「雨の中の少女達」 (Ame no Naka no Shoujo-tachi)
“Girls in the Rain”

A more focused episode makes for a better episode as Ayumu comes into the fold…and the whole anti-esper sentiment finally hits emotionally.

The Mechanics of Precognition

Precognition is a power that’s either amazing, annoying, or absolutely broken. Short-term precognition like Ayumu’s is the amazing type, useful but not so overpowered that he should be able to rule the world. (For the annoying, see any oracle or fortuneteller ever. The broken are the long-term precogs.) But it still lacked what punch (and interest) it would have had if it weren’t for that first episode! Beating a dead horse, I know, but this is another situation where, instead of having my interest piqued by a new character, I was just waiting for them to show what I absolutely knew was going to happen so we could get to the action.

I did like how Rinka, in one of her few appearances this episode, triumphed over Ayumu. When faced with limited precognition, my first answer is “shoot him” or “blow him up!” I know, that would be rude in a sparring match. The principle of hitting him with an attack he can’t dodge is sound though. What I really like is how Rinka exploited how actions (and reactions) are faster than thoughts. Thoughts are powerful, but in the moment instinct and trained reactions are more powerful.

Bonus: I love how Rinka didn’t go from zero to hero in no time flat. She did it quickly, but as Roshi noted, she already had all the elements from the training her father gave. Good, lack-of-annoying-asspulls storytelling there.

Illustrating Precognition

I really liked how they illustrated precognition. While the fuzzy-o-vision they used in the first episode (and occasionally here) works too, blending it seamlessly with what was happening – and then suddenly having Ayumu back up and go “No, that was a precognition!” – both illustrated how the two meld in his perception and gave us a bunch of justified pump fakes. A good bit of visual storytelling there.

Kung Fu Murasaki-chan!

If there’s anything Toyko ESP excels at, it’s strong women. Even if those women are young girls. Murasaki-chan realizing that she can become instantly good by using the weapon of a master was great! I’m not sure it jives perfectly with her power, but it was stated that her body can’t keep up with a master’s movements, so it’s close enough. Also, Kill Bill reference anyone? Also x2, she was just hilarious when she kicked some ass. Go Murasaki-chan! You’re a hero!

Anti-Esper Sentiment

Finally, some of the anti-esper sentiment hits home through Ayumu’s mom. She’s still one-dimensional in her “hatred” of espers – I’m not willing to say that with certainty until I see how she reacts to that cliffhanger – but at least it finally seems to matter. But mostly, to be fair, because I want to see how she’ll react to that cliffhanger. Will she stay fast to her bigoted beliefs, or will she pull a Cheney and be okay with it once one is in her family? (No spoilers please, I was being rhetorical etc etc.) But at least there was a little emotional resonance.

Looking Ahead

It’s all about that cliffhanger, to be honest. Sure, I’m shipping Ayumu and Murasaki-chan a little now – Ayumu’s “I hate women” schtick tasted sour and fake from the get-go, so I’m looking for a nice girl to get him over that, even if it’s not romantically – but mostly I want to see where Ayumu’s mother will be a total bastard or not.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Ayumu and Murasaki episode. It worked pretty well since they delved into the powers & stayed focused #東京ESP 07

Random thoughts:

  • Rinka-san is distracted by steakii :3
  • As ridiculous as its name is, I do like the CPC philosophy. It reminds me of a certain immortal loli and her fighting style in a certain tournament match during Negima. Such a good manga!
  • Ayumu tried to counter the counter, but Rinka was ready to counter the counter’s counter, and when he pulled the counter’s counter she countered that! …ow.
  • Why don’t you just walk out of the place like a normal person Kyoutarou? Yeah yeah, injured and probably guards, whatever. Just don’t keep trying the same thing like the result is going to change.

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    1. Only by name…

      They probably want to avoid copyright issues as much as they can.

      I mean, they never directly called Rinka’s papa by his nickname, “Wolverine”, and they added a ponytail thing to Murasaki’s dad as well.

      Even the Bruce Lee reference was kind of tame compared to the manga (where references are wonderfully exaggerated, by the way).

