulting other advisors. Given the overall incompetency of Vers empire, Slaine’s escape is only fitting.

    1. I would like it if that was a later theme or point of undoing for the Vers Empire, as it is a legitimate war time concern, stretching yourself and supplies too thin. It was also highlighted that the various knights have little intention to work together, so really each is independent and thus far has shown little intention to back others up.

      There may be a factor in that Cruhteo actually likes Slain in a son role or knows more than he is letting on, although unlikely so far given his seeming acquiesence to Saazbaum’s request.

      1. To me it was pretty clear that Cruhteo wanted to kill Slaine, and Saazbaum wanting him alive and not the other way around. I too had hopes Cruhteo would take a liking to Slaine for wanting to honor the Princess, but sadly that looks like a road not taken and the character is a lot more flat without it.

        Rivaling tribes does not work for conquest. You need strong leaders to unite them or it all falls apart very quickly. Every conquering empire that took in multiple tribes and nations from Alexander to Ghengis did so with extremely strong leadership, but fell apart shortly after that leadership left. Vers does not that uniting leadership to begin with. The Emperor is bedridden, and we know of no other signifigant family.

        If anything a Slain x Princess shipping might introduce a new empire command once a shakedown has occurred– but how much Gen’s aptitude for ultra-tragedy penetrates could nix that idea before long.

      2. Saazbaum interest in Doctor Troyard´s reseach I belive is the key for all the future developments in the story, the Orbital Knights have proven to be mad dogs with little concern for the Emperor, the conspiracy that “kill” Asseylum is definitive prove of that, the true nature of Aldnoah is what they need to “retired” the Emperor and whole royal family so they could continue with the genocide of all terrans. I don´t buy for minute all that crap about the Emperor being the chosen one by the Aldnoah, hte guy must hidden something that is true key of his power.

      3. The knights are interesting in that they can and do work together when they need too, such as the initial landing attack on Earth. They all pinpoint themselves at specific locations and far enough away from each other that they won’t clash with each other. Half of them went to Earth and the half that stayed in orbit are acting as air/space support for those on Earth. They were the ones to destroy the communication satellites, and they can also supply meteor bombardment when needed. They talk to each other pretty civilly and seem to have enough connection that even IF they don’t like each other, they can work together when they need to at the drop of a hat. However, at the same time, when they don’t have a common cause, they can backstab each other and battle amongst themselves.

        As for Cruhteo and Slaine, I don’t think there is any sort of Father/Son role going on here. Cruhteo has shown from day one that he has a pretty low opinion of Slaine because he’s a Terran. And this episode, he was completely okay with killing Slaine on sight because of what he had done. He didn’t care for an explanation or anything. If it wasn’t for Saazbaum, Slaine would be dead.

      4. ” If it wasn’t for Saazbaum. . .” I disagree

        Despite Saazbaum’s intent, I don’t believe Cruhteo was competent enough to kill Slaine, as he was already trying to do so when Saazbaum called. Slaine was already on the elevator halfway to the hangar bay and the transport. We don’t know the extent of the sabotage required to evade and escape from Cruhteo, but I doubt it would’ve been successful (at all) if attacks on his life and air transport weren’t considered.

        There’s also a small possibility that Saazbaum had already infiltrated Cruhteo’s ranks and is playing him– making Slaine’s death more difficult (but such subtlety is very unlikely for this show)

        Regardless, ultimately he has plot armor (for now), and the villains are dumb.

      5. I think the big thing to consider is whereas Cruhteo would’ve just wanted to kill Slaine without any explanation before (rightfully so from his perspective), Saazabaum’s request (and Cruhteo’s acceptance of it) seems to make it so that Cruhteo’s going to have at least some moments to speak with Slaine should he manage to capture him. There in lies the chance to persuade him that the princess is indeed alive (or Cruhteo’ll see her with him later on), and I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruhteo turn coats as a result later in the series.

    2. Currently the Vers can win battles, but not hold land. As you mention they lack any form of occupying force as their current front line forces consist of the orbital knights. Unless the Vers Emperor sends additional forces their likely goal is to destroy any and all concentrations of Earth forces and try to force the Earth government into surrender through attrition. Not a bad strategy considering the disparity in tech, but when accounting for human nature unlikely to work; most in this situation would probably rather die fighting than live in perpetual slavery.

      1. Not that this show has to be realistic in any way, and certainly it has taken artistic liberty to tell a story, but it doesn’t seem fitting within their description of Mars for them to support additional forces.

        They complain about not having enough resources (land, water, etc). If technology were truly advanced enough, they wouldn’t need to, and could terraform as necessary or simply urbanize the planet to the point where war isn’t necessary.

        Vers is clearly jealous of Earth’s natural resources given the uniform reactions of their members on and off Earth. I suspect they don’t have additional manpower, because their economic structure cannot support it. How they got these magic fortress/mecha machines, I do not know. That explanation is not given, only suggesting “aldnoah” somehow magically provided it.

        I agree that they cannot hold land, but I disagree they expect any terms of peace or surrender. They seem to be of the mind for genocide– and arrogant enough to blind themselves into thinking mass bombings work. Hint: They don’t. The resistence just scatters underground, rebuilds and forms allies elsewhere. You declare war against and battle the will of nations and minds of their commanders. Bombing alone does not work for victory, which vers expects to do as of this episode. Really they do so and believe so, because they are mostly 2D villains setup to lose gloriously for our entertainment.

        I will still call out their lunacy and idiocy. I accept that and I’m ok with that, and I’m having fun.

      2. You should also remember that the Vers Empire doesn’t truly have a military history. Instead it’s a group of colonists who got alien technology 30 years ago and set themselves up as a military power. Since there were no battles in the past 15 years and the Orbital Nights are essentially cut off from Mars, perhaps none or very few of the orbital nights actually know the nitty gritty of warfare. Kinda like the officers and knights of olden times. They’re just rich enough to have people fight for them but not necessarily great leaders.

  7. This week really opened us to Inaho’s interaction with the rest of the cast instead of continuing to isolate him, which somehow only solidifies how BLUNT he is dealing with other people in general. Oh well, we’ll never know if he likes to do that regularly or not.

    On the other end of the spectrum (from stone-faced to emotional wreck), Slaine is starting to be more intriguing in my eyes now, since we can only speculate him as being the key figure for either the Aldnoah research, or another one of the gene holders after the VERS royalty (only the counts can use the “audience chamber” as they have the gene “granted” to them, right?)

    Bonus 0:
    Calling Innocent Fanservice Girl…

    Bonus 1:
    So how much more are we going to see Wikipedia pages being copied outright? Cause…
    The contributors may puff up because of it…

  8. And lets continue from last week’s captioning trend –

    Sorry dudes…. She’s mine

    Da shiz????

    Damn that maid….

    Gonna kill that maid with my huge gun…

    Damn… Got NTR-ed by a maid….


    On the other shipping front….

    Damn it Marito will you just look at me? What are you? Gay?

