「饗宴」 (Kyoen)

Didn’t you know math teachers are all secretly aliens?

It really is hard to pinpoint whether this episode was the best of the three we have so far, due to how damn brilliant they’ve all been. So far, each episode has focused on different aspects of the parasite invaders: initially we had the invasion and the misfit controlled bodies being highlighted; last week we had Izumi and his personal struggle to adjust to having a right hand with a life of its own; and now this time we have an introduction to parasites with varying degrees of intelligence. Honestly, it’s all compelling stuff, and proves that this will undoubtably continue to be a top-notch show – as many would except in the first place.

Tamiya Ryouko (Tanaka Atsuko) enters the stage this week, and her arrival couldn’t have been executed any better. Acting as a substitute math teacher – as well as Murano’s homeroom teacher – Migi initially warns Izumi or her being the same species as him. I never get tired of those tense countdown scenes as the parasites get closer and closer to Izumi’s destination, and with Tamiya arriving on stage and making eye contact with Izumi, this one was undoubtably the best reveal so far.

I think the scene where Tamiya and Izumi speak after school might just be my favourite of the episode; not only because of how palpable Izumi’s fear was, or how because of how wonderful the cinematography of it was, but also because it proved that this parasite that has invaded Tamiya is quite possibly the scariest thing of all: intelligent.

Another parasite that we’re introduced to this episode is A (Yasumura Makoto), a man of lesser intelligence than the calm and collected Tamiya. But a man nonetheless, as proved by the fact that Tamiya is indeed pregnant with his child after they did the business at the end of the last episode. Interestingly though, despite both the parent bodies being controlled by parasites, the child itself is in fact human. This opens up the possibility for what else the parasites can do in a human body. Presumably everything, I would think now? Kiseijuu might technically be a horror, even if it isn’t particularly scary, but I think the scariest thing of all is that these parasites can easily disguise themselves as humans and live their lives as normal if they so desire. That’s certainly a terrifying prospect.

The second half of the episode sees the return of A, after he stormed out of the coffee shop, claiming Izumi (or Migi, rather) as a threat. And so A invades the schoolto Tamiya’s annoyance – and starts causing a hell of a scene. Compared the manga it does seem more toned down, but there’s never a point where this feels censored. I think around about now we can breathe easy and say that Madhouse is doing a fantastic job at bringing the essence of the original series into this anime adaptation.

As everyone flees from the building, Migi comes up with a plan to sacrifice a few classmates in order to get closer to A and deal the finishing blow. How does Izumi take to this plan? Well, not too well at all. In fact, he does the very opposite and distances himself from everyone, isolating himself so that A gets what he wants. Suicide or not, the difference between Izumi and Migi’s thought processes continues to intrigue, and as compromises are made between them I can only imagine that these two shall become a deadly partnership in the future.

Another thing that stood out for me this episode was the music. Of course, we’ve been getting this dubstep beats that seems to have split opinions, but the tense music that we got during the final scene of the episode is one that I absolutely loved. Having heard it in the PV I thought it was effective then, but boy, it was even better now. I’m quite excited to see what else this bizarre OST has to offer.

So overall, another episode that delivered in near enough every way. I can’t wait to see more of Tamiya and how she’ll become involved in the plot from here on out, and maybe to see if there are other parasites with her level of intelligence, blending seamlessly into society. As I’m only reading the corresponding manga chapters that are being adapted as we go along, it’s nice not knowing what’s going to happen, because I honestly have no idea what’s awaiting us. And I love surprises!



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Izumi is trying to get used to his new situation, whilst Migi gets involved in fight with another parasite victim – this time a human!
  • But while the Mincemeat Murders are underway, Izumi and Murano still have time to spend together, hinting at more romance to come between them.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 5 – 7

No Rampaging Lion:

  • I’m not too surprised the scene with the lion and the parasite facing off was cut. It would have been awesome, though. I suppose animal violence to that level didn’t make the cut.

