「因縁を斬る」 (Innen wo Kiru)
“Kill the Fate”

I feel so satisfied with the results of this week’s episode. Pretty much everything that I expected to happen – happened.

Starting with the showdown between Mine and Seryu…
This had to be what I was looking forward to the most since episode 6. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew that Seryu couldn’t go on living very long with the Jaegers dropping like flies. The amount of hatred that I have for Seryu has seemed to dwindle down a bit since she hasn’t really been the focus for a while, but as soon as I saw her wicked face, I just knew she had to die. Mine put it very simply when she said that Seryu could not be saved with her distorted view of justice; there’s just no way that someone like her could be reasoned with anymore. She’s just crazy! I wasn’t surprised by Seryu’s tactics anymore. No matter how many guns she pulls out of her ass arms, Seryu feels like a one-trick pony. I think Mine felt the same way because she knew Coro’s weaknesses and she knew what Seryu was capable of. The fight itself was fun to watch, although not nearly as heart-stopping as episode 6. I think the most epic scene to come out of it was seeing Mine slice Coro and Seryu in half (not to mention everything else around her!). Definitely a great moment to savor and I didn’t even flinch when Seryu thought of sacrificing herself to kill Mine. There was no way Mine was going to die given all that she had to go through.

When Akame ga Kill first went into Mine’s history and dedicated a whole episode towards her, I didn’t expect her to last this long. As soon as Sheele died, I thought Mine was going to be the next to go, but I’m glad I was wrong. Mine has really grown on me and she’s not just another annoying tsundare character like I anticipated. She’s developed further along than I would’ve expected, especially when it comes to relationship-building (with Tatsumi) and achieving her goals of creating a better world to live in. You can say that this is a prime example of death flags but this is one of the only moments in the entire show so far that I actually hope will live on past the series finale. I’m not a huge shipper of Tatsumi and Mine yet… but given the little development between Tatsumi and anyone else, they’re the closest that I’m going to get in terms of any actual romance here. Also, I feel like they’re the typical character pairings that I like; polar opposite couples that somehow find a way to be together.

The episode as a whole was probably one of my favorites of Akame ga Kill thus far. I thought it incorporated a lot of different aspects of anime that I like to see – action, some romance (better than none!), comedy and it advances the story along. It’s not an episode that solely focused on a bunch of action. There was actually quite a bit that transpires even outside Mine and Seryu’s fight. Bolic is dead, Najenda’s plan went down as anticipated and there’s even some food porn! What more could I ask for in a single episode? The short sequence that showed Wave protecting Kurome is something that I hope gets expanded upon next week. I don’t like Kurome, but I do like Wave and it’s a shame to see him fighting on the wrong side because he’s likely going to die protecting Kurome or something. I predict that he’ll last a fair bit longer for now, but only because he’s a good comparison to Tatsumi and his ideals.

So in a nutshell – the episode was awesome! I loved it and it’s one of the reasons I continue to support Akame ga Kill. The series is not deep or complex, but I feel like it’s just something I can kick back and enjoy without thinking too hard. Also, revenge was well served here and there’s no other way I would’ve written off Seryu. I kind of pitied Coro at the end… seeing him die in Seryu’s arms was sort of sweet (or maybe it’s because I still think he’s cute), and if it’s any consolation they can be together in their afterlife. Now that three members of the Jaegers have been eliminated, it’ll be up to Esdeath to avenge their deaths. I can’t imagine that happening yet though… looks like the creepy teleporting man comes back next week. He’s kind of crazy too in his own way.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Justice was served. That’s got to be the most satisfying episode of #AkamegaKill in a while. No words can describe how much I love Mine now.

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  1. Akame ga KILL.
    Exactly what says on the tin can.(trope!)
    Rest in Pieces, Seyras and Coro, hope you will find justice in another world.
    As much as she became twisted, Seyras was not evil per se – just dedicated to wrong people. I must commend her for making sure no civilians were caught in the battle and final blast.
    There are only 4 Jaegers left, but I am afraid Esdeath is more than enough to face entire Night Raid alone.
    And now that Borick is dead, she can go full offensive mode…
    Can’t wait to see her going all-out!