    Marito NTR mission start

    Let’s bitch slap that Martian girl back to Mars
    (XO at the back – Damn it Marito…. You NTR-ed my CO from me????)

      1. I dunno, depending on the projectiles used, handguns seem well suited for shipboard use. Long arms may cause over penetration, not something you want on a spaceship. Handguns or submachineguns are compact and every member of a ship could carry a pistol without interfering with most duties.
        Also, I doubt the Martians were expecting a threat from within one of their own castles.

    1. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
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      Is it over already? It is terrible shaking inside here
      I am Sorry, everyone. The Dark Side got the best of me. here are my Punished work. Writing the Rules 100 times on the Board.
      Awww. Boring, it is all Over!

      in the Meantime:
      Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu! I need to see a Patsu!

      Enjoy 🙂

      1. Add this after this Picture:

        “We should send Slain to Earth, to get our King a Pantsu Shoot. You know, without his Pantsu Shot, he can not produce Libido.”
        “You know, this Libido, where he swings his Big stick over our heads to give us his Power”
        “What? You force me to go down to Earth to get a Pantsu Shot? Never”
        “You have no choice, or we shoot you!”
        Damm this Old King. He and his Libido great Stick.

        Okay, done. I nearly used all Pictures of this Episode here. Your next 🙂

  9. Ha guessed right, Slaine’s father is involved in Aldnoah research. This little tidbit also answers the question how Slaine is able to operate Aldnoah technology: he too is imbued with the necessary genetic script. Furthermore the back story regarding Tanegashima implies that it is here where Earth forces will come to possess a piece of Aldnoah technology which Slaine will then be used to both understand and operate.

    More interesting IMO, however, is the implication of Aldnoah being a singular “unit”. All of Vers’ arsenal can be assumed to come from the designs of this “unit” which also provides the keys (via genetics) needed for operation. An intriguing idea is that Aldnoah may in fact be partially sentient, selecting its master based upon their genome for compatibility. Since the Vers Emperor woke it up, it’s quite likely the Aldnoah progenitors are very similar genetically to humans. That idea of course leads to some Gargantia mindf*ckery regarding the origins of life on Earth. Moreover if the Aldnoah “unit” is sentient, what would happen if it decided to rescind the Vers Emperor’s control?

    Even if he’s not writing Aldnoah, Urobutcher still is responsible for the general story and its direction, there will be something that throws this conventional war plot on its head, guaranteed.

    1. Ha guessed right, Slaine’s father is involved in Aldnoah research. This little tidbit also answers the question how Slaine is able to operate Aldnoah technology: he too is imbued with the necessary genetic script.

      That’s a huge assumption you’re making there. If his father had the same power as the Emperor of Vers, then his treatment as a Terran would be completely unwarranted. If anything, it’s more likely that Rayregalia or Asseylum granted him the ability so that he wouldn’t be completely useless around Martian technology.

      1. I feel that’s too simple with how the matter was addressed. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the the emperor benefited from the work of his research team, which included Slaine’s father, who may have known something, if not more of the Aldnoah technology, but were betrayed at some point and lost it.

        There is also more to the fact about how Slaine got on Mars and why he is considered as Terran and not Vers.

      2. Not that big of a leap actually. We know only Vers can operate Aldnoah tech and from this episode know that operation requires a certain genetic “script”. Slaine is clearly Earthen, it’s been stated several times. So how can he operate Aldnoah tech? By being given the genes to do so. How he got them of course unknown at the moment, but considering his father’s position and relationship with Asseylum a guess or two can be made (Cruhteo could have also provided them seeming as Slaine would be next to useless if he couldn’t operate any Vers machinery when needed). Until something else comes up this is the running hypothesis.

        As for Slaine’s father we know next to nothing except his research subject and that he’s dead. Could make a guess though that Dr. Troyard used his knowledge to bargain for a position for his son in Vers society. As Seraph mentioned there is something significant missing regarding Slaine ending up on Mars.

      3. It might be that Slaine’s father was trying to escape back to earth because he was afraid the emperor (or some of the knights) might try to kill him to get his research (and from Saazbaum’s actions they clearly want it), so it seems he either went back to earth (or the moon) and brought up Slaine as an earthling (who also has the Aldnoah tagged DNA) then for some reason Slaine had to go back to Mars (his father sent him or he went on his own .. we all saw him crash land on Mars and meet the princess for the first time).

        Besides, they were never clear whether his father is dead or only escaped and it hiding somewhere on earth or the moon (gives them another reason to occupy earth to look for him, if he was still alive).

    2. You’re assuming that Slaine has the power to use Aldnoah technology. We don’t know that yet. If your talking about the audience chamber, I highly doubt you need anything special to use it. Slaine didn’t hesitate in trying to use it wondering if he had the power or not. (He should have if supposedly on knights can use it) Neither the Emperor, Cruhteo, nor Saazbaum were surprised that he could use it either. Cruhteo’s more pissed off that he would use it without permission. In this case, it’s assumed that anyone can use the audience chamber.

      Now, Slaine might just have the gene and not know it thank to secret research done by his father. But nothing has remotely been proven yet.

      1. I agree we do not know at all, but until further information comes out it is a valid hypothesis as mentioned above.

        Where the hypothesis would fall apart is if Vers Cataphracts are counted as separate from the rest of Vers tech and the only things which require the Aldnoah genes to use (thus precluding Slaine and the rest of the Vers citizenry). I admit this is the more likely option, but we cannot be certain until we get some additional information regarding Slaine’s (and more importantly his father’s) history. Until then I’ll stick to my guns 😛

    3. the DNA is just a key so you can operate them, like those Laptops with a fingertip reader.

      Sleine doesnt have the DNA or the permitions (hes considered barely above a terran, likely because of some research by his father, that connection is why he was gonna be taken alive)

      I wonder WHAT was the research done by Sleine’s father about: override the DNA locks? creating new working Ald tech? it would be interesting if he found how to change/override the locks.. in that case some Knights wanting his song for questioning could hint to a revolt? insurrection?

      IIRC the carrier doesnt have any Aldnoah tech, in Asylum’s words is just a simple transport. so far we have seen it flying and using missiles as weapons. Meaning Sleine doesn’t need the genes for ALd tech to fly it (since the machine is not gene locked). This doesnt mean he doesn’t have it… is just highly unlikely since hes considered a terran by his superiors.

    4. As I recall, the aircraft he uses has been mentioned to be completely normal, and therefore most likely lacks Aldnoah tech. So I agree that it’s too early to hypothesize that he can use Aldnoah.

  10. The reason people are hostile is because they were expecting more than popcorn anime when the staff was announced, especially since Gen Urobuchi was mentioned. Even if he was only partially involved, I hoped this show would be similar to Madoka as in more of a deconstruction of the genre.

    I’m not saying it’s bad. You cannot deny it’s entertainment value and is has a decent plot, albeit with minor flaws(the OP teenager concept still irks me). The show also hints at the Terrans getting their hands on an Aldonah in the future through Slaine’s arrival and the connection between Martian royalty and the mysterious devices.

