“What Mad Universe”

「発狂した宇宙」 (Hakkyou-shita Uchuu)

Well, that was a dramatic episode of Kiseijuu right there.

For the second time now, a character I was pretty much certain was gonna bite the dust managed to survive. Last time it was Makiko, this time Tachikawa. Both girls were stuck in dire situations, but both made it out alive – though I think Tachikawa deserves recognition for doing all that she could to get out of there. For one, her paint thinner actually came in handy! Throwing the bottle managed to cause a reaction in Shimida that left him unable to change back into his human body, which gave Tachikawa time to make her escape. And she did!. By jumping from a four storey building, she managed to make it out alive. Good for her.

The same can’t be said for those who fell victim to Shimada’s rampage. Due to his inability to change back, as well as what seems to be the great pain he’s in, he goes on a massacre, killing humans like they’re nothing but flies – as well as that actual fly he killed as well. Either way, we got what might be out first proper censoring, which I think wasn’t even that bad considering how it could have turned out. Even if we didn’t witness everything in bloody detail, I think the fact that the OST died during the dramatic reveal helped a lot, tied with the fact that we saw just enough to paint the picture for ourselves. And boy, that wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

If I had a complaint for this episode – which was, mind you, just as consistently exciting and thrilling as all the others before it – it would be that I felt like there were far too many shots of Shinichi running, going up the stairs, down them again, outside, then back inside to go back to where he was roughly heading in the first place. It felt like stalling, honestly, but I can forgive it for the most part, because when we got to the good stuff, it was really top notch.

For one thing, Shinichi showed he still has human emotions within him. It was a gory scene for him to behold, and it nearly rips Shinichi’s heart in half (literally, figuratively, or both?) until he blacks out for a moment. But then a bizarre third eye appears, and Shinichi summons himself back up with the same attitude that he had for the most of the previous two episodes. It’s an interesting shift, and a little too jarring to not be something worth highlighting.

Either way, after saving Murano and getting himself to a fair distance away, he combines his strength with Migi’s and does the most epic rock throw in the history of rock throws – every Geodude in Kanto would be impressed. And so the threat is quelled… for now.

Back at home we get another telling scene of Shinichi and Migi, which seems to occur between the action of near enough every episode. This time it seems to show that Shinichi and Migi may not be not the same wavelength in how they want to approach this situation, as well as who they wish to ally themselves with. If this were 5-6 episodes ago, I think Shinichi would likely compromise and follow Migi’s plan, but with the shift in his character, I wonder how this is going to play out between them. Although useful as a team, the pair seem to be less in need of one another as they were following their first encounter.

We also get a scene showing that the authorities are certainly aware of the parasite situation, keeping the details away from the general public in case all hell breaks loose. I don’t blame them, but that plan won’t work for long, I’ll tell you that – it never does! For now we get some science behind the parasite fusion process, and one key point to take away from it is that by pulling out a strand of hair from someone, the reaction will indicate whether they are human or parasite. It’s a simple trick, and it’s being integrated into society fairly quickly, as seen by the final scene.

So another fight has come to an end, Shinichi and Murano are talking once again, and I’m sure they might be closer than they were before, because of the trauma they now share. How long before Shinichi tells her what’s actually happening now? Hopefully soon. Either way, next week has some new faces popping up, some deadly action by the looks of it, and Kana! I’m especially looking forward to Kana…



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Back in Tokyo, Tamiya and a mysterious man have sent another parasite, Shimada, after Shinichi, who is dealing with the aftermath of his mother’s second killing.
  • The authorities are brought in to the picture, whilst Murano’s friend, Tachikawa, figures out the truth behind Shimada’s identity and confronts him about it.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 23 – 25

Shinichi with Split Personality?:

  • We know that since Migi fused with his heart, leaving 30% of him behind, it has left a dramatic effect on Shinichi as a person.
  • But with this ‘third eye’ appearing and almost seeming to wake up another side of him, could it be possible that there is more than one Shinichi in there?

Next Major Death?:

  • With another recurring character making it out of a bad situation alive, I’m wondering just who is next on the bucket list…
  • If you know the answer to that notion, don’t take that as a chance to spoil anything! Don’t ruin it for others.



  1. In case you all hadn’t noticed, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Kana fanboy. There’s something about her that intrigues me just as much (maybe more…) than all this parasite craziness going on. Kanaaaaaaaa!!

    1. Definitely agreeing with you on this one, preferring Kana way over Murano and its not like Murano is bad either. Kana seems like the type of girl, which likes to tease the guy shes interested in~! And that kind of girls is one of the best kinds out there. (IMO)

    2. She´s the kind of girl that leaves an impression on you, her personality is really good but Shinichi worries a lot about Murano so I´m afraid the only he will look at Kana is if Murano is killed. Still I´m rooting for girl, Murano is not bad but Kana is so much better.

    3. Yeah, I’m not sure what it is about Kana that I just seem to like about her.

      I also like Murano, don’t get me wrong, but Kana just intrigued me the first moment she appeared.

    1. That new ability reminded me of one the powers of Alex Mercer in the game Prototype, well to be honest all parasytes that sort power as the mutants of that game but Shinichi is on his way to become as powerfully broken as Mercer was at the end of the game.

  2. Hot damn, this episode got a lot more gruesome than I was expecting. I mean, Tachikawa lived at least, but Shimada went on a bloody rampage. That’s some body-count he left. And I wonder how the knowledge of the parasyte will influence the survivors – the cops may cover it up, but I doubt they control the students (like Tachikawa, who saw it up close).