Hiding their identities:

  • A doesn’t really mind showing his true features in a coffee shop, does he? It does seem like before now Madhouse has been leaving out scenes of the parasites showing off themselves to the public. I wonder if there is any reason behind that?

Is Izumi breaking?:

  • He had a little scream not once, but twice this episode. His emotions are being tested in the situation he’s caught in. I do wonder what will happen to our sensible protagonist from here on out…



      1. yeah the old ones have better horror as opposed to today where they focus more on suspense and mystery.

        I just remembered UZUMAKI. Man, if that shit is animated, it will probably become one of the best (weird) horror anime. I read it a year ago and I still have nightmares about it from time to time. It was really creepy.

    1. Oddly I never find an OP catching in my head until at least the second episode. I’ll be looking forward to the full version of Let Me Hear although sometimes the full version doesn’t live to the promise of the OP (take the last two Fairy Tail OPs for example IMO).

  1. Oh how the lack of censoring makes this that much more entertaining. The best part (at least for me) has to be the dialogue between Migi and Izumi and other parasites (i.e. Tamiya) though, especially the comparison between strict pragmatism versus idealistic compassion and “honour”; you can never have enough philosophical debate 😛

    Definitely pleased Kiseijuu has two cours considering how well Madhouse has handled this adaptation so far.

  2. Another great episode, but I’ve a warning to everyone, DO NOT READ THE MANGA. I was stupid enough to concede to my curiosity, and it’s starts well, but boy, it gets bad, REALLY bad quickly. So don’t do it. Just watch the anime, MH is doing a hell of a job, there’s a hell lot more of attention to the side characters and to the development of the plot here.
    I hope they keep improving it, because by the end of the manga I was utterly pissed at the author for wasting such a great premise and start. Anti-climatic fights, bad drawing, awful dialogue, half assed side characters with no depth and the main narrative was thrown to the gutter after 20 or so chapters.

    1. A lot of people have read it and enjoyed it, me included. It is regarded in some cirlce as a classic manga even. So I really take offense at what you said.
      Don’t say something like that. Let people read and see for themselves whether it’s their taste or not. Personally I would recommend it more than almost anything Shounen Jum is publishing right now.
      The art is good for its time and do its job. The theme is explored in many angles. And character development lacking, sorry, do you really read it or not.

      1. The art is absolutely awful (but this one is subjective, either way, the anime does character design and everything else so much better).
        The manga ended letting a couple things unexplained and some even untouched. The side characters were getting some attention in the beginning, but then that suddenly stopped. Some dilemmas that you thought had been over with, would make a comeback and through the development of the MC (and everything else) in the trash. The fights were all anti climatic, badly drawn, quickly over, there was almost no strategy or anything to it, they’d all play the same in the end and what about the MC love relationship, that was awful, that got be the worst portrait of a relationship I’ve ever read in my life. Period. The anime is 3 episodes in and they are shitting on the manga in this aspect.
        Oh, there’s also the tree hugging activism it began to show after a while, and even that the author didn’t develop further, he could have taken it places, but in the end it was so shallow it left just a sour taste in my mouth, like something a 15 year old vegan hipster would write about ‘how humans are so evil’ and ‘the real problem with the planet earth: humans’.
        “It is regarded in some circle as a classic manga even”. You do tell me which ‘circle’ that is, cause I want to stay the hell away from it.
        The manga has its moments, but it was so poorly executed and finished, I fail to see how anyone can call it a classic

      1. Quite surprised at how many people like this rushed piece of crap of a manga. I guess in 20 years there will be a bunch of people going around defending Bleach also. If you criticize the artwork and lack of background they’ll reply ‘you don’t understand Kubo’s minimalist art’. If you criticize the plot and characters, saying Kubo just stopped giving any fucks after a while, there will be people going ‘it’s a classic!!1 You don’t understand manga from that era.’
        Quite funny that my favorites manga are from the 90’s, and none had this crap art or disregard for character building and history writing. But hey! It’s a classic!

