OP2.2 Sequence

OP2: 「&Z」 by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki

「異星の隣人たち -The Beautiful and Damned-」 (I Hoshi no Rinjin Tachi)
“Alien Neighbors -The Beautiful and Damned-“

There’s only one pairing in this series that matters, and I think we all know what it is.

All things considered I was pretty happy with the second episode of Aldnoah.Zero’s second season. Every scene with Inko continues to have an uncomfortably dated sexism to it, and the short passes at fanservice feel crass for the same reason. But the show continues to look really great, and it’s still quite entertaining most of the time. When Aldnoah goes big, it tends to do very well – and the existential staredown between Inaho and Slaine has a certain Shakespearean gravitas.

I’m not sure how much of the current developments with Inaho’s character have been written tongue-in-cheek – I may be giving Takayama Katsuhiko a bit too much credit in thinking that he understood the absurdity of the character all along and is currently riffing on that. In the end, though, I don’t suppose it matters because it’s pretty hilarious seeing where the character has gone. In addition to his already robotic facade – and abilities – his new hardware has given him the ability to act as a human lie detector (although in no way lessened his emotional tone-deafness). The practical import of this is that he’s spotted the lie in Princess Lemrina’s impersonation of Asseylum.

How in the world is Inaho still an Ensign, anyway? He’s pretty much the only reason the Terrans aren’t speaking VERS already. I confess I’ve come to rather enjoy his arc, very much for the reasons I expounded on in the S1 posts – there had to be a reason for the way his was, narratively if nothing else. And there is – Inaho has turned out to be a sort of musing on a reverse-Pinocchio, a real boy who acts like a robot and eventually becomes one (though through a gunshot as opposed to magic – does that make Slaine his Gepetto?). I wonder if he might be somewhere on the autism spectrum, but at the very least I think it’s now clear he’s not simply extraordinarily calm and impassive – there’s much more going on here than that.

As for Lemrina, there’s an interesting little interlude between she and Slaine. It turns out that she’s Asseylum’s half-sister, presumably via a peasant mother – and as such she’s unsurprisingly resentful of Asseylum (and by extension, Slaine). The sense here is that she and Slaine are using each other – she to try and usurp as much of Asseylum’s power (and life) as possible, and he to try and rise to the head of a victorious Martian army, bring Asseylum back to life and eventually cast Lemrina aside and probably eliminate her to ensure her silence. I saw their little dance – which culminated in a kiss – as a lie neither one of them really believed, but at the moment it’s better for both of them to act as if they did.

The orbital fly-by of the Earth and Martian bases doesn’t represent a huge plot advancement, but it does give Aldnoah.Zero a chance to stage another lovely battle epic in space. And, of course, for Orange and Bat (now promoted to Gull) to size each other up face-to-face (in space) once again. This is the only relationship in the series that really matters in the end – this is the fated pairing, and now they know each other by name. I suspect this is going to be teased out unti the final episode, but that’s fine – at this point I don’t think there’s really anywhere for the series to go once these two have their adolescent high noon, so you might as well build to that as the crescendo which caps the show.

Zephyr’s Impressions:

The farce behind Vers Empire continues and it’s a wonder they’ve managed to stay afloat considering their state of affairs. They’re led by a bed-ridden Emperor who doesn’t realize the wool being pulled over his eyes, stuck in hierarchy which concentrates power at the top, and overly reliant on alien tech to survive. It’s ironic when the technology that saved you also becomes both the only thing keeping you alive and the source of much conflict, and it’s interesting to note how both Saazabaum and Slaine seem to be painfully aware of the inherent flaws built into the Vers way of life.

The act of understanding a problem and doing something about it are two different things though, and the fact remains that given the current circumstances—they’re locked in a war a decade in the making—there’s only so much they can do aside from continuing along the path they’re on and hoping that at the end of the road a solution will present itself. The future here is the far from certain at this point, and it’s something that does end up giving some semblance of proper reasoning to Slaine’s actions—ones that now stand in stark contrast to both his previous actions and the views he and Asseylum once held so near and dear.

