OP3 Sequence

OP3: 「key plus words」 by 平田志穂子 feat. 川村ゆみ (Hirata Shihoko feat. Kawamura Yumi)

「No So Holy Christmas Eve」

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Inaba,
The mood heated up; yes, even for Santa.
There’s no more Marie: new OP for that reason.
You might recognise it from the last season.

The preview last week was a bit of a lie,
Yu does not quadra-book and make ladies cry.
His Understanding and Expression is max
Alas, Yu still acts like his head’s full of flax.

It’s comedy hour because the plot is on break,
Animation is too, for the budget’s sake
There’s art anomalies you’ll happen to catch
For example: to where does that arm attach?

But let’s not jump to nasty judgments too soon;
It’s still quite amusing to see the girls swoon.
And poor, confused Naoto, decked in riot gear.
(They’re hoping to sell action figures this year)

So the party is done: massacre complete
(Though a trainwreck like this is quite a mean feat).
“The way to men’s hearts’ through their stomach,” they said,
If you’ve a stiletto and you want him dead.

Comedies of errors are all in good fun,
But wait, lo and behold, the plot is not done!
Yu remembers Marie in his fevered dreams,
And it’s obvious by now she’s not all that she seems.

Just like the first season, our mystery’s not solved;
We still need to find out how Marie’s involved.
They’ll realise she’s missing in next Thursday’s show,
But not before having more fun in the snow.

There’s four episodes left, so we’re not yet through.
Some filler perhaps, then a dungeon or two.
Though it’s not the last lap, the endgame’s in sight.
Happy Christmas in August, and to all a good-night!.

Full-length images: 06, 08, 15, 20, 32.




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