    Loved the way everything was framed too, not showing things only served to let your imagination do the work. And the way Shimada’s shadow crept around the corner really ramped up the horror-atmosphere. Couple that with the OST and it’s pretty clear this is one of thé most atmospheric series of this season. Every episode is a thrillride from begin to end.

    Also, yay, more Kana next episode! She’s one of the biggest walking mysteries in this show, so you can always count on her to keep me intrigued.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      So as a manga fan, I hope they move some stuff around and make it.. more interesting? I suppose…

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Every school has acid, you just have to know who has it in the community. Wait, you mean the toxic kind? Don’t they have chem. subjects there, they’d naturally have tons of reagents there.

      2. Yes, I remmeber even in my secondary school, we have hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid in the chem lab, and it is pretty easy to take them out, if you know the teacher well…Taking the acid is a good move, Yuuko, but maybe you should not have talked to him in the first place.

        And it would have spared the death of so many people…

    1. I’m pretty sure the anime called it paint thinner – which would make sense being in an art kit – and the manga called it acid. I don’t think the manga showed where she got the acid.

      Either way, I guess it just has to be poisonous.

  3. Does anyone else thinks of Shiroe from Log Horizon when seeing the strategy of the goverment? Using a rumur to spread useful information, just as Shiroe did when exposing the lost of memories but in this case I´m sure the goverment will com to regret not disclosing the existence of parasytes when they had the chance, those monsters are many things but stupid is not one of them, they learn and adapt to a situation so fats it´s scary.

  4. I loved the expression that the balding guy had when they told him he had to sacrifice one hair to the cause! 😀
    Then again, I wouldn’t worry too much if I was him – soon enough the whole city would be joining him if they continue greeting each other like that.

      1. That’s the thing. I don’t think that’s what’s happened. The meeting scene ended abruptly before we saw any of them pull out a hair. I bet there was a parasite in that meeting and he must have taken them all out once it realised it’s cover was blown.

        No sensible police/government would give away such crucial information to determine human and non-human. It might have been leaked in a way to start a fad on purpose so the parasite in that meeting would be able to identify and locate other parasites in the city/country. As for why it’d want to do that? Well, I don’t know.

      2. I had the impression it was an induced fad but they didn’t explain why. Unless the Parasites individually or in general realise that they can be detected from the hair thing, they’ll participate to blend in.
        First the government can purge any Parasites from important institutions, then they can work on major companies, then the general populace.
        I thought the scientist was well done, he’s clearly more interested in his research than saving humanity. More Isaac Kleiner than Gordon Freeman there.

      3. It was pretty clear from context that the fad was deliberately started by the government.

        Re-watch the scene. The government official explicitly states that they _don’t_ want to go public but _do_ want to put out a means of identifying the parasites.

        It’s a very cold calculation aimed at slowing parasite infiltration without sowing mass panic. It’s obvious from what they say that the “fad” was indeed the government plan.

        It’s primary function is _deterrent_ against the smart parasites who are infiltrating society (which is what the government fears) rather than those who are just hunting and killing those on the margins (a manageable problem).

        It deters the smart parasites from setting up fake identities, since there is a constant risk of exposure to them; while the parasite might be able to kill to cover up any exposure, they might also be caught in public, leading to them being killed by police.

        The government have observed two school massacres so far. If the fad is spread among children, smart parasites will also hear of the fad, and most will avoid infiltrating schools. The result should be fewer school massacres. Makes sense.

  5. The US is weaponizing parasites. The US is weaponizing zombies. The US is weaponizing everything !

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No.. It’s Shinnichi !

    Shinichi ! Where do you think you’re going ? Class isn’t over yet.
    “To save your sorry ass lives.”

    1. yep, exactly what i thought. jump from building, jump over super high fence while holding girl, adrenaline… the only explanation would have been that she was so shocked she was unaware of it. no way a girl would let that slip by and agree to forgot what happened as izumi suggests to do

      1. She was probably in a state of shock .. too panicked to notice how many floors they jumped or how exactly high was that fence .. she also closed her eyes during both jumping incidents (as shown in the anime stills) .. so she had no way of knowing how crazy his jumping ability it.

    1. I don´t know dude, I think this massacre was a 1000 times worse than a school shooting, at the very least you have a chance to take down the shooter if the polices enters to save the day but Shimada didn´t go down after all those bullet wounds, if it weren´t for Shinichi all those would have end up as mice meat.

      1. Nope, we would have been shot to death (surely if all of the police men who went on the roof opened fire on him and kept their distance they would nail his heart), they could have also sniped him from a helicopter with bullets shredding his heart and parasyte head both … and even if the police didn’t shoot him again like Migi said he was bleeding and his human host was surely going to die from blood loss anyway .. but Shinichi felt he had to finish him off himself because he felt responsible for what happened since he knew his true identity …. and we got when hell of a cool rock throwing scene too.

        But even if Shinichi didn’t do the the rock throw it’s hard to think he could have claimed more victims.

    1. Depends a little on the magazine, see Deadman Wonderland’s first chapter (Shounen Ace) for example.

      The more seinen-y aspect of it is not treating their deaths as a cheap tool to show how strong or awesome the protagonist/antagonist is.

  6. In this episode I think we also got the first time the story got us inside Migi’s head: there was a bit at the end where we hear what he is thinking, from his point of view; in the past, his thoughts have always been filtered through the media of Shinichi’s view point of him talking. I wonder if this marks a transition of some sort.


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