    Comparing Aldonah to Gundams is like comparing SAO to Log Horizon. The setting may be similar, but the presentation is different and the target audience as well. Aldonah and SAO are meant for more mainstream audiences, while Gundamns and The Database are more appreciated by nice fans and lovers of the genre/MMOs.

    What I’m trying to say is that I’m seeing this Anime in a different light now. After rambling about it’s major issues a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop judging it and to just enjoy the ride, like with SAO S2. If anything, Mahouka should be a great example of how to make a successful show while playing with the traditional tropes. May Our Lord Tatsuya-sama watch over all.

    The Atomic Dwarf
    1. I resent that Log Horizon is compared similarly with Gundams. I personally think Gundams are for mainstream Japanese viewers with their shounen-y ways. I actually preferred when Gundam could make fun of itself in G Gundam and Gundam Build Fighters, because for so long the Gundam tradition played the same old tricks over and over it became a genre in and of itself.

      If anything, Aldnoah is moving forward, and Gundam is the traditional past, because it tries things not done before and partially deconstructs the stuff Gundam & Mecha clones do.

      I too am enjoying Mahouka, and imo the more it plays outside the school the better.

      1. Ok, guess I did a bad comparison. Generally all Mech shows, even EVA which was meant as a deconstruction, have been well received in Japan. My point about not rising to it’s full potential stands though.

        The Atomic Dwarf
    1. I bet all my money that Slaine is not to make it to the end of episode 12, as many have said he´s a tragedy waiting to happen, the martians think he´s less than a roach and now traitor, the terrans see as a traitor to their homeland, the poor bastard has no friends!.

      1. Episode 12 might be too early for a main character even if this is a Dual-MC anime and it’s also a 2-cour. Maybe if Urobutcher was still involved, I’d say yes it’s a huge possibility that he’d bite the dust by episode 12. But since Urobutcher’s gone, maybe Slaine will be around until the few final episodes.

        The Story You Don't Know
  11. the battle in this episode felt a lot more realistic. one of the mechs dodged an attack! and they communicated with each other about the rounds being ineffective. and then they blocked an attack! they just might be able to win this thing!

    though the reveal that the Capt is the sister of Lt. Marito’s best friend isn’t the greatest.

    but Slaine arrives just in time with a walk off!

    and for the first time we have a Martian villain who isn’t a pompous asshole.

    I wonder if it’s just coincidence that it’s because all the characters involved, except Inaho, are girls? Either way, I welcome the change, as it’s far more interesting.

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. Wait, which villain wasn’t a pompous asshole? I must’ve missed that one. The woman in charge of the island was pretty arrogant herself… Nope. I don’t see a martian that isn’t full of themselves.

      1. the lady Martian just seemed like she was confident in her attacks (and maybe a touch sadistic), but not a insulting dick about it like the dudes have been. or at least that’s what I felt from her.

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. @ Impel

        Countess Femieanne definitely has the same superiority complex as her other Martian brethren. Almost every line she has was some kind of slur or crack about the “inferiority” of Terrans. I think the reason she seems so fresh in comparison to Vlad and Trillram, is because those two were so over the top with being loud and angry, that she’s subtle in comparison. She’s also shown herself to be a lot smarter than them, by thinking more strategically. Rather than go for the individual soldiers first, she goes after their base and cripples the ship. When they have nowhere to go, then she begins taking out the mechs, and all from quite a safe distance away.

    2. There were guys in the battle, but in every battle so far at least two kataphrakts have to be destroyed to show off new Vers tech and that was the non-Inaho guys. This show is depicting a very strong presence of woman in the navy/military though.

  12. that was a great episode i was expecting marito to sacrifie himself ( a la mu lafraga)to redeem himself for being useless but the surprise come when slaine stepped up.

    while watching Aldnoah.Zero,i got some reminiscence about gundam seed (to be precise :when lacus clyne was on the archangel, jinus seven” )but i think that the difference from GS made me more entertained .
    I’m waiting for Rayet to stop her “escapism” ( i don t know if that the right term) like Akira from Valvrave.

  13. This episode killed most of my hopes for a Marito x CO shipping. Very slim chance he’ll still get the girl in the end… but XO has a better chance this moment. Hint, XO now’s your chance!

    1. Actually, not necessarily. They man unknowingly winning the heart of the woman that mistakenly hates him is a common romance trope. I have a feeling that Marito wasn’t at fault with John Humeray’s death, and that Darzana will understand that as she gets to know Marito better. All this time, she’s been hating a man she’s never met. Now she’ll have to actually have him around in the flesh.
      Also, I have a feeling that Marito will get over his PTSD once he has to save Darzana’s life at some point. He wasn’t able to save her brother, but he will save her.

      1. Yep! That’s my last hope. I was also thinking of pairing him with Yuki-nee… but there’s no more chemistry there– but lots of sparks flying for and against him with CO

        He needs that breakthrough moment though, and I’d be sad if it were the death of the CO that sparked it.

        Will he or won’t be be able to save her? It’d doubly suck if his PTSD kept him from saving her, but it is also a trope to break through just in time to watch her die (or break through because she dies).

  14. To be fair Enzo-san I don´t see that pouting like a sign she likes Slaine any more tthan trust worthy friend, the pouting might be because Inaho caught on a mistake she tought was a beautiful truth and was embarrased. I´s still early in the game see who Asseylum is gonna fall for but judging for the way she worries about Inaho I would say he´s the chosen one for now and I would like to see that because it might be the thing that would make Slaine finally snap.

  15. I thought this episode was pretty solid. Felt good to see Inaho in Miltary clothes. This anime will go up another notch for me if we can get proper uniforms for the rest of the drafted students. Good to see Slaine escape lots of pain and suffering too

    Rick Anime
    1. Really, the only ones who don’t have uniforms are Nina, the two new boys, and Asseylum and Rayet, the last two who are already not doing military duties since they haven’t been trained.

  16. Rocket punch! While there are fancy drills and beams, nothing screams old-school mecha than the classic rocket punch. Though usually that’s reserved for a repertoire of the good guys on a Super Robot Show. Although, I did like the application of SCIENCE(!) to foil it. Massive giant fists would require a lot of thrust to move them as fast as it did, so the would make it a lot easier to mess with their trajectory with a little nudge from an explosive round.

    I keep describing Inaho as a Star Trek Vulcan, which makes his talk with Seylum even funnier. The way he logically corrects her about the blue sky is exactly how I picture how a Vulcan would talk to a more sentimental human being. As I said, Inaho is much more interesting when he interacts with others and he gets lots here, especially with Yuki and Inko. And he gets to rely on his teammates now, Inko even saved his life here.

    Slaine is a little more disappointing on his plot, because he no longer has a chance to work from the inside. Still, its amusing to see him one step ahead of “superior” Martians and make a quick get-away. And he gets to be a hero at the cliffhanger, so more power to him.

    The most interesting character now though is Marito. He clearly has the most obvious character arc ongoing and now he has a personal connection with the captain albeit an tense awkward one. It’s a small world.

