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OP: 「致命傷」 (Chimeishou) by Matenrou Opera

“The Circumstances in My Home’s Bathtub”

「オレん家のフロ事情」 (Orenchi no Furo Jijou)

We finally have our anime about a merman in a pink bathtub!

In the past few years it seems like short anime are becoming only better, and only more common at the same time. It’s a a balanced scale, because on one half you have a well-produced 4 minute episode every week that embraces the source material and has fun with it, but then on the other side you also just want it to be a full length series doing the same thing.

Thankfully, Orenchi no Furo Jijou makes the absolute most of it’s 4 minutes, introducing us to Wakasa, the fabulous, beautiful merman, and Tatsumi, the human whose bathtub he is staying in. It’s all in good fun, sprinkled with pink bathwater and blushed cheeks, but seeing Tatsumi saving the endangered Wakasa on the side of the river was a really touching scene. Even if this is going to be primarily comedy, I’m hoping there will be more moments like that, even if it has to sacrifice a gag or two for it.

Another way this succeeds is in how polished it looks. The character designs just work, and the simple yellow-pink-blue colour palette effectively goes with the upbeat mood. And the animation itself – although there wasn’t exactly a massive deal of it – was smooth to watch. It may be interesting to note how the OP is the complete contrast in those regards, going for a more mysterious feel. Whether that suggests that there is more to this sweet story or not is debatable. But when considering everything as whole, Orenchi no Furo Jijou delivers despite it’s length.

While it may not have been laugh-out-loud funny, it was certainly cute funny. I can’t imagine many side-splitting moments, but I’m open to see what happens from here, especially when we’re going to get some other creatures joining the bathroom! If I was to take a guess, I’d say we’ll be getting to see more bathtub sharing, more Tatsumi x Wakasa undertones, and more hilarity in this little ol’ tub. If anything else, it should be a fun little series.



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  1. Just pointing out the the genre doesn’t lable it as a Shounen-ai. Just beacuse there is mostly guys in it doesn’t mean its a yaoi.
    But I would consider myself to be a yaoi fan(fujoshi). But I just don’t like ppl that are hatin on shows like this just because it they think it might be a yaoi, I mean come on I watch some yuri shows so thats fine so yaoi should be fine to for everyone no reason to descriminate. But forget about that…
    I wanna say that even though its a 4min show I still looking forward to the next episode ^^ totally love the 2 of them
    and tatsumi definitly reminds me of Haru from Free, he even has the same voice so what a coincedence ^^
    totally watching this X3


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