「幸せの手紙」 (Shiawase no Tegami)
“Letter of Happiness”

As expected, this episode comprises the entirety of the Sachi route. I’m sure all viewers are use to Grisaia rushing through its story at relativistic speeds by now, and there’s not much left to say about that which has not already been said. It was inevitable that there would be substantial cuts to tailor the the story to the linear format, even if we weren’t restricted to a single episode. And, to be fair, I actually approve of some of the changes they made. The overarching plot of the Sachi story—about her needing to cancel the test dramatically—was something that could have used some streamlining. I’m going to compare and contrast the original visual novel a bit, so spoilers for that.

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The anime version makes Sachi relatively more active and Yuuji relatively more passive, which I consider a good thing. It makes Sachi feel more like the protagonist of her own route and Yuuji feel less like a blunt instrument. It’s also, in my opinion, a far more sensible resolution to her conflict. It’s still about Sachi potentially doing something she’d regret, but with slightly less sensationalism and a lot less wanton property damage. I suppose I prefer my plots straightforward, I suppose; the less hoops the story has to jump through the less taxing it is on one’s suspension of disbelief. It’s still rather outlandish, sure, but a tighter plot leaves less gaps in logic. I still found it a bit right, though, to hear Yumiko concerned about Sachi doing dangerous things when she barricaded the school and faked an explosive death just last episode. That ship sailed long ago. Yuuji simply isn’t capable of doing things in a non-dangerous manner.

Despite the slimmer Sachi route, though, I still think the anime tried to play too many angles in too short a time frame. We have the childhood friends thing, Sachi’s relationship with her parents, Sachi’s warped sense of self, Yuuji reconnecting with his past, blowing up the school, Sachi valuing her friends, Sachi scoring points in the harem race. It’s like someone had a checklist and were just ticking the boxes for what needed to be done this episode. Without proper development, fulfilling the quota of ‘important scenes’ is not enough to give the story proper impact. And some scenes were just not important at all, and I’m not just talking about the usual blatant fanservice. I mean this. Are you punishing me, Grisaia? Was I being too critical? Please, spare my eardrums; they’re innocent victims here.

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So with the Sachi route resolved with an emphatic ‘meh’, we’ll be moving on next week to the first part of Makina’s route. I do wonder why they chose to give it (and Michiru’s) two episodes over Yumiko and Sachi. I don’t begrudge them their choice (I take issue with any of the routes being reduced to a single episode), but I am interested to see the reasoning. I suspect that they’ll take the opportunity to develop Yuuji’s background, since Makina’s route is the one in which Yuuji’s shady organisation has a largest appearance. Regardless, two episodes should serve better than just one, and I have higher expectations for the adaptation of Makina’s story than I had for Yumiko’s and Sachi’s, though that’s not necessarily saying much.


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  1. Maybe it’s just because I’m an anime-only viewer, but I feel like Sachi’s story fitted pretty neatly into one episode. After all, since it is episode 7, some of Sachi’s quirks have already been shown, so it didn’t really feel like anything was just randomly there. On the other hand, I didn’t feel the same about Yumiko’s route. Even I could tell that was rushed. But I’m looking forward to Makina’s route. She’s my favorite of the girls.

    Also…HNNG at little Yuuji.He’s adorable:)

  2. Looks like its the solve all girls route we never got to see in the game before Labyrinth.

    Pretty easy to forgive if they announce S2 Labyrinth and heck even Eden. I sure know Labyrinth can be summarised like crazy. >.>

    If not, this is likely just promo material to offer that above mentioned ‘no commitment’ route we suddenly got dumped with from Labyrinth onwards.

  3. My Thoughts on this route. There should be a spoiler button here, if not someone please help me fix it.
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  4. I think this series would have been better served with a larger episode count. They wouldn’t have to pack so much into one episode if it was longer. I guess they couldn’t get a second cours and are trying to fit everything in the episodes they got

  5. Well, that was about what I expected. Which is to say, totally rushed and lacking in emotional impact, but I say that as a vn reader. At least Sachi’s story is pretty straightforward compared to Michiru’s and even Yumiko’s, so there shouldn’t be any confusion this time around.