  17. Last episode’s Vers Mech that should’ve fell into sea upon first landing, either by tipping the ship over or falling through the deck as it collapsed from underneath him. If somehow the structure held, the flight deck would’ve still be crushed, and the ship’s fight would’ve been a lot more tipsy turvy than it should’ve due to the balance being way off and ships having a natural irregular movement at sea.

    This episode I realized for certain the ship they’re on isn’t a aircraft carrier but an Amphib. Note while they can be called Helocopter carriers, but most are Amphibious Assault Ships (Amphibs) That sucker has Hovercraft LCACs, and the classic two 5″ guns and CWIS, but is missing all the helo’s. It also has one straight flight deck instead of two split decks like CVN’s do.

    It looks awesome, but really none of those are to scale. It is pure imagination and artistic liberty that allows them to do so. The mecha simply are too big to fit on LCACs and too tall for the well decks behind them. Frankly unless the mecha are a lot smaller, they won’t fit inside ship. Definitely not enough internal room without blowing up the ship’s exterior to be a lot bigger than it is represented. “It is bigger on the inside.” –Dr. Who

    Oh also, that ship won’t sink. The real life equivalent was used as torpedo target practice at the end of its lifetime after it was stripped down and all hull doors were left open. They had to send demolition teams with targeted explosives to finally sink it. With all water sealing doors closed in battle conditions, it’ll be crippled but stay afloat, like a waterlogged sponge.

    Abandon ship, but really they have as long as battle conditions allow to get off.

    Reference photos and explanation of terms available here:

    1. there is a real life version of that ship that carries mechas around?

      thats odd since we dont have mechs yet.

      or you meant it looks like a scaled up version of a current real ship?

      about it sinking … dunno .. tho the captain gave the order NOT to close the bulkheads so people could leave … she may be sacrificing her ship with that move. dunno, that ship looks heavy (considering all the mech inside).

      1. Doing repairs on bulkheads and closing wateright doors are completely different things. It still won’t sink regardless. Even if it did, they’re so close to land it might not even sink all the way given how shallow water can be– and it’d still take several hours, if not days.

        There’s real life ships that carry mechanized infantry, i.e marines, tanks, armored hum-vees, trucks, cranes, mortars, etc. Also variety of helicopters from attack to transport.

        The version in the show is a to scale version of a real life ship, complete with the same armament. Great liberty is taken with the available interior space, and possibility of armored mechas however.

        The version in the show would require scaling up the size of a real ship in order to match interior space, but their represented scale within the show is the same of a real ship.

  18. Does that Vers plane have an Aldnoah Drive?
    If that plane has an Aldnoah Drive and Slaine knows stuff about his father’s research than maybe the UFE can rise to fight evenly.

    Feels like a reverse Gundam 00 with the bad guys having the GN Drive first.
    Also a reverse Buddy Complex with the “bad guys” having the upper hand.
    Also had me thinking of Muv Luv, Nadesico and Lagrange.

    Dr Troyard.
    Slaine crashed into Vers in his “EVA escape pod” 5 years ago.
    Was his father already researching on Aldnoah with/for Vers before that?
    Slaine did mention that the Princess saved him and his father.
    Can’t wait for Dr Troyard’s story to be revealed.

    Will this element be explored further?
    Will its original creators come back?
    Or will it just stay unexplained as the power source to escape realism?
    What does the title of the show mean?

    Inhumanly calm?
    Anything more to this character?

    So now its just the Vers wanting to fight and conquer?
    Or is something more grand in store?

    1. My thoughts too. All the ingredients are there now.
      1. Slaine’s carrier may have an Aldnoah drive.
      2. Humans can reverse-engineer it.
      3. They have the princess to activate it.
      4. Strap it onto Inaho’s trainer and unleash him on the Martians.

      1. imho it doesnt have an Aldnoah drive, the princess said it was just a simple transport back in ep 2. (and that is the reason why they allowed a terran to drive one..they consider Slein terran in all but name)

        they been hinting that some stuff from the moon fell to earth when the moon was damaged, maybe even a mech? likely they gonna find it, have the princess authorize someone (since she got the blood to get pass the DNA lock), likely Inaho , to drive it. and use Slein as carrier driver for that mecha xD

        also reverse engineering things isnt that easy!!! try giving a combustion motor to some natives from the Amazon and ask them to recreate it.. wonder how long it would take?. The Vers NEVER reverse engineered anything .. the Aldnoah tech thought the Ver were its master and unlocked for them and used their DNA as new password.. the tech gave itself to them, they never has to reverse-engineer it! … it also explains how they became an empire SO FAST.

        PS: i have the feeling that Slein’s father was the one who actually (and for the first time) reverse-engineered Aldnoah tech… and this was years after the Ald tech was on use.

    2. No, the plane doesn’t have an Aldnoah drive, Cruhteo wouldn’t have ordered Slaine to pilot it if it did. He definitely doesn’t think Slaine is anything special. Also, plain Martian grunts pilot the sky carrier as well.

    3. More likely IMO is Earth forces collecting the Aldnoah drive from the Cataphract currently fighting them, or else finding it in the ruins of Tanegashima. Not to mention that Vers Cataphract being there was unexpected as the area was abandoned and thoroughly destroyed. Begs the question what she was doing (and maybe looking for) 😛

      1. Thanks for the clarification.

        Femianne said the island was her territory. Was she posted there to protect something? Makes sense to use a Kat with ranged weapons to keep Terrans away from whatever it is that dropped from the moon.

  19. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    This part really made me laugh so much.

    Hime-sama was making those speech about Aldnoah drive and about mars and inserting slains misunderstanding of light refraction on earth. XD

    I still feel that this guy is after :
    1.) Slaine
    2.) Aldnoah activation drive.
    3.) Death of all of Vars royal family
    4.) Throne of Vars.

    Even as if I’ve seen that “last minute save” cliche so many times I literally got a giant grin on my face when I saw him fire that shot. Busting out of his headquarters and saving the day all in one episode. Guy deserves more credit that he gets. From what i can gather though Cruheto is most likely being set up for redemption. He seems to be the only person on the Martian crew who isn’t up to speed about the Princess assassination being an inside job. Though i don’t think the dick deserves it. Still it would be nice to see at least ONE of these Egotistical douchebags actually be able to be more than generic “I’m so evil!” villains.

    I thought for sure Marito was going to start showing us how capable adults can be in this show but i suppose that will have to wait. It doesn’t help that the commander brought up his traumatic past making him feel even more guilty at such a horrible time. Gee let’s make a guy feel even worse when he’s returning to a place he lost so many loved ones at. That sure isn’t going to sting him or anything right? Freaking jackass….

    At this point I don’t know if i can take this “war” situation seriously anymore when you have these high school students comically acting as if the situation isn’t a big deal at all. Especially Inko during the fight. This isn’t a bugs bunny cartoon damn it!

