「禁じられない遊び」 (Kinjirarenai Asobi)
“Unforbidden Games”

After last week’s episode, I wasn’t sure how to react to PSYCHO-PASS 2. A lot of people seemed to like it but a lot of people felt that it derailed the show completely and turned it into an abysmal piece of sh*t. I fall into the former category of individuals, but it doesn’t mean that I think the show is perfect. I have issues with mainly Mika who gets on my nerve because a) I don’t like her character development or lack of it. Her opposition to Akane is something that doesn’t add any value to the show for me and she hasn’t proved to be a very useful investigator at all. And b) I just don’t like her character, period. Please don’t confuse the fact that while I do understand why she is the way she is, that doesn’t mean I have to like her. Mika is one of those women that follow the rules and mean well, but it doesn’t translate well when the audience knows much more than she does. I’m annoyed because she’s neither getting to the point fast enough nor is she a likeable person in general. I don’t mean to rag on her all the time (and this episode’s ending actually makes up for a bit of it) but overall, she deteriorates my enjoyment of this show a little bit at a time. Her conversation with the Chief this week shows that she has good intentions and I respect that; but knowing the full picture paints a completely different impression of her. I hope that with all the snooping she’s done, she can dig up something useful about Tougane.

Speaking of Tougane… what is his deal? I can’t decipher if he’s good or evil or if he just has his own secret agenda. It’s obvious that he has something against Akane, which leaves me to believe that he’s not Kogami with plastic surgery – maybe they’re brothers? Or they had a mentor-type relationship? He also circled a lot of Akane’s key features in the different shots; her eyes and her mouth especially, which could be a sign that he wants to replicate her face or duplicate features about her. I guess only time will tell (or Mika will because she can’t keep her mouth shut) but I definitely believe that the true underlying story will lead back to Tougane. The ending for PSYCHO-PASS 2 will probably lead us to him and who he is.

Moving on the story at hand, Kamui is finally make big moves by taking over the drones created by the police force. There’s something extremely unsettling about playing a game and actually killing innocent people unknowingly. I think what I find most disturbing is that the people playing these games are so into it and that happiness on their face – flashing to all the people being murdered, is such a convoluted message. Although Kamui might have the destruction of Sybil in mind, he’s killing a lot of innocent people in the process. This is a good example of how the end don’t justify the means for me and I think it also depicts just how people can approach the same problem differently. While both Akane and Kamui have the same goal of taking down Sybil, Akane does it without endangering the people around her and she wants to settle it her way. Kamui is raging destruction all around; trying to throw the system out of balance and just testing how far it can go. He’s such a creepy character and his interactions with the people around him make him sound like their savior. I’m sure that’s what he’s going for, but does he need to pretend to be someone else all the time? Is he actually shedding people’s skin to do research?

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Ugh… Mika continues to annoy me in #pp_anime. Somehow even though Tougane seems evil, I can’t find myself hating him #PsychoPass2


  1. Mika just stumbled across Tougane’s pr0n collection.

    MY THEORY: He’s doing a facial analysis & a psychological profile of Akane. There are references of people being replaced by fakes so maybe he’s collecting data for a hologram or a “new” Akane. You’ll see the words ”persona, psychological barrier, personal distance” with the red circles.

    Pic: http://i.imgur.com/FLfjYhm.jpg

    1. I didn’t think about fakes, but I think he’s studying her as her CC is always low. Yes, he seems to be doing a profiling of sorts, but I don’t think it’s for making fakes of her. Akane is similar to Makishima in some ways, and as a “therapist,” Tougane is checking out nonverbal cues (her facial expressions) and even goes to labeling them into “persona”—psychological archetype of the mask/facade we show other people. Adding to that, he put psychological barrier, which, including personal distance, may be one of Akane’s defense mechanisms in this world.
      Has anyone noticed Tougane’s eyes redden too? The possibility of him as a cyborg…
      A cyborg who is there to study Akane’s asymptomatic traits.

