「追憶装置 -Darkness Visible-」 (Tsuioku Sochi -Darkness Visible-)
“Device of Reminiscence -Darkness Visible-“

All aboard the Slaine pain train…

This was another fascinating mess of an episode that had the long reach of Urobuchi’s hand all over it, but as sometimes happens I think I really need to start at the end and work backwards, because this elephant pretty much takes up the whole room. No, I don’t believe Asseylum is dead. And yes, I do see that the circumstantial evidence supports it – most obvious being the shutdown of the Aldnoah drive on the Deucalion. But it just doesn’t pass the sniff test with me – right here, right now? I don’t think so – time will tell.

It sure would be one hell of a ballsy development, though.

Let’s start with the positives, and it’s becoming a bit of a broken record – the Martian side of the story seems to have more potential than the Terran side in many ways. True, that’s partially because it’s been less successfully fleshed-out and has more upside to grow into, but this week Aldnoah.Zero finally got something it really needed – a Martian character who can’t be summed up in a sentence and dismissed. Saazbaum could just be the character that brings the story to the next level. He’s not an idiot, he’s not a cartoonishly evil genocidal maniac. He’s an actual antagonist who takes a little figuring out.

I thought the scene where Slaine and Saazbaum share “dinner” was the best in the episode by a wide margin. I like the fact that Saazbaum came right out and told Slaine the truth (most of it anyway). He holds most of the cards and he knows it, so he didn’t BS around – he laid it out there for Slaine to understand. Why he owes his father a debt. what Cruhteo was, and what he is. Saazbaum certainly resents Earth and what he sees as the lavish lifestyle they lead, and the fact that they threw their table scraps to the Martian colonists after shuttling them off to a harsh and brutal environment. But it’s absolutely clear that Saazbaun reserves his true hate for the Martian society and the VERS royal family, and it’s they who he blames for the death of his betrothed. Saazbaum doesn’t spew racist propaganda and torture shotas – he does what he does for what he feels are justifiable reasons, and doesn’t make a caricature of himself in the process. And he seems to have a modicum of intelligence, too.

More than for Saazbaum himself, though, this scene works because it continues the development of what I see as the most interesting part of the story – the VERS society and what it represents. Saazbaum mercilessly guts it and lays it wide open – it’s a backwards, feudal nation led by a royal family that rose to power by fanning hatred against the Earth. “Enlightenment” is certainly a relative term when one takes a look at the world we live in, but irrespective of our own failures VERS represents a pre-enlightenment society – except one that’s been given technological superiority over every other. That’s a fascinating and terrifying notion, and for me it’s at the heart of Aldnoah.Zero – that gap between where VERS is socially and where they are militarily. And Saazbaum sits at the very epicentre of all this – not an ideologue or megalomaniac, but a man driven by personal vendettas to try and force change, and one who dislikes being used as a pawn. He’s wrong, but he’s wrong in far more interesting ways than the other Martians are.

For me at least, most of the stuff back on the Deucalion isn’t nearly as interesting. I’m having a hard time taking any of Lt. Marito’s storyline seriously, because it’s seems so utterly cliched. PTSD is a very real thing, but this particular drama is completely boilerplate right down to the character designs. And the attempts to cultivate a teen romance subplot and mine humor from it aren’t working too well – as a rule, humor hasn’t been a strong point of Aldnoah.Zero so far. And seriously, Eddelrituo needs to just stop talking already.

But then there’s that ending. The episode certainly does focus heavily on Rayet’s growing existential angst with her situation, and on her resentment with Asseylum for being so at peace with who she is. That said, I never really felt things were building to what they did – actually trying to murder the Princess (with her lucky pendant) seems like a big jump from where we were 30 seconds earlier. That aside, was it really necessary to stage that scene in the shower? I suppose it’s the reality of anime these days that directors feel they have to try and pander in every way they can even if it doesn’t mesh with the rest of the series (and there is an art to doing so without seeming so crass about it, but Aldnoah hasn’t mastered it), but blatant attempts to appeal to prurient interests by cheap fanservice and Eddel’s constant lolicon posturing undercut the stature of the show as a whole.

In the end everything comes back to what Rayet did though, and not how she did it. If Asseylum is indeed really dead barely a third of the way through the series, that certainly casts the remainder of Aldnoah.Zero as a very different story than it appeared to be. And whether Asseylum’s really dead or not, things have obviously changed in a big way for Rayet. Is her continued existence on the Deucalion even possible now? Even if she isn’t directly linked to the crime (whether that be murder or attempted murder) it’s hard to imagine she’ll be able to stay in that environment given how close to the psychological edge she was already balancing. If Asseylum is dead that truly scrambles Aldnoah.Zero so thoroughly that it’s nigh impossible to predict where it goes next. But even if as I expect Asseylum survives, this still goes down as a pivotal moment that sharply changes the course of the plot.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

It’s often been said the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house. I think it reasons that when you’re a Martian princess on a ship full of Terrans (and one other crazy Martian) and it’s a shared shower environment, that warning goes double. It’s just too bad Asseylum never saw it coming, and gets slaine-d by Slaine’s charm in what would be one of the most ironic deaths in a while. Of course, that’s assuming she actually is dead, which I’m not inclined to believe despite the ALDNOAH Drive shutting down shortly afterwards. Ultimately, her character is too integral and too prominent in the plot line to kill her off at this point in time, and I would be shocked if she’s actually dead at this point.

With that said, I’m not quite sure what to feel about the events leading up to this in the first place. It does make sense in the grand scheme of things that Rayet merely lost control for a bit (it didn’t help that she got in that simulator earlier), but at the same time it feels a bit off considering her character up until now. It’s not a significant detachment given the circumstances, but it is enough to make me want to point out that brooding is not a great way to lead up to sudden events like this, and I would hope that no one reading this finds a sudden urge to strangle someone in the shower with their most valuable keepsake as a result of this episode.

In any case, this episode really highlighted the double edged sword behind everything here. Because whereas down time amid a war is always a welcome thing for the soldiers fighting it (and especially the civilians caught in between it), it also comes with a secondary side effect. The down time ultimately gives you time to think and reflect on the events that have transpired so far, which comes with its own set of risks. Rayet was just one example of how things could go awry, and it reasons that the Captain and Marito are both facing their own personal demons at this point too—although they, unlike Rayet, have the gift of added experience, age, and maturity to aid their cause.

Speaking of causes, another big twist here comes within the fact that Slaine’s actually getting treated better with Saazabaum than he was with Cruhteo, and it’s a situation that finally gives us better insight into the Martians and their way of life. Assuming we can take his word at it—his knife grabbing moment makes it hard to doubt his take on events—things just aren’t great on Vers despite the advanced technology, and it looks like the royal family might’ve been the trigger that started this in the first place 15 years prior. In that sense, it’s fitting that the royal family was involved in starting things this time around too, and there’s a simple pattern of cause and effect here that seems somewhat reminiscent to how issues stemming from the first World War led to the second one.

Overall, the twists were nice this week, but I’m not sure how to feel about the lead up to them, and I’m shuddering at the thought of the impending cliffhanger in three episodes (as well as the fact that this is Inaho’s “Cloud Nine” face).

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    1. It´s 99,9% possible that Sseylum is only unconscious due to the lack of oxygen, the human brain can resist 4-6 minutes without oxygen before the cell death starts and there us permanet damage to the person, some doctors say that it could last until 10 minutes but it all depends of the person. Inaho only has to administer CPR (getting on even terrain with Slaine that way) before that happens and she could be saved.

      If she dies the story hits a death end:

      1.-They have no way of transportation and they´re in the middle of nowhere.

