「全能者のパラドクス」 (Zenousha no Paradokusu)
“Omnipotence Paradox”

The episode kicks off exactly where it left off last week with Mika’s apparent approval of the Sybil system. Well isn’t that just messed up? After her outburst last week, the last thing I was expecting was her unfaltering approval of the system that she was so scared of. That wasn’t the reaction that I would’ve anticipated, but given that she’s an “ideal citizen”, then what should I know? It was almost too unbelievable and I’m still trying to figure out if Mika is actually seriously impressed or just trying to cover her own butt. Either way, this b*tch seriously just needs to go. Honestly, what good is she doing by sticking around? The way that I see it (being a huge Akane fan), she’s only causing trouble for Akane. She’s not doing any good for the investigations and now, she’s completely being used by the Chief and Tougane. Mika is so unbearable to watch these days that I cringe every time that she’s on screen. Please – someone just write her off. Normally I end my post with a rant about Mika, but this time, I had to put it right up there. I promise that as long as she reminds on the down-low next episode, I’ll lay off.

It’s a shame when one character destroys the entire enjoyment of the show for me. PSYCHO-PASS was so well done in the first season and I felt like all the characters behaved rationally as investigators would. Season two has not been like that… and I don’t want to completely blame Mika, but she’s a huge chunk of the problem. Tougane is also acting as a double agent within Akane’s team and probably sabotaging her investigation too (intentionally). This episode leaves me a little confused because we knew that Tougane told Mika to go locate Akane’s grandmother, but for some reason, Kuwashima Koichi (Uchida Yuya) is the one to hand the ear to Akane. And in the end, we know that Tougane is the one with Aoi in his trunk so that must mean… Tougane is in on it? Are Tougane and Kamui both just against Akane? I would appreciate some answers to bridge these gaps in my mind please because as soon as I saw that ear, I wasn’t thinking, “Oh no! Not her grandmother!”. I was thinking, “But what? How?!“.

This episode wasn’t particularly my favorite this season as I think it left me more confused and upset by the turn of events than anything. For whoever guessed it, you’re right – I see Kamui as the red herring now and Tougane as the true antagonist for the series. Unfortunately, I just don’t see Tougane as a very exciting plot twist either (because you could’ve easily seen it miles away if you watch the opening sequence). He falls flat in terms of “new and inventive” when the episode showed flashbacks to his childhood. His evil smile, his murder (not confirmed) of Aoi and his threats to Mika are all so typical and makes me wonder why they’re quickly showing all the cards up Tougane’s sleeve now. Just because they reveal his identity, doesn’t mean that the writers have to reveal his entire hand. Also, I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that Tougane has the highest Crime Coefficient ever recorded and now he’s considered criminally asymptomatic? How does that work? Not sure if it’s done purposely then so he can commit crimes without being questioned why his CC isn’t soaring. Same with Mika… what makes her so criminally asymptomatic?

PSYCHO-PASS is getting bloodier and crazier with each week. This week, not only did they kill puppies – PUPPIES! – but they killed off several secondary characters and even Akane’s grandmother (maybe). Let me make it clear that I’m not watching this series for the gore and the “surprise” kills, so if that’s their way of keeping people hooked, I don’t think this is the way to do it. There is so much more to this series that the writers could spend time expanding on and not just writing on and off Kamui loyalists. I don’t want to sound frustrated with this series, but clearly, this episode wasn’t my cup of tea. The best part of this episode for me was seeing more of Akane. I love seeing how she deduces what Kamui is up to from his POV. It reminds me of my school days in my mathematical proofs class which explains that if you cannot directly prove that A = B, then by proving that C != B, then A must = B. At least that’s how it works in theory. The jargon and theories don’t deteriorate this aspect of the show for me so I’m thankful.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: I knew it! Akane’s grandmother had so many death flags surrounding her… I was just hoping I was wrong =( #pp_anime #PSYCHOPASS2


      1. Sure, it’s not a pile of garbage. But the reviewer does make some valid points. I think it would be very hard to resolve all the inconsistencies and plot holes in a couple of episodes till the end.

      2. @ingrid
        Dont get me wrong. All I merely wanted was to point out how much more I agree with Cherrie and many others on the opposite, than someone who just completely butchered a great anime with a failed review – and not really trying to give them attention.