Suffice to say, there’s been a fundamental disconnect in that regard since this season started, and it goes to show how much of a suffering fest things have become. Eddelrittuo in particular stands front and center, adding to the anguish fest by serving as a helper to the princess who replaced the princess she previously served (what a mouthful!), and seemingly following Slaine along in the regard that Lemrina’s a replacement for Asseylum in more ways than one. That said, that doesn’t mean their interactions with Lemrina are powered only due to usefulness as a replacement, but it doesn’t change the fact that it seems to be the basic reason for their interactions in the first place.

As it turns out though, Lemrina herself is quite aware of her circumstances as the right person in the right place, and I must say I find myself liking her bluntness and realistic take on her situation—all of which also come in as major contrasts between her and the more innocent Asseylum. Adding in the fact that she might actually be using the situation to her advantage makes her an interesting character indeed, and it’ll be intriguing to see if she ever does end up delivering on that as a potential X-Factor later on in the season, particularly in regards to Asseylum and the life + death ramifications surrounding them. Until then though, it looks like the overriding hook for the season’s going to be the continuous contests between Inaho vs. Slaine (with a chorus of worried cries from Inko in the background), and I’d say that definitely wouldn’t be a bad formula from which to build this second season with. Maybe Kaoru’ll even get a date while we’re at it.

Till then, have some full-lengths! ED06, ED07.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「GENESIS」 by 藍井 エイル (Eir Aoi)


      1. Actually from a story telling perspective, it’s Slain who would be guilty of NTR and not Inaho. NTR is pretty much when a set pair (usually one you’ve seen come together) is broken up by a 3rd force. While Slain obviously had it for the Princess it’s not really something “mutual” as Asseylum seemed to friend zone Slain.

        In contrast, through the first season you literally saw the Inaho Asseylum ship built with Slain coming in on the last episode to steal the princess away and shoot Inaho while at it. This sets up the whole rescue the princess from the evil obsessed person scenario.

        Basically then something shown > something said

    1. What Seylum´s feelings (the nickname Inaho has grown to like) are left to question but for the touching way she was caring for him, after the treacherous stab all terrans in the back, and all those images in the OP when the try to reah each other I think it´s safe to say Seylum is in love with him. All signs of emotion Inahi has show so far is because of Seylum and as Rayet pointed out he´s even capable of acting on those feelings.

      And with the adding of lemrina to this situation I think is safe to say that this is heading to a bloodbath even Shakespeare would be proud of. After two episodes of Lemrina I have to say her personality left queit an impression on me, she seems empty, no self steem at all, only watching Seylum with envy and if I´m right hatred and that´s why I think she might be the most dangerous and unpredictable carachter in the story so far, she knows she´s been used and has nothing to lose because she sees herself only as toy.

    2. That could be a posibility, but she care for the Slaine that gave her so much knowledge about Earth, the present Slaine is just a monster. The more Slane trie to capture her heart the more it seems he pushig towards Inaho.

      1. I think as you said Toma-san the war is going to be just the stage for the conflict between Inaho nad Slaine to be resolved from now on. I just hope they don´t disregard the war and give it proper closure and don´t try to use a redemption story on Slaine, that guy is too crazy for that.

      2. Thanks for your support, haseo0408. ^_^

        Yes, I don’t want this season to be ‘Slaine, all Slaine and nothing but Slaine’, too. However, we can only wait and see as I did double-confirmed one thing: Ei Aoki (the director) is really ‘favouring’ Slaine.

        Now, I don’t want to start a Fanboy/Fangirl War but, let me say this:

        I agree with your opinion about Slaine. At least, I still think this way NOW.

        Let’s all hope for the better and have our fingers crossed for a good season of Aldnoah Zero 2nd cour.

        Oh, yes, let’s hope they will start telling us what the HELL has been going on for THIS WAR rather than THIS FIGHT, in details, in ep 3. Otherwise, this season may become a bad one, seriously.

    3. I totally agree with you SilentCid (and sorry for the late reply). From the op, it really make me feels that the Inaho and Asseylum are serious about their relationships.