      2.-She cannot give them acces to other Aldnoah Driven to fight back the Orbitatl Knights.

      3.-Say goddbye to any hope of ending this massacre, the Vers Empire will sure crush Earth if Asseylum doesn´t open peace negotiation between the two forces.

      4.-This is a very important one, she must continue to live in order to to mentally torture Slaine, the scene where she´s holding the gun at the end of the opening will surely come to pass.

      1. I was refering to that scene in point 4 but yeah, rest asure, Slaine is the the favorite prey of Urobucher in this story so I don´t think he´ll pass the oportunity of further destroy what is left of Slaine´s mind and soul.

      2. “5 – She needs to be around so she can point a gun at someone in her princess outfit… or can Urobutcher even disregard clear cut OP scenes?”

        Do you really think, she is the actual Princess ? Not someone pretending to be princess , just like what Suzaku did after killing Lelouch ? since we’d transformation device here…

      3. in fact, i do believe, Princess is dead, Rayet might be using transformation device, hiding evidence about it, and pretend to be princess, so the one you saw at the OP, it wasnt princess but someone, how about the deucalion ? i think somehow UE faction or something like that will help them later in the middle of that area, capturing ? maybe, since they will curious about that martian battle ship with Terrans inside
        and yes total war, there’s no Slaine ft Inaho, but Slaine join Saazbaum taking revenge to Inaho-side.

      4. “Euphemia Effect”

        It’s been YEARS since I heard that name.

        If Princess Euphemia was of any indication, Suzaku Slain would descent down into the abyss of despair, one where he possibly turns into Akuma Homura the very evil himself.

      5. if this is based in reality, then the princess should be alive (but unconscious), as she only got choked out. now if Rayet had held on to the choke after she passed out, then brain damage would start to occur and then brain death (as haseo0408 mentioned). but since this is a show, that choke could’ve possibly killed her (I hope not though).

        Impel Down Hippo
      6. Actually I believe there is one very big out they have to accomplish all of this.

        Rayet is a Martian, and that Martian shapechange device that the princess was using is quite effective. If Rayet happened to be the “correct type” of Martian (i.e. Aldnoah Capable through some Deus Ex Machina which I think the director here has been shown to not shy away from), perhaps they could just carry out the rest of the story out as Rayet impersonating the Princess all the way through to the end. It’d also make that gun scene in the OP make a bit more sense as the way the Princess is portrayed it’d take some plot twist to get the princess to shoot a gun like that.

        The above said, its equally possible that the Princess is just unconscious as well, unless Rayet somehow went all out and broke the Princess’ neck at the same time with that tiny chain most people would actually be able to survive such strangulation and simply pass out for a bit.

        Either way the unexpected twist at the end will lead to an interesting episode next week…

      7. I agree. I was hardly surprised because I know that there’s no way she’s going to die.
        I saw it as an ingenious plot device for future events though. Something that’s going to break Inaho’s ice and complicate their relationship. Something that’s going to be a turning point for Rayet and shove it into her face to stop being selfish. Something about Aldnoah.

      8. Meh, in fact you fear about princess dead because you like her rit, i dont like her, for the sake of character development and good story, just kill her, and it becomes the real Aldnoah Zero, even if she alive, i bet she will suffer too, plss make her lost her memory, brain damage,

      1. HAHAHAHA, just like what i did in Kamen Rider Gaim, kid show dude kid show, silly at start because the theme is fruit, I FKD UP AT THE REST
        Kid show->conflict->plot twist->dark twist->bloody fight->butchered each others
        And you expect something like saved by CPR, Romance, SlainexHime, InahoxHime here ?
        That’s cute

    1. Don’t you think it would be more juicy to have Rayet performing the CPR? That way we get another double girl naked scene!!

      Anyway .. almost zero chance the princess is dead. This may lead to the Princess granting ‘knight’ power to some Terrans though as insurance which could be interesting.

    2. While we’re on the subject, I honestly lean more towards Slaine as a devoted knight to Asselyum more so than a potential romantic interest.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally discounting the possibility, but I just don’t get the impression. Actually, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Asselyum didn’t end up with anyone by series’ end.

      Ryan Ashfyre
      1. When push comes to shove, the Earth authorities might even shove poor Nina up as “proof” that the Princess is still alive, at least as a time-delaying tactic.

        Still, she’s cute spinning around in that. <3

  1. I think it reasons that when you’re a Martian princess on a ship full of Terrans (one of which is clearly unstable) and it’s a shared shower environment, that warning goes double.

    Just a small correction Zephyr, but Rayet is Martian not Terran. Her bio says she’s 16, but her father was only stationed on Earth for 15 years, so she had to have been born on Mars. 🙂

    And speaking of our poor Rayet…

    I’ve been actually reading a few blogs and they bring up some real interesting things regarding Rayet and why she’s gone down the dark path she has.

    The thing is, just as Inaho and Slaine are foils, so are Asseylum and Rayet. Both are Martians, but one is royalty and the other a commoner. Both lost their fathers to war, both have been betrayed by their own people, and both have been harboring a secret about their identity in fear of discovery regarding their origins.

    However, where as Asseylum, despite being a Martian, has become friends with the crew and has been accepted, and is still calm, happy, and gracious about everything. Rayet is alone, isolated, haunted by her guilt and her thoughts. She is afraid to show herself and has held behind a shield of hatred against her people. She never smiles, never laughs, she always skulks in corners. She has endured tragedy just as Asseylum has, somebody has tried to kill her, just like Asseylum, so why are they so different? Why can’t she have what Asseylum has?

    This goes back to the whole theme of the episode, which was jealousy and envy, and where does that lead. Saazbaum brought this up on a nationwide scale when talking about how Martians are brought up to envy the Earth for what it has. This causes anger towards the Earth and a wish to have what they have. And all Vers need was the right push, and they swarmed down to take what they envied by force.

    This is show on a smaller, more individual scale by Rayet, who cannot understand why Asseylum gets everything, while she does not. Despite their similar backgrounds and circumstances, Asseylum has the life that Rayet doesn’t, and Rayet is jealous of that. She’s jealous of her. And in that shower, at the end of her rope, she suddenly hears the princess and her made talking about how much easier the princess has had it, and just like that Rayet snaps. That “right push” causes, Rayet to take, that which she envies–Asseylum’s life.

    And when she’s done, she snaps out of it and finds that getting what she wanted, just made things worse. Now she’s going to be even more alone and isolated that before. She’s going to have to continue to hide and to lie. She can never find peace.

    1. Dunno if it’s due to me watching Nat Geo Apocalypse; World War 2 series, but given how Saazbaum explains it would seem like VERS is like a space rise of nazi-germany. Given tht context it would go far to explain how the Orbital Knights developed such racist viewpoints in just a span of 15 years. 😕

      1. I wouldn’t even try and rationalize things with that 15-year timeline – it simply doesn’t add up. But Saauzbaum’s general explanation that the VERS emperor fanned the flames of raciscm and rode them to power makes enough sense to be believable.

        I see VERS as more of a colonialist European power than Nazi Germany myself – except one that has technology centuries ahead of the competition.

      2. Ironically the racist portion of the timeline makes the most sense; 15 years is plenty of time in a post-industrial society to develop these thoughts into a coherent ideology. As you’ve already mentioned mid 20th Century Germany shows how easy it is to quickly arrange the pieces into the belief. The key part here of course is the pieces, Germany didn’t suddenly turn from a tolerant society into a totalitarian regime with a distinctively social Darwinist bend, most of the key components (antisemitism, Aryan supremacy, autarky) had been individually nurtured since the early 1800s, lacking only in unification under a charismatic leader.