      3. That reviewer alone is the reason I got tired of ANN’s reviewing system. Sure, he raises some valid points, but the way in which he does that even makes me feel offended just for watching this show. It’s like he’s not even interested in his readers and would rather just rant on about some personal grudge he has against the show, because based on the other anime reviews, their scoring system isn’t very reserved with high ratings. Exaggerated to say the least.

      4. If everything was consistent and made sense right off the bat there would be no mystery at all. We would already know why everything was happening and how its going to end which would ultimately be boring as hell. ANN review is like a kid watching scooby doo and complaining that they don’t know who did it five minutes in. Urobuchi is not stupid, he knows the variables he introduced and how they are connected so chill. Also since the movie is coming out there’s a chance that information may be revealed until then to make viewers eager to see it. its called building story up and making a profit so they can make more gripping anime. And as far as Mika is concerned, wasn’t Ginoza, the Mika of season 1? They put him through some real crap and ultimately he grew as a charecter, Mika can be like Ginoza if she grows as a person. Remember she’s also much younger than he was too, she has a chance. There was even a point where Tsunemori was hated for her inexperience soo, give it time.

        Also if ANN wants obvious plot with little mystery and a clear lengthy explaination of everything going on as its happening they should stick to Bleach.
        I don’t hate bleach btw I just miss when it was written with a bit more thought. Kubo probably is rushed now, and the quality is going to hell. but that arguments for another page.

      5. Hope Chapman keeps comparing this work with the initial one. She said that it’s crazy that sibyl identified body parts. She concluded that it is not consistent even. The show has just shown that sibyl identifies body parts. Psycho pass 2 may have tweaked a few rules, which I think it has the liberty to do but it has stayed consistent with the rules it has created or overwritten to some extent. Proving that chapman’s review is the steaming pile of garbage. I think that we have to give psycho pass 2 some slack. It is a sequel for god’s sake. It isn’t supposed to be compared with the original all the friggin time. It is not psycho pass 1 it is called psycho pass 2 for a reason. It’s too bad People who don’t understand how to judge sequels review it. (too personal and extreme ? tone it down yourself.)

      6. Sorry, I was definately too heated in my post and I probably offened half of the people who read it. It’s frustrating to see Psycho Pass rated the worst of the season. At the same time it’s the only anime I decided to watch this season so far, so it may very well be the worst Fall anime out there…but I seriously doubt it.(but I’m not in the position to refute it.)
        People seem to hate psycho pass II and even those who like it only do moderately so when they compare it to season one. I probably just blinded by the joy of having a new season that I’m willing to look past some of its flaws( which is NOT a good thing.) If you enjoy the show I hope you continue to watch it, If you hate it do everyone a favor and go watch something enjoy, and if you’re undecided save you judgements for the end, you might be surprised.

        As for me I’m dropping this, there’s too much animosity surrounding it and unfortunately the constant negative tension brings out the worst in me. Debates are always good, plot theories, having things you thought could have been done better or differently don’t hurt anyone either. But It’s hard to enjoy a show thats been verbally bludgeoned every week. You start to wonder if what your watching really is a “steaming pile of garbage.”

      7. That reviewer is an idiot.

        1. The whole point of Mika readily “accepting” the truth behind Sybil is the fact that almost the entire population has been brainwashed by this point to believe that Sybil can do no wrong and everything they can do/allow to happen is the right thing. Hell last season we watched a woman be savagely beaten in the middle of a busy street while everyone looked on smiling and took photos.

        2. There is no conflict between Tougane being asymptomatic and having the highest crime coefficient. It was explained last episode that he was an experiment to artificially create asymptomatic people. Considering that Sybil still needs to harvest asymptomatic people from the population it makes sense that he is a FAILED experiment. As a child he was asymptomatic but as he grew so did his coefficient.

        3. They ENTIRELY miss the point of why the rich people at the dinner suddenly had their crime coefficients spike. They didn’t simply see some dismembered body parts on the trays that werebrought out and freak out, they had been EATING PEOPLE the entire time. During the scene you can see that the partially eaten food on their plates were actually covered by holo images which dropped showing them what they had really been shoving into their mouths.