    Inaho sure doesn’t know how to read the mood. Princess is trying to have a heartfelt conversation and he buts in with his scientific correctness. Let the poor girl think what she wants!

    Nice that he is made to be a bit more human in this episode. Though I have to wonder why no one else at least TRIED to shoot the rocket arm away before it hit. They just…….gave up. You can’t depend on Inaho for everything fools!

    1. Because Inaho was the only one with a gun big enough to affect the rocket arms. Remember that Yuki designated him as the marksman of Mustang Team? You can see he has a large caliber rifle with limited ammo. The rest had smaller arms AND it was established that their AP and HE rounds don’t work. With most of them down, the best his team could do at this point was play spotter for Inaho.

      1. I suppose that’s true but it does come off as a tad convenient that Inaho was given the only weapon that could stop the rocket arms. This time it wasn’t even due to his planning. It was just blind luck he got chosen to be the marksman which i find kind of humorous. There should have been another marksman on the other teams but I guess they got wiped out before they could do anything.

      2. Yeah, their Doom was that while firing their Guns, they stand still. a good prey for this Fists. They should Shoot and keep moving to avoid getting punched.. But yeah, this Ship was not build to fight on it. Not many room to made evasions actions

  21. Am I the only one that feels irritated by the strands of hair that are floating out on the characters? I mean it’s a nice touch to the style/details, but to have it on every single scene and on almost every single character is kinda…

    Just A Random Guy
  22. I hope that when they reveal what Lt. Marito did and what happened it is really really f***ing terrible because right now he is annoying me with all the PTSD and whining.

    When Inaho corrected the Princess and Slaine and made her blush , I smiled, it was a cute moment.

    Slaine F*** YEAH! I literally clapped my hands when he showed up.
    I thought Marito was the one that shot at first.


    If I was to criticize one part of the episode, it’s that they didn’t show very much of Slaines daring escape. Kinda feel like that would have made for some great watching, if they put more focus on to it.

    Also, shouldn’t Inahos group be running out of mechs by now? They do lose quite a few each episode…

  24. Perhaps the Lt. was at his Time the Commander of the Tank Platoon, and in his Youth Hotblood time, he attacked the Mars Mecha, like they attack the first on Inaho city. Full of themselves to kick the Mecha’s but, just then to get crushed

    Surly he got set back to Lt. and they deleted this Report for not bow down the heads. Perhaps the Destruction of the Moon Gate was a suicide attempt of Earth Army. After that they deleted the Report.

    The Lt. right now in his condition, can play the Mentor/Teacher/Adviser role on the Ship. Surly the Captain get to know his PTSD and give him a important “Desk” Role for the remaining Soldiers on the Ship. Remember they could not refresh their Mechas and such so far. They are bleeding dry.. and i wonder if they can barely repair the Ship function, after the fight. Or has to abandoned it, on this vast island. The Ship is their Life, for now. if they lose it, all food, all equipment and all contact to outside the world will get lost. They then sitting as Ducks on this Island. waiting for help. And this would be a stalemate on the Story progression.. Not good

    Let’s us not forget, Slain do not know the Princess in Cover Modus. And i think he will see or they show him her only for his eyes, and he will tell the Knight conspiration (But the Lt. said it already) to confirm it. So the Princess will still hold her secret, until they are save

    If the Old King dies, the Princess are the Master Key, the catalyst. But what can she do on Earth? Do she need to be on Vers to shutdown or something this Drive? Or can she made it so, that all around Earth Drivers shut down. And they have to use normal equipment. So no Cheating OP Mechas? 🙂

    Many questions so far. But the Big Turning point in this War is the Old King. Only he can now put the War to Stop or End. If he dies, the Knights will find out that the Princess is alive. They dont killed Slain, because they hope, he is the Key to the Secrets of this Drive. They just want a Backup to get their hands on this Aldnoah secret for themselves

    They need to be on equal terms. Let it be that Aldnoah Drives get Offline, because of the Death of the Old King and the Will of the Princess, or the Earth get their hands on this Aldnoah Mechas (remember they need time to understand, build and use it) to counterattack

    But this would be fighting Abombs with Abombs. Loser would be Earth and the population

    many Red Lines are now Open. Lets see with path they walk the way down. i am curious

    (this is here based mostly of experience and suggestions)

    1. About Slain,

      Sure he bring with him the Wisdom of their Fleet and Mechas. But the Princess know the most herself.
      And remember, he only bring a Air Carrier. Only armed with normal Guns and no Rockets. And i do not think, his Carrier has an Aldnoah drive big enough to understand it. So, he may now be at the Earth side. But he ist powerless, without a Mecha.. And i dunno. if they let him ride one of their Mechas

    2. Slaine saw her transformation in the bridge. Also Eddelrittuo tags around her and always calls her Princess…

      If the Old King dies, the Princess are the Master Key, the catalyst.

      Saazbaum wants Asseylum dead and gone, but he wants Slaine safe and sound. The Key is likely Slaine or the charm he gave to his Princess or both: he as Troyard’s child and his amulet.

      1. Can’t remember clearly, but i think he only saw her real form, i don’t think he witnessed her removing her disguise.
        But afcourse meeting her both and her servant would obviously make him connect the dots.

    3. Anyway, they should not give up on the Ship so easy, sure the need to leave the Ship (all non-combat personal). But they should fight for the only “City” they have right now.

      You know, Air Carriers nowadays, are like little City’s on Water. And let us not talk about the Food their stored. I dunno that they left Food and Water on this isolated Island

      thats now the Time of the Ship Engineers to shine, save the “City”

  25. @Guardian Enzo

    You really played with that initial summary of yours

    I just visited to see if there was anything new in RC, then i saw your post and I was like:

    “Hold on! Inako is already sinking ships?! Was he even shipped with anyone??”

    But after watching the episode, I facepalmed. Well played Enzo….. well played

  26. Frankly, I’ve got a crazy theory that Slaine and Inaho are the same guy separated by crazy Aldnoah magic. Slaine being basically all emotion and Inaho having none. They also look like inverted color clones for the most part. I don’t necessarily believe my own theory, but it sits in the back of my head.

    Beyond that, while I like Slaine fine, I think people are focusing a bit too much on him in the theorycrafting. Until something changes seriously, Inaho is most definitely the protagonist of the anime. Yet every theory is how Slaine gets the girl and ends the war with Inaho not even mentioned. I highly doubt the actual protagonist is going to be so pointless to the show.

    As for the romance angle, I wouldn’t bet anything just yet. They’ve focused enough time on Inaho’s relationship with the Princess that it’s definitely a factor in the show. It’s not going to just go away now that Slaine has shown up. Plus, romance plot 101 is that however stuff starts, it will change to almost the opposite by the end. The fact that Slaine and the Princess already have a bit of a thing while Inaho and she do not is actually a BAD sign for Slaine. Again, I’m not saying that I necessarily believe they won’t get together or I ship one way or another, but we don’t know anything yet. And really, doing the cute-pouting at a guy in an anime is in NO way a bad sign. That’s like step 1 on the road to romance.