        The Vers are similar in this regard, the leadership is quite likely to be made up of those already holding these beliefs so it’s not a stretch for them to become further radicalized into their beliefs given free reign under a leader who promotes said beliefs. The feudal twist is just a unique spin on this ubiquitous theme. Aldnoah is also not the first story to make use of the idea too, Norman Arminger’s PPA in the Emberverse series bears a good resemblance to how the Vers have structured their society.

    2. What’s perhaps the greatest tragedy in all of this is that Rayet may have just killed (or, at the very least, done irreparable harm to) the one person that could’ve understood her the most.

      In all honesty though, I don’t think it’s Asselyum’s life that drove Rayet over the edge so much as it was Asselyum herself. Able to embrace her identity as a Martian without even the slightest hesitation, seemingly unconcerned about whatever hatred she might’ve faced as a result, and yet standing tall and looking forward without ever losing hope.

      Seeing someone so similar to herself who was able to do everything of importance that she utterly failed to must’ve shook her to her core. Can’t really say I blame her for feeling that way.

      Ryan Ashfyre
      1. Well, when I say “life”, I mean both the her physical life, as well as the life she led.

        And it is rather sad that her hatred and anger towards Martians blinded her to what a friend she could have found in Asseylum. However, I’m guessing there was fear and condemnation in regards to the princess as well, knowing what her father and their whole cell had done in trying to kill the princess.

        Honestly I don’t know what Asseylum would do now in regards to Rayet…

    3. I don’t think Rayet is jealous in the traditional sense. Rayet doesn’t want what the Princess has necessarily but she’s definitely irritated by her quick assimilation.

      You’re perfectly right about the Princess and Rayet being foils as Inaho and Slaine are. Rayet’s brooding and resentful, and doesn’t have the faith Princess does– but her mind is also clear even though her emotions aren’t.

      I think the most pivotal part for Rayet is dealing with the aftermath, and the fact that if the Princess is alive I think she’d be the type that almost instantly forgives Rayet. That will shake her personality more than anything else.

    4. @ Irenesharda

      Nice one. However, allow me to add more. I strongly believe there was another factor that contributes to Rayet instability: UPBRINGING/CHILDHOOD. As humans, childhood plays an important role in shaping our life, as well as our characters and behaviour. We all know that both Rayet and Asseylum are Martians. However, what differentiates them was the people around them influencing their behaviour and characteristics. Asseylum has had Slaine who was born on Earth to teach her and befriends her as well as giving her hope that one day Earth and Vers will be able to reach mutual understanding. Having Slaine as her friend aka aide not only gives her hope but also makes her positive (also a bit naive like Slaine), that explain why she had no problem mingling with the Terrans, given her childhood experience and relationship with Slaine. Rayet, however, is a different case. It’s not only a case of sour grapes but also due to her childhood. As a daughter to a Martian soldier and a spy, she cannot go to school and experience living a life as a student, bcoz we know that it would’ve blow her father’s cover and her’s, leading to death for all of them. That said, since she couldn’t go to school, she might probably had a limited interaction with people around her age (and most probably being taught only on basic skills on reading, writing and calculating) and thus, making it impossible for her to befriend others, thus that aloof character. On the other hand, she also learnt a lot from her father and his comrades on handling guns, evasive driving maneuvers and other military skills. I also assumed that she was taught by her father under strict doctrine not to show emotion. So, that’s why she found it hard to accept others and open herself to make friends. That kind of childhood eventually takes toll on Rayet’s psyche and behaviour as a teenager, devoid of interacting properly with actual civilian and people around her age. And of course, seeing Asseylum happily befriending Inaho and the rest while identifying herself as the Martian Princess (while being positive as well) was the final ‘puchitto’ Rayet needs to strangle Asseylum, with Slaine’s lucky (unlucky?) pendant.

      1. Upbringing is definitely part of it. With Asseylum, I wouldn’t say Slaine was really responsible since she didn’t meet him until she was 10 and he probably lived with his father until his father’s death in which he was sent to live with Cruhteo. However she is royalty and has always had the prestige of her position, her maid even calling her a descendant of the gods.

        Rayet however is a commoner and has been brought up constantly reminded of that fact. Her father is on this planet because of his job, and yet she can’t have a normal life on Earth either. He’s probably always preached about how great Vers is and that the work they’ve been doing will be great for their family and they will finally be making it, what with getting new titles and all that comes with it.

        All this is empty promises to Rayet, and to see a person who’s the very symbol of the system that gave her and her father those dreams only to cruelly take them away, and for that person to still be happy and content despite everything. It’s a lot for her to swallow.

    5. This is a brilliant explanation and all… But I strongly feel like the writers fumbled around with actually portraying this. I never really got the sense she was brooding over this. I always got the sense she was mad at all the martians because they killed her father, with Asseylum being the figure-head that led to this mess. And that really turned me off with the ending scene.

      Since Rayet played a major role in eliminating the first Kataphrakt, all she’s done is brood, and her only lines have amounted to stating her wanting to kill the martians.

      1. It seems clear in light of the above comment, sure… But considering all the brooding, I took that monologue to be bewilderment at how easily she’s been accepted by the terrans when she’s a martian, and martians are the enemy that needs to die.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
    “That’s it, man. Game over, man! Game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?”
    “The lab results are back and I have some bad news Marito. You are 90% chicken.”
    Yuki “All aboard the Inaho X Seylem ship!”
    Inko “Whaaa!!? It was supposed to be the Inaho X Inko ship! We had a deal man, a deal!”

    1. Impel Down Hippo
    2. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
      Magbaredge: Mizusaki-kun, do you know why you can’t get a date? (again) …
      …You aren’t bold enough to just try to bump to a Mr. Right.

      Mizusaki: I thought we need to physically bond first beforehand.

      Magbaredge:* (=.=) * Fine, have it your way….*walks outside*…

      Magbaredge: Time to look for another XO…

      (Gosh that never gets old… xD )

  3. I must say, I envisioned a lot of possible things that could’ve happened with Saazbaum and Slaine, except what really occured in this episode. It kind of sucks that there probably isn’t enough time on this show to go through the whole Martian history which has to be quite fascinating. Maybe they’re purposely holding back so they can come out with games, mangas, and other associated materials to make money.

    No comment on the ending scene. I fully expect the full power of plot armor to take over.

    1. With all respect, try to eke out just the tiniest bit of empathy for the poor lieutenant. He saw his best friend being burned alive and had to shoot him to put him out of his misery. It’s not exactly something you just get over.

      Ryan Ashfyre
      1. I’m not sure if you guys noticed it but that tank burn is HIGHLY REMENISCENT of a tank burn out that occured in Syria. That video was on YT many months ago.

        In that video, Syrian rebels shot an RPG into a Syrian government tank. There was an initial pop than huge pillars of flame shot out from the hatches and from the gun barrel as well.

  4. One of the production staff: “Slaine has enough suffering already… Let’s give him a break shall we?”

    Production staff: “Yes.”

    Gen Urobuchi: “Give him a break shall we? Yes….. Yes….. Let’s give him a break. I’m sure our viewers will appreciate it….”

    Production staff: “Bring out the drinks!!!”

    Gen Urobuchi: “Yes…… Let’s make a toast to letting Slaine having a break….”

    —– Viewers while watching the bulk of the episode —–

    “So Slaine’s finally free from his suffering….”

    —– Along came the shower scene —–
    “Why? Why? WHY?”

    —– Back in Japan —–
    Gen Urobuchi – Yes….. Let’s
    give Slain a break….. Mind break that is…..

  5. What the recap skipped over but utterly important is that Inaho does have the hots for the princess. Slaine is truly screwed regardless of whether the princess survived this episode.