    RIP Justice-chan, you supplied a good half of the crazy in this show and will be missed. Mine, stop raising death flags! Speaking of, based on that preview I’ve got a terrible feeling that Lubbock’s will finally catch up with him.

    1. I hope for another season but they have to let the manga catch up, they really burned through the source material and cut things out. Great things. Character development chapters. Ughhhh, I hope they don’t fuck it up like they did this episode.

    2. This has to be said: this episode has deviated from the manga a lot. I checked it again.

      I’m not talking about the Mine vs. Seryu fight. It was exactly the same. But Najenda’s plan was very different and the preview suggests that they’re skipping the Wild Hunt arc, probably the most gruesome… but also the least plot-relevant.

      With 5 episodes left, I smell an anime original ending. The good news? Now NO ONE can spoil what’s going to happen in the anime. No one is sure about who is going to die or live.

  3. Joy to the world this evil bitch is dead, they shoved a bomb in her head!

    There’s more to the song, but the anime did it better, oh sweet catharsis Seryu has been finally put down. I had so much cake when I watched the episode 🙂 Aside the romantic build up of Tatsumi and Mine (so a guy says you’re gonna fall in love with each other, so no resistance to the notion?), I feel robbed of the episode when they excused the Jaeger and Night Raid fight and apparently skipped a butt load of source material in the preview, I’m like really?! It’s like being served steak then only to find the dish only consist of the god damn bone.

  4. Even good people can do bad things, but here we see bad people sometimes have positive human emotions. One thing about some of the antagonists in this show is that they are not just one dimensional (though there are some that just pure evil). Warped and sick as they are, they still have complex emotions and feelings. Seryu’s playing with the kids, Bols love of his family, even Esdeath’s feelings towards Tatsumi. Hell, I even felt bad for Coro as he crawled into what was left of Seryu’s arms, but that didn’t last long given what it has done perviously. Cute only goes so far. And none of that excuses their actions.

    Wave is the one character in the Jaegers that is ignorant of what is going on in the capitol. Will he recognize that he is on the wrong side at some point or will he just soldier on like Bols? He obviously is attached to Kurome and that may influence his actions in the future.

    The problem with Tatsume and Mine is that they haven’t really built up a sexual tension between them. Bickering is often a trope to show that, but it just doesn’t feel real here. Just some chemistry lacking. I felt more of a connection between Tatsume and Akame, Chelsea, or Steele than I do Mine.

    Teleporting man? Show Spoiler ▼

    1. @Bear: Pretty much agree, particularly with “And none of that excuses their actions. What made the biggest difference with me for Bols wasn’t that he had a conspicuously beautiful wife, uber-cute kid, and perfect/ideal family life, but rather that he he felt some measure of responsibility for his actions – perhaps even some remorse.

      — Regarding Tatsume and Mine, at this point, their relationship never felt as substantial as portrayed. Just not enough time spent developing it. For me, it’s more “it just is” than naturally occurring.

      — Regarding Wave, I agree with your sentiment, but his obliviousness at times goes too far IMO which then strains credibility a bit. Occasionally, I’ve found myself thinking “Really? You can’t connect the dots here?” That being said, I am curious as to whether he officially switches sides or soldiers on like Bols. Bit of a wildcard with him.

    2. In MinexTatsumi pairing’s defense, the anime cut some scenes. For example, didn’t anyone notice how strange it was for Mine to sit next to Tatsumi and offer him parfait at the beginning of the episode? That was OOC for her.

      The reason was Show Spoiler ▼

      So the manga is definitely aware of their abrupt pairing. But it also points out that it’s normal and even advisable for assassins whose life expectancy is not very high.

  5. Alternative title for this episode: ‘And there was much rejoicing!’

    Goodbye, Seryu. I doubt anyone will miss you, you self-righteous nutjob.

    Mine’s growing on me as well. I suppose it helps that the show seems rather aware of the sometimes aggrevating nature of her tsundere-ness, as Tatsumi tends to call her out on it often (which leads to a lot of amusing bickering). At the same time, she’s more than just an archetype and episodes like these, which put the spotlight on her, do a lot to make me like her. Enough to make me really hope she manages to survive her deathflag, because it’d be really depressing if she went the way of the dodo (though, Lubbock is still alive too, so who knows).

