「供贄(くにえ)の黄金」 (Kyou nie (Kunie) no Kogane)
“The Gold of the Kunie”

Silver Sword beats Abyssal Shaft, and the antagonists get their introductions. But more importantly, jealous Marie and blushing Akatsuki HNG~!

Property Rights

Log Horizon continues its habit of thinking beyond the MMORPG framework by dealing with property rights, of all things. To those who are still curious how all the adventurers are going to get back to earth, or are wondering why they aren’t more worried about it, there is no respite here, because it feels even more like they’re settling in for a life here. Beyond that, the idea of leveling the playing field for land rights is self-explanatory. Letting adventurers be the only ones who can own land is like restricting land rights to only white land-owning males (or however your country used to restrict them, because they all did)—it’s not fair, and it’s going to blow up in their faces eventually. The latter is important, even if the adventurers are immortal, but the former is reason enough. It just isn’t fair. Soon perhaps, it will be.

The First Raid Clear: SILVER SWORD

I felt a little cheated last episodes when they expressed Shiroe past the last bosses and didn’t give us the emotional payoff of Silver Sword’s victory, but some awkwardness in the plotting aside, it ended up the same. In particular, William giving the Moon Blossom Talisman to Shiroe really emphasized how much the dynamic has deepened between them since the raid began. They’ve learned that they can still do this thing the love, raiding, even in this new world, and they’ve grown closer as friends. Plus, given the habitual loot-lust of most raiders, the fact that they didn’t object in the slightest to Shiroe getting a pretty bauble means a lot—that they’re not short-sighted assholes, for one, but also that raiding really is different when you’re no longer separated from each other by a computer screen.

Demikas’s (& Shiroe’s) Change of Heart

What I appreciated about the whole Demikas saga was that it wasn’t just about Demikas getting over his grudge, though he did that too. The simple fact that he can flee screaming from a bunch of mobs rather than get angry is a major change, and seeing his name on the victory board clearly meant a lot. But it’s when he was inadvertently revealing how much the situation with Shiroe was bothering him that reminded us that Demikas wasn’t the only asshole.

It was funny to us when Shiroe “messed up” Demikas’ name, but that really was like Shiroe was dismissing Demikas’ entire existence. Friends can give each other nicknames and play around—or even friendly people, like Tetora’s “Demi-Demi”—but Shiroe and Demikas are not friends. Shiroe was just being a dick. It took a change of heart from both of them to respect each other just enough to move from hatred to a simple lack of like. Which is much healthier for all involved, as Demikas’s waifu knows.

Tetora-chan is Tetora-kun!

That’s right—Tetora is a boy. This is the little tidbit that some commenters were so gleefully spoiling for a long time (stop doing that!), but now we can finally talk about it. Tetora is one of the people, like Akatsuki was for a short time, who is stuck in a body different from their original sex. Which in Tetora’s case, doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Which is why I’m still going to use female pronouns for her—she’s now biologically female, and she certainly loves acting like a girl (to the point of fighting over Naotsugu, hah!), so I’ll respect her choice. Plus, her hiding her original sex from Naotsugu just so she can continue to tease him was hilarious! See what I mean about Naotsugu? A cleric on both arms. Living the Guardian dream!

Introducing: The Bad Guys

Former Debauchery Tea Party Kazuhiko (Katou Masayuki) has been namedropped several times, but now we finally see him … along with a bunch of other members of the Plant Hwyaden high council. All of which screams “Shit is about to heat up, the bad guys are here!” The most interesting tidbit was when Kazuhiko expressed surprise about the rogue royal guard (Nelreth) in Akihabara. It seems to me they’re aware of his links to Shiroe (though I’d be surprised if everyone didn’t know that, what with Debauchery Tea Party’s fame), so they’re keeping some information from him. To be honest, I was surprised they let him on the inner council at all, even if he is Lv 97. I look forward to seeing his role going forward.