  2. Also, Kirito Kamui saying “Game start, MWPSB” made me think of Kirito from SAO.
    Using the ‘Hungry Chicken’ game to control the drones was brilliant. I’m now scared to play any game on my iPhone.

  3. Seems like we reached a similar point to the “Mask Riot” of the first season.

    I’m very intrigued on the psychological profile of Kamui. While he seems to have as a main objective the throwdown of Sybil, his means of acting through the change of personas (not only of himself, but of the old man in last episode and the Masuda this time; anyone noticed how they seemed to have the same emotionless facial expression before the fake Masuda’s revealing?) is quite pecular and revealing. As in, maybe Kamui not only wants to clear the hue colors, but also needs to be no one. Truly, a ghost.

    1. The man is giving himself an urban legend. That’s a clever move on his part. I’m waiting for the moment when the cult of his persona is established. The PP Japanese society lacks spirituality, a descent of a god or an angel who clears people’s psycho pass should be more than welcome by the populace.

  4. I keep telling my sister that chickens will one day rule the world, and this episode proved it. lol.
    on a serious note, I agree that probably, the only saving grace that our oh-so-professional Mika will get is uncovering Tougane. and as the Chief mentioned, she’ll be eaten alive because of it (well, I definitely don’t want to see her in the movie set 2.5 years later -.-) Besides the pictures (screenshots of season 1 pfft!), the flashes also focused on a picture of him and his grandmother, which I thought was a lil weird when we want to piece together his intentions. And I’m kinda glad that they finally mentioned Makishima! The first mention of anything season 1-ish! It’s probably all at the tip of their tongue, but because of Kamui’s difference in approach, it feels different (I believe that while Makishima focused on the rejection of Sybil, Kamui is focusing on getting everyone accepted or ‘invisible’). Really can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next week!

  5. I loved this episode, especially the game part. It’s so ironic to have unaware citizens contributing to bloodshed. I wish things would escalate to an even bigger scale, with the whole population being driven to insanity by Kamui’s trigger-happy shenanigans.

    On another note, Akane is still pretty much the same tool that she used to be in S1. She did absolutely nothing to reform the system the whole Japan is stuck in. Even though she sees inspectors turn more and more people into mincemeat (like in episode 2). I guess she got pretty much used to killing by this stage.

    1. didn’t you heard the director said that ,”if you decide to expose us or cease to be useful… well”
      They can just destroy everyone you ever love and care for lol Akane is useful at the moment , she accept that sybil is still needed by the society , if you want to make some change i suggest joining kamui , makishima , resistance or kogami army , trying to do it from within with get your whole family killed or struck in the rehab the whole life while they feed you medicine until you go limp , DO YOU WANT THAT?

  6. I wouldn’t say Tougane has something against Akane, considering the parts of the photos circled (eyes, mouth) and the show’s focus on holograms the indication is that he’s trying to decipher whether Akane is an imposter or not. The pointing of the dominator at Akane and the professor’s deduction of the representative as a another person also seem to indicate that the current trail of thought is whether Akane is indeed Akane. Of course Mika won’t see it that way thanks to her incredibly regressed and ignorant beliefs. Quite funny how Sibyl summed it up best, Mika will be eaten alive at some point or another.

    As for Kamui his actual strategy remains elusive even with the increasing number of parts laid bare. It’s clear he desires to destroy Sibyl (or at least the omnipotent, judging portion) at this stage, but how is another question. So far we have holograms, skin grafts (heavily hinted at), psychological manipulation (i.e. the textbook case of mentally twisting the investigator against herself), dominator testing, replacing of public figures, and now computer hacking.

