「巨大危険種を斬る」 (Kyodai Kikenshu wo Kiru)
“Kill the Colossal Danger Beast”

I was not expecting that.

Akame ga Kill continues to surprise me yet again this week with another episode focused on Esdeath and Tatsumi. It’s literally just the two of them trapped on a deserted island for nearly 90% of that episode. And you know what? It was strangely entertaining and amusing. The two of them don’t necessarily have chemistry in the romantic sense, or even in the comedic sense, but seeing Esdeath in this type of situation is so out of character for her that it makes the episode intriguing. I also want to see the day that Tatsumi slips up or Esdeath just stops giving him the benefit of the doubt and I wonder what would happen to their relationship then. This is what Tatsumi is probably alluding to at the end of episode. Nevertheless, this episode helps reinforce the idea that they are not meant to be. Esdeath will never side with the Night Raid and she will never end up with her love.

I find myself pitying her a bit in that final scene which she still continues to believe that she can woo him. She admits that she shows off her powers in front of him too when they’re being attacked by giant Dr. Stylish-like beasts. Unfortunately, Tatsumi will never see her that way and it makes me ponder what kind of message the mangaka is sending by putting this unlikely couple together. I like the contrast shown between Tatsumi and Esdeath’s past though and I think it further explains how Esdeath came up with her philosophy of living. I wish I could empathize with her in some way, but unfortunately her feelings of survival of the fittest completely escapes me. To some extent, I could see how that leads to her obsession with being the best – but it doesn’t excuse her from all her torturous tendencies. I also can’t agree with her logic of just following orders from the Prime Minister either, especially if it involves taking lives for no reason. I understand that war is war, but she finds no shame or harm in ridiculing her victims at the same time and for that, I can’t empathize or sympathize with her. Esdeath is a case of her own and although I think she’s fun to watch and an interesting individual psychologically, I can’t agree with her character. However, this is anime so hey, as long as it’s entertaining, why not?

As for everything else that happened this week, the guy behind the release of Dr. Stylish’s beasts is none other than the Prime Minister’s son! Surprise! Syura (Kimura Ryouhei) has an Imperial Arm that allows him to transport people across great distances (as seen with Tatsumi and Esdeath this episode) and also seems to have the same despicable outlook towards other humans like his father. I have a hard time figuring out his motives is at the moment though; is he trying to go against the Jaegers and his father? Or does he want to lure out the Night Raid? Either way, I’m excited to see more of him because. Muscles. I have a thing for muscular men and I have no shame in telling the world. Clearly. Anyway, next week seems to be another episode sans action but who can say no to the token beach episode. I’m excited for all those full-lengths that I’ll be piecing together…!

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Good history on Esdeath and I’m surprised by the amount of screen time dedicated to her and Tatsumi. What an unlikely couple… #AkameGaKill

Esdeath Overload: 02, 04, 15, 16, 27.




      1. Agreed, Tatsumi has annoyed me to no end. With the strong Fall lineup I see no reason to keep watching this generic-anime-teenager. Will be skimming this show and come back when Seryu comes back

        Rick Anime
    1. I can’t blame him, his two closest freinds died because of the capital. Though I don’t understand why on earth does Esdeath see the Prime Minister as strong.

      Anyway, I do have a erie hunch that Esdeath may be NTR’d soon, if Tatsumi askes Akame out for a date.

      1. The Prime Minister is strong because he holds power and defeats his enemies and is quite good at the plotting and scheming. If Esdeath actually gets convinced the Prime Minister is weak then she will do away with him because he is dooming the Empire by allowing so much corruption and decreasing the tax base and work force by over taxing and over killing.

  1. This show tends a little towards the absurd but you know what? I’m enjoying it too much. (And in regards to Tatsumi x Esdeath: I don’t care if this is so obviously a crack ship, all aboard)

  2. From what I heard, Takahiro’s intention with Esdeath was to make her likable, but in the end she’s still evil at her core despite all the cute blushing. Something along those lines, can’t remember the direct quote.

    It remains to be seen (even in the manga) if he’s going to keep her that way imo. She’s clearly capable of cherishing human relationships with those that she deems on her side. The main problem with her view of her enemies stems from her upbringing, so having someone she cherishes being on the enemy side COULD possibly cause a little change but, as I said, it remains to be seen.

