「こころ」 (Kokoro)

Vote for Hirokawa Takeshi!

Actually, let’s not. Going into this episode I was expecting something crazy to go down at the event that Shinichi and Kana met at, so I was grateful when it turned out not to be the case. Thankfully, Shinichi took her away and potential danger was averted for the time being. Unfortunately, Hirokawa Takeshi, the man amongst the group of parasites who is running for mayor, ends up getting elected. He labels himself as an environmentalist, but I wouldn’t trust this politician as far as I can throw him. As Migi points out, with this victory, the parasites are acquiring safety, and at this rate, it won’t be long before they’re in serious positions of power… if they aren’t already.

The Ballad of Kana and the Powers of Love

Now, I have to talk about Kana. My darling Kana and her tragic tale. Although I wasn’t spoiled on the details, I just knew she wasn’t going to make it out this alive. Honestly, I thought she was a goner last episode, so when she survived I was convinced she was going to go down this time around… and she did. It’s a shame, but damn, it was a breathtaking moment with some chilling setup, equal parts thrilling and tragic.

But I’m glad we got this episode focusing on her like it did. It turned out that dream she had with Shinichi and her in the field of flowers was recurring, and she even got her kiss this time around (likely inspired by Shinichi and Murano). I’ve seen talk of Kana being a bit of a stalker, and that is correct (I mean, she even wrapped a strand of Shinichi’s hair around her ring finger… creepy or cute?) but I think me and many others found something truly intriguing about this girl. From glancing over the corresponding chapters being adapted, Kana is, dare I say, a bit bland in the original source material. In the anime though, she’s been an absolute treat. Sawashiro Miyuki has done a fabulous job in the voice acting department, and her modernised character design has also done her wonders. I have to commend Madhouse for how brilliant they are doing with this adaptation; at this point I may even go as far as to say they are improving it.

The scenes with Kana and Shinichi in the abandoned factory were equally sweet and sad. Sweet because there is some sort of connection between the two, even if it isn’t fate, and isn’t romantic on Shinichi’s side. But the sadness comes when Kana learns of Shinichi’s secret, which she doesn’t believe at first due to Migi being asleep. She even had him make a promise to show his powers to her… but she never got to see them in the end.

The Authorities Involvement

After hearts have been torn out in seething fury, we see some familiar faces show up at Kana’s funeral. I presume they are on the case of any parasite-relevant death at this point – they are obviously aware of Shinichi’s prior involvement with parasites, and even pulled out a strand of hair to test if he was one of them. I just wonder how and when they are going to do something about this threat. I have a feeling, though, that it’ll be too late before they actually manage to do anything.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Kana’s affections for Shinichi are on the increase, only to be shot down when she sees Shinichi and Murano sharing a kiss.
  • Meanwhile, after 22 yazuka are brutally murdered by a single parasite, the threat rises as several parasites group together with unknown intentions.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 29 – 31

Sending Shinichi Over the Edge:

  • Even if he’s unable to shed tears over the loss of Kana, Shinichi is obviously affected by her death. At least he still has empathy – unlike Migi.
  • This is the first time we see him so easily accept that he is no longer human. Let’s just hope this doesn’t result in a descent into madness…

If the episode wasn’t brilliant enough already, the moment at the end between Shinichi and Mitsuo was a fantastic one. The fight was completely uncomfortable, just as intended. I hated seeing them lash out at one another over losing Kana. Mitsuo obviously had feelings for her, but it’s not Kana’s fault that she didn’t have them back. In fact, the situation is much the same with her and Shinichi, which means that in the end no one is happy, except maybe Murano. Even so, her suspicions will still be running high and I imagine she’ll have some moments of tragedy before too long.

Overview – What’s Next?

Truly, a great episode. It really hit me because of how much I’ve been enjoying Kana’s character these past few months. Sadly, her time came, and her story is over. But I won’t forget her anytime soon, even if there is much more still to come. Now that we’ve reached the halfway point of the series, I still have no idea how this is all going to play out. Next week’s preview hints at more Tamiya and the group of parasites gathered together, so I can only imagine something serious is going to go down, which is what I’ve come to expect from Kiseijuu week in, week out.