  1. Really shouldn’t have watched this before the Terra Formars OVA, hard to remember much when all that’s on the mind is “trololo humanoid cockroaches killing everything in uncensored reverse Starship Troopers fashion” (Johj be praised).

    Overall well balanced episode in terms of pacing surprisingly, if it wasn’t for the rushing through the previous episodes this one would have slotted nicely into the “character development” niche. Also many giggles were had at both the Kill Bill and Fist of the North Star references, if there is one thing ESP is not disappointing in it’s the tasty references 😛

    Also that panda ain’t no Master Roshi unless he’s engaging in voyeurism and gentle fondling 24/7, I have expectations for Goku’s Papa Wolverine’s master.

  2. Stilts: “my first answer is “shot him” or “blow him up!”

    You meant shoot him while taking shots watching/writing this, didn’t you? Certainly that’s the Indiana Jones, or Kiritsugu Emiya answer. Maybe even Lelouch. They had a penchant for bullets and explosions.

    “Thoughts are powerful, but in the moment instinct and trained reactions are more powerful.”
    Worse still are trained fighters able to probe, dissect and get into the heads of the others while exploding their own abilities at the right moment. I wouldn’t expect these kids to attain that high level of mastery, but maybe the dad and the Panda (who in likelihood are going really easy on them).

    Really, the only way daughter is going to throw Wolverine Papa, who has more mass AND years more training & experience, is if he lets her so she can learn.

  3. Damn it! As I thought,I did read a bit too much of the manga last week – basically everything this episode covered and maybe a tiny little bit ahead too,but that’s not much of an issue. T’was still entertaining though,although I’m starting to miss Kyoutarou which should’ve been present for this training in the 1st place. I’d also really like to see some more conversations between him & Minami,have them share some more of their thoughts & such.

    1. Forgot to add:

      I think it’s important for the anime to at least scratch the surface of certain moments and make the viewers think that maybe there’s more to it,which can lead some of them,mostly the ones who are really interested in the series and have enough time on their hands(I know you don’t Stilts :D) to look into the manga too,especially when several readers confirm that there is indeed more. In that regard,Tokyo ESP’s been doing it so far and it worked for me. IMO,the worst thing this and any adaptation for that matter can do is skip out on important events entirely,without even hinting at their existence. When that happens,no matter how much fans of the source material will claim how it’s much better & stuff,most anime-only viewers won’t have much incentive to look into it. Like,take Mahouka(which I’m sadly still forcing myself through due to a silly little promise made to a friend),where Miyuki is still as flat as ever. I remember fans of the source material claiming how there’s much more to her character & so on but I honestly never even saw a hint of that all this time or it was just too small to notice so there’s the words of the fans,but nothing else.

      Of course faithful adaptations would be great & all but we all know we’re not getting that very often in which case,it’s good to have at least a few straws to grasp on. Just my point of view.

  4. Also Stilts it’s funny that you ship Murasaki and Ayumu, because they bumped up Murasaki’s age for the anime; in the manga she’s in elementary school, so quite a bit younger than Ayumu 😛

      1. okay, i looked it up and can’t find any references to her age, so i guess i might have jumped the gun with my assumption there… still, though. in the manga her design is quite clearly much younger than the rest of the cast, and definitely younger than her anime design. it’s really obvious when you compare the rally speech scene between the anime and the manga.

    1. Ayumu keeps referring to her as an elementary schooler. I just assumed (rightly so, it appears) that the age gap between her and the second year middle school Ayumu is small enough that it’s not weird, or won’t be in a couple of years.

      I was really confused when Murasaki first showed up chronologically, though. Short-hair Murasaki looks a lot older than long-hair Murasaki, and even then she didn’t look like an elementary schooler. I kept expecting her esper power to age her for some bizarre reason, but no, she just looks older than she is.

  5. I was more entertained by this episode then the last one. I’m really hoping our main character, Rinka, will start kicking butt soon like we saw in the 1st episode (and part of the 2nd one). I need to go back and rewatch those. Because I’ve gotten so used to her getting beat up these days. I wasn’t really counting on this show being a ‘growing up and becoming a hero’ sort of story. Was hoping it would be like ‘Tiger & Bunny’ which wasted no time jumping into the action and giving the viewers a great story.

