「秘書が使えない!」 (Hisho ga Tsukaenai!)
“The Secretary is Useless!”

So last week we ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but don’t worry, because nothing has come out of it. It’s so like royalty to get everybody worked up just because they have a cold or something. Nobody cares if you’re sick these days unless it’s Ebola. Don’t kick up a fuss if it’s just the haemophilia again.

In all seriousness, Latifa’s Boy Who Cried Wolf moment is probably a double bluff meant to lure us into a false sense of security in preparation for some more serious drama later. Therefore, we should try our best to forget about it for now and turn to the focus of the episode: a despondent Isuzu, stoking the inferiority complex she’d been nursing since episode 02. It’s unfortunate that she looks especially bad when juxtaposed with Seiya’s outrageous hyper-competency, even with the most hilariously mundane things. It’s not a resume highlight for the ex-manager of a theme park to have no skill entertaining children, but who can blame Isuzu? Children are the Devil made manifest. If I was Isuzu I would have just shot them without remorse, like I would everything else. Rampaging infants was the eighth plague of Egypt or something. Seriously, they’re a force of nature. I can understand why Japan is having a population crisis; who’d want to make more of these things? I guess it’s exactly the reason why theme parks were invented: to distract the children while the rest of us run for cover.

Her lacking babysitting credentials aside, it’s unsurprising that the rest of the cast have an uneasy relationship with Isuzu. She runs a business like she’d run an army, and that’s never a good idea. I noted last week that Isuzu is a soldier, not an entertainer, but it’s worse than that; not only is she a soldier, she’s a soldier by feudal family tradition, and there’s no baggage quite like family baggage. Fortunately, conflict is also opportunity for development, and for once it’s a good thing that Isuzu’s a military woman because disaster relief is a military duty. As the Romans knew, sometimes you just need a dictator to take control. I’m glad Isuzu had a chance to show off capabilities other than just magic muskets. For example, her ability to smile.

Since Isuzu is Seiya’s foil, in learning about her we also learn about Seiya. He doesn’t reveal his entire backstory (like his history with Latifa; it’s still too early for that) but it’s evident that, like Isuzu, child Seiya also had some sort of family trouble. ‘You could just have run away,’ he advises Isuzu, and it makes us wonder how it reflects on his own past as an actor. Even if he’s still hiding those details, Übermensch Seiya opening up about a weakness—his crippling acrophobia—and the indications that his megalomania is a compensatory facade are all welcome pieces of character development for our protagonist. Considering how they got all that in alongside the typhoon plot, they actually got a lot done this episode, but without it feeling rushed, which I consider to be quite commendable.

Amagi Brilliant Park isn’t slowing down for anything, though. We can’t leave without a hook for the next episode. So with that, Smaug awakens. Look forward to the next episode, folks!


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  1. Nice episode,the development of Isuzu and Kanie’s relationship is good, we also learned more about Sento like her history as an imperial guard and her feudal family tradition and Seiya like his weakness in heights.
    And this show also tell us that violence can never solve anything.

    “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” by Henry Ford

    Trivial setbacks are nothing but occurrences in everyday life. -Kanie Seiya

    This episode is full of lessons and is the best episode of ABP for me at this moment.Can’t wait for the next episode and thecliffhanger on the dragon LOL.

  2. And another moesh** from KAni dropped.

    On side note, I will not question why KAani animated this and not Copcraft of FMP, I only wonder why Gatoh wrote something like this? For fun? He wanted to have another anime adaptation of his work (since there’s no hope for new FMP (5 animated, 7 volumes to go!) series)?

      1. It IS kinda disappointing that the rest of FMP wasn’t animated after Second Raid, considering the fact that things are really serious in the series from then on. My suspicion is that there are complications involving decision makers and such about what to adapt and what not to. You could jolly well ask Gatoh himself why he wrote this, though. :p

        I’d disagree with calling Amaburi a “moesh**” right off the bat, but the focus on having moe characters does make it unappealing for certain audiences.

      2. I suspect that one of the reasons why KyoAni has not adapted the rest of FMP is because things get really serious. The plot takes a turn for the different and the romantic comedy (most of the comic relief in general, in fact) mostly evaporate. It’s not the same beast as the FMPwe’ve come to know, and frankly I’m not sure if Takemoto is up for it.