Note: In case you were unaware, Kiseijuu is on break next week. Sad news after last week, but it’s to be expected before we head into the Winter season.



  1. Impel Down Hippo
      1. Migi’s point was that Kana refused to heed Shinichi’s warning. Kana was going to run towards parasites constantly, seeking out Shinichi, even if she didn’t send out signals. she didn’t die this episode because she sent out signals either but because she went towards one. if she’s constantly putting herself in danger, she’s gonna pay eventually, even without Shinichi

      2. Man this episode made me sad, especially because I felt that Kana can really help out Shinichi, why? She can detect parasytes, which makes her very useful when Migi is asleep, which still allows Shinichi to know if there are parasytes near him. This is what I thought would happen all along, thinking that Kana will become close to Shinichi by helping him out in hunting the parasytes.

        So I really thought it was stupid that Shinichi didnt convince Migi by telling him how she can help both of them out as Shinichi is pretty much in danger when Migi is asleep as he cant detect parasytes despite his heightened abilities of hearing, etc.

        I’m very disappointed as the screen time they spent on Kana and their focus on her abilities, caused me to think that she would become a major character role in the story, and I was distraught to have her just killed off like that.

  2. Impel Down Hippo
  3. didn’t she see his hand right before she got pierced?
    but yea, throughout the episode, the death warning siren was blazing so hard I thought I was going to go deaf. why leave you phone, Kana?! please take Shinichi’s warning to heart. please don’t write both your names together. you’re going to die from all these flags you’re tripping like crazy.

    1. I thought we would get a moment where she would go “So this is the right hand you were talking about…” or something of that nature, but we didn’t. As for her leaving her phone behind, in the manga (since it was made in the 90s) it was actually her landline that he was phoning. That part made a little less sense since it was her mobile in the anime, thanks to the modern setting.

      1. I thought the same thing about the phone, but Migi was right, that eventually, she was going to literally run herself into trouble with or without her phone. I’m glad they didn’t draw it out either for another episode or two with all the death flags. Still, sad to see her go, and her portrayal was definitely very sad.

        Impel Down Hippo
    1. Im think the redesigns overall are pretty good, except for Murano, still can’t get into her new design.

      At first i was like meh, but it grew on me. But Murano looks to little girlish i think, compared to the manga counterpart, and it’s the hair.

    2. When I first saw the new character designs, I was surprised at how girlish Murano and Kana looked.

      Nagai and Mitsuo also completely look like different people from their original designs.

  4. MADHOUSE: Merry f*cking Christmas, now have some feels.

    “Migi, handle the defense” You knew shit was about to get real. What a heart-ripping episode.

    RIP Kana. Your wet dreams will be missed. But everyone saw it coming.

    Feel so sorry for Nagai. He may be a bully but his love for Kana was real.

  5. The Kana episodes were difficult to watch as the sense of brooding doom was so strong. Still, give Shinichi some credit: he realized she was in trouble and did the best he could to warn her off. I think if Kana hadn’t met Shinichi she’d probably have ended up getting killed in a Yakuza gang war or something – she seems kind of unable to avoid dangerous men…

    Parasyte remains me a bit of the Devil Lady anime (not so much the manga; the anime was a lot more stylish and less Go Nagai). In particular, the spooky ending music that plays just at the next episode preview is very reminiscent of the music in Devil Lady.

    1. Honestly, I’m glad Kana died. I would have been disappointed if it went the cliche route with Izumi coming to her rescue just in time. Her death raised the stakes. Now we know, ANYONE can die and that makes things more exciting & unpredictable.

    1. I don’t really get the whole “best girl” cult around Kana. She was basically a stalker who was unhealthily obsessed with Izumi — I mean she preserved a hair from him and wrapped it around her finger like a ring. I didn’t hate her, but is this really people’s perception of an ideal girl?At least Murano is well-balanced.