      However, compare to season 1, I think the new op is too weak for a war story. Look, the war is escalating to a critical stage, right? So, why couldn’t I feel it in the op.

      That made me realized another issue of Aldnoah Zero so far: it focused too much on the ‘rivalry’ between Slaine and Inaho. This appraoch might work in other stories but for a sci-fi war story, it’s hard to believe the result of the entire war would rest on the shoulders of just two pilots while none of them is THE MASTER CHIEF.

      By the way: I think that ‘exchange of fists’ pose of Inaho and Slaine is obviousely a homeage to ‘Mobile Suit Gundam 0083’.

    1. Lemrina’s appearance has made the love relationship slightly more complicated. It goes as follows:
      Lemrina —> Slaine —> Seylum ? Inaho —> Discounted eggs
      And secondarily on the Earth side:
      Inko —> Inaho ?<— Rayet

      1. Lemrina (and perhaps Eddelrittuo, who was blushing as she greeted him, she should be close to 14 now) —> Slaine ?-? Asseylum -? <— Inaho <— Inko.

        Rayet is supporting Inko/Inaho, Harklight seems to do the same with Lemrina/Slaine.

      1. As I said above Lemrina might be more dangerous than we think. You´re absolutely right, Seylum has only seem Slaine as a best friend but after after all he has done she might put a bullet between his eyer when she wakes up but we have to think of the concequences of her awakening on al the characters, Inaho will happy, Slaine is sure to loose himself in insanity if the subject of his twisted love rejects him but Lemrina? the girl is clearly jealous of Seylum but after the scene in the medical room I´m 99% sure that she hold incredible hatred towards her sister. Seylum had all she ever wanted so Lemrina hates her for it and she looks like the kind of emty person that could kill her own blood if that gives her what she wants.

      2. Are you sure about that? Asseylum loves seagulls… and Slaine has been compared with a seagull.

        Character chart has Asseylum-> Inaho as friendship, something symbolic she views as establishing friendship with Earth as contrast Inaho sees her with ‘special’ feelings. After this episode and the OP that shows Asseylum as a ghost fading into light, I think she’s going to die.

        The director once said if Inaho ends up with anyone, it would be Inko.

      3. haseo0408: what purpose does she have in the story anymore? Inko is Inaho’s real love interest. Asseylum always seem like the fantasy Slaine and Inaho chase after and separated them in life. Her death will make them join forces.

      4. Seylum is the sole reason behind Slaine´s actions, a rejection from her would drive the boy into even deeper madness; she has become a central figure in Inaho´s as well and most of his actions are directed to find out where she is and get back at Slaine for causing to be harmed; finally Lemrina hates her sister for being every she´s not but wishes to be, it´s what drives her in this isanely dangerous game she has started to play with Slain and Saazbaun. That´s one hell of a role my friend and don´t forget that when she wakes her presence both terrans and martians into chaos.

      5. if only people like haseo0408 wouldn’t see their ship in every nook and cranny or try to tell us how to view certain things we could all enjoy the show, but hell whatever I might as well stop reading comments because of a person like him

    2. What the hell are you even talking about? Slaine’s not mad and his actions were to protect her because he was indebted with her life saving feature: he is not expecting any ‘reward’. You have mistaken his character completely, he even knows that fighting her friends would make her sad. A plot arc that the director added to a character whose actions in origin was about changing Vers society and destroying the Orbital Knights (Aldnoah system). Killing the princess would make Slaine fully on track to his real, inception development that episode 2 already touched upon. She only exists as a distraction for Slaine’s character.

      She was a plot device for Slaine and Inaho to have a misunderstanding but she can be used to make them join forces in her ‘memory’ because most of her conversations with Inaho were actually about Slaine.

