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Well, here I am. It appears that luck was on my side and the stars have aligned in my favour, resulting in me being given this fantastic opportunity to blog for RandomC. So let’s get started with the introductions: I’m Samu, from bonnie2 Scotland, and I’ll be the latest addition to the weird and wonderful cast of RandomC!

Like many others, I watched anime throughout my childhood without even realising what it was. But Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, and Beyblade aside – as well as far too much money spent on merchandise and trading cards over my childhood – my real introduction into anime came in the glorious year of 2011. Since then I’ve been watching series by the season with help from the previews, schedules, and episode reviews available on RandomC. Before that, though, was my first ever ongoing anime/manga experience: Bleach, which is still my top manga to date. We all had our gateway series, I suppose!

To give you an idea of what grabs my attention, my favourite anime would easily be Ano Hana, for being packed with incredible character drama, development, and having me sobbing for the entirety of the final episode. My second place would go to Shin Sekai Yori – a series that took the dystopian genre to greater heights whilst balancing a tightly written plot with ambitious ideas (at the cost of being commercially unsuccessful, I suppose). Haikyuu!! is another love of mine. I’ve been reading the manga since it started, and the anime adaptation is so perfect that every episode is like watching a giddy, loveable dream unfold. I would recommend it to absolutely everyone; there is a reason Divine returned to blog this show in particular! And to give two more of my favourites, I’d have to say Kuuchu Buranko and Kyousougiga, both of which are equally as enjoyable to the eye as they are to the mind.

Samu 2

Overall I’d say my taste is pretty expansive, spanning across a plethora of genres and themes, such as long-running battle shonen, imaginative anime with artistic flair, realistic series that deal with serious themes, comedies with heart and humour, and a good slice of life to sit back and enjoy every now and then. Then there is also my latest new-found love: sports anime. I could list more, but feel free to visit my MAL profile for the whole list.

As for a little bit about me… I’m a bartender at the moment, Tsukishima (from Haikyuu!!) is essentially me in anime form – though I would like to think I’m more positive than my anime counterpart – and as mentioned earlier, I hail from Scotland, so the global diversity of RandomC increases yet again! I’m a big A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fan, and as a result my all-time favourite fictional character would unquestionably be Sansa Stark, who I will defend to death! There has never been a character I’ve found so easy to empathise with and root for… but sadly I know she’s not a popular choice among fans – you might find a trend in me liking unpopular characters every now and then, by the way! Also, due to my love for animation, I went on to study it at university and found that whilst it wasn’t the profession for me, it is certainly one that deserves respect; animation is damn hard. Doing it for three years makes that clear and it certainly has shaped how I view anime these days.

So that’s my introduction! I look forward to getting started this coming fall season, and to reading all your comments. If you have any feedback then I’ll be more than willing to read and write back. Also, feel free to add me on MyAnimeList, or follow me on Twitter

And with that, I’ll be seeing you all soon. Anime awaits.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

1 Translator’s note: Keikaku means plan.
2 Translator’s note: Bonnie means beautiful.


    1. I’ve read near enough 200! I can’t help it, it’s stuck with me since the dawn of my anime/manga time. I promise that one part of me doesn’t reflect my overall taste, though I’m not ashamed!

      1. Haha. Welcome Samu. Think you will do good work here. Hmmm…until you mentioned you were from Scotland i never really thought about where everyone hails from. Has a survey ever been done on the site? Curious to know as i am from the Caribbean living in England and i have been coming to this sight so long I have forgotten how long.

  1. Hi Samu. It’s nice to see new writers stepping up for RC especially when a good number is going to be on hiatus for some time. Well since I only read posts about shows that I actually watch(and posts like these) there’s no certainty that I would be reading your posts at all but best of luck all the same and I hope you have a great time as an RC writer.

  2. Reading entries about new writers has always been inspirational. All dat passion, enthusiasm, history of all things anime related makes me all fuzzy inside. Congratulations for being part of the writers’ lineup Samu-san!

  3. Welcome to the writer staff.

    You will be seeing me around here and there. My comments can be a little sarcastic or joking at times, but I also speak seriously when the situation calls for it.

  4. Hello Samu, great that you’re here with us as you seem to be an interesting person. But could you please share with us, what (additional, not picked up by RC) shows would you blog during the last year if you joined RC earlier? Like one show per season since last fall. As I see that unfortunately you didn’t watch any that I’d love to see blogged on RC (white album 2 for fall, wake up girls for winter, wixoss for spring, ao haru ride for summer). So probably as far as you’re surely great writer if you were able to join RC ranks, I’ll still have to wait for the author that would write about the shows I’m missing on RC.

    1. Sounds like a neat exercise, let’s see… out of the ones that were not blogged at the time:
      – Non Non Biyori (Fall 2013)
      – Nisekoi (Winter 2014)
      – Haikyuu!! (Spring 2014)
      – Free -Eternal Summer!- (Summer 2014)

  5. Howdy Samu! Interesting introductory post, also – AnoHana, SSY and Haikyuu!! (Tsukki!) are favorites of mine too. Been a lurker here in RC for almost two years now and this is my first comment after being inspired by your post. I’ve started watching anime (hardcore mode) since late 2012, so I’m fairly new. It’s a dream of mine to write here someday too, given time and experience.

    I guess a lot of writers are taking a break next season and so I’m really glad to see another writer stepping up. I like your friendly writing style (or are they?) and I hope to see more of it here amidst the critical reviews most writers chalk-up. Also, I’m curious as to what shows you’re likely to blog next season, so there 🙂

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu RC writers and readers. Keep it up 😀

  6. Also, Random Curiosity’s IRC channel is waiting for you with a bottle of good vodka. 😉

    Not only Samu but everyone of you, just take a look at the Announcemenets section in the right panel of this site.