      1. Though possibly not NTR to begin with, “Slaine, I only saw you as a friend” “Slaine got friend-zoned” bwahahahaha. . . but that’s something Slaine wouldn’t mind. I don’t think romance ever entered into his head, just loyalty and admiration (turned to twisted obsession).

        Inaho’s pretty darn happy around hime though and she’s latched onto him for almost everything it seems. If this were any other show, I’d ship slow romance. Oh well, tragedy awaits.

      2. I saw it as an elder brother-kid sister dynamic. Here’s a little secret for getting along with kids: speak less and listen more. And make sure you really listen. Kids can sense whether you are paying attention or not. And actually make thoughtful replies. This confirms that you really are listening.

        Do that and kids latch onto you.

  6. Had to pause and observe this episode at a few points just for some of the background imagery. That Landing Castle map especially peaked my interest for some of the places mentioned. Not only is my hometown Calgary now supposedly bordering the sea (which is hilarious to think of when living in Alberta), but it has been devastated graced with a Landing Castle. Congratulations Cow Town, we now have been featured in anime 😛

    On the serious side there are some very good developments here. Regarding Asseylum personally I’m leaning (hoping) more for her being dead just because it would increase in intrigue exponentially. As you mentioned Enzo there is some evidence with the Aldnoah Drive shutting down (highly doubt it would shut down when she’s sleeping, which logically then implies unconsciousness also wouldn’t shut it down). When considering her status as an MC though (and her focus in the OP) it’s likely that the princess is still alive and will probably be revived by Inaho (i.e. more fan service). All things considered it’s a 50/50 bet.

    Although a shocker IMO Saazbaum is the key part of this episode, especially for the info dropped on Slaine’s father. We can now guess the father was invited to Mars for saving Saazbaum, which explains his position in Vers society. While it does not explain how Slaine got to Mars, it can be further hypothesized that Slaine either left Earth to go to his father, or he was exiled from Earth for his father “siding” with the enemy (thus lending support to Slaine’s treatment as a normal Terran, he was not included under his father’s agreement). As for Saazbaum himself he effectively replaces Cruheto in what I feared was going to be the elimination of a tasty three way war. Instead of royalist Vers fighting against the assassins, we now have “revisionist” Vers fighting against the royalists, using the war with Earth as a means to cull the herd before rising up against the royal family (from what I gather). The key element will be Asseylum, if she still is alive it truly becomes three way as Earth would still possess operable Vers tech. Her death would leave Earth back a square one, a punching bag in the jockeying for position of the two main Vers factions gearing up for the final showdown.

    On a final note I’m going to guess like many others that Asseylum will be revived, but not by Inaho. I think Slaine’s locket she was choked with (oh the irony) will actually revive her because it has something to do with the hidden side of Aldnoah that is clearly missing from the story so far. Probably completely wrong, but I want that Urobutcher worthy twist to pop up already 😛

    1. I think killing her at this stage locks off too many possibilities for it to be a good idea. Unless they suddenly decide to break a ton of their own established rules, only the ruling family can use Aldnoah, and Grandpa is basically not a character, so if we remove the princess Aldnoah as a story element almost completely disappears.

      I don’t think that’s a good idea. I don’t necessarily believe Inaho is going to get an Aldnoah driven Kat, since half the fun is seeing him beat everyone in a trainer, but mech or no, Aldnoah is part of the story, and the princess requires that.

      Also, Rayet needs to be put down/locked up now. Not anything against the writing, but the upshot of that scene is that Rayet is now canonically a dangerous, potentially murderous crazy person. And that can’t be allowed to walk around. All in all I’m just not sure that was a good scene long term, I think there’s more it can do to wreck characters than help them. But maybe this was all Rayet was ever meant for?

      1. Yes, whether Asseylum is dead or not makes no difference in terms of Rayet’s character – she tried to kill her in cold blood (and hot water). That fundamentally makes Rayet a psychotic, pretty much, and if the story tries to ignore that fact that could be a real problem. But I don’t necessarily assume that’s going to happen.

      2. What if , the one you saw at OP pointing gun , it wasnt an actual Princess, i mean since you can steal princess transformation device, hide her corpse and pretend nothing happened, and you are now a Princess… , and yes you pointing the gun because someone found the truth about you

      3. @Guardian Enzo

        And it wasn’t even a spur of the moment accident murder or something, like she turned off the elevator safeties or something else random and sci-fi. She literally walked quietly into a shower stall and proceeded to (try to?) strangle her to death with her own necklace.

        That is some stone-cold crazy murderer stuff right there. I don’t WANT her redeemed after that. What kind of a show has a character that just HAPPENED to try and strangle a woman to death in the shower once? But I have a feeling Asseylum will survive and forgive Rayet, both to show how awesome Asseylum is and to set up for Rayet’s next character arc.

    2. At this stage I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an exemption somewhere in the already known Aldnoah rules, but as you mention it’s very unlikely because of the issues it would create with the main plot.

      As for Rayet I’m not sure if she will get caught at this point. Asseylum IIRC did not see her and Rayet quickly fled the scene. What part Rayet plays now depends on whether she is apprehended because as you mention she doesn’t seem to serve much purpose at the moment than to leave Asseylum unconscious/dead in the shower (enabling whatever the next plot development will be).

      1. Well… Adelaide so I’m happy I’m still alive.

        They’ve effectively taken out our main body of the RAAF so their goes some of our biggest combat capabilities. Although we still have the Navy, we sure as hell don’t have the metal nor the manpower to fight martian technology.

        But we do have some of the poisonous animals known to man, so gg martians, try surviving our outback.

        Goodwill Wright
  7. Every week I just come back to Aldnoah to get pissed off. Guhhhh. I’m awful.

    Should I have just assumed that the reason the Martians were so pissy at the Terrans was because of a lack of resources/culture? I mean, that was what I assumed, but hearing it confirmed only now and in the middle of the actually interesting plot point of Saazbaum’s motivations just really annoyed me. It could have been at least hinted at in the rants of any of the previous Martians we’ve seen, and instead we just saw “Grawr, Terran, rawr!”

    I honestly hope that Seylum died in this episode just to see everybody lose their minds. But since that seems very unlikely, I still have my fingers crossed for Seylum turning out to be the real villain and Inaho seeing through her and joining her aboard the World Domination Express.

    1. This is a stupid comment.

      “Oh no, they did the thing I wanted them to do, but they didn’t do it when I wanted them to do it, how dare they!”

      If you don’t like it, why do you keep coming back?

  8. Darned. If Hime really is dead then that was kinda sudden. Oh well all this is just build up for whatever happens in the second course. I just want Slaine and Inaho to team up, I really like those two, plus I think they have good chemistry together. I think it would’ve been cooler if they had them bromancing while competing for Hime’s love. But who knows maybe for the second course…..maybe…. [Also Reyet just screwed the world.]

  9. ShipHasSailed
    1. This kind of reminds me of the Sasuke meme where it compares the various expressions of Naruto to the expressions of Sasuke.

      Plus, kudos to Inaho’s sister if Inaho is actually in love with Asseylum.

  10. ….the fact that they threw their table scraps to the Martian colonists after shuttling them off to a harsh and brutal environment.

    IIRC, it was the Mars exploration team that broke off from Earth and establish its own society on that cold red star. In this light, Saazabaum has even more reason to hate the ruling family, since they were probably the ones who got his people into that situation in the first place.

    His resentment towards Earth would then be more of jealous envy and the kind of frustration of being denied what they could have taken for themselves any time. The kind of red-eyed envy the Western powers had when they came across natives who lived in material plenty despite being less “civilised”.