  1. Is it me..or does it seem as though the plot is on its way to becoming coherent? Asseylum’s sister adds a very interesting element to the plot and if she’s carried out properly we can get some good realistic and awesome drama in the long run. I can’t really say I’ll ever understand the Vers for this war they’re uselessly started, but whatever. I’m starting to adjust to the crazy of this show.
    Inaho is a freak of nature now with that eye. Seriously, who’s gonna stop that kid now? He’s a tactical monster! It’s funny, mecha’s usually make it so that the protagonist has the mech with some unbelievable power that transcends human limits. This time it’s reversed between Slaine and Inaho. I just really wanna see how the rest of this cour pans out cause it can either be a hotter mess than last season or it could redeem itself a bit. I’m hoping it gets a lot better and isn’t simply a show I absolutely must turn my brain off in order to enjoy.

      1. The both Boys MC in the OP (at the End). Now Slaine is the counterpart of Inaho. He has more weight in the Storytelling, in 1st Season he was just “side char”. But, let us hope he stay that

    1. At some point, I feel like Inaho can be given a handy cap compared to the rest of the Terrans, and he will still be pulling off incredible feats. Honestly, this man is still using a Training unit.

      1. REason for him preferring the training unit = Mobility vs armor

        In S1 it was explained that the units are basicly the same, except that the green units have more armor sacrificing mobility/agility compared to the orange/training unit.

    2. GoXDS, in this show you just don’t think about those SMALL details like being logical, planning intelligently or even the physics laws on that matter. You just turn off the brain and enjoy the ride.

      PTYW, you completely missed the point of GoXDS’ question.

      1. I know. but some of this stuff is just not necessary and happens way too much in the genre in general imo. and the more seriously the series takes itself, the more inclined I am to take it seriously usually

      1. but such a useful feature being used in just a simple eye implant only? why test it there and on such a limited scale. it’s likely software based as I see no reason for extra special hardware or processing power (a mech surely should have more). why would such an obscure feature be included with an eye implant if not with a mech’s support?

    3. Most likely Inaho was given the eye because it enhances his chances of survival against the Orbital Knights, they can´s keep him safe because he´s the only reason they´re not extinct yet because Enzo I don´t think the Orbital Knights have any intention of sharing Earth, this is genocide not conquer. The reason he likes the trainer kataphraks is because he likes to fith with something familiar and a little extra armor is not going to matter when fighting those monsters; I suspect the reason he wants his kataphraks to have flashy color is drawn Slaine so he can rip him apart with his own hands.

      1. my point is why can’t they install a program which can calculate trajectories and auto aims if Inaho’s general purpose eye can? a program that just calcs and aims is loads simpler (compared to an eye that can interpret Inaho’s commands of what to do and do these calcs and way more stuff) and shouldn’t be an issue installing into their kataphrakts. as much as Inaho saves everyone’s butts, he can’t do everything alone. and they’re going so send basically their entire force left to fight. but no one can aim.

    4. Because then there wouldn’t be any need for scenes like this:

      “Oh no, the cosmic wind is too strong! It’s impossible to hit anything!”
      “Someone’s landing hits! Who can it possibly be?!”
      *it’s Inaho*
      “IT’S INAHO! But how!”
      *Inaho explains how without missing a shot, the rest of the army stands there, doing nothing*

      I roll my eyes every time something like this comes up.

    5. There is a certain validity to the suggestion that if you can fit the computational power required to do the math into an eye socket you ought to be able to squeeze it into SEVERAL TONS OF BATTLE ARMOR, yes….

      Don’t really know how that eye works yet though; prob find out something silly like it’s Aldnoah powered.

      1. To Dave and Reite,

        I totally agree with both of you. In the past (actually, it’s up to last episode) Inaho always won his battles by wits and tactics, not power. However, in this episode, Inaho’s sniping ability is almost came out of nowehere. (Wasn’t Inko the sniper of the team?) Just like Dave said, if the Fire Control Softwares can be fit into Inaho’s eye, it can easily be accomodated by the Mecha’s Fire Control System.

        In fact, what’s the point of sending cataphracts out as the first line to do something that cheap drones and armed Satellites can do? What about using missles and guided munitions instead of ‘dumb rounds’? If you take into account that the UEF is planning a massive offensive imminently, this is an outright waste of valueable startegic resources.

        Obviousely, the scriptwriter struggled with the idea of this episode’s ‘weekly mecha battle’ and decided to use the cliche Gundam-formula when they gave up.