  7. Why why why is Sansa Stark your fav!?!?!? hahaha j/k j/k she has actually moved of my most hated list and has moved up quite a bit on my most like list :). And welcome to RandomC!!! Can’t wait to read your reviews!!

  8. Now you better pander to all of us fans with your writing style otherwise… Um… You’ll not get some cake? Wait! You’ll not be allowed to watch anymore animes! Mwa-ha!

    Okay, seriously. Welcome to RC! Hope to read your series you’ll pick and can’t wait to see how you do!

  9. Uwah! Tsukki daisuki! Welcome to RC, and can’t wait to see your posts!

    Why can’t I remember where that second screenshot of Tsukki is from?? The first few episodes? Oh well, sounds like it’s time for a rewatch!

    1. Thank you! It’s from the practice match at the start of the series, yeah. It’s also worth noting that it was rather difficult finding a scene of Tsukki where he wasn’t essentially being grumpy cat.

  10. Welcome to RC! I’m super excited to read your reviews! 🙂
    Sansa is also one of my favorite characters~
    Oh, can I just say, I went to Scotland once and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been too. You’re so lucky you live there!

  11. Damn! On that final episode of Haikyuu, I was already relating myself to Tadashi and even posted an admiration post on FB then now I’ll seeing here a real life Tsukki?! Tsukkiiii! :3 Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your posts for the coming season!

  12. Welcome, and glad to have you Samu-san! I’m not a Sansa stan although I get why you would be. Her character development is undoubtedly one of the best in the series. And I understand Scotland’s going through some political turmoil rn–hope you’re safe despite the riots I’ve heard about! Good luck, and can’t wait to read your upcoming posts! Perhaps even hear a lovely new accent in a future podcast as well (‘muricans sure love European accents XD)?!

    1. I’m glad you can agree on the character development, because that’s why I love her. Similar cases with Theon and Jaime. I’d say those three are Martin’s best written characters. Thanks as well! I might have to tone down my accent incase it’s a bit heavy and hard to understand. I usually have to repeat myself slowly when talking to Americans…. usually, but we’ll see!

  13. Wow. When it comes to manga and anime we have many similarities. My first manga to read was also Bleach. Started watching anime by season in 2011, and that was also after finding out about RC. As a kid, I was really into the “cartoons”, Pokemon, Bayblade and one piece. 😉

    Anyway man, Welcome aboard. Hope we’ll have a long and enjoyful sailing with you. Good luck.

      1. My favorite girl in the series is actually Margaery by far. I like her actress too and I think she has a good head on her shoulders, unlike… so many other females. Arya is a close second but… she seems to be quite cold as of the recent season.

        Anyway – Sorry for the late welcome Samu, but WELCOME to the family =) It’s always a pleasure to have new people join us.

  14. Always great to get new blood and points of view on RC! Welcome! Glad you found your anime doppleganger in Tsuuki. He was one of my fave chars on Haikyuu. Out of curiosity: Are you a Yes or No voter for the Scotland referendum?

    I can see why people “like” Sansa. She is sympathetic, and it’s easy to feel pity for her throughout the series. But my sympathy and pity has turned into angst then into desperation and finally into a strong dislike for this member of house Stark (The weakest and most selfish of the Starks). I just find that after so much has hapenned to this girl she stil has not changed much: easily decieved, quick to judge, slow learner. She seems the character that has evolved least in all the years since the Robert arrived to Winterfell.

    1. Thanks for the welcome! Tsukishima is my favourite as well – when S2 comes out, he’s going to be even better. Oh, and I voted Yes!

      The thing is, I don’t just like Sansa, I love her. Her character is my absolute favourite, and I hear what you’re saying, but I suppose our perspective on it is different. The way I see it, Sansa is the most developed character whilst staying true to her roots. She grows, but she doesn’t become someone different, and I absolutely believe that whilst you – and lots of others, mind you – feel that Sansa is the most selfish Stark, I can only scratch my head at that. Maybe in the beginning, but anything after her father’s death was because she wanted to be free from her captors who were psychologically and psychically abusing her for over a year, keeping her trapped in the life that had thought she’d wanted. Putting blame on an 11 year old for reacting like that seems unfair to me.

      And people call her stupid for her early mistakes, but it’s honestly not her fault. It’s Ned’s fault, Catelyn’s, her Septa, Maester, and everyone else who fed her lies about the world and promised that everything would be the way they would in the stories. It all comes in a circle, really. I would also say that the we as the readers are most like Sansa, given how subversive A Song of Ice and Fire is of common fantasy tropes. We expect certain things to happen, for a happy outcome, whatever it may be. Sansa does the exact same. She makes mistakes and misjudgements, just as we do, just as every single character does. Yet she gets the harshest criticism and hate for it…

      Sansa, to me at least, is the perfect example of a well written and developed character. She enters the series a naive 11 year old girl who only wants to live the life she had been spoonfed, and things go wrong all around her – her father makes more mistakes than she will ever ever make in the series, the Lannisters plans unfoil, the big picture starts to unravel – and she is incapable of doing anything. She’s just a pawn who has to watch and learn and listen from those playing around her, taking little to no notice of her when it doesn’t suit them. She learns how to play the Game of Thrones from those who use it against her. She is kind to those who absolutely deserve it, judgemental and hateful of those who are involved with the killing of her family, keen to find her way out of her capture, and above all else, has the same Stark fierceness and passion that all the rest possess, showing herself in the little moments that she can, all whilst balancing the fate of her life in the palm of her enemies hands. If I were to compare the series and its characters to a game of chess, then Sansa would be the pawn that slowly managed to reach the end of the opposing board despite the odds stacked against her, and is on the way to become a Queen in her own right.

      And that’s my spiel!


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