    It’s not really clear how all of these parts come together, but it could be guessed the objective is to destroy Sibyl through its own control systems. Sibyl is supposed to keep the populace happy and content in one part by identifying and isolating the unwanted, a job that becomes hard to justify retaining when the system is physically unable to identify those unwanted individuals. Sibyl’s legitimacy comes from its (perceived) egalitarian control, remove the capability of control and the currency of legitimacy (trust) evaporates. One thing a lot of people forget is that laws are only law when the majority of the citizenry believes in them; Sibyl, as a system of law, is no exception, which is why Kamui’s targeting of its foundation by degrading popular trust in its operations is far more likely to actually end up destroying the system than Makishima’s plan to reveal the mechanics of Sibyl.

  7. Well after that Hamlet episode full of the most irritating cases of action and inaction, this was interesting.
    Am I the only one who finds this season really creepy? Never have I felt so put off by an antagonist. His good-willed seeming nature juxtaposed with all this murderous intent is…nope.
    All my nope.
    The chief said it best, Mika will get eaten alive. She’s so naive it hurts.

    1. belive it or not , yayoi have such a strong plot armor, since she vow to stop her yuri girlfriend , but the 3 division and new inforcer might hit the hay soon,nobuchika is unlikelyto die , since his father is dead and his “ex-girlfriend” just got explode to pieces

    1. You know its bad when the logical and amoral avatar of Sybil thinks that Mika sucks at her job. The irony though, is that her break in to Tougane’s room is the first time she has shown any detective instinct because it was all based on a hunch.

    2. Mika annoys even Sybil personified.
      “This girl will be eaten alive…”
      I really hope she will run into Kamui.
      Simply to have her self-righteousness shattered.
      Bonus points if to add insult to injury it is Akane who will be able to rescue her, though considering given Urobutcher’s – and the show’s – record this isn’t likely.

    3. Or perhaps Chief IS in on the plot concerning Kamui’s machinations and Tougane’s suspicious actions, and this could just trigger Shimotsuki’s Death Flag as a result since she’s getting too close to the truth.

    1. Nope I’ve been thinking it too ever since Akane saw Makishima kill her friend in front of her. Always thought that the show would eventually tease out that she was the same hue-wise as Makishima, but it never happened. Would make for an interesting twist though, especially considering the writers keep hinting towards Akane having the condition.

      1. no akane is special but i don’t know what “kind” of special but deffinitely not same as makishima since she can have mental break down during psychopass 1 but Makishima know it, remember last episode , Makishima exhausted and injured walk up to akane who was lying defenceless on the ground ,she look up at her traget , he just smile and point kogami’s gun he picked up, *click* the sound fell short , “out of ammo?” he said ,but upon looking at akane ,he suddenly realized something and mumbled “You are also….” , before limping away into the rice field.

        the question is what is akane , she isn’t like makishima that’s for sure ,saika would know it , sybil would ask her to join their rank too.

      2. I agree Akane is not the exact same as Makishima, but she could still have the same condition. All criminally asymptomatic behavior requires is to have a hue that does not change significantly when either thinking or performing criminal actions. Akane never has experienced a widely deviating hue as far as we can tell. For example her friends have noted her always clear hue from season 1, the witnessing of her friend’s murder hardly affected her hue, the involvement with Saiga has not done a thing to her hue, and lately her involvement with the Kamui case has hardly touched her hue as Tougani’s dominator analysis showed. These are all areas constantly pointed out as sources of hue degradation and (as an example) have been identified as the reason for Ginoza being moved into an Enforcer role.

        What Sibyl needs to identify criminally asymptomatic people is to see their hue retention upon the committal of criminal acts. As Akane has never committed such an act, there is no reason for Sibyl to think she is anything other than an individual well attuned to attending to her mental state (pointed out by Ginoza’s psychologist as the key method to prevent descending into latent criminality). It’s all just conjecture at this stage, but IMO it’s too early to rule out Akane being criminally asymptomatic due to her stubbornly resilient hue.

      3. Right: Criminally asymptomatic does make one immune to having nervous breakdowns, it’s just that their crime coefficient does not properly reflect their mental state. Which might be her situation.

        It would also help explain why Sybil revealed itself to her: Sybil might just want Akane to join it.