      1. magnuskn: It happens, right, but not as commonly as media would want people to believe. For Inko, it would be fine to have such a flaw if her character had anything more to offer. Building a character on sexist cliches and uselessness is not good.

    1. Plus, her entire character can be summed up as “girl who has crush on Inaho.” She literally cannot exist as a character outside of her non-reciprocated feelings for a boy. Granted, character development has been weak for other side characters also.

      1. I actually don’t see that at all. She has been shown as this girl who is in over her head, but yet continues to survive and try her best. I think you give her too litlle credit.

      2. I don’t think the writers of the show give her enough credit. I mean, she’s already survived more than a year and a half of serious warfare, yet the first time we see her post time skip is catching a tan in a bathing suit while mooning over an MIA Inaho? And then instead of showing us serious growth in battle (because assumedly she’s been fighting/training all this time), she’s reduced to just yelling “Inaho!” and letting him save the day…twice (on Earth and now in space)?

        Ultimately, they set up the battle scenes to show us how OP Inaho is at this point, but the writers shouldn’t have to do this at the expense of Inko’s character development.

  2. The music and ost are awesome, the visuals also. The Vers side is also very interesting and Saazbaum is thankfully more than a revenge driven villain. Now if only Inaho would be dead. I liked the other Orange with the cybernetic eye, who never dies, more. Also I wonder how someone like him manged to be in the center of two love-triangles. But by that logic 99% of harem animes would fall flat, so what can you do?

  3. Okay. This is becoming more and more disappointing. Inaho’s Gary Stu level is further upgraded this episode. If his mechanical eye is so handy why won’t all soldiers install one for themselves? What was the point of making the main character a guy who doesn’t seem to feel anything? There cannot be any drama involved when the protagonist is a robot. Or was this done for self-inserting purposes, you know, like harem series are? Everybody on the Earth side is useless again and all Inaho’s sister does during combat is yelling ‘Inaho!’ time and again. Didn’t you have enough shouting last season, girl? How come Inaho knows Slaine’s name and surname anyway?

    1. Meanwhile, the Tharsis’s (recently shown) ability (advanced ballistic calculation with neural output?) is just as broken as Inaho’s new implants. That might even things out.

    2. I think most people wouldn’t volunteer for a prosthetic eye implant, and although not 100% sure, most people that get shot in the eye…die. And I don’t think that Terrans are useless, it’s just the Martians are way too strong with the customized Aldnoah, the proof is that Earth Alliance (or whatever the name) was able to hold the fort for 19 months against a superpowered enemy. And regarding information, although not disclosed in the meantime between 1st and 2nd season, it has passed quite some time for them gathering info about each other.

  4. What a superpowered mecha like Tharsis can do about Slaine’s societal position, one day, you’re a slave-like person, and the other, the Princess’ bodyguard-toy-companion, and a scholar that discuss about Martian society with a Lord… Nice dilemmas have been shown in this episode, mainly regarding the Martian way-of-life. Amazing dialogues are amazing.

  5. While I didn’t think much of last episode I did enjoy this episode. I never thought aldnoah would make me interested again, but I am. Previously I was mostly watching just to see where Slaine ends up, since I seem to be one of people that actually likes him(at least, watching him is much more interesting than watching the earthling interactions).

  6. And thus the space drama in Aldnoah Zero continues

    “I’m liking my 2.0 version… Hey is that a H doujin of me and Seylum? Cool… I should totally download that.”

    “Initiate Operation NTR”

    “Will the Count notice me?”

    Count – “Damn… There’re no H donjins of me and Slaine”
    That other guy – “Damn…. There’re no H donjins of me and Slaine”

    CO – “God damn it XO just notice me already”
    XO – “God damn it CO just notice me already”

    “WHAT! There’s no H stuff on me and Inaho?! WTF!!”

  7. I have to say I do like Lemuria to some degree. Can see how she’d grow up bitter in that environment and it is impressive how she is chasing her goals like this. Considering the twisted nature she and Slaine have at this point they should actually just get together. Can both endure the sad reality that neither are going to get what they really want.