        4. Their belief that having the grandmother kidnapped was unnecessary for both Kamui and Tougane’s plans. Well for Kamui… duh? He didn’t want the grandmother kidnapped in the first place and the guy that did have her kidnapped thought it would serve as a “stay away or I’ll do more” kind of warning. As for Tougane this goes EXACTLY as planned because of his intent to color her black which the ear accomplishes by a) freaking her out and getting her as angry as possible and b) pushing her to confront and hopefully kill Kamui which is the worst thing that could happen in terms of her color/coefficient…

        Damn… I didn’t expect to type this much but that reviewer is one dumb ass the more I read on.

      1. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t an enforcer in the trailer though. She spoke to the chief(PP1 mentioned enforcers weren’t allowed, Tougane is special) and she had to wear the MPC uniform – enforcers can wear their normal/casual/whatever clothes they want.

      2. I’m about 99.99% sure Akane is at least partially criminally asymptomatic so there would probably have been no major deviation in her hue or coefficient.

        It would explain why Sybil is so interested in seeing whether she can be corrupted or not. She’s must be the perfect experiment in someone who is asymptomatic yet still a fully functioning if not exceptional member of society.

    1. I would have at least expected a mental breakdown of hers, instead of just keeping her CC somewhat stable.

      Also what actually disturbed me more was, I really wanted to see Mika with her hair down throughout the whole episode >_>

      Pretty much like, hey I just got revealed the whole truth of this society and I was almost put down by my boss and co worker, but you know what, let me just get my hair up real quick again, while Im just somehow keeping my hue clear and maybe clap a little to enlighten the situation…

  1. More likely Togane is using Kamui as a decoy to pain Akane’s hue black. Even if he fails or succeeds I think he will likely execute Kamui and his group afterwards. Mika doesn’t really look too stable with the reveal of what Sibyl is, though she likely has a way of keeping her hue stable, but is likely far different from how Akane does it.

    Togane wasn’t CA, that was the point. He failed to become what Sibyl wanted so they use him as a loyal servant or at least his mom does when she’s not directly plugged in the central part of Sibyl with the others. Ones Crime Coefficient can decrease over time, just as it can suddenly spike in an unexpected stressful situation. Though you know his moms an evil bitch when she raises her son and has him kill puppies. They weren’t lying in the first season when they said members of their group did far worse things than Makishima.

    I kinda see Togane as a Judaic Satan like figure, meant to test those who serve God by seeing if their hues will darken and prove whether they are worthy or not.

    1. Well said, i too believe that everything so far is just to paint Akame’s hue black, Kamui is just a decoy or red-herring used by Sybil to drag Akame into this mess (and also possibly test the limits of the system and seal any holes discovered by Kamui’s actions).

      I feel that at some point there will be an unlikely alliance between Kamui and Akame (even temporarily out of necessity) to take out Tougane.

      1. Togane isn’t even original in villainy. “I’m going out to darken all the holier-than-thou people.” No, he didn’t say it, but that what Togane means by “darkening”. Akame is a target just because she is competent, loyal, and respectable, and there are people in the world who take perverse pleasure in bringing other people “down”. They’ll kidnap/kill your relatives, spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, etc. just to “get to you”. It’s as lame as a DC Comics supervillain making it “personal” for a superhero. Pretty soon the villain is kidnapping and torturing the protagonist to make them “understand”.

        The “no one’s better than me, I can break everyone else” villain is not uncommon in fiction and real life. Kamui is more interesting, at least until this episode when it turned to petty payback for the Time of Chaos with all the computer-led accidental deaths. Politicians who learned how to “game” Sybil by having underlings do all the dirty work, for a time. Kamui trying to find Sybil’s color was as mysterious as the first season plot; this second season is starting to go downhill.

        The problem is Kamui is now “explained”, so the writer had to turn to something or someone else to keep the “unknown mystery” up. Kuwashima Koichi telling Akame to “back off” is standard plot fare for “mastermind” villains.

  2. I’m starting to get a wee bit tired of all the senseless killings. At least in Season 1, the killings felt very purposeful, almost poetically artistic, as we explore the killers’ deep psychological motives and outrage. The victims were a lot more fleshed out as well.

    But when Kamui and his ilk start gunning down Evil Politicians, we honestly don’t care who these victims are. As an audience, we never “lived” through the Season of Hell. So we feel nothing when politicians start blowing up (unless we’re imagining some of our own in their stead).

    I was also seriously confused by the animals => poor immigrant people.