Akatsuki Understands Shiroe Better Than She Knows

I could spill much ink over Marie getting ready to see Naotsugu, or her battle with Tetora. (Even ignoring Tetora’s trap status, Marie wins by a landslide. Not even a contest.) What I appreciated was the equalization between Akatsuki and Minori. For a while it seemed like Minori understood Shiroe better than Akatsuki, as Akatsuki floundered … but that’s not the case. The simple act of Akatsuki anticipating that Shiroe would be exactly on time showed she really does understand him, now that she’s come into her own more. Then she hid behind Shiroe, and I lost it. Akatsuki-chan, you’re so cuuuuuute! *Full Henrietta mode*

Looking Ahead – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. A rabu-rabu episode to play with all the proto-couples and ships. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!! These kinds of episodes are perfect for a break between arcs, and as a reward for all the characters have gone through. Bring on the romcom antics, baby!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Silver Sword clears the dungeon as Shiroe gets his gold (sorta). It’s a trap! (Tetora, that is) #loghorizon s2e12

Random thoughts:

  • Grown up Akatsuki in that kimono-like outfit is the best!
  • Oh William, you’re so tomodachi-tsundere for Shiroe.
  • Henrietta is enjoying this. A little bitterness left over from her stalled crush? Maybe, though I don’t have that excuse, and I’m enjoy it too!
  • Stilts note: I’ll be out of town next weekend, so expect the post to appear later than normal. Maybe on Sunday, though Monday is more likely. Thanks for your understanding.

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    1. Next episode title (official translation): “A sweet trap”.

      Coincidence apart, Tetora is technically not even a trap because her body is female, at least she’s not a canonical trap.
      It has been mentioned before (don’t remember which episode) that the body gender would eventually affect the mind too, so I’m more inclined to consider her an eccentric girl more than an “otokonoko”. Well, the important thing for me is that she’s pure fun, I like her a lot!

      1. Yeah I’m not terribly clear on how the gender swap takes place. I think they mentioned the ‘male voice’ is supposed to surface at some point? And how did Shiro figure out she was a guy?

        Rick Anime
      2. @Rick: Probably the same way several people watching the anime did? Most girls don’t say ‘I’m a cute girl,’ they just say ‘I’m cute’. It could’ve also been a shot in the dark that turned out to be true, like how he guessed that “Dariella” was just Nureha in disguise.

    1. I do not know about the level 41, but the level 68 (Mifuza) was pointed out to be a person of the land and had the title warlord. And the level 36’s name (Jered-gan) has implications of its own.

    2. This may or may not be considered spoilers but just in case
      Show Spoiler ▼

      also this may give insight on the next arcs so
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. You wrote
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. It is the class name which you should look out for. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. dbm,

        About what you’re missing:

        Show Spoiler ▼

    3. This is politics the quality of the brain not the level is what makes you important. A level one could be the genius strategist you need. Councils send the army to fight not necessarily do they need to be good at fighting themselves. It is good though if the members of the Council have at least some members who set the example.

    4. @FL

      If I’m not mistaken those spoilers were revealed this episode in the character card information brought up for each member. Had to pause and rewind to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

      What it points to (and for the sake of spoilers) Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Pancakes: No, it’s not the same trick Shiroe invented.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. No i agree with pancakes
        if im not wrong, part of the reason that Rudy was able to become an adventurer was that PoLs could not ordinarily join guilds, thus when shiroe made the contract to add Rudy to his guild, it forced the system to turn Rudy into a adventurer to correct the contradiction. i may be wrong but the fact that PoLs have joined plant hwyden implies that they are using the contract more openly and blatantly

      3. I read again the part of Minami’s Council of Ten and the members were indeed both Lander and Adventurers, but I missed again where it was mentioned that those Landers also had to join Plant H’s guild. Maybe I misread it, or it’s an anime only detail. On the other hand It’s written a lot about how this political alliance worked, something important the anime left out, as usual.

  1. wasnt it mentioned along that flavor text became real that poeple in diferent gender bodys were mentally also becoming more of that gender?
    if so wouldnt that mean tetra might become completly female both in mind and body?

    1. Possibly, but my point was that Tetora didn’t seem to mind being a girl, and she might have picked a female character because that’s how she was more comfortable even when there was a guy sitting behind the computer screen. I don’t think you go straight to “idol” so quickly if you used to be a manly man, lol

      Basically, it’s up to Tetora, and since she’s going all in on female, I’ll address her as such.

    2. That depends on whether or not Tetra actually is female in the world of Elder Tale. If I remember correctly, the light novel was a bit ambigous on whether Tetra is a male player with a female avatar or a player with a male avatar who crossdresses.
      Shiroe and Tetra only say that Tetra is actually a boy, but don’t say whether this means on Earth or in Elder Tales.

  2. It was only briefly touched on, but the Kunie’s extremely secretive behavior was justified this episode in several ways. How do you stop the adventurers if you have something they want and are willing to take it by force. Think of how big an army of people of the land would be needed just to beat one of the raid bosses from this dungeon. Whereas a small group of adventurers not only keep coming back but are stronger every time.

    Like Shiroe said, I would be frightened too.