    I do wonder what happened with Wave and Kurome though, did they just leave when Bolic died or something?

  6. Till the end, I still see that Seryu needs to e judged fairly. Like anyone who’s deeply entrenched in their believe system towards a particular regime or what…. Her views and actions were shaped by her believe in the governing regime as well as her past experiences.

    If only she had met someone who shares the same believe as the Raiders, her life would be similar as well. Instead, her anger towards her wrong doers in the past have been fanned and flamed by those who truly seek to bring injustice and unfairness through out the land.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Akame%20ga%20Kill/Akame%20ga%20Kill%20-%2019%20-%20Large%2028.jpg
    poor Caro…


    I felt sort of bad for her, but overall, good riddance to Seryu. I’m just disappointed she never got to learn how wrong and deluded she was.

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. I confess that I felt sorry for her. Despite showing her crazy face to Mine, once she couldn’t see her she started crying and saying she didn’t want to die, and only Coro was there to comfort her. In the end, she was human too.

      1. just copy and paste the link from any of the pics they use in the review. but if you use any other links from another site, or even from another review on this very site, it won’t show, which is sort of dumb. I don’t think past reviews work either, let’s see…

        from last week’s review

        a pic from Parasyte

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. Wooo… “which is sort of dumb”?
        The feature that everyone uses now was actually designed by a reader of the site, not by Div himself. I’m sorry that people have issues linking to other images, but the code is meant to be relevant to the post and therefore only images will only load if they’re on this page. Please don’t call features dumb when they were donated to us by generous readers who have the time to help improve the site.

      3. Sure, saying it’s “sorta dumb” is rather crude and simplistic, so how about calling it a bit nonsensical then? I can understand non-random C links not showing up, but links from other random C reviews is seems impractical to say the least. But now that you’ve explained the rationale behind it (and thanks for that), I agree with it sort of, but that doesn’t preclude it from being poorly thought out, or short sighted, or rigid (not that it’s all three). It shouldn’t be excluded from criticism (to an extent of course) because it was a free donation from one of us, or vice versa for that matter.

        Having said all that, I don’t think it’s a big deal about the feature’s limitations, was just making an observation about them. And now knowing the intention behind it makes it more transparent.

        Impel Down Hippo
    1. Uh… I’ll keep this in spoiler tags =S
      Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Mine’s “when all this is over, hear me out”, put a death flag on her that’s bigger than a hunter’s mark on a raid boss… And I haven’t read the manga, I just feel it…

    On another note, if it wasn’t for the awesome justice-is-served battle, the episode might have been just worth it for Akame’s face when she was presented with the plate of meat! <3


  9. Am I one of the few people that actually like Seryu? As in, like a character?

    Yes, I know she’s evil, deluded, psychotic, and the mods she gained from Stylish gave her more screws to lose. But I just think she is so badass. Like the whole storing weapons in Coro who then provides them to her during battle. I never get tired of watching her switching armaments. Plus I think she had some of the most badass action poses as well coupled with the face of evil.

    Goodwill Wright
    1. I actually liked her character too. She just had the unfortunate curse of killing a fan favorite in sheele. When you kill a character that it seems everyone loves you become the object of much much hate.

    1. Ding Dong, Seryu witch is dead! Coro I feel bad for. He still had a since of love despite being a manufactured monster.

      Seryu is still human but some people just get so warped by war they never return to being human.

  10. (Not a Spoiler!) I’d like to know why this episode was a little different than the Manga! i mean, why now if the anime was so faithful to the Manga before! i think they’re going to waste a great story!

      1. Sorry, the way you said the story would be “wasted” ticked me in the wrong direction. I do agree that what happened in the Manga is pretty intense but I’m sure they can make a good ending for the Anime. All they did so far was Show Spoiler ▼

  11. From the looks of things, they’re probably going to go with an anime original ending. So anime only viewers, rejoice, no more can manga readers can hog their superiority with the smug I know what will happen hints. If anybody wants to know what is different from the manga to this adaptation, here they are (there are 0 chances of this happening anymore) Show Spoiler ▼

    Also there are some events that may happen on a later time or some scenes of relevance that was omitted during this episode. Note, spoilersShow Spoiler ▼

  12. They cut out a crazy amount of stuff. Some last peaces of sympathy for Seryu. The fact that the last Rakshasa demon survived. The entire fight with Wave and Esdeath. Also 10 chapters of the manga look like they will be skipped. Bolic’s death has changed so much of how this series is supposed to go down and it really does not make sense that they would cut out the Esdeath fight. Aka the fight were it finally showed what she was capable of.