        Or maybe she’s a third anomaly: Something new.

        Either way, this season seems to focus even more on Akane’s hue…

        Unrelated, Kogami v. Tougane has to happen at SOME point…

    2. alright i see your point , i know that in really point toward that direction , but i don’t think akane have criminal asym( and remember that by definition , crim asy is since birth), well i guess we will have to find out. She might be a shoujo manga main character , that’s why she is so pure.

    3. akane might be asymptomatic but clearly is not criminal.
      Which points again to irrelevance of the person’s hue to REAL potential as a criminal.
      You know, free will and all that.

  8. I’m right there with you Cherrie in regards to Mika. At the beginning, I saw an interesting pseudo-reverse parallel in her dynamic with Akane relative to the the first season. As the show progressed, I assumed something about Mika’s motivations would be explored. Especially, given that apparently she has worked with Akane for about a year or so.

    And because nothing has been really done to explore Mika’s character, I think that was the mistake. If this was a complete rookie with Mika’s experiences in the first season, then it can be somewhat excused. But after working together with Akane for a reasonable amount of time? It really messes up with the development of the plot, IMO.

    Then there is the issue of Mika’s hypocrisy. She goes to complain to the chief that Akane’s treatment of Enforcers is reckless since they are so dangerous but not before accepting Yayoi’s shoulder to cry on and allowed herself to be pampered?

    Mika is just a poor character. I thought for sure after the events of the previous episode, she would at least begin to see that the Sybil system is not perfect and dangerously absolute. And with how hard it was seemingly affecting her, I really thought this would be a turning point for her character. But then she goes to see the chief and spouts all of concerns regarding Akane?

    As someone else noted in their comments, I really hope that Mika’s naivety does not get Nobuchika or Yayoi killed. I would be so pissed. Hell, with the way her character is going, I’m even afraid for Shion since that could be a potential development to drive a wedge between her and Yayoi.

    All in all though, I enjoyed this episode and look forward to see where the story goes and find out what is up with Tougane.

    1. this season should have been 22 episode like the first one , they are stupid by rushing the gun
      they could spend time to make a good anime, i still like psycho pass 2 ,but i found like they should take more time to give everyone to show their color then jump to enigmatic Kamui who constantly trolling akane. 11 ep is too short

      1. I know, it’s a bit unfortunate (even though i still like this season)…i feel like they might have wanted the series to be a bit longer. We’ll, with the industry the way it is, you gotta take what you can get

  9. Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions too.
    What I don’t understand, why, if Mika works as an inspector more than a year (or it was a year and half?), she behaves as somebody, who has started working only since the Monday? They really didn’t think it over, did they? Has she written these rapports constantly during whole year or more?

    And can you play games, even if they have a light or a medium level of violence (shooting at target), without clouding you psycho-pass?

    1. Not to BE him, but working WITH him, eh? They were both at diff sites during the explosion, so they can’t be the same person. I’ve always thought Tougane to be a bad guy (since, well, it’s shown on the OP his “dark side” while holding a Dominator), but after reading some comments here about him making a profile for Akane, I’m begining to doubt myself a little.

      1. he is interested in akane , that’s for sure, but the “kirei da” also bring him closer to a bad guy , he seem to also making a profile on her, but the reason he have higest crime coef in the history , if you are to trust sybil ,he might want to do “weird” stuff to her ,given the opportunity, go look at Evil within to see how they did to understand human mind.

  10. I believe there is not enough appreciation for Saiga-sensei going full Lie to Me in the episode.

    I also like how the whole Hungry Chicken thing fits into the overall picture of Kamui’s actions, because it’s such a brilliant way of committing terrible crimes without affecting anyone’s PP in any way. Do you feel guilty for killing the pigs in Angry Birds? Even if you knew that 50 players around the world are actually killing real people, what are the chances of you being one of them? And thanks to that, you don’t even have to feed anyone that medicine, you’re basically creating criminally asymptomatic people out of nowhere.

