「戦闘狂を斬る」 (Sentoukyou wo Kiru)
“Kill the Battle Fanatic”

For an episode with not a lot of fighting, I was still intrigued by some of the new characters Esdeath brought in. None of the new Jaegers were truly outstanding, but they were given more personality than The Three that just passed.

  • Wave (Hosoya Yoshimasa) has got to be the most naiive one in the entire group (or that’s his persona I guess). He seems to be another outsider who wanders into the capital assuming that it’s going to change his life for the better. He reminds me a lot of Tatsumi when he first arrived and although they’re not exactly the same, I can imagine Wave making the wrong judgment calls like Tatsumi did.
  • Bols (Takemoto Eiji) reminds me of a serial murderer with that mask. Although he doesn’t have the persona of one, I think it’s probably a facade of his diabolical he can be. I’d like to see him take the mask off one day…
  • Kurome shows up in action this week with a sneak peek at what she’s capable of. Clearly one of the stronger members of this group and she seems to have the same tendencies to eat like her sister. Asides from Wave, she’s probably the next most interesting person to me.
  • Dr. Stylish (Narita Ken) doesn’t leave much of an impact on me. He seems like a throwaway character and the type to “try too hard”. I’m on the fence about him and his actual abilities.
  • Run (Majima Junji) appears to be the most normal one of the group but that isn’t saying much in Akame ga Kill. He’s such a pretty boy but knowing that he’s on the wrong side doesn’t give me much hope for his character. I like his wings that you see in the preview!
  • What I liked about this episode was how they showed a contrast between Esdeath and Najenda. They both have their own individual teams and what motivates them to do what they do. While Najenda manages the Night Raid, Esdeath has her Jaegers now and I’d like to see how the two compare in terms of strength as well as strategies on the battlefield. Even with the brief shots of history, it’s clear that Esdeath and Najenda don’t see eye to eye. I never thought that Najenda’s history would be so closely tied to Esdeath’s, but that reveals how much Najenda knows about the capital and their intentions. Similar to Akame and Bulat, it seems that people that work for the Prime Minister and see the truth, want to change to overthrow him and make the capital a better place. That might be too unrealistic for Akame ga Kill but one can dream. Esdeath on the other hand is a mixed bag to me. I can’t really tell what she’s thinking, what she wants and what drives her… except love that is. That’s a new one.

    I didn’t call it, but I’m not surprised that Esdeath fell for Tatsumi. I mean, he is strong, independent, great smile and he has that out-of-town charm that all the woman fall for these days! Talk about an interesting turn of events. Not only is there a rivalry between the Night Raid and the Jaegers, but Esdeath is on the prowl to find her true love. I’m not sure if she’s looking for a love interest or just someone to satisfy her fetishes, but hey! whatever floats her boat and I like how the plot isn’t predictable in that sense. At this point, it’s hard to see how Tatsumi is going to escape because the Night Raid probably won’t rescue him right away. I’d like to see how he gets along with the Jaegers if at all… And who knows, maybe he’ll pick up Sheele’s Imperial Arm too.

    Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: I’m liking the contrast between Esdeath and Najenda and the rivalry between their two teams. Jaegers is an awesome name. Can’t believe Esdeath fell for Tatsumi… but that smile probably got her >_> And you know… his manliness or something. #AkamegaKill

    People said I didn’t make enough of these… 01, 03, 05, 12, 13, 18.




        1. I’m pretty sure he will behave like the typical leading male character in this show and will shy away from any sexual advances. Getting kind of burned on that myself. I don’t need to see any ‘sex’ or hentai but I badly crave a mature character that is not a total retard around women. So far only a handful of anime handle adult relationships decent (Dragonball Z, JoJo’s Bizzare adventure, etc). Very small list where you see Anime try and break the rules. I’d just like to see some marriages and stuff.

          Rick Anime
        2. Btw, if any of you want to see a mature anime where the main character isn’t a retard in regards to relationships with the opposite sex check out “Shin Sekai Yori”. It was probably the best anime that came out last year and gathered awards here on this site. Sigh, still miss that show!

          Rick Anime
        3. Depending on how far into the manga the series goes, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how they end up handling relationships. I won’t say anything more because I don’t want to flood the board with spoilers.

      1. Indeed, how envious T_T I would find it hot of such a couple existed in reality.
        On the side note, this should be renamed “My voluptuous enemy can’t be this hot!”

        I would enjoy it if Tatsumi plays “double agent” for a while. For some reason, it reminds me of certain number manga, most was how the female was the spy, but it was never the male playing the spy, I think.

      2. I don’t just mean romantic ones either. While the show starts off a little shallow in that department, characters and their relationships to each other get a lot more complex as time goes on… More so than a vast majority of series I’ve seen.

    1. Nearly died when Esdeath collared Tatsumi, did not see that coming (even if it does make sense considering her personality :P). And Bols with the cooking, that also ended me.

      The less Akame takes itself seriously the better it becomes, IMO this had to be the best rounded episode so far.