    Two details I wish they’d included: Show Spoiler ▼

    Makina’s route isn’t only getting one episode because it is completely impossible to touch on even half the plot points in her route in that little time. Even if they cut out a ton of stuff (which I’m sure they’ll have to), her route is really long and heavy on the plot. I still have no idea how it’ll fit into two episodes. I want to be optimistic too, but I just can’t see this ending well. Makina’s route is my favorite 🙁 Still, it’s too early to judge. At the very least we’ll get to see her be cute?

    Tunafish Man
  6. Like I said a couple episodes ago, I feel that, when it comes to adapting VNs that have multiple routes like this, they should decide to do just one route or all the routes. If one route, then they should easily be able to flesh it out in 12-13 episodes. If all routes, then they should probably do it in an omnibus format with 24+ episodes (dedicate a set number of episodes to each route, then “reset” and do another route).

    Here (and as most such adaptations had tried to do), they’re obviously trying to not only smush in every route in mere 12-13 episodes in order to appease all the fans, but they’re also changing things in order to try to make it one single “coherent” story somehow.

  7. Being an anime watcher only, although I can feel the pacing being rushed, I did not feel that big of a rush, even if they tried to fit everything into 1 episode. I won’t lie, if they made each route at least 2 episode long, I’m sure it would have a lot more impact and much better climax, but I am fine with it the way it is now. Definitely looking forward to the next few episode though, since it seems like there’ll be longer routes and we get to finally see more of Yuuji’s background! 🙂

    Trap Masters
  8. From an Anime only POV, I felt like this route was actually the best of the 3 we’ve had so far in terms of pacing. Michiru’s route had 1 setup episode which didn’t really dedicate that much to her and one conclusion episode which bombarded us with reveals about essentially 2 characters we never really met. Yumiko’s route on the other hand had her dramatically changing personalities and again introducing a new character into the mix.

    While I agree with the general comment that the routes are going at break neck speeds which do tend to break necks, for some reason this route felt a bit more “whole”. Perhaps it’s largely because we are already acquainted with the main people participating in it and that there were already hints of a relationship between the two early on.

    1. I too, considered Sachi’s route the most well done of the three, perhaps because they kept it simple. Sachi does have more background story in the VN that showed exactly how she got the way she was, and her relationships with her parents, young Yuuji, and her comatose mother were more fleshed out, but I suppose the general bones of the story were all there. If we’re only going to have one episode, I guess this is as good as it gets.

  9. I like reading the comments from anime-only people, and seeing it being a positive response :’) From VN readers’ perspectives, most will same the same (i.e. rushed, too much left out, etc) but that’s to be expected from this kind of adaption format. Oh, I too wish they included certain scenes from Sachi’s route, like the girl who really impacted Sachi in school.

    Makina’s route was probably my least favorite, but it’ll definitely be fun (well, hopefully lol). Can’t wait for them to seal the deal with my waifu Amane’s route<3

  10. As a VN fan, I actually pleased on how the anime handled Sachi’s route.

    Wrapping it all in one episode felt more natural compared to the VN which did its best to stretch Sachi’s route as long as possible.

    Sure, there were some grade A jokes in the route that didnt make it into the anime, but I’m not unsatisfied. Sachi’s route is probably the weakest route right after Michiru’s so I’m pleased that its quickly out of the picture

      1. but hopefully the driver is BUSTED by the cops and I suspect in the anime that the truck got involved five conditions: driving on the wrong-side of the road(look closely on the road before sachi’s parents were 10-50’d(hit and run))speeding, beating the red light(since the pedestrain signal is green while the traffic signal(not shown)is red),hit and run, reckless driving, and damage to property(because the truck crashed into a concrete fence)so my theory…it’s the truck’s fault

  11. #wet

    Sachi was actually the heroine I picked up the game for (I just didn’t know about Michiru at the time), and I think her route turned out pretty well in the end. It did not feel too rushed to me, especially when compared to Yumiko’s, but that’s something that has already been mentioned. It hits all the right notes for me, and I’m not sure if making it fit into two episodes rather than one would’ve improved it too much.

    And hey, we didn’t get even a single panty shot! Again! And no, bloomers don’t count. Neither does the bath scene.


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