    1. It actually quite the opposite, every kill in PP2 had a purpose, every murder Kamui instigated was either to test out a flaw of Sybil, obtain a new asset (an ally or a dominator) or to prove a point .. or like in this episode .. passing down justice on a bunch of filthy corrupt politicians who benefited from the season of hell and did horrible things to other people (like those immigrants turned into sculptures while still alive).

      It’s not that i agree with Kamui but it is very clear why he is doing what he is doing .. he might be dry and practical compared to Shogo who had a lot of charisma but that doesn’t mean his killings are senseless or pointless.

      1. I agree, the killings were odd. I thought he might have done it to harvest organs and forge identities, but nope doesn’t seem that way. Maybe he would’ve if MWSP didn’t show up when they did. Even though his murders have some kind of purpose in connections to his goals and desired vengence I still wonder if this was the time for it. You give up a valuable pawn for a murder that may not have needed to happen at this moment in time. Though they could’ve been like, lets just off a bunch of people I didn’t like and was gonna kill anyway to get Akane down here…actually when I think of it that way it makes more sense. NVM I rambled. But yes the deaths are more plot now than poetry. The whole season is more plot than poetry, but it will most likely all be tied together with some kind of deep philosophic meaning.

  3. I don’t know what’s more scarier, all of this insanity, or this conversation of the omnipotence paradox being proven out in the same episode. Well played Saiga-Sensei… (are you the second incarnation of Chekhov?)

    OTOH, I can’t see Kamui being in direct communication with Tougane. Fundamentally they’re against each other as well (Sybil wants Kamui dead, iirc. Kamui wants Sybil dismantled.)
    …Yeah, I’m not as certain without more concrete proof.

    …and Saiga-Sensei lost another great mind to talk to…

    1. “OTOH, I can’t see Kamui being in direct communication with Tougane. Fundamentally they’re against each other as well (Sybil wants Kamui dead, iirc. Kamui wants Sybil dismantled.)”

      You know what they say, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

      Goodwill Wright
  4. Did the hack writers seriously create a scene that has a child Tougane murder puppies? Because I was laughing ironically. I really want to know what the script process for that was. Did they have list titled “How to show the audience that Tougane is obviously evil”? Did they have entries like “Tougane eats kittens”, “Tougane steals candy from babies”, “Tougane flushes goldfish down the toilet”? Between that and Frankenstein Kamui its getting even sillier than before. Its like the writers for Season are decalring “Please don’t take this show seriously, we’re being ridiculous on purpose!”.

    Its evident that the creative staff for Season 2 have no idea how to properly adapt the dark dystopia of Psycho-pass. They’ve been completely one note: Murder lots of people and hope the audience reacts. Its a very childish way of writing and something I would have thought would been handled better given the relative popularity of the franchise. All the people who died this episode are all faceless, one-dimensional caricatures. Akane’s Grandmother barely has any screentime and is obviously designed just to die. I care for none of these people and why should I? They are all just there to up a body count and its already become mundane.

    The one highlight I can find is this episode is Akanes thoughs on the Omnipresent Paradox for SYBIL. Its the only time I found this season the feels like the original Psycho-pass with its navel-gazing. Except for the fact it contradicts Season 1 because SYBIL itself admits it is not perfect and constantly seeks to improve itself. But that’s really the hallmark of Season 2, it constantly contradicts previous established facts and relies on idiot plot to move the story.

  5. Damn! Togane and his “mommy” did a real number on Mika. That “poor” girl’s mind is completely broken. I almost feel sorry for her…ALMOST…
    I’m waiting for Kogami to pop up and help Akane.

  6. I bet if chinese people watched the episode they’d go “…And they didn’t eat the puppy.”

    I actually like the fact that grandma gets what she deserves for trusting togane. You’ve just been kidnapped, Why are you so calm, B****.

    I just hate old people who aren’t suspicious >_< Goddamn nice old people ! The world is evil ok ?

      1. I want to see the World, so many things i want to experience


        i saw so many things in this World, i experience so many in my Life

        Now guess, how is the younger one? See, the attitude to life is important, too

  7. If there was not these this naturalness of Frankenstein V4.0 sewing Body pieces together in this Sci-Fi Future world. I would watch this Anime. But my inner Mind Reason Filter are blocking it. Ah Different Eye used from another Person, just work without side-effects and such. Today impossible of the natural rejection of the Body immune-system. But this World do not care, like the World of Naruto. But cunning, someone found the little cracks of the Security System of this City, and now they are using against it to open the Eyes of these blindly following Lemmings, not even thinking of look behind the curtain, in how their World acting

    Is this a hidden clap of National Patriotisms of some Country’s? “Why i care for the World? i am Happy with my own Life!!”