    Also, I have a general feeling that the princess will eventually give the aldnoah activation factor to Inaho and/or Slaine. The specific explanation she gave about it almost cements it.

    1. Inaho is most definitely the protagonist of the anime.

      This show has three protagonists, even if Asselyum is so sidelined. Although the story is about Slaine’s and Inaho’s “strange fate”.

      1. No. Not really, except in the sense that main good guys are protagonists. But then it has like 8 protagonists.

        In the sense of ‘primary lead character,’ Inaho is most definitely the lead protagonist. His screen time dwarfs the other two. Slaine is at this point a deuteragonist. And Asseylum is basically just the standard anime heroine.

        Even shows that profess to have 2 or 3 protagonists tend to have an actual lead, such as in Buddy Complex, or Code Geass, or so on. Generally you have a protagonist and a deuteragonist. And as I mentioned above, people are theorycrafting as though the protagonist of this show doesn’t exist.

      2. @KaleRylan: I’m quoting the series director and leader of the project. The show has 3 protagonists: Inaho, Slaine and Asseylum.

        Is this your first show with more than one protagonist? Inaho’s obviously the weaker lead in terms of plot-relevance, so he has to balance it in some other aspects. He might have some screentime, but he has gotten no character development and hardly moves the plot action which are also protagonists’ jobs. That’s why you have three.

      3. You know, just because someone is a director, it doesn’t actually mean there always right. They can say what they want, but sometimes they’re wrong about their own thing. It happens.

        Slaine is obviously meant to be important, the constant establishing shots that compare him to Inaho make this clear. As of yet however, he is not there. Protagonist is not a word that the creator gets to pick. It’s a descriptive term describing role in a story.

        Asseylum at this stage is in no way as important as Inaho, or even Slaine. She’s a standard heroine. She’s cute, I have no complaints about her. But to pretend she’s some kind of equal to Slaine and especially Inaho in terms of plot progression or story importance or screentime at this point is just a joke.

        And no, it’s not “my first story with multiple protagonists.” Don’t be a jerk. I’m saying I disagree. And I disagree with the director if that’s what they’ve said. You wanna call someone a protagonist, then they have to actually live up to the title. Inaho is, as of now, a protagonist. Slaine is, but to a lesser extent, since he has been leading his own, much more minor plot so far. Whether he will continue to be important now that he’s on the same ship is a question. And Asseylum is a supporting character.

        Again, you can’t just CALL whoever you want a protagonist, unless you’re using it in the broad sense of ‘good guy.’ It’s a term decided by how the story plays out, not by what you decided in your plot summary.

      4. I’ll be clear just to show I meant no offense, but did you watch Countdown to A/Z (which was released before the show)? They explain the scenario. There is ‘earth side’ and ‘mars side’ split 12 episodes, 12 episodes (after a break). Slaine is the main focus of the second split cour and the character who “holds the key of the story”. Inaho is only more relevant in this part, if it was not obvious to you: this is why they are developing Slaine. All you see is a set up, including Saazbaum targeting Slaine specifically.

        Inaho would still be a protagonist, but the focus will shift to Slaine who is, by the word of God, the character who possesses the key of the entire show. That’s why this first half it’s for him to “gain courage/mental strength”. I don’t know what they’ll plan to do with Inaho because it doesn’t seem to be awfully clear with him as they did with Slaine. There’s a bit of fumbling. I hope he doesn’t die.

    2. Frankly, I’ve got a crazy theory that Slaine and Inaho are the same guy separated by crazy Aldnoah magic. Slaine being basically all emotion and Inaho having none. They also look like inverted color clones for the most part. I don’t necessarily believe my own theory, but it sits in the back of my head.

      Someone has been watching too much Aquarion XD

  27. I Want Them Alive if possible. If not? if not, I’ll understand. – Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Well, if there is a weak side to the Martian military, it is their overconfidence, leading to slip-ups like Slaine’s escape. Their biggest strength, physics-defying Aldnoah drives aside, is the wide variety of weapons each Kataphrakt seems to use, seemingly all being customised towards particualr Knight’s fighting style. This means – apart from “Kataphrakt of the week” feeling – that with every new encounter Inaho and co. need to devise new tactics to defeat them, and enemy has to be victorious just once.
    Two things about the Aldnoah drives make the battle still hold hope for the Earth side: (As)Seylum probably can use them, so once one is captured intact we have probable pilot ready. The other thing is that they are irreplaceable artifacts which means every lost one is serious blow to the Vers. We don’t exactly know how many of them are being deployed, but few dozens or hundreds at best. And in the total war it is mass produced tech , not the super weapons in short supply that decides the outcome…

  28. Have to admit that I was disappointed when another arrogant knight that is destined to be defeated by an “inferior” terran showed up. I would have been totally fine with an episode without any Inaho Mecha fighting. It was interesting enough, so my hope is that this “monster of the week” format won’t keep up for much longer, because, while this is definitely my favorite show of the season, it gets a bit tiring.

  29. Once again the personnel staff on the bridge and crews did not make any perform a lookout on there 3d screen monitors to spot any sensors, sounds, heat source and location of smoke trail. That amphibious assault ship has complete navigation radar system and communication data link that can. Six incoming rocket punch cant even give a direction to the soldiers. Hey soldier A above you, Hey soldier B incoming from your right, All team concentrate all your firepower at the front.

    Hey this is entertaining for Inoha only? How come he’s only get a special long barrel HE weapon? Special treatment? What about the other defenders who died to make look like him a elite super orange unit is this fair?

    1. Hey this is entertaining for Inoha only? How come he’s only get a special long barrel HE weapon? Special treatment? What about the other defenders who died to make look like him a elite super orange unit is this fair?

      The specs of his trainer unit on paper are below the ones the military use, therefore he was given the role of designated marksman.

  30. I don’t understand, how anyone can criticise the show. You get the intro minute or so, then the OP happens and everything after that is just a fuzzy pink blur until the ED comes in. Although I did notice the maid being cute again and offering to fly mecha for them. That was good.
    So either I’m watching something completely different to everyone else or my reaction to Kalafina caused me to fail my saving throw vs bias.

  31. Seriously for all the advanced technology these Martians claim to have, they still can’t manage to catch one Terran brat from escaping. Granted he’s grew up with them for the past 5 years and sort of knew how they worked, but still… >.>

    No wonder someone like Inaho comes along and uses his head and they instantly get pwned… by a mere orange training unit. For that matter, I hope Slaine receives the Princess’ Aldnoah power instead of Inaho, not because I prefer Slaine over Inaho, but rather the contrary – Inaho’s badassery stems from him being a strategic underdog capable of overcoming massive odds.

  32. What I don’t understand is how the Martians can be so smug? They don’t even hold the power to Aldnoah and have to rely on their emperor’s blessings to use that power. And Slain’s father was a researcher into Aldnoah itself so wouldn’t it give him a little better social standing? (Unless he betrayed the Vers Empire or something)

    1. Pretty damn sure Slaine’s father defected or at least tried to escape with his research because he was afraid someone might try to abuse it or kill him to get it .. and it seems the knights (or some of them like Saazbaum are after that research to wrestle control out of the hands of the dying Vers empror).