  6. Kana had death flags waving all over the place since last episode. It sucks that she died but her death was realistic. And yeah, she should’ve listened to Izumi’s warnings, but let’s not forget she’s a teenage girl who’s in love.

    1. I know right, much better than the lackluster Pyscho-pass.
      Was it just me or did this episode seem some what longer than previous ones, probably because of the previous week hiatus? I kept thinking…. still on, ok!

  7. LOVED the last scene. Shinichi being pounded repeatedly, I knew something was going to happen, it was building up to something. Seeing him suffering, I had this feeling he was maybe going to even kill Mitsuo… he finally moves to retaliate, and the music comes in at the most perfect time, as if reassuring me as well as indicating this would be an emotional break down scene, not another tragic scene… At this point the scene already accomplished so much it has my full attention.

    He gives a huge punch right in Mitsuo’s face, he flies back, and the animation — WOW. Mitsuo just sliding back, face down, his heart destroyed. It really made the moment very powerful. His next words “Why do you go down so easy?!”, expresses his disappointment that he can’t even vent and lash out anymore at Mitsuo because he’s hurt him enough. With one punch, just like that, it’s over, reminding him of how INHUMAN he is becoming. His strength both shocks and frustrates him, contrasting with his first meeting with Mitsuo when he was so weak to do anything to him.

    And then the headbanging against the tree, wow…

    Just amazing.

      1. Wow, that’s a great point about the expected vs unexpected. Kana’s death begun setting up from a long time ago, and her death was the only real possible satisfying resolution to her story. But the last scene with Mitsuo was less predictable so it really rounded off the episode and the story arc with an emotional scene we weren’t super prepared for.

  8. Dafuq
  9. Man, this the worst I’ve felt about a character dying this entire season. As if Shinichi’s mother wasn’t already bad enough.

    I mean, in a sense Migi was right. It was going to happen at some point. She ignored his warnings and kept putting herself in danger, and her prince on a white horse didn’t magically show up in time, cause that’s not how reality works…

    Still though, I wanted her to make it somehow. Deathflags or no deathflags. But no. Congratulations Parasyte, you’re going to make me feel like crap all Christmas. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

    (Well, the show should, for enthralling me in such a way. Ye gods it’s awesome).

    1. I don’t think Migi was right.

      If Shinichi had managed to show Migi to her before she got herself killed, she should be able to survive unless her “power” evolves even further and makes her detectable by Parasytes without her conscious effort.

      I actually think Migi just said that to comfort Shinichi.

  10. Her finals words and the way the ring of hair fell off her finger were brilliant. Also, the swift retribution (and everything following it). The author knew not to make this about revenge.

    Speaking of which, I personally didn’t find the ring that creepy. It’s a healthy young person’s hair, not Sadako’s. It’s not like she stroked it and called it her precious.

    I wonder if there’ll be a new OP next week.

      1. It was sort of explained here. She is able to do similar things that the parasites do so just how the parasites can detect others she can. I doubt we will ever get more of an explanation than that and I don’t see the need, after all this show has creatures that can change shape and reform bodies at will!

  11. Thanks for ruining Christmas, MADHOUSE….. ;_;

    I never read the source material, but in terms of the anime, I really wasn’t sure which way it was going to go. I leaned more towards her dying (as I said last episode – more focus = death flag), but with the way the episode went, it actually got my hopes up a little that she might somehow make it through.

    As mentioned, you’d think something would’ve happened last episode, then nothing going on after Shinichi sees her in the crowd.

    Then she comes face to face with that parasyte-infested female and I thought, “Ah crap, here we go”, especially when she turned and quickly tried to get away, making me think she’d stop, not see anyone following her, turn around, and the woman is right there and impales her (much like how many a horror scenario would play), but then nothing happens and she gets out unscathed, the woman not even giving chase or anything.