  11. His intention is to destroy Sibyl so it kinda makes sense after targeting Dominators he would target the drones.

    He’s shown a major fault in the Dominators and how they can kill other Inspectors, he’s already shown how he can screw around with Hues to make actual criminals become law abiding citizens to Sibyl and now here he’s shown that the Police and Military Drones, which are armed to the teeth, can be hijacked without too much trouble.

    It seems Sibyl and the Police service in this series appears to the dangerous end result of what happens when you have a “Perfect Utopia.”

    I noticed some comments in the last episode about why the Inspector was bad at Hand – to – Hand combat when you expect a Police Officer to be good at it and the above point is exactly why. I would compare this to the Police of Demolition Man. They are so used to reliance on high technology like the Dominators and Sibyl judging people that they’ve become completely incapable of actually doing Policing without the technology. The Inspector last episode failed Hand – to – Hand combat because she had no reason to train in it to begin with. Why should she when she lives in a “Perfect Utopia?” The only reason the Enforcers don’t need to rely on their technology is because they are former criminals who could get things done without it.

    So where do the Drones fit in? Well I imagine following this they’ll be a Drone recall with all the Police Drones being taken out of duty to avoid being hijacked again which now leaves the Police with very few assets left to enforce Sibyls judgement.

  12. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%202%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2036.jpg

    This might be the most under-appreciated clue for all of us here…(what’s their original relations?)


    …Even though our A-plot is still unraveling into some insane train-wreck-like proportions.

    1. Mika is one of those women that follow the rules and mean well, but it doesn’t translate well when the audience knows much more than she does.

      Yeah, it’s similar to when we try and tell that favorate character “DON’T ENTER THAT ROOM!”. And that person still did…”NOOOO! YOU BAKAAAAA!”

      …don’t we all just hate that kind of thing?

      1. I saw her death flag comoing when she spotted the creepy Tougane ,and it even worst when she talked to director and then it finally go over 9000 when she open that door!
        “You have open the gate of hell, young one” read it in Morgan freeman’s voice.

      1. OH MY GOD SHE DOES D: Now it makes sense when the chief changed personalities and the person in charge said to give them a break about some stuff that already happened. Maybe they’re making the old criminally asymptomathic woman who happens to be related to Tougane to take care of the case and… oh my god.

      2. It does look like the Chief but remember that Show Spoiler ▼

        I don’t think that gives away Tougane’s motives though. He might have a high CC but what is he trying to accomplish? To take down Sybil or protect it?

      3. Yep, I remember that. That’s why she changed personalities during this episode, maybe? I watched that part many times trying to figure out if it was a man or a woman this time, but to no avail. After commenting here, tho, I’m almost sure the Show Spoiler ▼

        This makes me wonder Tougane’s motive now. Maybe this is a three-way war? Kamui x Sibyl x Tougane?
        Of course I’m not discarding the possibility of Tougane working with either Kamui or Sibyl, but everyone against everyone is sounding more like this season 2, no?

  13. Well the dub just came out….I’ll stick to the subs. Honestly some of the voices are good/ok but Akane’s still irks me. Heck, Mika does not sound her age at all (and it sounds way too similar to Akane’s). Everyone else is ok, but good god, the extras/background characters are trying to hard.

  14. It’s been a while since I needed to use the ‘next frame’ key in order to see the flashes and it seems I wasn’t the only one. It does have more impact that way but would it really hurt to make the flash last at least a second? Imagine all those Japanese who watched it on tv having to download the episode in order to clearly see the Akane collection.

    On other hand, finally some Mika action! She actually is really concerned about Akane(in a way that annoys all of us) but Mika is pretty obsessive on one thing and disregards other opinions. Her rushing in without thinking tendency will probably kill her at some point.

  15. I am confused. I believe that those guns are connected to the Sybil system. In other words, Sybil should know what the guy is doing through the gun camera/network system. Why doesn’t Akame just ask her Chief the location of Kamui.

