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OP2: 「ZoNE-iT」 by KOTOKO
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「敗北」 (Haiboku)

The long overdue new opening sequence is finally here and humorously enough, it looks a lot more exciting than the series has actually been. Its foreshadowing of Argevollen’s eventual showdown with Sturm Alpha is kind of wasted too because we got to see its conclusion in this very episode. On the plus side, the second sequence is a lot better than the first one and features another catchy song from KOTOKO. See above.

It probably goes without saying that there was any doubt in anybody’s mind that Tokimune would pilot Argevollen again, but I must say that I’m quite pleased with how this episode concluded in a rather ominous manner. Samonji’s final words where he said he “lost” in light of Sturm Alpha’s defeat pretty much implied that Tokimune either a.) died in the pilot seat or b.) suffered some irreversible neurological damage. I’m thinking the latter at this point, but regardless of what actually happened, I’m just grateful that the episode preview didn’t just give it away like it has in the past. Instead, it even seems to allude to the possibility that Samonji might resign from his position, after having to bear the guilt of both Reika and Tokimune dying under his watch. The other possibility is that the “Farewell/Parting” episode title is in reference to Tokimune’s death, but I think it’s highly unlikely that the writers would kill off Tokimune at this point. It’d be a pretty gutsy move and I’d give them praise for it if they did, but I just can’t fathom anime writers killing off their main character with over half a dozen episodes to go. If anything, Tokimune will survive thanks to Jamie, which would finally give her a purpose in this story.

Aside from the “NR Syndrome” fallout on both sides, what I was most surprised about this episode is Liz’s obsession with “using” Richthofen to get revenge for Conrad. Unlike Jamie, I clearly gave Liz’s character too much credit when I said she’d probably be the person that saves Richthofen from self-destructing. Well, she sure proved me wrong this episode by saying stuff like, “You can’t die until you kill Argevollen.” Talk about being obsessed with your deceased superior. I can understand Liz’s desire to avenge Conrad, but her willingness to sacrifice Richthofen makes her come off as a very one-dimensional character. To put it bluntly, I thought there’d be more to her character but I’ve pretty much lost all interest in her now. She could just go and die next episode for all I care. 🙂 After all, we know the real focus now will be on how to usurp both Cayenne and Zarl from their positions and put an end to the war. If nothing else, the new opening sequence definitely confirms that Cayenne is evil.




  1. I don’t like that the cockpit is dark. What if his consciousness is trapped in or melded with Argevellon? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

    I hope his brain didn’t turn to mush from all that screaming.

  2. Judging by the relaxed expressions shown in the preview, I’d say Tokimune isn’t in bad shape.

    According to the new OP, an improved form of the Sturm Alpha will soon come into play… probably augmentations to the current Sturm. I have trouble understanding why the Captain didn’t order the Sturm to be completely destroyed.

    1. Wait, wasn’t the “residual memory” BS already used in M3?
      Also, wow… even the OP that is more exiting then the series is a bore. This has to be one of XEBEC’s worst series. At least Tokyo ESP was amusing in its stupidity.

  3. Man, when I commented last week that the NR syndrome seemed to cause them to go Uchiha, I didn’t expect them to end up a sharringan away from Itachi’s famous rape face! It’s interesting, both of them seemed to briefly pull themselves out of their insanity near the end of the fight, making it Tokimune’s win over Richthofen. If the blue baron isn’t in a POW camp next episode I’m gonna be very upset. The battles were very good this episode, and I especially liked the showdown at the end. The only problem is that the screaming wasn’t quite up to snuff. Just one more notch of inflection and volume could have done it, but I guess not everyone can be as good as DBZ’s VA’s.

    Looking forward it seems like we’re entering the final stage and will wrap up with the conspiracy behind everything…

    1. @Hochmeister: “If the blue baron isn’t in a POW camp next episode I’m gonna be very upset.”

      Agree. I had the same thought. Also blow up Sturm Alpha rather than leave in a repairable state. Pretty basic given that it is the enemy’s super mecha.

      “Just one more notch of inflection and volume could have done it, but I guess not everyone can be as good as DBZ’s VA’s.”

      No, please, NO volume increase. Loud enough thanks. I do agree on the inflection, tone – something was missing. I’ve watched DBZ and didn’t have a problem with the yelling/screaming in that show (wouldn’t want more though). This just bugged me to the point I hit the mute button.

    1. This series is the only real mass ground mecha warfare, complete infantry troops, organization. Army vs Army. There are wins and looses. Unlike Gundam they always chasing the small good guys with no end.

  4. Well, it’s a shame when we all know what’s going to happen without even finishing the episode itself. If this show was show all the way back during the reign of SEED, it’d been a hit. Instead, we just groaned at the obviousness of Tokimune’s NR syndrome mind merge with Arge…

    Still, I guess we can still look forward to the political wars that’s about to go nuclear (relatively soon).

  5. Had some free time so caught up on this. Action’s picked up so +1 there, but been a long time since I’ve had to hit the mute button while watching anything. TOO MUCH SCREAMING! I got it. NRS screws with their minds.

    I liked Samonji at first, but his “man of too few words” act has hit my limit. Personally, I just cannot buy into his concern/regret at times. Reika, maybe, but Tokimune – nope. “I’ve lost”… and… oh well? I don’t need histrionics, but when you consider his actions/orders over the entire run thus far, I’m not seeing much concern and/or prevention of a repeat incident when he at knew (or at least strongly suspected) about Argevollen’s NRS issue from the start. As for what happened recently, Tokimune’s not exactly the most deep, complex (or brightest) character. It’s hard to believe that what played out was anything unexpected for Samonji – including Tokimune disobeying orders (not like that has never happened before >_>).

    Agree with Divine about Liz – too one dimensional though she’s not the only one. Cayenne approaches cartoon villainy for me. He might already be there at this point. So… he just likes war & chaos…? That seems to be his sole motivation. On the plus side, Jamie’s role has had a welcome resurgence. I feared she was going to get fooled again by Suguro, but she didn’t, and I was happy to see that. As for whether Tokimune’s alive or not, I’m unsure. I agree with Divine that killing him off is probably less likely than not though I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

    At this point I guess I’m in until the end, but I honestly can’t say this is a priority watch. Still same ‘ol Argevollen for me in that when something improves, something else degrades with the net result being “meh”.

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