    1. Nice point. And a question too: What was that thing protecting Kinjo under its angelic wings?
      Yes, Raid. And what about that little speech with Lenessia? “Oh, we’re sorry we just lost a national treasure like a Royal Knight Armor. We’re sooooo sorry”. You can bet Kunie clan has some way to influence the world-game substantially, and they are testing the adventurer’s power too. What if they openly were to become enemies? They have the power of administrators and maybe coders too. How do you fight that?

  3. Unfortunately Baka Tsuki’s material is now finished and most of us can’t be of use in explaining any further detail on the novel now. Only japanese readers are uo to the task now and I would like people who can, to continue explaining those details who were left out by Deen’s shallow adaptation. As a matter of fact, as much as they didn’t mess too much with the actual plot, they left out something peculiar hard to deal animation wise: Feelings.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Not really spoiler but a little tl;dr so i hid it for uninterested people.

    1. I’d say they passed it very well. I’m not a novel reader, but I could understand what you said just fine from watching this version. What you said in spoiler tag did not come as anything new.

      1. I also agree with Ebisu. I am guessing that the impression given by the anime feels quite different for someone whose first impression is based off the novels.

        Novels = Almost everything is spelled out (especially with monologues and exposition).

        Anime = Need to infer based on actions, facial expressions, pauses in speech, etc. Also, needing to extrapolate on our own the deeper implications of current events.

        Sure, there was plenty of stuff cut out from novels that I noticed when I read them after watching the first season, and I bet there is plenty also dropped/subdued in this season as well. But as Ebisu said, what Solaris listed was almost all stuff that could be figured out without reading the novels. (Except the Akatsuki part with the teachings. I kept feeling part of the narrative was missing while watching that part of the anime.)

      2. To be fair, an anime shouldn’t spell things out like a novel (light or otherwise) can, though that doesn’t mean they should. Sometimes an author needs to risk having some people miss a plot point or a joke in order to make it more rewarding for those who do pick up on it. Otherwise you risk destroying that which you’re trying to create by pointing it out too much.

        It’s the equivalent of explaining a joke you just told. That shit doesn’t work.

        If they’re making us dig and infer, I say that’s good, just so long as they give us enough hints to get there, unlike other shows which just leave the critical bits out. Not that Log Horizon has been perfect there, though it’s been pretty good.

      3. Ebisu, Kalerylan did you read it? Go read the part about the fight between the marauder and Soujiro plus Akatsuki and you will know what I mean.

        Just as Monimonika and Stills said after much better than me, the anime needs to show what the novel needs to tell. And this was not always done right in my opinion. Of course just an opinion.

        Just review older comments. There always been details anime only readers did not catch and us novel reader were prompted for spoilers for explanation. I also needed to hold my horse not to spoil too much several times. Anytime we needed to spoil something it was some lack of information from the animators side.

    2. As a person who has not read the novels for the second season yet, here are the parts of your spoiler(?) list that I was able to figure out from the anime alone:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Well, maybe it is expressed a bit more deeply in the novels (I wouldn’t know yet), but your description of Akatsuki’s state of being fits with what the anime showed.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      For William’s speech, what details are you referring to as being not-highlighted? Is it the morphing into an alternate reality parts? Come on, the anime already mentioned the flavor text, changing geography, gender issue, and change in practical skills (pretty sure that means “morphing into an alternate reality”). Also, the un-game-like behavior of the raid bosses (ムリゲー!).

      Yes, we have already been shown that the world is changing in unpredictable ways that are quite worrying for the adventurers. And the worrying implications can be inferred without having to have it all spelt out by some character’s and/or narrator’s exposition. I mean, Krusty just got beamed out to who-knows-where! If that doesn’t inspire some hopelessness, I don’t know what does.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Well, yes. How could we not notice all the talk about quitting raiding?

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Did we watch the same show? This was all practically spelled out by the anime. In words even.

      1. Regarding Akatsuki’s part, you understand her state of mind after her defeat, part spelled out in the beach scene and part explained in the subsequent episode. Actually that episode is a stretch out from the novel to clear out all the loose part and expand the matter on the whole Water Maple group of girls. But that part is already cleared very well during the fateful fight. You should read it too because it’s very good. Really. I guess that trying to voice out any feelings of Akatsuki’s and Soujiro’s during the fight could have been detrimental to the action packed scene, so I can see why Deen chose not to follow the book faithfully and strech out the subsequent part.