    That Sycthe guy was also supposed to be a Imperial Arms user.

  13. Meh, I kind of wish Seryu was still around. She struck me as someone who was completely crazy but really fought for what she believed in. She was an interesting foil to the main cast, as both sides are fighting for justice, just different views of what justice is.

    It would’ve been nice to see her change, I could see her joining the main crew almost as much as I could see Wave joining.

  14. They want to have an original anime ending. That’s why they decide to keep the major battle in this arc. I’m sure that they will show it later in the final arc of the anime instead.

  15. Man this was my favorite fight so far. Seryu and Coro were truly a menacing pair. Coro’s beastly howls always sent chills down my spine. Seryu’s maddening laugh and cries of justice while fighting for evil had me all @_@. Honestly she was among my favorite characters mainly because she was like an evil Machao (Dynasty Warriors). Plus Im wondering just how tough Incursio is at this point for Tatsumi to shield Mine from that massive explosion with no damage whatsoever.

  16. While I’m glad Seryu finally got her comeuppance and that my beloved Sheele (and Chelsea in a way) were finally avenged, at the same time, I feel like…there should’ve been a little more to Seryu.

    Like they only weakly tried to show her the error/hypocrisy of her thinking before fighting and they didn’t give us much in terms of what made her the way she is so, in the end, it sort of just made her look like another typical psycho villain with no real attempt at redemption while trying to force us to feel sorry for her with the whole teary death and Coro hugging. Bols’ death felt much more emotional and had people actually supporting him or at least made them feel conflicted between rooting for him or whichever Night Raid member he fought, and when he finally did die, you actually felt bad.

    At the very least, I was hoping that, as she was going to die, that Seryu would’ve finally realized and admitted to herself that the Capital is much more the type of evil she claimed she was going to eliminate, but chose to ignore, and perhaps even wish things were different. That would’ve made me feel a lot more about her death besides just cheering that Sheele was avenged.

    1. I think that’s the difference between Bols and Seryu though… and it explains why so many people hate Seryu but sympathize with Bols. Seryu was just never the sort of character that was going to get any redemption; that wouldn’t be fair… and I think the author of AgK has been decently fair so far (you win some, you lose some). Since Bols’ intro, you knew him to be the sort of guy that had a family and wasn’t the “scary” person that he appeared to be. He knew that he was doing wrong and he tried to make up for it in many ways – helping children on the side of the street, being a good father and friend etc. Seryu on the other hand, just thought everyone else HAD to be wrong and she had to rid the world of evil. She could not see the error in her ways and was so blinded by her mentors that there couldn’t be any other way to get through to her. I was just so downright frustrated with her because she was a) crazy and b) so tunnel-visioned that she couldn’t accept any other ideals. Since episode 6, I think it was obvious that the only path for her was death.

      1. Yeah, I don’t doubt that the only ending for her was death given how she was. I was just hoping that there would be some sort of last second realization to show that, if she had actually tried to listen earlier or look at things differently, then maybe she wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with and could’ve been redeemed, but already being far too little, too late. Not exactly “redemption”, but yeah.

      2. That’s a good explanation. However, Esdeath is another character that doesn’t see anything wrong in what she does and is blinded by her Social Darwinist values. Also, she’s responsible of many more deaths and suffering than Seryu, yet she’s one of the most popular characters in the series. So what’s the difference? (I have my own answer, but it’s an interesting question nonetheless)

      3. I’m no Esdeath fan, but it’s worth noting there’s one key character trait of Seryu she doesn’t share – hypocrisy. Unlike Seryu, her monstrosity isn’t based on a warped morality that should really have collapsed under the weight of its own paradox, but simply on amorality. Seryu constantly attaches herself to blatantly evil mentors, binds herself to an ideal, yet constantly undertakes actions that (in the eyes of most) betray said ideal; Esdeath does what she wants, refuses to be bound by anything (and has the strength to back it up), and follows the beat of her own drum. Just that said drum is bound in human skin and has drumsticks made of femurs.