      1. Do we know the priority list of the System, in how it identify the Person? The Gun Wilder’s are recognized about their Eyes. And the other ones? Do we know it? Looks like someone found it out trough try and error… With many dead bodies on his way…

  8. I know this is really not that type of show…
    …but naked Akane really heals my soul.

    Also, is it wrong that I really like Kamui’s character more and more? He doesn’t really seem to be a bad antagonist and seems relatively just in his actions compared to Sibyl’s blatant hypocrisy. He does not seem as evil as Makishima, because I think Makishima treated people more like pawns. Well, I guess Kamui has his brainwashed pawns, but they seem to be generally more willing.

    I sort of understand how the existence of Kamui contradicts the Sibyl system, but doesn’t the job of Enforcers contradict the system also? Enforcers are latent criminals, but they can still be useful and productive. Maybe their scores are lower than psychopaths, but what logic allows Togane (super high score psychopath) to become an Enforcer besides his mom rigging the system for him?

    1. Kamui is a horrible person. He has engineered deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians solely to see how SYBIL works. He has replaced individuals by his own cultists that he has brainwashed into murderers. These people can then commit horrific acts while avoiding SYBIL under his care. Conveniently, they are also brainwashed to the point that they will die just to cover Kamui’s ass. And this all because he has an axe to grind with SYBIL. Ergo, the live of human beings are less important than his cause. I’m all for freedom from oppression, but if this is the position you take, I don’t care if you shed a few tears, you’re just another self-entitled douche who deserves to be put down.

      And just from the meta-aspect Kamui is just boring. He lacks even an iota Makishima charisma and he only succeeds due to plot contrivance. The MBWSP in particular is suffering uncharacteristic and exasperating incompetence just so his plans always fall into place.

      1. It’s not incompetence that the MBWSP are suffering, it’s treason, the last scene this episode (and the fact that Kamui’s friend has Akame’s grandmother ear while Tougane has her) spills the beans and proves without a sliver of doubt that Tougane and Sybil are ahead of everyone (even Kamui), they could have stopped him in his tracks if they wanted (Tougane can easily shoot him with a rifle or a normal gun or they could have disabled his Dominators) but they never wanted that.

        Apparently blacking Akame’s hue is the end goal here for Sybil as it seems she considers her a major threat (just like the other AI system that Sybil created the hell season in order to ruin it’s chances of being implemented .. season of hell shows how far Sybil would go to protect it’s existence .. even if it means letting a Frankenstein-esque lunatic like Kamui kill and murder as he pleases), they also could have shot Akame with a normal gun or strangled her to death if they wanted .. but it seems Sybil seems to get a lot of pleasure from toying with her and trying to black her hue.

      2. My views are kind of twisted, but I really don’t care at all about the “innocent civilians”. How can I say that? Well, I think they are sheep that deserve the slaughter. Example? Mika. Sybil/Togane foundation themselves have said that Mika is the perfect model citizen, and I would argue that the majority of the society population are Mika-like characters. My reasoning is that the only way that the entire framework of the Sybil system was even allowed to be created and implemented in the first place would be if the majority of the public voted it into law. Therefore, I am actually supportive of Kamui if he is killing a bunch of Mika’s.

        Exception: the Division 2 Inspector was a sad kill

    2. Wondering since people were mentioning, that this show became more violent (its true ofc) to target a larger audience, however doing that without much fanservice wont work. So I can see why some feel relaxed seeing a naked Akane.

      What I mean with that, is that the 2nd season feels way more generic to me.

  9. I started strongly suspect that all this is about to test Akane by Sibilla, or, probably, that is her bad trip.
    All the personages are either crasy maniacs or stupid puppets. Mrs Togane surely knew about Kamui (see when she was talking with the surgeon). The very same connection is with the ear of the grandma (and Kuwashima Koichi got a call –probably, from Togane — exactly before Kamui had left).

  10. Well despite the fact that it was not that much of a good turn of events for all of us but they were indeed shocking to me though. I must say, the directors did a good job with the audio and visuals of the show. Especially using ‘nessun dorma’in background to beautifully potray the scene from 17 min >

    overall, this episode was nicely roled out and the pacing was good.