        Regarding Williams speech I recall everybody discussing over non existent social issue instead of asking themselves where this speech came from. Sorry, I must have misjudged you and thought it was cause of the great emphasis of William speech from an excessive nerdy point of view.

    1. People of the Land reproduce so I assume Adventurers can too. And enough time has passed that some Adventurers should be with child and know about it so I wonder if that has came up yet. Yes at first if any way of birth control was available the Earth females would try to hold off. But clearly many are settling in to their new life and have no plans to return to Earth even if possible so I would expect some family forming starting.

    2. A boss? As a wise man once said, “Let the woman win.” I’m pretty sure Marie could pull an arm off if required. Probably only Naotsugu’s or Tetora’s though.

      As for reproduction, the real question is whether the story will bother to deal with the issue. It seems logical that it would have already happened to some and been noted if so, but if Touno-sensei didn’t feel like going into it, we might not hear about it. Though I do remember hearing one thing about a past arc…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Did you read Souji’s manga spinoff? The problem you hint in the spoiler was also introduced there and it was also told that it’s a non-issue for the usual Royal Guard System. So you can do any cruelty, but given you do not use skills or equipment, that will be not punished. Jus imagine someone proficient in martial arts what could do. MMORPG life also teach us that whenever there’s a system there are cheaters ready to overuse it. So getting rid of the magic circle system helped more than it looked at first instance.

    1. Dont be like that man.

      It’s not our fault that men in MMORPG fall for the Im-A-Girl routine so easily. Besides, it’s not like we GIRLs dont pull our own weight. We’re just better at playing the game and roleplaying than the average joe.

      FYI: I am a GIRL ^.^

  4. This is just be my complete speculation in case it gives anything away I’ll put it in spoilers
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. well do recall that Shiroe had to use the highest grade ink and parchment. maybe lower grade items could work. but newbie scribes probably won’t have the capability anyways. probably anyways.

      1. Fair enough. More than anything I’m just curious how the Rudy turned to adventurer thread is going to be used since that one scene is full of implications for the future. As it is i think it is more likely that people who knew Rudy from before his transformation may muck things up since they would be more than curious about his sudden transformation

      2. In this case, it’s less the ability to do it than how likely it is to think of doing it. Take making tasty food … a lot of people had the ability, but almost none of them thought to do it. They couldn’t imagine that it was possible. Shiroe is one of those clever folks who thinks of the impossible, and thinks that, just maybe, he might be able to make those things come true. That’s far more rare than high scribe levels and expensive ingredients.

    2. Not sure if it has been mentioned or hinted at before so I’ll put it in spoiler tags:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Cooking was the first Overskill and that’s now becoming usable by people without the Subclass.

        Plus Rieze said Overskills could be taught to other people back after Akatsuki died.

  5. Translation error or possible just friend aside, I don’t think Kazuhiko is the only member of the DTP on the council. Shiroe name drops K R in the sequence after that and the person on the council who tells them where Shiroe is at the end just happens to also be named K R.

    At a minimum, they’re probably using him (K R)/them to track Shiroe via your location note typically present in the friend list.

    1. Not really related but i find it kind of funny that groups such as the Debauchery Tea Party have been abbreviated to DTP

      Funny little tangent, apparently the origins of the guild name DDD was that krusty randomly hit a key on the keyboard but since guildnames containing only one letter were not allowed he settle for DDD. Be glad he didn’t hit X XD

    2. There are actually 3 former Tea Party folks on the council, so I don’t think they’re going to hold it against them. Kazuhiko, KR, and Indicus.

      That being said, ominous scenery aside, Plant hwyaden are more like Antagonists than actual Villains. AFter the chaos of the Apocalypse, they brought order to Minami, and even work together with the Landers. Granted, they’re doing it in a much more iron-fisted way, but I don’t think there’s been any actual signs of them doing something genuinely malicious. Even the bullying of Raynesia was for the purpose of trying to get a better bargaining position.

    3. Yeah, I learned KR was part of Debauchery Tea Party after I wrote the post. I’m just thinking they don’t trust Kazuhiko as much, and for good reason, since he’s been communicating with and in some ways guiding Shiroe. If they suspect that, probably best to keep him out of the loop sometimes.

      And yeah, they’re probably (I’d almost say definitely, though I don’t know for sure) more antagonists than villains. Which I much prefer, and is much more in line with how Log Horizon works.

  6. Perhaps I’m just an insecure, cynical bastard but I sure would love to know in detail how Shiroe and the Round Table Council plan to keep the peace in Akiba now that they turned over their ownership of the guild hall and other essential public buildings to the server. Oh and no more magic circle guarding the city from monsters or powering the Royal Guard armors for a few decades too at least!