      There are still a lot of missing pieces when it comes to Slaine’s past and his father’s research .. i’m sure they will get to it soon (probably through Slaine telling his “new” terran friends his backstory).

  33. I really don’t care if Inaho is intelligent and accesses the situation before jumping into it entirely.
    I just really would prefer if the earth military was a whole lot less moronic. If the writers can at least give the military some credit I’d much enjoy that.
    If the show just goes on as a “Inaho saves everyone” show, I won’t be absolutely happy, but I won’t hate it.
    He is great at what he does, I just want others to be great too. When I saw the arms being deflected I was hoping Marito had manned up since it seemed about right since he was at Tanegashima and all, but I guess I got ahead of myself.
    The show has a great commanding quality to it. The plot isn’t at it’s absolute best, but if this is what we get with 6 episodes out of 24? I can’t wait to see what we get with 6 more. I sense greatness, it’s just that all the pieces aren’t there yet.
    The plot is pretty good as it is, just needs some tweaks.
    Also, you guys, we can keep bitching about the timeline and all that good stuff….but it’s there. Just accept it for what it is and carry on yall.

    1. Sigh, how many times do we need to go over this, given the situation the military has EVERYTHING working against them .. enemy raw firepower is way higher then them, communications are all down (that’s enough to kill any military force effectiveness or cut it significantly), enemy took down all the methods of monitoring or analyzing them (i.e satellites), i don’t understand what exactly do you want the military to do !!?, fact is real-life dire situations where the military can’t act or official rescue operations can’t help always end up being resolved due to unique/talented/exceptional individuals who were at the right time at the right place .. many heroic rescues and such were done by individuals with the composure and ability to act under pressure and assess the situation correctly.

      Given the dire situation it falls to individual ingenuity, observational ability and resourcefulness to keep this small group alive, and Inaho happens to be the best individual at that, and being smarter than all the other military personnel is perfectly normal .. people don’t get drafted as soldiers for having a very high IQ, still that said Inaho himself got paramilitary training so that adds to his specific set of skills and makes him the most useful person in this situation .. why are people struggling and finding it so hard that a young man has more IQ than military personnel !!!!!

      Simply all what the writer/s did was create a situation where individual ability would shine more and place a hero with a certain set of believable skills in that situation among the others .. OF COURSE he is going to be the most effective member of this group because of his set of skills and because of the circumstances .. it’s really well written i don’t see why anyone would complain about it (yet again this episode he failed to shoot his target while his sister and all the others nailed theirs, so he isn’t perfect at everything).

      Still given all the circumstances working against the military they did help him in many occasions carry out his plans, his friends played crucial parts in his small skirmishes, the military managed to evacuate the entire area before bombardment and without their help Inaho and his friends would have been dead by now due to the orbital bombardment (think .. whose ship are they riding !!!).

      I can’t believe people are complaining about Inaho when pretty much 90% of all other mecha anime just does the typical “clueless kid stumbles upon super-mecha, learns how to use it somehow becoming the only one who can control it and then proceeds to mop the floor with entire armies of cannon-fodder enemies and enemy generals while everybody else just cheers for him” .. they give us something different and way more believable and people still complain .. really !!!?

      1. Sigh.
        I have no complains about Inaho, though I already said that.
        I just really wished that the military at least looked a bit more…efficient (for lack of a better word).
        All I’m asking. I’m aware of what’s going on I’m aware of their situation, but I’d be lying if I wasn’t getting bummed out they can’t do much more. When it seems like they could do at least a little bit more.

  34. I hardly see any reason to consider Aldnoah.Zero popcorn entertainment .. it’s far from being that, i think it’s doing what countless other mecha series has failed to do, which is making the main character/s the underdogs who actually have to use their heads and military tactics to fight back and barely stay alive .. right off the top of my head i can name 10 popular mecha anime where the main character gets an OP mecha and single-handedly takes out whatever enemies thrown at him with complete ease and not a shrivel of tactics or forethought involved before proceeding to mop the floor with entire armies and armadas of enemies as his mech keeps getting more and more OP with every episode.

    A mecha anime or any anime for the matter doesn’t need to have convoluted plots and deep philosophical symbolism to elevate itself above popcorn/mindless entertainment .. it only needs to respect the viewers intelligence, keep a consistent and believable story (no deus-ex, no establishing rules then breaking them on a whim), while also presenting something that is higher in both production values and craftsmanship .. and Aldnoah.Zero delivers all that in SPADES .. it boggles the mind that anyone would call it mindless entertainment !!! (it’s anything but mindless) .. having ridiculous unattainable standards doesn’t make you a better anime fan .. it just make you look an entitled needy kid with unrealistic wants.

    To me Aldnoah.Zero is a throwback to intelligent amazing mecha anime like Gundam 08th team and War in the Pocket (which i first thought Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen tries to ape but fails miserably, there was a time were Gundam was produced amazing intelligent stories with realistic characters and believable scenarios) where the main character and the crew with him are up against very high odds and barely manage to survive every battle by using whatever they have (military tactics, intelligent observations, espionage and teamwork), 08th team even involved the enemy “princess” joining the side of the main character against her own arrogant Zeon empire and their advanced experimental tech … it’s really good to see a Mecha show like that again specially with such high production values.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who, before any other element of the show, am in complete love with the protagonist military being hardcore underdogs and them not overcoming the odds with some OP’d otherworldly technology.
      I just pray this Aldnoah tech doesn’t come to their side…or at least if it does it isn’t reserved to just Inaho or Slaine..

    2. It would help if it had GOOD characters too………but it really doesn’t. The way the story is unfolding is interesting but the people involved aren’t. They just seem to be along for the ride. The villains? Yeah they are all pretty one dimensional. The heroes? Aside from Slaine what have they really done to rise above their preset personalities? Nothing.

      This is the same problem people had with Psycho Pass too. Gen Urobuchi is good at creating an interesting storyline but sometimes he puts it over making the characters much more robust.

      Actual battle strategies, unconventional traits are all good but if you don’t really care about the people involved does can it come off as anything more than medicore? At this point i feel like we are running from one action set piece to the next where Inaho handles most of the work. What’s happening on the Martian side it 10 times more interesting than what’s happening on earth which isn’t a good thing imo.

      1. Except that “good characters” is a highly subjective term, the story in Aldnoah.Zero (and as you mentioned, other Urobutchi works) isn’t character driven, it’s theme/idea driven (best example would be Psycho Pass), it means there is less focus on the characters and their development and more focus on delivering a set of ideas/concepts through the events of the story and the characters’ interactions (and that applies to Gargantia, Psycho Pass and Aldnoah.Zero), it doesn’t mean the characters are bad or uninteresting or that they don’t develop at all .. it just means there is less focus on them .. because not every story in existence has to be character driven.

