OP Sequence

OP: 「ジョジョ 〜その血の記憶~end of THE WORLD~ JoJo – Sono Chi no Kioku ~end of THE WORLD」 by Tanaka Kouhei

“Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’doul, Part 1”

「(「愚者」(ザ・フール)のイギーと「ゲブ神」のンドゥール その1) 」
(Za Fuuru no Igi to Gebu-shin no Nduuru Sono 1)

Nothing’s Changed:

It’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. What else is there to say? It’s been three months since the last episode and yet it feels like no time has passed. I appreciate that we jumped back into the swing of things without much waiting about, and I’m glad that there isn’t any shift in quality or approach with this episodes when compared to all those before it – it’s consistent, it’s JJBA, it’s fabulous. What else can you expect? First of all, the OP and ED really stick out to me. Both have incredibly slick visuals that tick all the boxes. The OP has the same 3D character models that have been featured in the others (and boy, they look awesome. I wouldn’t even complain if the whole adaptation had CGI at this quality). I must say, I already miss Walk Like an Egyptian playing at the end, but even if the new song wasn’t as memorable the sliding visuals bursting with pop-art colours were brilliant. I’m still gonna miss jamming to such a classic at the end of every episode…

Speaking of visuals, once the actions gets going the colours start shifting in the way that we’ve all grown to love (or at least I hope you all do, cause I love it). It’s a much appreciated quirk that adds even more to the fights than we got in the manga, and I’m looking forward to seeing some pretty dramatic and intense fights in this season.

Introducing Iggy and N’doul:

But the first new fight has already started. The group learns Dio has appeared again and this time it’s said that he’s gathered nine men and women for his needs. As pointed out, the tarot card Stands have been dealt with already, with only Dio’s left, so this means that these new villains are a different breed of Stand users – the first of which being introduced this episode. N’doul is a blind man armed with a cane and possessed an incredibly long ranged Stand with the ability to manipulate water into various shapes and deal some deadly blows. Like many a JoJo villain, though, he doesn’t quite have the depth you’d like, but that’s hardly a problem when you weigh up everything else this bizarre adaptation has to offer.

We’re also finally introduced to the last addition to the main cast of Stardust Crusaders (yes, he is technically a main character): Iggy. He’s a dog, he’s vicious and too smart for his own good, and his stand is made of sand. I remember when I first read this part in the manga I was just… confused. Then again this group of characters is strange enough already: you’ve got a well built stoic highschooler, his ridiculous grandpa, his pink-haired schoolmate who tried to murder them, a magical Egyptian man, and a really dumb Frenchman. Once you consider what we have, adding a creepy dog to the group isn’t too outlandish. This is JJBA after all.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This isn’t a point where you can just jump aboard and expect to understand and enjoy everything to its maximum; this is another addition to this ongoing adaptation (we’re currently 183 chapters in) of one of the longest manga in shonen history. As a fan of the franchise and someone who really loved reading Part 3 in the manga, seeing this Egypt Arc underway is wonderful. This may not have been the most impressive episode to return to, but I’m sure all who are familiar with the source material can vouch for me when I say that these next six months are going to be a wild ride.

Note: There are currently no plans on blogging this weekly.



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  • Chapters 183 – 185
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ED Sequence

ED: 「Last Train Home (ラスト・トレイン・ホーム)」by Pat Metheny Group



  1. > There are currently no plans on blogging this weekly.
    *insert Joseph’s ‘OH NO!’ here*

    Anyways – I’m glad to finally have JoJo back, even though Stardust Crusaders is what I consider to be one of the weaker parts of the franchise. It’s nice to finally see Iggy animated though, now I’m already hyped for
    Show Spoiler ▼

    . Those two cours are going to be good.

  2. A weekly coverage of Jojo on randomc… is that too much to ask? I respect the reviewer’s choice though. The ending is really nice, glad to see they are still using old music from the occident.

    1. I believe Zephyr and I are the only ones watching, and personally I don’t think I could talk about JJBA at length every week. I mean, every episode is basically the same, which in this case isn’t a bad thing because it’s awesome and over the top and everything we’ve come to expect from the franchise. What you see is what you get, so it would be kind of difficult to try and find something to talk about every week other than fabulous poses and OH NOES. JJBA is easier to simply watch and enjoy than it is to discuss, imo.

  3. While the third arc so far has proven to be my least favorite of the Jojo arcs we’ve gotten, I’m still glad to have the show back.

    Just the future showdown with Dio is going to make watching this second part worth it. You can always count on a showdown with Dio to be something awesome.

    1. Don’t like the new OP, sounds way too weak.
      Like a bunch of guys singing at a karaoke without much conviction, aren’t they the same that did the first season OP?
      Jin Hashimoto’s “STAND PROUD” was e-p-i-c.
      New ED sounds like a background theme, maybe its not the real ending theme.

      Nice Tea
      1. Hmm, I guess the OP is slowly starting to grow on me. Partly because it’s done by them 3.
        I loved Sono Chi no Sadame, Bloody Stream, and Stand Proud.

        But I really don’t like the ending theme, Last Train Home. There are loads of much better old tunes they could have used.

  4. Come on RandomC, drop one of the mainstream, high school anime shows and cover this instead!

    Glad to see this series make a return this season. Looking forward to watching these crazy manly men fight against Lord Dio and his minions

    Rick Anime
  5. Polnareff: a-AVDOL MOHAMMAD!!!!!!!!
    Avdol: YES I AM!!!!!!!
    *my favorite part from last season*
    ..well that and when they make the baby eat sh!t…bwahahahah!

    so ready for this also!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. It’s Good to see the big boys back, so they must beat 9 people (plus 2, 1 is a evil item, and 1 is an animal) to confront DIO.

    Now there is a something weird around here…It’s about Iggi i was thinking the voice actor must be Chiba Shigeru, But in this version…why is that pup sounds like…UM…UH…ERRR

    Yoshika Miyafuji…hmph…That was kinda…Achieving! LOL! yeah anyways Joking aside!
    I actually watch the entire first part so I’am on to this!

    1. Chiba was only the voice actor for Allstar Battle though. As you might have noticed, out of the voice actors they picked for the SC characters, only Jotaro’s VA reprised his role for the anime. So I don’t get why you’re surprised about Iggy having a different one now as well.

    1. Otakus with unexciting s.e.x lives will keep making generic kawaii girls animu and losers with unexciting s.e.x lives will keep watching them. It’s a fact we all have to accept.

      Slaine the Master Shooter
  7. I’ve never seen this show, I didn’t even know it was a show. Although, I have seen both the old, and new gameplay footage and that indeed looked pretty cool and different. I’d say I was a particular fan of the Fist of Northstar, or rather the couple of episodes I happened to be able to watch. This looks similar to that, It might be forth checking out.

    1. If you do, watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) first, then Stardust Crusaders, then this one here. That’s pretty much the correct order for what’s been animated of JoJo so far.


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