    He could set her up for a slight redemption while dying or he could make her stay true to her ways and be the final boss. At any rate, I don’t think she’s going to make it out of this manga alive. T_T

    Now that that’s out of the way.









    I can die happy now…

  3. Wait what the hell is Haseo doing in AgK, besides going full on Scar? It’s almost eerie how well those character references fit Syrua when thought about a bit 😛

    Also this episode should be enough to convince everyone that Esdeath is a clinical sociopath and not an deep/complex villain. Tatsumi aside she clearly lacks any form of empathy and a good deal of emotion, with her social Darwinian approach to life and response to her father’s death indicating that violence and torture is something engaged in just because she finds it entertaining. The interesting bit is what she does when she learns who Tatsumi really is. Either Esdeath will just shrug the shoulders and move on, or blow up as she will not know how to handle the feelings; I’m betting on the latter just due to her Tatsumi affection (not to mention it’s more entertaining).

    1. Truth be told, it looked as if the author wanted to mock typical “start of darkness” moments. Neither her upbringing alone (despite being a social darwinist, even her father noticed there was something off with her, but didn’t care because it was a useful trait there), nor the end of her tribe (she didn’t hate their killers nor looked for revenge), nor the fabled beast blood turned her to the dark side.

      Esdeath is a psychopath. And a surprisingly well written psychopath, in fact.

      Despite what books and films have taught us, psychopathy isn’t being a serial killer. Tests today include a triarchy of characteristics:
      -Boldness or fearless dominance (stress and danger tolerance, self-confidence, social-assertiveness, etc.).
      -Disinhibition or impulsiveness (egocentrism, poor urge control, demand for instant gratification, blaming others, carefree lack of planning, etc.).
      -Coldheartedness or meanness (lack of empathy, excitement in destruction, use of cruelty to empower themselves, etc.).

      This is a very gross generalization that shouldn’t be taken seriously by people who really know the deal, but don’t tell me that Esdeath wouldn’t score high in all of them.

  4. What is wrong with Tatsumi running away full speed from a woman like Esdeath lol. No surprises there though we know that’s just how he rolls. But alas, it is for the best. Would have been nice if we didn’t have to rush off the island so soon. Next week looks like a swim suit episode? Aww. Unlike most anime fans, I don’t care much for swim suit fan pleasing episodes. I usually skip or skim through them

    This episode was pretty solid though. Was funny how Esdeath sneaked in a kiss on our elusive main character

    Rick Anime
    1. I think that beach episodes are great if you have a lot of romantic tension, but that’s not really the case with Akame ga Kill, so I assume it’ll be just a slice of life episode that’s relatively easy on the eyes.

  5. Tatsumi, cursed with awesome/blessed with suck…
    A beautiful, strong woman has been trapped with him on remote tropical island… And she loves him!
    Only she is total psycho who enjoys torture! And she was quite likely so since birth!
    Tatsumi has his illusions of turning Esdeath crushed. But, at same time her backstory has made her strangely more human (despite all inhumanity) because it gave us insight into the way of her thinking. She’s simply put, social Darwinist to hardcore level. And she is pretty much set in stone in her beliefs.
    OTOH the way she controls inner demons (literally!) makes me wish she was on the good side…

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Akame%20ga%20Kill/Akame%20ga%20Kill%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    Please be gentle with me! I bruised easily!

    Please put that down, Esdeath. You’re no Rita Vrataski.

    On a serious note, I felt that the scene at the end, particularly this one:
    could have been more dramatic or emotional if they’ve slowed the lines/dialogue delivery. Being one of my favorite chapters ( and I enjoy re-reading most of the times), that scene makes me sympathize with Tatsumi’s situation.

  7. Cherrie: In my opinion, Tatsumi-Esdeath is _the_ pairing of the anime. Not only the most popular one by far, but also the most significant one for the story development.

    If Tatsumi’s hope for the empire to change is ever to be realized, then it’s not done by a swashbuckling juvenile in an Incursio armor, but rather by Esdeath splitting from it, caused by her love for Tatsumi. And yes, I maintain this position even after the very latest manga chapter.