    Random Comment
    1. Reading how you put it that way, the Martians did have every reason to hate the Terrans.

      Surprisingly though, what Salzbaum said gives an interesting perspective to how the Martians came to view the Terrans….

      Than again, what Salzbaum told Slaine might have been propaganda garbage that were fed to the Vers subjects by the monarchy…..

  11. God damn, Asseylum dead, Saazbaum an actually developed villain, and Rayet probably going to die next episode the show is finally ramping up. Given this is Urobutcher we are talking about here, and since he has designs all over this show, I’m much more willing to feel that the Asseylum is indeed dead after getting strangled ironically by Slaine’s good luck charm. Does this ever throw whatever perceptions or predictions out of the window if true, because now the crew of Deucalion is now stuck in the middle of the frozen Mongolian steppe with there only key to activating the Aldnoah power source gone (maybe). This of course assumes that maybe the good luck charm isn’t also a secret Macgruffin that could power the Aldnoah, but I’m starting to doubt that notion after what’s happened this week.

    Still we shouldn’t forget about Slaine here either, he certainly is getting set up to be an antagonist to the protagonist Inaho. He is currently under the protection of the resident magnificent bastard of the series, Saazbaum who’s motives are complicated to say the least. He’s the first real antagonist we’ve seen in the series. What I mean by that is not the Evil for the sake of Evil like Trillam, or the Proud Warrior race Vlad. He’s has agenda, a list of greviances, among them include a dead betrothed, a powerful reason in itself to be mad at the Vers empire and the royal family. In addition to this we learn that Slaine’s father saved Saazbaum, so it now makes much more sense why he saved him and what’s likely to happen to Slaine in the coming episodes. If I was going to predict anything for Slaine, I think it’s going to be a journey of discovery, as Saazbaum molds Slaine into what he wants (this doubles as info dump for the audience as well I expect).

    Saazbaum is the first character I really like in this series. His speech about the notion of a futuristic fuedal society, and how absolutely ridiculous that was just wow. He certainly feels what he’s doing is right, and will follow that course all the way to hell and back, killing as many people as possible to bring the end of the Vers royal family and bring the wealth of Earth to the people of Mars. Some of the best villains in my opinion are those who’s are merely extreme examples of highly convicted and determined heroes. To a certain extent you could frame a story around Saazbaum being a hero trying to kill the royal family to the same extent Lelouche was framed in Code Geass.

    Though the episode had some good scenes, there were a lot of scenes that weren’t so good. The whole Lt. Marito PTSD doesn’t congeal with what I’ve experienced, I feel it’s not developed as well as it should have, it portrays Marito in the wrong light and wastes time that other areas could have been explored. The comedy attempt was just bad, just plain bad. InkoxInaho ship where the blathering fuck did that come from? And let’s not talk about Princess Nina, ehh…

    While Rayet angst wasn’t bad per say, it wasn’t good per say either. The flashback was fine, I’ve experienced some of those in my real life from something familiar or something that reminds me of a particular messy event, I feel it’s just a tad overly dramatized. There could of have been a lot more development for her strangling Asseylum to death, but given how the show has run so far given what we got I can say I’m somewhat satisfied that it didn’t just come out of left field. We certainly saw that Rayet was hurting after loosing her father, and she certainly felt resentment from those that caused that. Looking forward to the future of Rayet I see her imminent death at the hands of Inaho. This will of course be after we get the discretionary scene where Inaho tries CPR on a naked Asseylum and fails.

  12. I feel like there’s a really slim chance Asseylum might be alive, but I also felt like there was a really good chance Rayet would go all nuts and finish the job her father was assigned. and this after I said, hmm, she’s like the female Inaho…oh wait.

    Impel Down Hippo
  13. I see the plot going through a few paths. Asseyleum could be dead or unconscious, but on the other hand if she is dead we might be able to catch a glimpse of how she was able to survive direct missile bombardment in the first episode. Having a double die clearly can’t be the best reason they have.

    What I suspect is that Asseylum might end up body hopping on to Rayet, if even unknowingly. That might be how she survived the assassination. She mentioned a few episodes back how the Aldnoah activation factor was burned into the genes of Emperor Vers when he first encountered it. Plus we’ve seen how Aldnoah tech borders on super science at times.

  14. I don’t think murder in the shower scene is only for fanservice, I like it because realistically it is the best place to carry out an assassination successfully. Slippery condition makes it harder for the victim to fight back to leave marks on the attacker and all the water will wash out any evidence of the murderer. No camera in the showers too, so Rayet can practically walk away now and no one would know it was her who killed the princess.

  15. Y’know, you have to appreciate an antagonist like Saazbaum. One unfortunate thing I tend to notice in mecha anime is that the villain usually has some grand ideology that they think the world has to conform to “for our own good”.

    Not Saazbaum. He knows the VERS system is backwards as fuck, but what he cares more about is the fact that he’s been screwed over. Racial superiority? Torture? Killing for the lulz? Nope. Saazbaum doesn’t care about any of that. He’s just in this for some good old fashioned VENGEANCE.

      1. @Croos

        It’s probably made of Aldnoah-forged steel. That’s why it didn’t break when it was used to choke the princess.

        Anyway Seylum is kill. As expected of the Butcher. Will he write Slaine as a broken MC now?

  16. Rayet is a stupid, senseless girl. Did she not know the consequences to the contingent and the ship if she were to harm the only person who can use the Aldnoah? And I’m sick of the hazy-eyes-defines-insanity-and-aggression trope. Especially since in Rayet’s case, it really all comes from self-dissatisfaction and her inability to cope and grow.

    And I love how this series is basically reflecting the backbone of every war we’ve had, including the conflict ithays happening in Ukraine and Syrria. It really all comes down to territory and access to resources. Humans are pathetically animalistic.

    Petit Orenji
  17. Well, that were some unexpected turns of events(in both the first and the last minutes), with both the unadulterated (and mixed, I’d bet) truths spoken to Slaine and then Asseylum’s (apparent) death by strangulation. (BTW, the butcher strikes again, in spirit…maybe?)

    At least we know the whole truth about Lt. Marito’s PTSD came from (and it’s not from THAT Kat, fortunately). Rayet’s PDST, actually came from a Kat…(?)

    And with the revelation of the core components of the Aldnoah drives being shown, I am sorry to say that I was wrong about the VERS landing castles requiring 100s of Aldnoah drives. I can only bow my head in shame. (anyone kind enough to imgur that quick cut for me?)

    looks like North America’s not as populated after Heaven’s Fall, only needing 2 landing castles (plus 1 for Alaska Base, the “Gundam Staple” Base), and just 1 each for the entirety of South America and Australia’s Carpentaria (ouch)

    1. info600
  18. Saazbaun, tha main machinator.
    How true is his tale? Painting himself the good guy?
    Tales before his heart is tainted by the thirst for power?

    Way to go! Saazbaun is honest!

    The Earth mechs have the Frame Arms feel.

    Sniper Girl? Sim-Kat 10?
    Whats with that nick, in-game nick?
    Is that the only game in their time?
    Or is it a simulator available on their ships?

    Is he more ‘ice man’ than Sagara Sousuke, Setsuna F Seiei and Heero Yuy?
    Perhaps he was bullied hard as a kid without parents which caused him to close up his emotions and not form strong relations with people? Or he is somewhat “broken” or “deficient” in the process of growing up without his parents? Or is it something more?

    Ace pilot Rayet?
    Rayet is an expert with the poker face too.

    Looks as if Mars can easily conquer Earth.
    Too bad they are not that united it seems.

    Captain’s analysis of executive officer part whatever.
    Is Magbaredge some expert ‘man-hunter’ to dish out such analysis?
    Or is she just like her executive officer?