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very noble gesture (a practical one at that too, keeping the system from being abused + less upkeep hassles and building on a good relationship with the landers) and I admire him for it but it’s definitely not without its drawbacks.

    In the end though, I kinda love how Shiroe acknowledges that yes, he himself has been exploiting the system. But now that he deemed the peace could be maintained(?), he has no qualms about ditching the crutch and making sure it won’t be abused in the future. An unapologetic, opportunistic, tyrant perhaps… but thankfully a benevolent one lol.

    1. More than anything, i feel that the original gesture of Shiroe buying up the guild building was in order to get the support of the battle guilds by blackmail, since if you would recall Isaac made the threat that if the battle guilds backed out the whole plan would go to hell. After the hamelin incident i don’t believe that Shiroe has actually used the powers of the guild building to actually lock people out of their accounts; and now that they are part of and have seen the good that the round table, the battle guilds have a vested interest in maintaing the peace in Akiba

    2. Yeah, as FL said the original round table plan was more of a wake-up call than anything else. The adventurers were caught in a hate spiral that they refused to break out of so he forced them to. Once that was done, things were mostly fine. They even mentioned in the beginning that the pkers were mostly doing it because they had nothing else to do. Now that they have lots to do, the problem is basically gone.

      In short, they’ll keep the peace the way we do, which is more prone to mistakes than magic circles and super knights, but it should do ok.

    3. I think of it like this: when a country is formed, there are usually some revolts early on. For my own country, the Whiskey Rebellion is an example. After that though, people get used to the system, and unless you have a major one—the American Civil War, in this example—mostly you don’t have to march troops in and keep order at the point of a sword.

      They needed to do it early on to build a society long enough to prove it could work. Once everyone knew it could work, the stick was no longer needed. The carrot is a vibrant and lively society is so much better.

      1. All excellent points. Thx guys.
        Now that you’ve mentioned it, there really haven’t been any incidents shown where Shiroe had to make good on his threat and use his power as the owner of the Guild building other than with Hamelin have it?

        I also agree that the general impression I got from the Akiba populace is that they’re far more eager to participate in a well-ordered, productive community than any disruptive activities. So that’s all well and good… internally, at least.

        Can’t help but still think all this is gonna have some repercussions if any external threat decides to come and play. While it’s not exactly defenseless per se (150000 immortal, high level adventurers make for an excellent deterrent), from an outsider’s perspective the city must’ve look more vulnerable than ever now.

        I have no idea how this’ll play out but the anticipation and speculation is really getting exciting as f*** 😀

    4. Well, now that every land ownership (in Akiba and all field zone) is given back to the server, Round Table can finally run the city like real-life government runs a country. Setting up police force and military, to keep the crime low and take care of random monsters that wandered into the city (or military incursion).

      Real-life cities do not have Royal Guards and system (divinely) enforced land ownership, and I think we managed just fine.

  7. Though I got it spoiled long ago as well, I had my suspicions that Tetora was a semi-trap from the moment she appeared on screen. Because, well, unlike the other female characters there was always something fake about her. The other women felt real to an extent, while she acted like an anime character, bragging about her panties. S’like, I’ve met some GIRLs (Guy In Real Life)in MMO’s as well, and they acted pretty similar. So yeah, not a big surprise there. Oh well, as long as Tetora is having fun she can do whatever she wants.

    The episode in general was a pretty damn nice way to finish the arc on as well. Seeing the stories of Demikas and William get their closure felt really satisfying, and they’ve both come a long way. And the way Shiroe solved the big problem – by breaking the freaking game – was pretty damn smart as well. Forget getting a money flow, he just solved an huge problem permanently as well as prevented any complications that might appear in the future. Made perfect sense as well! And yet at the same time, Shiroe was forced to swallow a humility pill when he realized his error in not seeing the perspective of the Landers and the Kunie. There’s always something new to learn and every discovery poses another bunch of questions. It’s stuff like this that reminds me just why I love this show to begin with.

    And now that I’m gushing anyway, I liked how Akatsuki actually did look more grown up than usual. I liked seeing Minori’s group again, things just ain’t the same without Rudy around. I liked the new villains, and the dilemma’s Shiroe might face because some of his old comrades are among them. I liked seeing more of Demikas’ wife, that lucky bastard. I liked the comedy, and the fact that next episode’s a breather episode – bring on the fun! I liked it friggin’ all.