  11. I dont wanna stomach PP2 anymore…ergh

    Mika has lost it, periodly. Though i somehow feel it unfair for people thinking Mika is useless or pain in the arse(cuz Togane family is the biggest bastard in this show),im gonna lay my ray of hope on her to suddenly turnover Sakuya shits and blasting Sibyl for good. She’s now standing on a very fine line of betraying Sibyl or destroying Akane. C’mon girl, you’re better than this! She still can change the situation, so stop freakout and take some action already! To hell with everything!

    Btw, Kamui reminds me of Eden of the East, but in a more distorted way. But meh, i aint wanna care anymore. I now seriously hating Togane Sakuya and his pathetic schemes. Ah, how i missed Makishima right now. Kougami, where are you?! Saiga-sensei keeps on getting amazing for this week…he’s the only raw intelligence remaining in this show. And as for Akane, hmm…i feel a bit disconnected with her this episode. Oh well…

    Is grandma under somekind of weird medical treatment cuz the hell with acting superrr freaky when one of her ears are cut off!? I think im getting numb with crazy deaths in PP already, nothing surprise me anymore

    onion warrior
  12. I don’t think Mika has destroyed this series. To me, this face(Sorry, I don’t know how to put pictures into comments):
    is the face someone completely terrified for her own life, and I’m pretty sure she would have said anything and done anything if she thought it would get her out of there alive.
    I’ve always felt that Mika’s perspective is similar to that of Ginoza’s in the first season, albeit with the appearance of being slightly more aggressive in her defense of her beliefs. Ginoza, if I remember correctly, also thought of the Sybil System as absolute, and went out of his way to defend it and call any problems with it to be impossible. The difference between Mika and Ginoza, from my perspective, is two-fold, and neither issue is actually Mika’s fault.
    The first is Akane. Akane, and thus the audience, knows how screwed up the Sybil System is, and thus acts accordingly to defy it in her own small way, as well as knowing some of its flaws. Mika doesn’t know this, so when she sees Akane doing her thing, she sees it as an affront to what she believes herself, thus creating this antagonism between the two inspectors. She doesn’t think Akane is doing her job properly,and firmly believes that the Sybil System is absolute because she doesn’t know any better. And when she DOES know better, as I said before she seems so terrified she probably agreed that the System was so amazing just to save her own skin (Considering Kagari and Gu-Sung, people who disagreed with the Sybil System were killed after the reveal, her reaction could be seen as justified). Were she the main character, and this was the first season, I think the audience might agree with some of her decisions until the unsettling reveal.
    The second difference is Ginoza had his father on his team. I think Masaoka influenced a lot Ginoza’s character development, especially towards the end of the first season when he lightened up a bit. Mika doesn’t have anyone like that, the closest being Yayoi, who has done little to improve Mika’s opinion on Enforcers (possibly due to time, which I think is one of the major failings of this season).
    I know some people at the start of the series were hoping Mika would become a sort of second Akane, but I just don’t think she’s had the same opportunities to make similar developments. With only a few episodes left, I’m actually interested in seeing Mika’s role in all of this.

    1. Mika is “homo sovieticus” for the Sybil system, a being so indoctrinated and terrorised that it can’t even dream about rebelling. I think those clapping at the speeches of Stalin during Great Purges had similar faces inside, but had better self-control to not show them…

  13. Also, I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that Tougane has the highest Crime Coefficient ever recorded and now he’s considered criminally asymptomatic?

    It was actually mentioned that Tougane had the highest crime coefficient ever recorded when he was ten, which is presumably after the flashbacks. This can be backed by the Chief’s comment on Mika being “unquestionably accepting of the laws of society unlike you(Tougane)”.

    So it means either 1)he was criminally asymptomatic until he was ten and then lost it, or 2)the whole highest crime coefficient thing is part of the “Open Door Information” used to lure people into a trap.

    1. Can you really just become un-criminally asymptomatic? doesn’t that defeat the whole term of it? especially when Tougane was genetically altered specifically for it? Even his mother implicitly said Tougane actually did went to over 700cc…

      which really brings the question of how cc is truly calculated in the first place. There HAS to be an equation of some sort and not a random number made up by whoever’s mind is on the dominator at that time, though I don’t think we’ll ever get to know.