        In that perspective, it’s easy to see why Esdeath has popularity far beyond Seryu’s. Monstrous as she may be, she’s unquestionably an incredibly honest creature with a huge personality; Seryu, in contrast, comes across as hopelessly blind and thoughtless, with few inspiring qualities to ameliorate her inhumanity.

      4. That poor bastard of Bols reminds of a quote of Varis from A Song of Ice and Fire:

        “You´re just another good man working for the wrong casue”

        Yeah it´s sad as hell to see Bols die because he was a sort of “good” guy among the twisted evil of the Jaegers but when I think of the sick things he did I realize that in fact I´m feeling bad for his family and not for him. What Bols did is unforgivable and he should at least try to leave with his family and join the Revolutionary Army if he was feeling as guilty as he said.

        And to be fair, Seryu is nplaced second in my list characters that I what to see dead in this story. Wave has the first place all to himself, the only one of the Jaegers who is not insane or has a excuse for helping the Empire, that hypocrat thinks that following orders is going justify all what he´s doing and just becuase he helps a few people in going to make up fot all the other that suffer under the cruel ness of the Prime Minister.

  17. Seryu definitely crazy. You don’t keep using direct attacks on someone who’s weapon is known for it’s ability to get more powerful the greater the threat. (turns out pissing off the user puts it’s power at max so bragging about killing friends also a major no no) Once Seryu’s sneak attack failed it was time to run away. Sneak attacks that ether work or you abort are the way to kill Mine. Esdeath might be able to do it by sending attacks in from to many directions but even Esdeath should be careful against a weapon like this.

    A very satisfactory ending even though I could see the human side to Seryu.

    1. Esdeath does have the ability, not spoiler just from what ice users at that level can do in other stories, to send out blinding walls of ice particles after taking a shot so she can reduce the chance that return fire will be able to hit her. Example of use, take shot with instant follow of blinding ice screen followed by next shot as soon as target goes visible followed by next screen. Add overhead area effect ice spears Esdeath could do it but stll could be taken out if she dodges wrong against a high power beam sweep as against a foe at Esdeath level I’m sure pumpkin beams can not be blocked by anything.

  18. I don’t want to put much spoilers from the manga, but I can easily understand why the anime production team decided to diverge away from the manga:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Dark Paladin X
    1. Well, I’m not a manga reader, but if the reason for this diversion is to avoid animating Show Spoiler ▼

      then I’m glad they did that. I could probably handle a darkening in plot, but not that particular event. Most definitely not that.

    2. I can’t blame them for skipping that arc. It was gruesome, and horrible, but most important: it had very little impact on the main plot.

      Also, because of its very nature, anime can’t hold what manga can (Terraformars, anyone?). Several scenes of Esdeath have already been cut or softened, yet no one complained much.

      1. Well, the Wild Hunt arch wasn’t that important, but there is one important characterization about Run that was highlighted there:

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Oh well, I hope the anime can further highlight Run’s noble intentions since the Wild Hunt arch highlighted there a bit.

        Dark Paladin X
      2. Wow, I expected Esdeath, but even Chelsea and Mine are above Akame.

        It’s said that a story is as good as its villain, since “only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph”. In that regard, AGK did something right with Esdeath.

      3. I don’t like the subject matter of the arc either, but there are some key developments they have skipped without the arc, developments with wide standing changes to what is coming in the future.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Although, what they did show has it’s problems to… the raid had a few rather… key changes. hm.

  19. Come on WhiteFox, why do you need to screw the storyline itself and aiming for an anime-original ending.To be honest,I’m a manga reader for this show and when I watch this show, the pacing is good,gory scenes,feels time is good,everything is good, that made me think this is my AoTS for Summer 2014 up until i saw that latest episode after seryuu was killed,everything was devastated. FirstShow Spoiler ▼

    SecondShow Spoiler ▼

    To be honest,I’d rather have this anime end with Show Spoiler ▼

    , than having the original anime ending. If the next episode does not satisfy me and screwed the storyline, I quit and drop this show into the toilet.