        With all that said i do find Inaho, Slaine and Assylum to be interesting and want to know what will happen to them, what are they going to do next .. etc etc etc (even the Rayet and her ambiguous alliances are interesting making her quite the wildcard), just because these characters aren’t the sole focus of the show or aren’t your cup-of-tea doesn’t mean they are automatically “bad characters” or that we shouldn’t care what happens to them !!! .. you want to see BAD character writing .. go watch Guilty Crown.

    3. Aldnoah draws so much from Battletech and Mechwarrior. It is the same story – a chunk of humanity leaves earth and comes back as conquerors with overpowered mechs, and an entirely different culture. They invade as separate and independent clans, each making a dash for earth, with the first control earth to become the “Ilclan” – the clan above all other clans. I recommend people who like Aldnoah Zero to check it out because I am almost completely sure that most of the ideas from Aldnoah were sourced from Battletech and Mechwarrior novels/games.

      COMPARISONS TO GUNDAM ARE ENTIRELY SUPERFICIAL. In sum: Mech + Clans = Battletech/Mechwarrior

  35. Honestly considering dropping A.Z because the plot is progressing far, far too slowly for a 1-cour series. None of the characters are particularly likeable either.

    Most annoying so far has been Lt. Marito, he is SO smug and condescending when he talks to the kids but EVERY time he’s out there in battle he has a PTSD meltdown. Inaho and the other kids have saved everyone else’s asses three (or more?) times by now; the actual soldiers should be deeply embarrassed.

  36. You wrote:

    he [Slaine] just can’t get much of a break here can he? I guess it all evens out considering how he manages to avoid all those bullets in this scene, however…

    That didn’t surprise me too much. Those aren’t snipers, they are regular security guards firing handguns. It’s hard to hit a moving target with a handgun — probably even harder when you grew up in a different gravity field.

    Feeling more forced are the coincidences that Darzana Magbaredge is the sister of Marito’s dead friend, and that Slaine is able to recognize Inaho the air and save the ship only because Inaho is forced to use an orange training mecha.

  37. There’s some interesting character development in this episode – just not from Inaho. Firstly, Slaine. Back in episode 1 he is pretty much a creampuff, fawning over the princess while being as a punching bag by the rest of the martians. He can barely fire back at Calm when Calm fires an anti-aircraft barrage at him in episode 3. Now, after murdering Trillram and being betrayed and lied to by Emperor Vers, there doesn’t seem to be much softness or mercy left in him.

    Secondly, Rayet. When we first meet her she seems almost sociopathic, blaming the earth, the martians, or anyone but herself for her dire situation and the murder of her father. But in this episode, when she is asked by a kind-voiced military recruiter, “Don’t you want to do your part to defend Earth from the Martians?”, she can hardly prevent herself from breaking down and crying. Is her conscience finally beginning to come out of deep-freeze?

    Next, Inko. Anybody notice the fascinated, then relieved, looks she gives when Inaho says “not all of us”, in reply to Marito’s claim that they’re all “virgins”? How strongly does she feel about Inaho?

    Finally, Nina. I thought she was just a useless service character, but she’s been consistently volunteering for the front lines, hasn’t she? She is one of the five who volunteers for the rescue mission, and she’s now pressing for training and practice at navigation. She may be useless, but she clearly knows it and doesn’t want to remain that way. Wonder what her story is?

    1. His role is to “win mental/emotional strength” to “overcome his obstacles”. He’s the opposite of tragedy, he’s the coming of age protagonist that happens to be the favorite among the staff. You should be more worried about Inaho who has no fanbase to support him or plans for development other than the guy who uses his sagacity and low resources. Second cour will be interesting in how Inaho’ll be shafted judging for his lack of popularity.

  38. Gen is nominally involved in this project. I’m not sure why everyone is expecting a ‘deconstruction of the mecha genre’ or the show to devolve to a massive killfest. He’s only written the first 3 episodes.

    The deconstruction of the mecha genre has been done many, many times, most famously with Evangelion. Death for death’s sake is cheap. I would prefer this show be honest be itself and be an unpretentious show of high quality and realistic characters. So far it has been pretty strong on the story front, but it clearly needs work on the characterisation of most of its key cast, which largely feel fairly bland. I’m really enjoying this show so far, but it needs to get me to care for its core cast before I can consider it great.

    1. Sir, you want some REAL mecha deconstruction (both literally and figuratively) go watch Bokurano, it’s the absolute most hard-hitting deconstructions of the mecha genre i saw and a great show in it’s own right (so many twists and turns, and it never lets up) .. makes EVA feel like it was made for kids as it takes everything you would expect from a mecha show and slaps you in the face with it, and i will make you think Urobutcher is a really nice guy to his characters XD

      Watch the fantastic OP to get an idea about it (in case you haven’t seen it yet).
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05p646nlYS0 (Uninstall by Chiaki Ishikawa)

  39. People wouldn’t complain so much if the show didn’t advertise itself as “bigger than Gundam”. They shot themselves in the foot with this statement. Especially now, to people disappointed with its delivery, this seems like a haughty boast and nothing else.
    I don’t remember how Madoka was advertised, but it at first pretended to be a regular magical girl anime and them bam, “deconstruction” (I think the term is overused but people call it that all the time). With Aldnoah it’s the opposite – it promised something ground-breaking and delivered a standard mecha show.

    1. People wouldn’t complain so much if the show didn’t advertise itself as “bigger than Gundam”. They shot themselves in the foot with this statement.

      They never did or said that. They only said they believed their animation technology for the mecha effect will surpass the gundam shows. A lot of people quoted that line out of context and it has nothing to do with the show; they were saying they bought some awesome computers.

      1. Ah, so that’s how it was. Thank you for correcting me.
        Still, I’m sure this misinformation is what causes the hostile reactions (this and people expecting Urobuchi-like show). Advertising with awesome animation actually makes sense considering what they want to create. You know, “robots, explosions, cool visuals!”
        It only shows how powerful can hype be.

      2. @ both: No problem. I was also perplexed when I saw that quote, so I digged out the interview and it was specifically speaking about their technology to animate the mecha. They were using as standard for “mecha animation”, not to specifically attack the franchise. The hostility is reserved for sectors outside the Japanese fanbase, who never quoted it out of context. Because of how this line has been brought up purposefully out of context. Likewise, Gen being involved briefly wasn’t a “hidden information.” He’s absent from the interviews introducing the show.

    2. @Reite
      Aside from the fact that Durga pointed out (the quote being used out of context), the show is ground-breaking in many ways and it is indeed way better than many of the recent Mecha shows (including most of the recent Gundam shows except maybe Gundam Unicorn, which still follows a lot of the mecha cliches that Aldnoah avoids) .. calling Aldnoah.Zero a “standard mecha show” is just ridiculous.

  40. mmm, what if.. if slaines daddy is the culprint of the moon gate went out of control. so daddy know to manipulent at last the relics. perhaps he was the only one that could read the ancient manuals

    and somewhere his put a secret library, with his dna as door key….


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