    2. https://randomc.net/image/Akame%20ga%20Kill/Akame%20ga%20Kill%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2031.jpg
      Esdeath is LOVE
      seriously though, Wave was like alter ego of Tatsumi!
      He was making one wrong judgement after another…
      Night Raid’s Boss was really straight onto real trouble: with that rate of attrition, Night Raid is goinng to disintegrate within few episodes. While I am curious what recruits if any she will bring with her, I think most probable source of reinforcements is Show Spoiler ▼

    3. If this episode illustrates one thing, it’s that the comedy in Akame works best when sufficiently isolated from the more serious moments. Still, while the comedy worked better in EP 09, I still have the same issue as before in that the presentation is just a bit off. Moments I found funny in the manga (e.g. Akame’s comment about Leone’s weight) didn’t come across as well in the anime (and not because I read the joke before). IDK, maybe it’s just me on that.

      Not much to add which isn’t spoiler free so some random comments.

      — Wow… that was some seriously bad “Engrish” for Esdese’s “ideal mate” list. Why did they even bother with “English” in the first place? O.o At least she knows what she wants… I think. Full transcript here Show Spoiler ▼

      — Perhaps Esdese carrying a dog collar and chain isn’t that surprising, but how exactly did she fit all that in her bra? Doesn’t seem like there would be any extra space for all that.

      She’s baaaack! Everyone favorite icon of Justice… Oh who am I kidding. 😛 If nothing else, she makes the other characters look better by comparison.

      1. I thought it was so cool to see Seryu. I just love how she goes from friendly looking to psycho when she fights. But yeah how did Esdeath fit all that in her bra? lol.

        Hey- did the source material ever tell us how old Tatsumi is?

        Rick Anime
        1. @Rick Anime: “I just love how she goes from friendly looking to psycho when she fights.”

          I can kind of see your point regarding Seryu, but at least for me the whole perverse JUSTICE(!) shtick gets really old after a while. Seriously, I can easily envision Seryu ordering lunch: “Hmmm… I’ll take a Justice Burger, hold the Evil Mustard, small Justice Fries, and a medium Justice Cola. Do you have any Justice Ketchup? …What’s that Koro? Oh, and some Justice Kibble for Koro.”

          As for Tatsumi’s age – IDK. Akame Wiki lists it as “teens”. FWIW, I think of him as 15/16 (pretty typical age for a shounen MC).

    4. None of the new Jaegers were truly outstanding, but they were given more personality than The Three that just passed.

      Technically I think Esdese has never had any actual friends, hence why those around her don’t seem to have much personality.

      From her point of view, its more to viewing the qualified people as trusted allies, people of mutual interests, and rewarding those she deem worthy, but never has she helped people unconditionally or have some sort of family..

      From the people’s point of view, it’s probably:
      -screw up and you’ll die painfully.
      -do well and you’ll get rewards envied by many..(gold, food, reputation, etc)
      Nobody seems to care for her like a family member..

      Theater Episode 08 last week kind of made a jab on how she treated the three,
      as well as foreshadowed her interest in Tatsumi last week.(http://youtu.be/UD8_XvZskhM)
      Interesting how it turned out to be a parody of Momo Kyun Sword..
      *and the Three taking up the roles of the bird, fox and monkey.

    5. Kinda expected something like this to happen the second I heard that Esdeath wanted to fall in love. Still freaking hilarious though!

      Normally I’m all 110% for yandere love, but in this case Tatsumi miiight want to keep his distance…

    6. The only thing I didn’t like was how predictable it was that Esdeath fell for Tatsumi. As soon as the ‘boy king’ read all of Esdeath’s requirements I knew that just described Tatsumi perfectly. Also, originally when Esdeath said she was looking for love I knew it was gonna be Tatsumi. Also couldn’t believe he was dumb enough to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament! Really?! I dont care how bad you need money. Now that would be the way to go if the goal is to get close to your enemy and gather intel. But that was not his goal which made me think they were pretty crazy all along. Of course he got captured! Duh…

      Now it did take me by surprise when she put the collar on him. So that was surprising. I am sure her idea of love is lots of torture and spankings. He’s in deep trouble lol

      Summary: Story was very predictable. Only twist I didnt see coming was the collar. Good episode. Not too sure what is going to happen next.

      Rick Anime
    7. The moment i saw the leech and then saw the preview of next episode i remembered the Spice Girls song “Holler” .. because it fits perfectly with how the relation between Tatsumi and Esdeath will be like XD

      Some of the lyrics fit so well

      don’t be afraid to play my game

      Boy dont you hesitate, I won’t keep waiting for you (Esdeath doesn’t like waiting for sure)
      To come and let me take you to my fantasy room (there is a room for sure, but it’s not that kind of fantasy room)
      Your gonna like it there and all the things that I’ll do (yeah, ALL the things that she will do XD)
      I’ll treat ya right all through the night (all through the night, ouch)

      I wanna make you holler and hear you scream my name (surely there will be screaming)
      I’ll give you rules to follow so you can play my game (and twisted rules)
      Imagine us together, be driving you insane (insane, yeah, exactly)
      You will give into me, don’t be afraid to play my game (he should be afraid, very afraid)

      Now someone make a Tatsumi X Esdeath Akame ga Kill AMV with that song XD

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