    But then “It’s him!”, forgets her phone, and heads towards the place “where there aren’t many people around”…yeah…the foreboding was huge, but even then, when she saw Shinichi in the doorway (and it turning out to really be him and not just in her mind like it appeared), I ACTUALLY thought that MAYBE Shinichi would zip in and save her just before she would’ve died, thus being able to save her and simultaneously reveal Migi to her…but alas, it was not to be…also as mentioned, I also expected her to make some sort of comment about Migi with her last breath.

    Kana will always be best girl to me…

  12. I get the feeling there would be a new ED and/or OP next week.

    Poor Kana. RIP Kana. (One less lonely girl for Shinichi)

    If Shinichi just went on a date with Murano, things could’ve been different, and Kana would’ve been a-live“Date-A-Live” should’ve been the title for this episode lol

    Red HeartGold ZX
      1. @rael: My thoughts exactly! All along I thought she was going to be a major character, after all the screen time and development that was shown, I mean she had better screen time than Murano plus she is actually more useful as she can detect parasytes! All along I thought she would help out Shinichi especially since he needs it the most when Migi is asleep plus he does plan to hunt down the parasytes, despite Migi’s objections. Kana would also cause Murano to step up and move her relationship with Shinichi, basically causing her to get more character development and screen time.

  13. That scene when Kana died is handled very well.
    That moment when Shinichi said : “Migi, handle the defense” is pretty sad when you think about it…but it’s also so cool at the same time.

    1. I was hoping, even if it seemed really far fetched, that somehow he would save Kana or heal her in some way. Probably ended the way it had to, but damn, that was just really sad.

      Impel Down Hippo
  14. My heart hurts again…that combined with FeelsAO’s finale the other day. Nope.
    That girl dodged sooooo many death flags for a while though…watching Shinichi and Nagai duke it out was…powerful.

  15. I just hope we get some quality doujinshi involving Kana and Izumi, I wouldn’t be upset either if there were a couple of doujinshi with a love triangle between them and Murano. Please Japan, don’t let my migi hanging on this one.

  16. Ahh, the old play the ending song and credit over the episode to both make it longer and make sure people know it’s a special episode. You guys at Madhouse nailed it, and you now have a contender for worst Christmas specials, up there with KISS Saves Santa.

  17. The fact that Shinichi killed the parasite with his human hand instead of using Migi shows that he still has some human inside of him. I think with the death of his mom, and how his life has been overall, he is at the point where that no matter how screwed up things have been, he had enough and can’t cry anymore. That or he is slowly becoming a parasite.

  18. That wasn’t a Christmas episode of Parasyte! That’s wasn’t a Christmas episode at all!
    Sad stuff, man.

    They never really explained Kana’s power, did they? Why was she able to sense Parasytes?

  19. I actually thought Shinichi was going to give Kana the heart he ripped out of the parasite and have migi nano machine repair her body. She would then be a weird hybrid person he could go on vigilante missions with. Anyone else think this? I mean, we know Migi already did it once.

  20. That had to be the most disappointing episode of this series.

    They killed the most interesting relationship and romantic interest of the protagonist. It was awful. It was a waste. It was demoralizing. The current, and remaining, love interest is so boring, cowardly, and uninteresting as to make me roll my eyes every time I see her.

    Why couldn’t they have killed Murano?!

    I was looking forward to seeing a parasyte knock off that wilting flower!

    A developing Kana x Shinichi pairing would have been exceedingly more interesting and dramatic.

  21. With SwKnU, best adaptation from a manga this season.
    Almost best adaptation ever, apart from FMA, Monster and a few other ones.
    Epic Parasyte.

    MadHouse, start a Bleach remake ASAP.
    Well, not. Better Ufotable, you just die of joy every Fate episode. Unlimited Budget Works 😀

  22. Finally caught up. Damn this show is tense! That ending for kana sure was heart breaking, but that flag was raised ages ago. Didn’t expect it to end like that though and with the dreams and her feelings she couldnt explain it really made for wonderful drama. I haven’t read the manga but I’m happy to read that the show is staying true and even improving some aspects!

    Looking forwrad to the second half. This is one of the shows in 2014 that had me waiting each week.


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