    This show feels like it could have used two cours because it is such a slow buildup. I am still very much enjoying this show and looking forward to next week.

    Rick Anime
  6. This was indeed a better episode. It was somewhat more mentally engaging as I admit I forgot what happened in the manga lol. But anyway I wish they do more eps like these! I also like the vision parts as it was quite funny how all those scenes pop out no matter what he does. ^^

    As to his mother’s stance, Idk. I don’t remember anything lol. I just know she’s anti-ESP here as well as in the manga. But I forgot what happened after this part lol (which is a good thing!!). I think Murasaki did a Bruce Lee reference as shensu said. Not just the dragon stuff but with the nunchucks…Idk if I’m right, as I don’t watch Bruce Lee films much, and he’s often shirtless in the posters I saw as a child lol.

    Rinka~ Still love her character. As to Azuma, I do hope he breaks away without relying on his power. =.=

  7. Look Tokyo ESP, you can do it if you try.
    Really, this episode was easily the best this far. Loved the way the Ayumu (and the audience) were being screwed with that precognition. And Murasaki’s 20 seconds of power was fun.

    By the way:

    For the annoying, see any oracle or fortuneteller ever

    Even the one in Order of the Stick? Wasn’t that one just plain hilarious?

  8. I think Megumi Ogata does a great work with Ayumu, although it’s to be expected from a seiyuu of her caliber.

    I try not to think too hard about the manga while watching, it just makes me sad about this missed opportunity.
    I laughed at Murasaki’s “300” shirt though. I bet her father bought it.

  9. ok, now this seemed to be ripping from the X-Men a little too much, as male chauvinist’s bigot mother feels way too much like Senator Kelly. Mutant Bigot preaching Esper fear and hate, reveal of Esper kid while saving bigot mom, but still shocked and disgusted when she comes to. Overall still found the episode pretty entertaining.

    “Better learn to break fall better when being a condescending little bitch!”

    “What was that you said about women?”

    “I can’t hear you.”

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. https://randomc.net/image/Tokyo%20ESP/Tokyo%20ESP%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
      Princess Leia, if you really want to become a Jedi you need to know many things…
      ..like cooking a fine Steaki
      ..and behave like a real Waitress. My Padawan will not go easy on you. be prepared
      So, Master Yoda want me to train you to behave like a real Waitress?. i Warn you, the Path will be filled with pain
      Nope!, Thats not it. You Stance is not right. Again!!
      Oh, it hurts even from looking at it…
      Oh, thats nothing. The Path of a Jedi is not a easy one. You should try it,too
      See, Secret Jedi Technique of Insane Fits attack!
      (Not Bad, Sister!)
      Secret Jedi Technique to fall a Mountain!
      Secret Jedi Judo counter!
      Secret Jedi combat Styles!!
      Perhaps you should try it. Let the force guide you, feel the force. Became one with the Weapon
      Yes, i can sense it. i can feel it!

      Next Day:
      Do you care to have a sparing Match with me?
      Do you really have the pieces to be a Jedi?
      a bit later:
      Let’s go
      Thats was a fast Move!!!
      Yes, you have the talent for being a Jedi.. Aua, it hurts
      From zero to Jedi Hero!!! Technique

      Thats my Entry for Pictures battle fight!!

  10. Ayumu’s mum being prejudiced against espers reminded of me of Hamatora, where side-character Takahiro’s mum was prejudiced against Minimum holders. Personally, I think Hamatora handled the prejudice thing better (and they have better-as in, more rage inducing,creepy and interesting-villains) , but Tokyo ESP gets points for not turning Ayumu into a human bomb, if that first episode is anything to go by.

  11. As evident in this episode, if would seem that an extension of Murasaki’s abilities is “Adoptive Muscle Memory.” It’s a pretty awesome power that has been popping up all over the super hero-verse, but rarely given to a main character. Last time I saw it was in the TV show Heroes, where this person could perfectly mimic things after seeing them once.
    Of course Murasaki seems to be able to gain the muscle memory by learning the history of an object aka the nunchaku from this episode. But I am all for seeing what else she has up her sleeves!


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