    Oh no, Rayet is going Marito!
    Ok at least she tries.
    Gone is her poker face.

    I guess her poker face is a defence.
    She can’t bring herself to trust people now, I suppose.

    Ok so the Princess is playing mahou shoujo anymore.

    Looks like the simulation program is so advanced that a doctor can “program” a scenario so quickly 😛
    Ok, looks like its not that easy to program, still looks Virtual Boy lol

    Seeing it again, that Mars mech looks like Gerbera Tetra X Byg-Zam or something.
    Theres no heroes in wars, all are forced to fight to survive.

    Rayet struggling, darkness rising.

    Back to Saazbaun working his way into Slaine.
    So Mars tech is good just for war?
    No use for terraforming and making Mars environment better for rearing chickens?
    Culture? Maybe Martians aren’t concentrating on developing that.
    Its Mars that choose to break from Earth in the first place and now Saazbaun is blaming Earth.
    Ok Saazbaun is blaming the royal Vers founder for the current situation too?

    Now why did Rayregalia create Vers? Create all this hate towards Earth?
    What is the secret of Vers’ creation? Aldnoah influence? Or something else?

    Ok so Saazbaun fights for vengence. So he is kind of neutral and wants both sides down?
    While Slaine and Princess wants peace for both sides.

    Darkness gets the better of Rayet.
    Maybe its good to have cameras in bathrooms?

    Earth’s hope no more?
    Episode 9 takes more hope away again.


    Anyway I’ve done a rough translation of the timeline found in the offcial site:

  19. Asseylum aint dead that’s for sure..but i could see the story going that direction. If the narrative’s intention is to break slaine, having the princess die is the way to go. Slaine’s primary goal has always been the protection of the princess and her desires. One can see in Slaine;s torture scene last week that he admonishes the martians for damaging the earth rather than the terrans that they have killed, saying “you have damaged the earth the princess loves”. What i get from this is that if he was ever pushed to the edge emotionally, say maybe by the princess’ death, Slaine wouldnt be so conflicted about going to war with the terrans and possibly killing. The fact that Saazbaum is trying to convince Slaine to help him continue his conquest and what has occured to the princess seems to ring off alarms for that kind of development; but then again, that can all be brought down by asseylum being alive. The ED is called Aliez, so maybe it is inevitable that Inaho and Slaine become Allies rather than him turning to the side of the martians…time will tell.

    Rayet’s sudden assassination attempt of the princess wasnt a surprise, seeing that her father was involved in the original assasination attempt and it seems as if rayet has always felt that there was some unfinished business in that regard; it’s just that her new found observations of the princess were interfering with possibly what she has been wanting to do for some time. I dont know how i feel about how things have been developed with Rayet’s character arc so far but overall, it wasnt left field.

    As for the assassination happening in the shower, i dont know, i actually didnt find that scene to be crass at all because the camera was trying its damnest not to show the viewer anything; at best you got two cleavage shots of Rayet, that was about it. With all the steam blurring out that scene (which seems intentional and not an attempt to censor), they actually did a good job creating a shower scene setting without making feel exploitative.

  20. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2009%20-%2035.jpg
    Inaho : Every week, Aldnoah Zero will get more than 100+ comments.
    Eddelrittuo : That’s because of me.
    Inaho : Nope. It’s because of Asseylum and Inko and Rayet.

    Slaine : Why didn’t I get more popular?
    Saazbaum : Because of fanser… I mean, Princess Asseylum.

    Nina : Yeah. I am a princess. My dream always wanted to become a princess.

    Yuki : I can’t believe Inaho has a girlfriend. I am so sad.
    Calm : Nah, I don’t think so. He seems like he isn’t interest with Asseylum.
    Rayet : What the heck are you two talking about!?

    1. I’m actually wondering about that; Slaine is loyal to Asseylum but he also can’t trust the Vers, what with the conspiracy and Saauzbaum’s hatred for the royal family, so its hard to tell if Slaine is going to be forced to accept his plans and betray the princess (I don’t know what to think anymore ever since Rayet just strangled the princess *wipes sweat from eyebrow*)

  21. I was just wondering, what if the twist turns out to be that the princess was not killed because the person in the shower was not the princess. If you had realized, the princess ‘supposedly’ swapped her dress with a look alike Terran (maybe she wanted to pose as the princess and vice-versa).

    Although that doesn’t explain the Aldnoah drive failing but that may to linked to the Chain coming of and not to the death of the person.

    Otherwise killing off the main character doesn’t make any sense and perhaps the ‘resuscitation’ theory might also be the answer (which means she just became unconscious)and is still not dead.

  22. I really loved the dialogue between slain and saazbaum, I was really worried that this anime would have only cartoonish evil bad guys as the enemy and it was very unsual for a show in which urobuchi is involved so this episode really elevated the quality of the show for me, the mark of urobuchi here is clear in that he always writes stuff that makes you think, this scene definitely wiped away the shallowness characteristic of this story up until this episode, it’s deep hhh

  23. So Saazbaum has shades to him. All I can say to that is FINALLY! I was getting tired of all the “We Martians are so much more awesome than Terrans” crap. His reflection on Vers society just reinforces my opinion that Martians are idiots. So they hate Earth and want all its rich resources. So its a great idea to NUKE the planet to oblivion several times and burn everything to the ground. And maybe when the dust settles we can deal with all the famine and diseases when they club the planet back to the stone age! NOW THEY will have their resources. FOOLPROOF! The best part though is that Saazbaum knows this is stupid. I like that, he may be a murderous prick but at least he is self-aware.

    As for Rayet’s murder attempt, its clearly an act of resentment more than revenge. She has all the emotion that was boiling up on her, between her hate, guilt and depression combined by the fact that Yuki resurfaced her old trauma (Great job Yuki!) and no one to confide to and she’s pretty much a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. And she did. At the very least she’s clearly horrified by what she’s done, so there is still some salvageable humanity in her if she ever has a chance. I’m also absolutely sure that the Princess is fine, otherwise it makes a lot of established subplots moot. So if anything the most interesting part will be the fallout of these events.

  24. Just like last week, another director that happens to be an Urobutcher fan.

    While it’s damn obvious that our blonde princess will make it out alive, a mind break + attempted murder among the main cast is definitely an Urobutcher inspired event. While this weeks mindfuk is much milder than last weeks Slaine pain, it is definitely getting better

  25. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2028.jpg
    On the topic of Sazbaum, a commenter called chickenonthepan in the MAL forums came up with some pretty interesting theories related to the overall plot.
    Since this is an original series, it remains as speculations until proven,
    but since some of you might consider it spoilers somehow,
    read further at your own risk.
    –speculations are only of past events occurring before the start of the series–
    Show Spoiler ▼

  26. Choking/Strangulation is actually a very inefficient way to kill someone, and requires skilled effort and time to pull off. Not something done casually–certainly not by an ‘untrained’ and zoned out Rayet. The princess has fainted in the shower, which can readily happen even in normal circumstances.

    The princess has taken a nap! Bye bye aldnoah drive.

  27. “That aside, was it really necessary to stage that scene in the shower? […blah blah, moral panic, blah]”

    Oh give me a break. There’s nothing particularly illogical about it. It’s not like we’ve had a character introduction doing a monologue while two prostitutes are being told to finger each other. The camera angle wasn’t particularly exploitative or “male”. It wasn’t tasteless, and it made perfect sense. Do we have to get so up tight about showing a little bit of skin in a natural setting?