    1. @tmir:
      Please use spoiler tags when referring to events that haven’t taken place yet. Not everyone has read the manga. This will be your only warning.

      You think Tatsumi and Esdeath are OTP? I have a hard time seeing that – especially this early on in the anime, but that would be the single most surprising thing in this series if the author was able to set this couple up without it being forced or awkward. Right now, I just see them as being too different and Esdeath being too set in her ways to bend any way for even someone like Tatsumi. There would have to be like weeks of development before I could believe that they were meant to be.

      1. I think it’s because of those differences is what makes their interactions so memorable. She looked so happy and relaxed and normal that it boggles the mind. It makes one wonder if she’s every smiled like since her family died. Not the sadistic grin she gets when fighting, but the happy blushing smile just from enjoying time with Tatsumi.

        To change her, she would need to be proven wrong – that her entire belief system isn’t the best. Her old wounds of losing her family will have be faced head on instead of swept under the ‘only the strong survive’ ideology. Once at that place of breaking, she’ll either cross the moral event horizon or break down in a way that’s possible for her to be redeemed. But this is a gamble that will cost an Empire to pull off and Tatsumi can’t do that as he is. If he was fully devoted to bringing about this change, he might have had the drive to pull it off, and also he would have an army of fan supporters to cheer him on. But that’s not Akame ga Kill.

      2. Cherrie: These are my reasons (I’ll limit myself to the same reasons I listed at this point of time during the manga run):

        1) The author of Akame ga Kill is Takahiro, the creator of for example Majikoi, Tsuyokisu, They Are My Noble Masters, Shakudou Road and others. Winning over powerful, often violent girls is exactly what his games are _always_ about.

        2) Esdeath is by far the most popular character in the entire show. And her character is not built up as “clear enemy” as e.g. the Prime Minister is.

        3) It would give Tatsumi a realistic way to seriously AFFECT the empire. Having him succeed by cutting down the bad guys would be so terribly boring and cliche. Succeeding by turning those who actually wield the power to make a difference would be a more creative way.

        4) It’s not even necessary that he reciprocrates Esdeath’s affections. It would even still make sense if it remained one-sided till the end.

        So yes – I expect Tatsumi/Esdeath to be the one pairing that really matters for the story, in the end.

      3. Esdeath is not as much “set in her ways” as these are really the only ways she knows and empirical observation has shown her that they work well in the brutal and selfish world she lives in. She is not incapable of compassion as evidenced by her loyalty to her subordinates. Love, she has never experienced before, and it’s this emotion that could potentially shift her world view.

        I’m not so sure, though, that inexperienced Tatsumi has enough restraint to work on pivoting her and letting her gradually change at her own pace – and revealing himself to be an enemy has the potential to send her spinning even further out of control.

    2. No offense but that idea is just too crazy and illogical. Tatsumi realizes that she cannot be changed from her current standpoint, because she is not a product of society or her circumstances; she really is insane and nothing will change that, so he figures that she needs to die if there is to be any progress at all.

      Chapter 52.2 has put an end to Esdeath/Tatsumi ever happening, as she reluctantly ordered Tatsumi’s execution because of his refusal to accept her.

  8. I always wonder how things would have turned out if Tatsumi arrived at the capital much later and was picked up by Esdeath from the get-go. Would he be like Wave or would he get disillusioned by the capital anyway?

    Anyway, there is something fascinating about Esdeath’s twisted mindset. If I could put my conscience aside, I’d totally go for her.

  9. Really like the episode and the deep dive into Esdeath’s past. I actually find it cute how willing she is to divulge her personal history to Tatsumi. Though that history is incredibly macabre.

    I get the feeling that when she does find out it will break her heart and drive her to the edge. And I can’t help but have the feeling that Esdeath will eventually tear the capital asunder from within. Love is cray.

  10. Oh, hey there scar!

    I’m liking how this isn’t going down the “tragic backstory leads to evil” and “hero tries to redeem villain” cliches, it almost feels like the author got completely fed up with Naruto and decided to write the exact opposite.

  11. Solid episode but i am surprised no one picked up that the minister’s son seems to be modeled off the character Scar from Full Metal Alchemist – the same cross-scar on his face, the hood, the ‘alchemy’ used to transport and the word Shambala. Scar is a better character though.