    Really, an episode like this really solified the fact that this is probably my favourite show this year.

    1. Agreed on everything. This almost felt like a great series ender. It really tied up the first 12 episodes into a great package with where it left all the characters and the plots. I’m very excited to see where it goes from here.

    2. As to getting a money flow… So far as I know it has not been made explicit in either the novels or the anime, but I assume that the credit card looking object that Shiroe gave to Henrietta acts as a credit/debit card that ties into that infinite gold flow. I wonder if a Kunie GoldCard has a credit limit.

  8. I believe that Plant Hwyaden high council has been behind the incident of flavor text becoming a reality in Elder Tale. The conversation between Plant Hwyaden council members certainly has implied the plotting of rogue Royal Guard killing spree in City of Akihabara. One of the council members, an elderly archmage from People of Land, is the formal sage of Mira Lake (wiki log horizon). It is possible they have discover how to create another world class magic to alter Elder Tale, i.e. Shiroe’s contract altering status in People of Land to grant Rudy an “Advanturer” in subclass. Nureha, a Lv 90 Fox Tail Enchanter and the guild master of Plant Hwyaden, had been disguising herself as a traveling journalist in People of Land with Overlay magic. She certainly had gathered enough info about Shiroe’s new world class magic with contract writing to attend her own recreation of another world class magic with help from that elderly archmage, formal sage of Mira Lake. I found comments about Misa’s scythe, Calamity Heart, from webpage under Log Horizon 2 – 06. The fact that Krusty went missing from Yamato Server might somehow be related to activation of fairy ring, and Krusty had teleported to different Elder Tale Server (China or Europe). I am guessing.

  9. This Year’a Admiral Ackbar Nominee: Magnificent Idol Tetra-chan!
    Of course Shiroe was the one to discover it first…
    Naotsugu will have HELL of interesting time ahead… Cleric on both arms, unless they kill each other first, that is. Notice Henrietta gleefully adding oil to the fire! (she’s another Villain in Glasses, after all…)

    Seriously though, about half of my online characters are created as females. I wonder how I would react if trapped in such a body?

    And we have foreshadowing of incomig troubles, the rival guild that will probably throw challenge to Shiroe’s plan of converting alll buyable land back into “national property”.
    Shiroe truly is worthy of Villain title – he is fast to notice that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so he decides to avoid this pitfall himself.

    1. I was talking about the gender thing with a friend, who would definitely have ended up a trap himself. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t, though. Any MMORPG I’ve played semi-seriously, I’ve played a male character, including EQ, which is one of the only MMOs that’s like Elder Tale and nearly as old as Elder Tale IRL (It’s 15, to Elder Tale’s 20 years).

      Mind you, I’d still probably have to find one of those potions anyway, because you usually can’t make a character as tall as I am. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I suddenly wasn’t able to see over everything!

  10. Question: Why are MMO animes so popular in Japan when Japan has very little interest in MMOs? Phantasy Star Online 2, Final Fantasy XI and XIV are pretty much the only Japanese MMOs. South Korea on the other hand..

    1. Just because the games aren’t Japanese doesn’t mean Japanese people don’t play them, any more so than Americans don’t all drive American cars. For instance, I know Touno-sensei played Everquest and Everquest II, which, though owned by Sony, were developed by Americans in California.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Log%20Horizon/Log%20Horizon%202%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2014.jpg
    So Shiroe can make that sort of face when he’s talking to Akatsuki.
    What a relief, William…victory is the best with your friends there celebrating with you. And also, yay that Shiroe added you to his friends’ list.

    random viewer
  12. Don’t read the Light Novel, Don’t know much but I always suspected Tetra was a trap. 1. She was too easy. 2. That outfit was gaudy, like men guady. 3. Too flashy and flamboyant and 4. The voice could have either been male or female.

    That say, I still like that little Trap and it’s gonna be fun to Tetra and Marie going at it.

    For those that don’t know , when two healing Clerics battle one another. NOBODY wins! It’s a war of attrition! First, they hit like wet noddles then any damage done can be healed! That battle will wage on forever until one side get bored.

    HOw fitting.

    I gotta say, if you ever been in a first world kill with a hard as fuck mechanic and you eek out a victory after things went pear shape in mid battle. Yeah, that pretty much how you feel. You don’t continue on you just sit there and bask in the fucking glory while taking a damn breather!

    Is it me or does Demikas wife sounds like Kurimi from Date A Live? (Dat Kurumi!)

    When I saw Planet Hawydyen, all I can think of is…damn DTP sure have some shady ass people.


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