        Thank God for Mad House and their art director and general director, they are working miracles with a source material so bad.

      1. But still it depends on how Madhouse adapts this scene. As a manga reader, I detected some of the scenes from the manga that are being changed or omitted in the anime like Show Spoiler ▼

        so just wait for a few episodes just in case.

  3. For some reason I started to call Shinji “Japanese Peter Parker” now.

    I also really like the OST, some dubstep track aside. Some parts of it really makes the show feel like a superheroes movie.

  4. This Anime gave me a weird impression at first but now I can say “What an Anime!”
    Every characters here are really attractive(I didn’t think that I would be that attached to Migi)and about the story,well,I can’t really say anything right now,must wait for two or three another Ep.
    But,what about the Deathflag at the preview?Are the MC’s parents gonna…even if it was for just a few minutes,I really grow liking those really “COOL” parents…

  5. Didn’t you know math teachers are all secretly aliens?

    That would certainly explain the bizzarre behaviour of every math teacher I’ve ever known…like the guy who would murder his stuffed animals for fun, or the scary, quiet guy who would randomly explode in anger, or the politician…

    Ye gods, the world’s already doomed!

    That aside, I’m glad the show’s introducing intriguing elements at a steady pace and isn’t content in just letting it be some kind of monster of the week thing. Couple that with intriguing characters, no censorship and a very fitting OST and you get a show I tune into almost instantly after it gets subbed.

    Man, this show rocks.

  6. I’m totally sold on this show and each week I tend to watch it and view the parasites from the ecological and biological perspective.

    Looking back at Tamiya’s explanation, it’s interesting (and no wonder) on how the parasites only hijack the central nervous system and I was definitely wrong to say that they totally invade every single organ in the body and fuse their genome in them. It’s no wonder the pregnant baby is human. It’s a mind control parasite that we see so common in the insect world.

    Speaking of A, it seems like it’s the natural thing for parasite to do. There are those microbial parasites that have evolved alongside their host. These would definitely be able to live within their host without killing them similar to the ones in Tamiya sensei and Izumi. As for those who have not evolved along with the host, tend to quickly kill them off, similar to the ones in A and the 1st 2 hosts that they met.

    Technically, I don’t know if I’m surprised by Migi’s plan… Since that’s what parasite do, they try to ensure that their host survives for as long as possible so that they can do what ever they need to. Kinda reminds me of a certain Incubator that we all love/hate. It’s interesting to see the weekly dispute between Migi’s Darwinian views and Izumi’s humane views. I am not sure if the Migi-Izumi relationship at this point is parasitic or a commensal one.

    Neither one seems to “suffer” at the expense of the other (unless you take Izumi’s humanity and sanity into consideration). It seems that both of them coexist along side one another, with one reaping the benefits but not at the expense of the other.

      1. Mitochondira was a mutualistic relationship that kind evolved into something that can never be separated.

        Nonetheless, it’s interesting to watch this parasitic relationship

  7. Seems to me like Madhouse just really wants to show off the parasytes. To which I have no problem! XD It’s quite intriguing how creepy-looking they make them seem in comparison to the manga. Migi is one that I always thought looked kinda adorable in the manga, but here, his mouth is just plain creepy. XD

  8. “Compared the manga it does seem more toned down, but there’s never a point where this feels censored. I think around about now we can breathe easy and say that Madhouse is doing a fantastic job at bringing the essence of the original series into this anime adaptation.”

    “I can’t wait to see more of Tamiya and how she’ll become involved in the plot from here on out, and maybe to see if there are other parasites with her level of intelligence, blending seamlessly into society. It’s nice not knowing what’s going to happen, because I honestly have no idea what’s awaiting us. And I love surprises!”

    I’m confused. Have you already read the manga or not?

    1. I probably should have been a little clearer there. Like Kamui04 said, once I watch the episode I read over the corresponding manga chapters, just to compare how it’s been adapted.


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