  12. This is the cornerstone of the manga/anime, for many reasons I loved and pitied this episode, fanservice galore all which was tasteful and the darker part makes me pity Esdeath. However, if she had been raised away from the north she would have never made it in the story unable to handle all the shit hitting the fan.

    On to the next arc of Akame ga Kill, there be killing that’s for sure.

  13. Esdeath is a very special case. I believe everything she does is an extension of her core beliefs. She was told that her mother was dragged out and eaten by Danger Beasts because she was weak. She was told that extracting cores from live beasts probably hurt a lot, but since they were stronger, they could do whatever they want. Finally, the man who taught her this shrugs his shoulders in before he dies as he teaches his daughter one final time that the strong live and the weak don’t. The empire is the stronger force, so they do what they want. If someone stronger were to come by, she’d probably accept whatever happened, since in that conflict she was weaker. Most everyone has dark kinks and fantasies. Her’s is S&M. Those Sadistic tendencies are more than likely amplified by her survival of the fittest core value set. She’s stronger so she is free to act out her desires. I wonder what would happen if there was a sadist that could defeat her? Just my armchair psycho-analysis of a villain. It doesn’t excuse her actions, because she could very well decide not to murder and possibly worse to her foes. And she is shown to be very sweet and charming…in her own way. I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t allowed to explore love, friendship, and other facets of youth normally.

    The Walker
  14. Esdeath reminds me of C. S. Lewis view on heaven or damnation in the last book of the Narnia series. A solder finds him self in heaven with the enemy Asian instead of his god who is actually the devil. (he actually saw the devil drag his commander off) The solder asks Aslan the lion (Jesus) how he is in heaven if it not the one his god promised and Asian rules instead and why did he not go with his god to his place. Asian tells him that he faithfully followed the rules and beliefs he was taught and sense the solder had never really had enough contact with a different view he was eligible for heaven because he did his best. (right before he went to heaven was the first time he left his country) Asian then points out the solders commander was taken by the devil to hell because the commander did not faithfully serve the devil and his society but tried to betray the devil and thus like the devil the hypocrite and greedy past the limits of his society is what condemns you. C. S. Lewis in many ways tried to show that it is yourself that takes you to hell that you choose hell. This is not confined to Christianity it is my impression both in Buddhism and the Hindu faith that if you are taught as a child to do wrong and never really given a alternative view that as long as you faithfully try to follow the rules in the next life you will be in a better situation. In Buddhism even the devil can find enlightenment there is no being no mater how evil that can not turn from that become a devote Buddhist and find enlightenment.

    We see so far that ESdeath has had no real connections to other ways of thinking from someone she is willing to listen to so in some ways Esdeath is not evil more like a danger beast or natural disaster that has to be defeated or dealt with. She tortures and kills because she does not know better. (I have read all predators like to torture and play with their kills if not that hungry)

    Tatsumi is right he does not have an ability to slowly but surly get Esdeath to consider a other view. But if I was the rebels I would have him give up his Arms and go with Esdeath and give him training and reinforcement in enlightened views so over years Esdeath might be turned. Esdeath will surly give Tatsumi a new Arm so the rebels are up one. And in the short term Esdeath could be distracted from her duties especially if Tatsumi talks her into having kids (a good way to crack the let them die argument, might not work but worth trying) The rebels would have to rest the urge to get any intelligence from him at first and only go for the decisive blow type in the end game.

    And if the rebels lose Tatsumi can be the peoples last hope. Like the Chinese scholar who talked the Mongels out of killing all the Chinese so they could raise herds in China but instead keep them alive to pay taxes. In this case at least overthrow the corrupt so actually weak leaders so that maybe later the Empire can recover. (will not be good for the handicapped and crippled I think of like Natzi Germany before the war. Corruption and crime were almost totally done away, the economy grew great and many things in the country were improved and taxes were high but not so high that you could not pay them and have an ok life, in this story taxes are so high they distorting the country side. (then all that was lost by going to war) Natzi governments still need to be done away with as they are evil and slowly fall into corruption after the founding leaders are gone. I’m not willing to trade freedom for security.


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