      1. Sibyl cant see him….and it was established in the beginning of this season that they cant locate the dominator, only detect that it’s online. Why this is the case? perhaps kamui removed the gps??? it isnt really explained after that how the dominator cannot be tracked. But one thing is clear, sybil cannot see kamui and cannot track his movements, therefore it cannot know anything

  16. uwahh…Mika doesnt learn, does she? hahaha

    anyway, PP2 did it again! Amazing episode, totally love it! And also freaks me out of my chair! Kamui really massacring the police and the citizen, he really intended to “wipe clean” of Japan and destroying the Sibyl system. I dont like him at all, but he continues to amaze me (probably im scared if he’ll kill Yayoi or Nobuchika one day, please dont let that happen!)

    I love it how Akane’s hue stays clear all the time, i mean, dang! She’s badass! Togane definitely studying Akane’s facial, its either he’s up to no good, or he’s studying her so that he could detect the real or fake Akane one day. I totally need Shinya to come back for this! Though i hate Mika, but still i hope she doesnt get herself kill for creeping Togane’s secret like that. We still need her for some useful debates XDD

    Saiga-sensei is amazing btw, he just cracked the whole plot and ding! Everyone could be FAKE in this series! Kamui is not his real identity, and that scar from last episode reveals that he doesnt have a “real” face! Gosh i cant wait for next episode!

    Yayoi, what are you doing petting Mika?! Shion is very lonely in her lab XDD are you getting yourself a harem lol~

    onion warrior
  17. Personally, I flipped a table once the part with the game came up and gave up on the show right there.

    It felt so extremely convenient and forced, not to mention far too hamfisted and in-your-face. So far, to me at least, the show really feels like it lacks the nuance, subtlety and moral ambiguity that the first season had. Instead we get these absurdly over-the-top scenes of violence and scenes that basically scream “Isn’t this guy evil? He sure is evil, isn’t he! Wow, what a male reproductive organ he is! Don’t you agree? You should!” It feels borderline insulting, frankly.

    I also cannot in any way shape or form sympathize with the antagonists this season, which is in stark contrast to Makishima, who, despite going about things the wrong way, I at the very least could get behind in terms of motivation.

    Shame really, as I still think Akane is an amazing female lead and the setting of Psycho-Pass is pretty amazing in its own right, but right now, PP2 almost feels like a mockery of its first season and I personally prefer to pretend it never existed.

    Tsugumi Henduluin
      1. yeah, as you noticed people say pr0n instead of you know. I remember one time I commented on the Blue Exorcist movie and said that the backgrounds were pure scenery pr0n (but you know, the actual word) and I found out my comment had to wait for approval.

    1. Psycho pass has always had moments of heavy handedness even in tgr first season (may I remind u of the street beating which everyone just stared at)…I’ve always found dat when psycho pass is subtle that it is at its best…and that applies for both season.

    2. And Makishima loves books, can’t hate a guy who gushes over books like he do.

      I think what I miss most from season 1 is the roundabout discussions about the implications the sybil system has on books and history which while slightly hamfisted, still does wonders for the world and character building without making it too obvious. While season 2 is all about telling you how MIKA IS A NOOB, KIRITO HAS AWESOME POWERS and THE SYBIL SYSTEM IS KINDA STUPID in no uncertain way whatsoever

    3. The Angry Chicken part came without any warning. While I was watching I was still kinda sorting out my feelings as to what really happened. I think that was handled far too impulsively, although it was obvious that something would happen with the military robots. (I mean, eyes that shine in a bright red fashion are usually indicators of something bad)

  18. The fake politician’s smile is one of the most disturbing things in the episode, and that says a lot.
    This is not exactly related to the episode, but I am still confused as to why the dominator’s lethal eliminator mode is made to be so gruesome. It has been shown to heavily traumatise the witnesses and cloud their hues, which go against the belief of the Sybil system, and not to mention how messy the result is with blood splattering everywhere.