      3. I agree with Passerby. They probably think that animating the following volumes won’t be a big hit since it’s vastly different from the FMP that people know and love. IIRC FMP season 1 and Fumoffu (more on the romcom and school/daily life) got a lot of positive reviews while TSR (more on war/whispereds) got mixed ones. The next volumes are a lot more serious than TSR and maybe that’s part of why they are holding back on animating it.

        I’ve read the LN and the manga up until the very end and I must say that as a casual anime fan, the volumes animated were the best part of the series. The following volumes are for the die hard mecha/war fans.

        I still love the FMP series regardless.

        The Story You Don't Know
    1. Germanguy hay a point. FMP isn’t like Parasyte to adapt very old chapters. If you’re commenting your feelings for dropping this show, why bother commenting here, no one forcing you to watch this show to begin with. Smh

  3. They literally threw the sequencing out of order in this one. All I can say is that

    Show Spoiler ▼

    But I really, really enjoyed the episode. I think KyoAni deserves some kudos here for picking right up on Isuzu’s inferiority complex and putting it into focus here, giving her character a lot more depth and expression that would otherwise be missing had we just dived into, say, “10 Ways to Save a Dying Theme Park”. Oh, and dat fanservice, of course. Isuzu seems to be just the female mascot for that (and I believe that does make quite a number of viewers happy).

    The theme of the episode here is vulnerability, and nothing quite advances development like characters being vulnerable to the audience and to each other. It’s nice to see Seiya once again being shown as imperfect, and how Isuzu seemingly complements the couple of areas he is lacking in. Feels like the S.S. SeiyaIsuzu might be finally leaving the harbor when they opened up to each other (another nice touch from KyoAni).

    With glimpses into the past of Seiya and Latifa, I think we should be in for a treat if you’re looking for some drama. Not sure if anyone got this, but

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Hope those weren’t too spoilerific. In any case, thanks once again for the coverage Passerby. Really looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

    1. My guess without reading the source material is that it is not Latifia that that he met in the past but her mom. During the drinking scene in ep3, one of the other fairies (Pink cat or the Lamb) mention that Mofule is a siscon and baby’s Latifia because she looks just like her mother.

      1. Nice Speculation. But there is still the Secret of what happen in the meantime… He could not be a Dad without knowing it? or not?…

        But be careful, some Trolls here, like to call this all Spoilers

    2. Amaburi seems to be quite willing to mix things up to deliver a more cohesive anime experience, and I’m all for that. It’s also heartening to see fans of the original source be on board with adaptation changes as opposed to breaking out the pitchforks at the first sign of divergence, as is too often the case.

      1. Don’t lump me in with those narrow-minded people. :p

        But seriously, the episode brought out more flavor and color than the novel in certain parts, especially the characterisation and interaction of the characters. I’m not enough of a purist and glad not to be one to say that any deviation is automatically sh**, but I think you would understand what I would call the ‘cautious optimism’ most objective LN readers have of LN adaptations. It can turn out utterly meaningless (Mahouka), seemingly never to reach full potential (sadly, Madan no Ou currently) or fun to watch (Ryokujou) or epic (Log Horizon).

        Amaburi’s adaptation is quite a piece of work so far, and I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling more positive than negative about the series as of now. 🙂

  4. Techim
  5. Techim
      1. Nope

        He is Acting the last part, to fool himself. Like a Lighthouse that dont stand on solid ground. His Advice he said in this scene, is not sunken deep into his own Heart. It was only the Actor part that spoke out of him. he used his old self, to play the guide. But in same time, he shuts is own heart

        Someone need to take of his Actor selfdefence mask, to accept his truly self. But i see the anime is taking slowly this path, and thats why i follow this.

  6. I posted this on myanimelist.

    The theme is technician vs performer.

    Isuzu is a soldier. She follows orders by the book. She is a technician but that prevents her from having a broader perspective of things.


    Kanie was an actor. He performs his theatrics to his audiences. He is a performer but that means he lacks decisiveness and resolve in times of emergency.


    Two in Harmony Surpasses One in Perfection. Individually they are great but they can’t get the job done but together they can do it!

    This is what I think.