      1. What if the scientist were wrong in their beliefs that they had successfully created a criminally asymptomatic person? When Togane was killing those puppies was he even aware he was doing anything wrong or out the ordinary? Doesn’t seem like it based on the flashbacks so it’s not odd his hue would stay stable. With that in mind something would have had to around when he was 10 to break the idea that he was criminally asymptomatic.

  14. I say both Akame and Kamui are being played by Tougane and Sybil, it seems Kamui didn’t really agree with his childhood friend (the government guy with the small mustache) about Akame’s grandmother kidnapping and doesn’t even want to hurt Akame … but it seems that Tougane and his mother (or Sybil in this case) know very well what Kamui is doing, could have stopped him if they wanted but they just let it happen to drag Akame into this mess .. all with the purpose of blacking her hue .. the real question is what would they gain from that .. making her an enforcer !!! or judging and killing her in order to use her brain in the Sybil system !!?

    And obviously Mika is terrified and fears for her life, she sided with Sybil and Tougane for various reason (fear of being killed, her mindset being more accepting of a typical authority POV and of course her hate for Akame .. or maybe it is jealousy) … it’s not that she wouldn’t accept Sybil full-heartedly if the situation was different but the way she was abused verbally and physical in the past episode by both Sybil and Tougane along with her expression and voice tone in this episode clearly show she is more concerned about her own life/safety than anything else.

  15. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that Tougane has the highest Crime Coefficient ever recorded and now he’s considered criminally asymptomatic? How does that work? Not sure if it’s done purposely then so he can commit crimes without being questioned why his CC isn’t soaring. Same with Mika… what makes her so criminally asymptomatic?

    He was supposed to be the first artificially created asymptomatic human (through genetic engineering), but obviously it didn’t work out and his hue became clouded when he grew up, and it seems it back fired to badly he ended up with an extremely high crime coefficient .. no wonder he seems so bitter (it seems Sybil also likes to remind him how much of failure he is often .. maybe to motivate him or something .. i don’t know XD).

    Fact is, if the experiment worked Sybil would be mass producing asymptomatic people to use their brains .. which isn’t the case .. which means Tougane was a failure.

    As for Mika, it’s probably her close minded acceptance that whatever the authority does HAS to be the right thing, similar to the psychological state of mind Kamui puts his lackeys into .. to accept that whatever they do is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

  16. Mika is a character designed to improve in the viewers’ eyes. I feel she’s being set up to do some crazy heroics or make good decisions and change her view of Sibyl as well. A lot of the series has been a lot about throwing questions about Sibyl at her.

    I was confused about the illegal immigrants. The politicians and officials were eliminated by lethal eliminator but the show made the politicians former illegal immigrants? Or illegal immigrants were toys of the politicians for what ends? and who was burning at the end? the illegal immigrants? Didn’t Kamui use the same illegal immigrants to act like that politician guy after going thru surgery to replace the one politican caught by Mika?

  17. Recent episodes just don’t feel good to watch anymore 🙁
    Lack of good explanation and always keep audiences at bay….hopefully the plot doesn’t expand too rapidly and burst at the end.

  18. The thing about Mika is that she had to accept the explanation given to her about the Sybil System truly works. Her reaction my have surprised some people or threw them off. For Mika the sybil system, just like for many other people is the foundation of their lives. Mika is even an inspector that enforces this system. To do anything but accept the truth about the system would be synonymous with her whole world crumbling. This whole season she has been putting her faith in this system and being in direct opposition with Akane who know the truth of the system and is trying to overcome it you could say. Mika can’t deny the system that she has held as infallible all this time because she would probably go insane and become a criminal. I feel like her reaction falls in completely with her character and it honestly makes me feel very bad for her. Even if she wanted to go against the sybil she has not the strength or clear psycho pass like Akane. Mika is the true face of the citizen under Sybil. I just felt like posting cause I really like this show and always wanted to post something here. love this site and the reviews

      1. Appreciate the response fatalblue. This episode really made me like Mika because I could finally really sympathize with Mika. She seems like more of a human being then an annoyance finally when I realized how helpless she is.

  19. Personally this is the one time where I actually felt Mika had purpose.
    They’ve been painting her out as essentially the ideal Sibyl system citizen. Obsessed with her own clarity, doing things as instructed, and fearing the system properly along with not doubting it.
    Her acceptance of the system just struck me as a point as to how willing she is to keep her own psycho pass from being polluted.
    That information is not for the average person trapped in the system, she literally accepts it to retain her standing as the ideal sibyl system ragdoll.