  19. So anyone think the pic of Akane with his mom (presumably) looks a lot like a younger chief? Her lips and the way her bangs covers the right half of her face looks remarkably similar.

    1. Akane!?, that pic looks like a pic of young boy Togane with younger police chief, they are clearly related.. She is/was probably his mother when she was alive and not part of Sybil…I’m sure the android that is posing like the chief looks that way for a reason..maybe her brain was the first to be used or something else.

    1. Or the real police chief which the android is based on, she is probably one of the first brains to be used, the medical condition that makes one eligible for Sybil isn’t limited to criminals.. It’s just easier to detect with them.

    1. The Chief made me laugh this episode as well. God Mika is another example of blind faith.

      She really is a foil to Akane as well. She started out just as naive as Mika but Akane learned to question things. Mika is just plan ignorant.

    2. As much as I hate Mika in this series, I dont consider her personality and actions (lack thereof) makes her the worst anime character in 2014, why? She is far better than Slain from Aldnoah Zero whom I consider is the worst anime character in all of history and perhaps even in the future.

  20. First of all, would they please stop pointing the dominator at Akane? It is plain stupid, I mean come on! Just go for her porn albums and collect them! Akane is Sybil’s pawn right now, even if her hue is actually surpassing 300+, Sybil can make it 30-…..

  21. Mika is going at it again. Seriously, did Akane do something to her or one of her relative in the past. It’s getting ridiculous. She spend most of her time complaining about Akane than doing her job. Or maybe she deep down has the hots for Akane? Eh, I would be surprised lol.
    And division 3 is also going at it again, this time without them realizing it lol.
    Togane and Kamui are probably working together. Argh Kogami where are you?

  22. Actually i think the Hungry part is so well done, it’s blunt, it’s in-your-face but it sure as hell works .. subtly can be overrated .. sometimes you need to slap people in the face with your ideas, not only does it show Kamui’s ever expanding array of skills and how dangerous and ruthless he is in his war against Sybil (he surely has a serious grudge against it) but it’s also a criticism to drones and drone wars in general (even real life not just PP world), to the person controlling the drone the people he/she is killing are de-humanized just like the enemies in Hungry Chicken, they are no longer human but just glowing blips on their screen that need to be wiped off to complete the mission (when this video-game mentalty starts seeping into real life specially war situatuions things get very creepy .. just like that infamous video with a helicopter gunner in Iraq shooting at people on the ground through his monitor while mumbling about getting a high-score like in video-games .. people who later turned out to be civilians and journalists) .. it’s a very depressing idea that only very few animes dealt with (i think the unappreciated anime FLAG dealt with this idea too).

    All in all the mystery deepens and i can’t wait to see what they will throw at us next, Togane is an android (his room is so empty it feels he doesn’t even live in it .. or doesn’t need to), Kamui seems to really harbor a grudge against Sybil .. could the holo-woman be the link between them !?, Sybil Chief switching personalities always creeped my and still does (and it seems to have a special meaning this episode, probably something that will come back later), you are never sure who you are dealing with exactly, man, woman, young, old, aggressive, pacifist, etc etc .. you never know for sure .. i bet she/he/it would give dr.Saiga a headache if he tried profiling her XD (oh, and that creepy fake politician smile will be forever engraved in my memory, super creeeeepy .. animators did a great work on that scene .. also it was great watching Saiga exposing that freak while pulling off a Holmes impression).

  23. Even the Chief assumes that Mika won’t last long with the way she thinks and acts. Pretty humorous right there. Though it was really nice to see her and Yayoi together like that, but they need to just get it on. Maybe if she becomes an Enforcer she’ll throw caution to the wind along with her pants.

    1. She is definitely heading for a tragedy, but I do think Enforcer is a bigger possibility than death (though both could happen).

      I still prefer YayoixShion, but the petting was amusing certainly. Particularly after Mika’s tantrum about how one should properly treat Enforcers. I assume there will be a doujin or two taking liberties with that statement ..


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