    1. I haven’t read the manga myself (although I really should after blogging this show =X) but I think Dark Paladin X summarized it pretty well in the comment above yours.
      From the sounds of it, this “Wild Hunt” arc is just too gruesome and inappropriate for anime – even if it’s meant to be targeted at more mature audiences. They could change it up but at the same time, I don’t think they wanted to change what happens in an entire arc and it’s easier to just remove it. You never know what they have planned for this anime-original ending. They might leave it open enough so that there are chances of it coming back for a second season.

    2. Actually, I really don’t expect to animate the wildhunt arc because of too much darkness that was too much for the public to watch and the fact that it only has 5 remaining episodes but skipping the borick’s arc and going for an anime original ending is just a bit of wtf because it destroyed my expectations why do they need to rush this down and change the storyline when they can animate the remaining half by creating a 2nd season or never. I don’t know if the author of this manga agreed on this but I really feel bad for him because of that. To be honest if they’re going with this anime original ending, they should have done this from the start just like arpeggio, make an original anime not an ADAPTATION SMH.

      1. Please STOP assuming there will be an anime original ending, just becasue they skipped the Wild Hunt arc doesn’t mean they are doing an anime original ending at ALL, there are no official announcments or info indicating that (and there can still be a 2nd season coming) .. there are very clear reasons why they skipped it (i checked that arc sometime before the anime started and it turned my stomach, it was trying too hard to be dark and disgusting with no real point or purpose) .. so it is in fact a very wise decision to remove it from the story since it adds very little in terms of plot (and any characterization moments in it can be inserted in other parts of the story later).

      2. At least READ MY MAIN STATEMENT BEFORE COMMENTING because I said it already that I really don’t expect to animate wildhunt arc because i expected that the anime to end at borick’s arc.

  20. Yeah, Kirigiri. Same thoughts here.

    Why japanese always do the same mistakes, are they plain nuts or what?.
    Why changing the manga storyline for some f***ing new & always stupid ending?

    Such an epic fail this show. Animation was not good enough for this very moment (let’s have a look at Fate to know how to animate), but the story was somewhat fun…

    Well, quitting the anime & following the manga. Forget about this adaptation and waiting for a remake done the way it should be.

      1. Of course I have already read the manga. Tryin’ to guess why do you think I haven’t… o_Ô? WTF?
        The story the author wants to tell us is there, not in the anime. Anime is just an adaptation, sometimes epic, sometimes (as this case) epic… FAIL.

      2. Let’s put it this way how do you feel when you expect something to appear but it doesn’t. Same as being a manga reader that watches an anime that’s based on the manga you read.

  21. Bolic may have died unexpectedly, but at least Esdeath gave him the best treat he could ask for before it happened.

    Ohhh how envious I am!

    Looks like we’re getting an anime original ending here. Im fine with that. It may means no chance for a second season but if they wrap it up happily I have no complains. I at least hope they give Esdeath some sort of proper conclusion (Please dont kill her haha! <3 Esdeath)

  22. Are they actually expecting us to feel bad for Seryu just because she cried a little before been nuked? That thing was a monster! You know what Seryu? Give my regards to Bors and Doctor Stylish, I´m sure it won´t be very long before the rest of the Jaegers join them Hell.

  23. I thought Mine is gonna be killed on this episode but she has many back-up weapons in case of critical situation like Lubbock fought 2 strong opponents with his creative skills and many kinds of weapons whatever he imagine. Thats the problem for Chelsea for having only one weapon she carries that she… i dont want say that again.

    Anyway 2 more cute girls died on duty but i dont like the rotten police girl doing killing policy of her ill justice system.

    Its seem i have miss something about someone says about the Wild hunt committed serious human abuse in the manga. I read it somewhere something about they pass the law to prevent creating about raping the children in the hentai manga. That might be possible for the animator fear for violation in the law.

  24. I’ve just spoiled myself terribly by marathoning manga…
    And I am not writing ANYTHING of it down here.
    Except one thing – they probably want to catch up with the sereis up to the current point with manga, hence the speed up of the pace.

  25. Coming in late for this episode, but really good, although I read the manga, it was still satisfying to see that Justice has been…. severed! (ok bad punz) but I do feel :
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Trap Masters

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