  20. Having said what I said about Mika…
    I’m still pretty confuzzled.
    Is it wrong that I’m suspicious as to whether that was even her grandma’s ear? I just assume everything is a holo with Kamui so…. >.>
    Togane is…idrk.

  21. I think Psycho Pass 2 doing fine, until they decide put togane as a double agent.
    The charming point of Psycho Pass is about how the villain makishima meticulously preparing his plan. And the director indeed doing the same with kamui. But, the moment they decided to put togane in the criminal side make me cringe so much.

    Yes mika is annoying, but that didn’t diminish my expectation about the show. Because mika is a good debatable partner when you face an enemy like kamui and his crew.
    I really didn’t think the ending of this show will be satisfying like how they ended makishima vs kogami in pyscho pass 1 in crystal clear.

    I hope there is an element of surprise to get this show back on the track. just sayin

  22. Ehh, dropped the series when Aoyonagi died. There are only a couple characters left I care about. Not enough to watch the show, but enough to read these reviews. I think I would have been much happier with this series if it didn’t get a second season at this point.

  23. That was really twisted and messed up that I can’t help feeling just disturbed in the end of each episode and this recent one really gives me wrinkles on my face for cringing so much.
    On another note, I hope this never comes true:
    …subway conductors replaced by robots. Totally foreshadowing high numbers of unemployment and worst of all terrorism-hijacks.
    And Aoi grandma I wish there is hope for you (plan-A time machine), but Akane’s already thinking up a good revenge plan-B up and you can bet she will make Tougane regret it by “helping” Kamui totally obliterate Sibyl/a.k.a his mom 100x over and then stopping “him.” [Kill two criminals with one dominator].

    random viewer
  24. I’ll be honest my main take away from this ep was the behavior of Akane’s g’ma at the end. She had her ear cut off and is currently tied up and stuffed in what I figure is the backseat of a car yet so calm? Could Akane’s ever stable hue be something she got from g’ma?

  25. Akane Tsunemori is criminally asymptomatic, but was born on the side of Good; that’s why her hue is the best among her school peers and never gets clouded. There. I’ve said it. inb4 everyone else!

    Ace Maxwell
  26. I dont think anybody’s born with aptitude for good or evil. We live, we learn, and we chose our paths. Akane just CHOSES good path almost always.
    Imagine you would have been gifted “total criminal immunity” – many of us would have fallen to temptation to abuse it, but some at least would not, for whatever reason they have – religious, conscience, philosophy.

  27. Why does Tougane have grandma yet Kamui’s friend had her ear? Before ep 7, I read some spoilers of ep 7. It was said that the one who gives Kamui drugs looks like Tougane. It’s possible that this is the symbiotic relationship Tougane has with Kamui; although, it will be weird because Kamui was operated by Togane surgeons or what. Also, it make sense if Grandma was drugged by Kamui or Tougane to not feel fear. We’ve seen how Shisui and other people are in this season.
    Anyway, the fact that Kamui can’t be recognized by Sybil is because of the mix of brain parts and other stuff he has. Sybil recognizes the sum of body parts, but if the sum of those parts don’t equate a record, then he doesn’t exist in Sybil’s eyes. It’s all about Sybil being unable to filter a sum of body organs from different people into one existing being recorded in society. They could have made a newer record of Kamui as this kind of person, but once “rejected,” he’s never recorded as a new being.
    I don’t think I remember that they say Sybil is unaware of its flaws in this ep. It’s more like Sybil doesn’t judge itself by its hue for every decision it makes. Kamui seems to be pointing out that one Bible saying to Sybil: “Judge, not ye be not judged.”
    This season seems to point out about Chief Kasei: “Different brain, different leadership.” This seems to be the reason they want to present to explain why Sybil’s actions are different from Sybil’s actions in PP1. With the new brain representative of Sybil, decisions are biased acc. to the brain used as Chief.
    To be sure, Mika is useless when she’s in a pressure-filled field work, but in terms of gathering information, she’s good if she’s MOTIVATED enough. Her priorities aren’t straight, but she was useful in digging about Tougane, and telling us, the audience, who Tougane is acc. to her finds. But she’s too full of her sense of self-preservation to defy Sybil after the apparent helplessness she feels because who she thinks as enemy is backed by the system she supports. Then there’s her feeling of envy towards Akane…


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