  28. hey guys on an unrelated note, the torrent sites across the world is down, it got back up for some time, but it’s down again. according to some sources the culprit is the japanese government enforcing their anti-piracy act by attacking the sites. let’s pray the storm will pass.

      1. yeah, it’s an attrition war, just how long the attacker could keep up his attack depends on their financial situation. if it’s true jap government is behind this, then it would eventually stop, i don’t think they would want to spend so much money just to do this.

    1. That’s an unsubstantiated rumor that people were saying as a joke. Let’s not go spreading this around eh.

      It was a DDOS, but the source is unverified and judging by the sites involved, it makes no sense it would be by who you claim it is. I won’t say too much else here, but the point is that one site going down bought down the rest due to it being the host.

  29. Well, i think after this Shower scene, the Security on the Ship will get tighter, and the Princess will get under “arrest” for her own Protection. But they know that someone on the Ship want to Kill Martians… And i dont know, if a Male is able to enter the Female shower rooms, without being noticed.

    But, will the Princess lose Hope on the Humans from Earth after this? Inaho sure will want the Princess save, to Exploit her. Well she is the only one that power the Aldnoah Driver cores. She must also Life.. But i think she need to restart the Engine a new. I dont think just to awaken her, would bring the Engine back to Life. So she must recover fully, or at last she can use her Voice…

    1. Unless their military is criminally complacent, they’ll have installed security camera in the ship. It’s all a matter of reviewing the footage to figure out who went in and out of that room.

  30. So Saazbaum want to conquer Earth. And if he succeed, he can get rid of the old King. because right now he still need the Aldnoah’s Power to conquer Earth and wipe out the Defense of them.. or he plan to use the King as long as Possible in keeping this Life enhanced Machines working…

    This Guy is really cunning

    1. Well, more to keep the old Emperor alive long enough so they can finished conquering Earth.

      After that, the old man can die for all Saazbaum care. Heck, just letting him live won’t be bad either, since he is so old and sick anyways.

      The Princess, on the other hands, is still young and healthy, so according to Saaz, she has to die. Can’t afford more royalties, right?

      1. and perhaps he is the culprit, of the Princess Father, too..

        They use Earth to play Powerplay Games with the Mars Throne… Like i wrote, knowing some bit of the Mars background story

  31. Well, this was unexpected. I wasn’t expecting them to kill Seylum off or even attempt it. And even if they did, I wasn’t thinking it would be Rayet of all people.

    Though, I wonder. If we’ve got that change device, I wonder if Rayet keeps Seylum alive and tries utilizing the device to screw things up royally while keeping the ship going. That’s probably the only thing that saved Seylum.

    Maybe Rayet locks up Seylum, uses the change device to pretend to be her, then like in that OP scene, tries killing someone important while looking like Seylum. This will in turn make Seylum a ‘traitor’ and also piss off probably the Earth people because this event will make peace be the hardest thing to achieve now. In Rayet’s mind that’s awesome because it means that she destroys Seylum’s life.

    Of course, there will be two issues with that. One is that it doesn’t kill someone important, it will harm Slaine (and also make him question Seylum) because everything harms Slaine in this show. The second will be that Inaho will figure out that Rayet is the hidden one and then… Well, considering how Inaho works, let’s just says I don’t want to be Rayet when that happens.

  32. “as a rule, humor hasn’t been a strong point of Aldnoah.Zero so far”

    I’ll have to disagree on this. I think the humor in here is freaking awesome. ^__^

    “It’s just too bad Asseylum never saw it coming, and gets slaine-d by Slaine’s charm……”

    This is just……brilliant.

  33. Amazing how in SAO there was a discussion about PTSD and we find it showing up here as well. Can’t be a coincidence. 😛

    I find that it was treated much more properly here. And I like how they used it to fully show us what happened in Marito’s past. Giving us new information while showing that he is indeed going through treatments with his problem. That’s good execution on the matter in my opinion. After all regular checkups and appointments are boring. So add details unknown to the audience during them to make it more engaging. Color me impressed :).

    I still think it’s stupid that the commander is mad at Marito for killing her brother when he told him to do it. Stupid lady is stupid. And she can stop with that “why you can’t get a boyfriend” stuff. It’s not funny.

    While I like that Saazbaum isn’t as one dimensional of a villain everyone else has been I find the current issue he has to be kind of dumb. We’ve known that Mars was inhabitable since WAY before they even discovered Aldnoah. What the hell were they expecting when they started living there? Technology isn’t going to change that the planet is leagues below earth in terms of resources. The fact that they decided to become their own people is the problem. They should have simply shared what they found with earth. But apparently the Emperor was too full of himself to think about that. Now you have baby underlings whining about how they don’t have the wonderful resources that earth does have because of him. Damn egotistical retards. The terrans had absouletly nothing to do with why they were shut off from earth’s resources.

    I kind of doubt that soldiers lashing out at others due to PTSD hasn’t happened before so I’m not sure what you mean. As I said if it’s not that then they simply turned her into a reprehensible bitch for the sake of drama……….oh well.

    Been reading some comments elsewhere and I’d agree in suspecting that the princess merely passed out since choking someone out enough to kill them in 10 seconds like that is impossible even with the chain she used. Unless she has super human strength realistically the princess probably just fainted and will likely recover later. The ship losing power is backed up by this as well since her being dead or unconscious would probably do the same thing regardless of which happened. But they sure want us to think she’s gone don’t they?

    As for Rayet……….emotionally deranged/inferiority complex never excuses unprovoked attempted murder. A person who calls themselves sane yet kills an innocent person unprovoked knows full well what they are doing and the “heat of the moment” excuse never works. She wanted to princess to disappear because of her jealously and she did it. In the act of killing someone like this I’m pretty sure you KNOW what your doing. You just don’t care. You want them gone that badly. Noticing what you have done afterwards is to little to late. It does not excuse the initial action. And I doubt most people would side with you regardless of your background if you do not suffer from a mental disorder of some sort. Having an inferiority complex is hardly an excuse for it either.

    I actually wouldn’t have minded this development had it not been so jarring and out of nowhere. If she has to have that whole “I hate all Martians” mentality whatever. But doing their job for them isn’t exactly going to help. And this completely ruins her character for most people that liked or understood her situation. Regardless of why she did it she is now a murderer or attempted murderer. Whatever line of reasoning she was using is in no way justified nor understandable for a cause of trying to kill the princess at this point.

    Though knowing anime logic Rayet will likely be forgiven for what she’s done when the princess wakes up. But that road to forgiveness better be a bumpy one and not “Oh well you tried to kill me because of jealousy an anger towards my people even though I was an innocent person who had nothing to do with your tragic situation. All is forgiven”.

    Nope. I’d have her thrown off the boat at the very least.

    1. ooops ignore the paragraph below the earth resources part of the above comment. That was a copy/paste fail (since I’m usually to lazy to change the comments i leave for different sites :P)

  34. IIRC, in one of the previous episodes, Saazabaum mentioned that Dr Troyard had been researching about the Aldnoah. Put this together with his rebellious actions, which could rob him of his ability to use the Aldnoah Drive, be it a punishment for treason or that the possibility that wiping out the royal line would also end Martian use of that technology.In short, I believe Saazabaum may have found a way to use the Aldnoah Drive without relying on the ruling family.

    Random Comment
  35. If the creators of this series are trying to pull a “look, we really can kill anyone at any time, no matter how pointless a death it will be! Fear for your favorite characters! FEAR for them! BWAHAHAHAHA!”, then they’ve totally failed with me, since the only character I care about in that fashion is Asseylum herself.