    1. Isuzu
      -points out what people SHOULD DO when facing a problem
      -if people approach her, she tells them to get used to it and keep going
      -can organise and coordinate people —>(I see this as a short-term effectivness)
      -speaks matter-of-fact with a pessimist style, staff tends to feel a bit down after dealing with her
      -checks a problem on the spot, only then think up solutions
      Overall I think this would lead to Amabri staff acknowledging her but taking care not to get on her bad side..

      -points out what people COULD DO when facing a problem
      -if people approach him, he is willing to listen and compromise
      -can motivate and appeal to people’s interests —>(I see this as a long-term effectiveness)
      -speaks matter-of-fact with a sarcastic style, staff tends to feel pissed off but they acknowledge their own weaknesses
      -have solutions or alternatives for a problem before they appear
      Overall I think this would lead to Amabri staff respecting / admiring /acknowledging him.

      1. Kanie Westo lies more towards empowering the people but it does not truly translating to strategic success… It’s more towards tactical success.

        50 Sento on the other hand, lies towards efficiency and attaining strategic success. This does not truly translate to empowering people and getting tactical success.

        In short, they’re polar opposites that complement each other in this beautiful ballet performance. Each knowing when to lead.

        Makise Kuristina
  7. The subs for this go live online only hours after I need to go to sleep, which means the soonest I can see this show is like 22 hours after everyone ELSE already has!! It’s incredibly annoying!

  8. Gatoh Shouji personally penned the script for this original episode, so he must know best how to bring out the most moe from Isuzu, who’s like a female version of FMP’s Sousuke with her military background but forced in a slice-of-life role.

  9. I think I’m the only one looking forward for more characters with rapper/celebrity names rather than the plot itself. lol. All in all, it was a nice episode. I especially enjoyed those kids’ facial expression when they ganged up on Sento. They are indeed little devils.

    As a side note,Earth is the best elementario girl.

  10. Man, those kids are nightmarish little bastards. I wish there was a montage of Isuzu shooting them in the face with her memory-erasing bullets. And what was with the blurred out pink stuff? I don’t think I even wanna know.

    I was nice to see some development for Isuzu and Seiya, in any case, as it makes them true well-rounded, flawed characters (this show could’ve easily gone the pure comedy route and let them remain stereotypes) and I’m interested to see how their relationship will grow from this point on. And props for Seiya for immediately bringing up that he remembers Latifa somehow, instead of just carrying that with him the entire show like I’ve seen some other characters do. Sure, he didn’t get a satisfactory answer, but bonus points for at least bringing it up.

    As for his mom, I get the feeling she was one of those stage moms, constantly hounding her kid to became famous or something. Those are scary ones, in both fiction and real life.

    And they have a friggin’ dragon? Better hope it doesn’t fry some customers, people tend to frown upon that.

  11. I’m surprised I was correct about Isuzu’s feelings. I usually get it wrong lol. I think the difference between her and Seiya’s managing policies was a little extreme – the dictator vs the negotiator – but hey it’s an anime. I liked seeing the feels this week – really humanizes the characters in my eyes.

    You’d think someone would’ve mentioned to Seiya that Smaug is sleeping in the basement lol. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the dragon.

    1. Definitely liked this episode as well and it indeed did a good job at humanizing or characterizing for that matter both Kanye and 50 Sento better,as well as being a good set-up for building up a relationship between the two. Both of them complement each other in managing the park and there’s some good chemistry to be had between them.

      I only hope that the show continues to develop them as individuals,as well as their relationship. To me at least,that seems to be the meat of Amagiri Brilliant Park,much more than getting the park back on track tbh.

  12. Even if the Princess picked on my traumas and teased me about it while giggling, for some reason I don’t think I could ever be mad at her

    Isuzu’s stoic exterior was hiding her fragile insecure self?
    The way she maintained a silent distance from Kanie throughout the journey to ABP while she was downhearted is simply just too adorable.
    Muse, Isuzu and Latifa are downright the best KyoAni to date.
    Amagi Brilliant Park really is the happiest place on Earth! (Albeit fictional ;-;)

    Giorno Giovanna
  13. I find it quite amusing that FMP featured the male lead as a hardened warrior while ABP gives that role to the heroine. I’d love for those two to interact, if only to see who shoots first.

  14. still oddly underwhelmed by this series..

    great animation, interesting premise, decent characters.. but the whole feels less than the sum of its parts, feels like something is missing.

    a bit too slow & slice-of-lifey for me maybe


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