  36. Hmm, Rayet’s Psycho moment did seem a little random, but the more I think about it, it ties into what she said last episode and Saazbaum’s feelings towards the Vers Empire. Like Saazbaum, Rayet’s also bitter towards the royal family who’s concocted an ass-backwards society for their own benefit. Her own father was caught up in that BS and was killed because of it. And yet, here’s Asseylum, one of the highest authorities of that damned empire, happily living with Terrans seemingly without a care in the world.

    The show definitely looks like it’s heading in the direction of a rebellion on Vers now that we know a bit more about how life is there, and with Slaine possibly holding the secret behind Aldnoah, it’s very possible the royal family will no longer be needed soon. My only problem is that this doesn’t really change anything going on with Earth; they already aren’t winning that many battles, so putting all the power in the hands of bitter Martians isn’t going to benefit them. Saazbaum proved with this episode he’s smarter than the other villains we’ve seen so far, so I hope he has a bigger plan for Earth than relentlessly killing Terrans so that side gets something to do.

  37. Funny, I was actually thinking servantloli needed to shut up too.

    Although one thing is certain, Magbaredge is best captain. She stands firmly on her feet yet isn’t inflexible. Jokingly thought she’d make another “why you can’t get a man”-joke, pleasantly surprised she actually did. Also, lolicaptain is best loli (especially with the competition).

    As for Saazbaum, I’m kinda seeing a man who lost what he held dear and pretty much had enough of it all. His actions are probably more because that’s the only path he feels he can walk now.

  38. Here is the draw for me in this series. The Martian side has a lot more going for it political wise. Crutheo’s views and revealed back story makes me more sympathetic to him in a way.

    Anyways that final scene…





  39. I am impressed, one of rarest creatures in the modern fiction, an intersting, intelligent and reasonable villain!
    Count Salzbaum, my hat is off. You might be a villain, but definitely not a cliched one (Tokyo ESP, looking at you…)

  40. Finally. FINALLY. Character Depth. Sauzy you sly bastard keeping those deeply personal reasons under wraps for so long. If our main protagonist didn’t lack gravitas then this show would be all but wonderful. It’s only taken 09 episodes but finally the bad guys are interesting.

    I wish they would have made Rayet’s complete loss of sanity play out longer. One episode of intense mental hatred for the princess’ character seems very lazy. But regardless excellent twists the past few eps.

    Count Cruhteo was a complete tool from start to his timely demise.

  41. Oh my, some want the Princess stay dead.

    Well, without Princess there is no Flying battleship, no Aldnoah Light Reactor to power the Ship.
    They stranded in nowhere, and need now to go to foot to the Soviet HQ… Do you really think that will happen?

    1. and Rayet’s Shock of the battle Simulator… She helped drive the Truck and such, now she is frightened to the bone, seeing him in a Simulator? Come on Mr. “Story Twist” creator this is to funny to be serious. or this Images trigged the Memories of his Daddy death.. But she got her revenge already.. So the Trigger for her Angst is a cheap “surprise story twister!!!” in my Eyes

    2. So princess is dead, stay dead for sure, or you want rayet or inaho find dragon balls for her ?
      We have 24 Episodes here… ? good, we’ve a lot think to do instead rely on battle ship, so princess better to stay dead, oh alive is okayy, but losing memory and her power as well

      1. a Single Earth Battle ship, can not do much against the remaining Mars Knights. They just can play Hide and seek, or Hit and Run tactics.. And i think the Mars Knights has sure a technique to detect other Aldnoah’s power sources. So this Battleship will not play Hide and seek to long. This Ship is more an better Weapon Transport cruiser for their Mechas. The Brain of Inaho will turn the sides, not this Battleship. It is only to be more flexible to reach the World citys.. go beyond Japan

        Well, that is my opinion

  42. yeah if that so i agree, but somehow i feel they will be captured by random army in the middle of that area, interogated as well, it will lead them to next event, say fighting another Orbital Knight

  43. all hell will break lose
    from day one till now we keep seeing terran die there and there.
    i can t wait to see all mars knight died.
    we still not yet see united nation at russia do thing yet.
    and i notice that i not see any terran civilian people scream/cry when mark knight attack them.apparently like they use to this kind of war.Mystery…
    i guess maybe have some hidden plot story are not yet reveal.
    and where is nuclear missile?

  44. Inaho will give princess “CPR” to save her. This will make it even between Inaho and Slaine. Will be interesting if aldnoah can somehow shared by body liquid, this will make Slaine and Inaho capable using aldnoah. One of them will go mad because of power and greed, then the princess will shoot that person at the end.

    1. Nope, somehow this Crystal Ball has a DNS Sensor included. Only Princess Body Cells together with her Voice, can start it. Only the King family members can awaken/command the Aldnoah Light. As if it has an conciseness

  45. I knew this gonna happen thats why im against children in the show taking independently action in the military. They will become fanatical, brutal, inhuman emotion like a Hitler Youth. When will Japan drop the idea children taking charge in the military.

    1. They run out of Mecha Pilots.. The ship has no change of restock since they left the City. Only “human” resupply are the saved civilians with some Military training. Thats also explain, how “dumb” the Pilots are in a Combat so far.. Greenhorn behind their Ears

      Only at the Destination HQ, there is a change to restock the Mecha Crew, with real Soldiers. Until then, they must somehow manged to survive. It is War, not a Barbecue Trip

    1. and how do you thing they will do that? Only the Knights has this Teleporting device right into the King’s Palace on Mars. And they want the Power, so they need the King just now. If the Earth is conquered, and no counterattack force is there, then the King is no longer needed

  46. Well, we have 3 choices right now

    a) Princess is Dead, Aldnoah Drive is dead, too. They must abandon the Ship on the Ice
    b) Inaho or her Secretary save her, right in Time. After She recover she reactivate the Ships Core and they continue their Trip
    c) Princess get saved, but a bit to late. Her Brain take damage and she stay in a Coma, Ship’s Core reactivate alone and the Ship is afloat again, but Princess is out of the Game

    From all things. Point C has the most Impact, and drive the Story forward. But first without the Princess

  47. with Point A:

    The Crew will find out, that the Ship has some kind of Chain drive, and they continue their Journey on “foot” with this Ship. But now they must dodge every Mountain that they can not climb.. Detour of many Days…

  48. Serious Girls and Guys,

    Not to be mean, but if we want nice conversation here with comments and speculations and some other fun stuff. At least watch the Episode, and then Post!!!

    Please, alone this many “What happen now with Princess dead and Ship?” In the last Minutes we see it with our own Eyes. The Power Core shuts down. it is somehow monitoring the Princess Mental state or Heartbeat or other life signs.

    If you watched it, you would already know the answer..

    As i said, not to be mean.

  49. I think reviewer is way too harsh on this anime. every little thing has been magnified in the review.
    Guess reviewer has too high of anticipation. Leading to the discontented tone throughout the article.
    IMHO, this anime has done much better than most mecha anime.

  50. Look at the OP scenes right after the princess was on her back soaked in water with shoes off – which seems symbolic and not taken from the show.

    It’s followed by a series of scenes some of which already happened in the show.
    In there you will see her maid carrying food and being happy – it did not happen yet, that strongly implies the princess will survive. Especially because there is no way that scene is symbolic, it’s taken directly from the show.

    They really need to stop spoiling minor details in the OP.

  51. I had a feeling that the princess will still survive but having brain damage causing Amnesia only to create more suffering for Slaine which will end up with the final scene of the OP where the princess pointed and shoot Slaine herself.

  52. I was watching this episode (finally, after a week without a computer, having moved and leaving my monitor cable behind) and got this really, really strong, unexplainable feeling that Rayet and Inaho are gonna get together at the end. Also I fidgeted a bit during the naked struggle scene since I now live in an apartment with three other people xD.


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