    Kind of funny how an OP mech like the Tharsis is just enough to keep Slaine in the same universe as Inaho in a fight. Inaho has to have this handicap of using a trainer unit so that he doesn’t win this war within a single episode.

  8. I anticipated some sort of Inaho power-up via his cyborg eye, but have to say, a built in lie detector was not something I considered. So… he “sees” vocal stress patterns? O.o Meh, never mind. Best not to think about these things with Aldnoah. I’m just gonna roll with it at this point – especially since Inaho’s cyborg eye is supposed to be a “developmental prototype” in which the code needs to be “improved” as he can only “make out most things” Umm… “most”? I’m still expecting another cyborg-eye power up with that phrasing.

    Visually the battles are still nice though it’s the same ‘ol formula of Earth combat impotence without Inaho then switching to Mars incompetence with Inaho in the battle until Slaine arrives. As I mentioned before, I think the show needs both of them to work, and this episode simply reinforced that perception. Frankly, I like the fact that both already know that the other is alive and well. With that out of the way, I’m expecting some good personal rivalry fights between the two from here on out.

    Lemrina as the “resentful illegitimate child” wasn’t exactly the most original plot line, but whatever. It’s better than nothing and gives her character a bit of depth along with the possibility of being more proactive than just an Asseylum stand in. I definitely like her character more after this episode.

  9. I have to say that Princess Lemrina’s character is rubbing me the wrong way, because she just seems so arrogant! There’s a playful facade she’s maintaining: pretending to take the whole situation gracefully and with humour, but I can’t help but sense a pool of seething rage at her life just beneath the surface. She seems to despise all of the things that contributed to the misery in her life, being namely: Aldnoah, the royal family, the existence of a royal family, etc. At the moment I don’t know enough of what’s happened to her in the past to say as to whether or not that rage its justified.

    But for me the rage itself is not the problem. I can understand her anger, even sympathize with it. The problem for me is what lies underneath that rage.

    The ultimate source of her anger against the system that oppressed her is derived from her over-inflated ego. It’s like she feels that the whole world owes her because she had a bad life/backstory. Well, so have millions if not billions of other people. It’s amazingly ironic that she would despise the concept of royalty for putting her in the miserable situation she’s apparently been in, while at the same time she still manages to feel the sense of self-entitlement that originates in a system of royalty.

    Of course, just because it’s self-contradictory that doesn’t mean she’s a poorly designed character. Rather I think it makes her more realistic, because people who exist on such shaky foundations are common in the real world. So props to the writers for coming up with such a complex character who fits seamlessly in with the themes of Aldnoah Zero. I recognize her as a well-written believable character. The trouble for me is that they’re doing their job too well. I don’t like her because that arrogance is downright annoying.

  10. Amazing how much better this show is when it focuses on the Martians side. 😉

    This was surely an episode for the Slaine fanboys such myself. People STILL worrying that he’s only fighting for himself? Well I’m pretty sure this episode disproves that very notion.

    Not only is he still the same respectful Slaine he’s always been but he’s genuinely worried about how to change things for the better concerning the Maritain people. He’s not stupid enough to think just winning this war will change things. Even with the resources of Earth the lower class will continue to suffer with the way their society is run. One way or another things are going to have to change within the very core of their government itself. I can’t wait to see how they tackle this issue.

    Slaine and Lemrina are kindred spirits of sorts both suffering from either abuse or manipulation during their upbringing. In that sense they share much better chemistry than Slaine and Asseylum but I we all know where Slaine’s heart lies. I’m still rooting for them though considering Lemrina has a much more likeable personality in my opinion (hopefully she’ll ditch the jealously thing though).

    As for Inaho’s side of things………..yeah nothing new here. Why even send out an army? Inaho is clearly capable of taking out everyone on his own with absolutely NO mistakes. Why bother? I suppose you could send out a couple grunts to get killed so he knows how to handle the enemy but that’s about it. Where the fuck is Marito damn it???!!! He’s the only other earthling in this show that showed signs of being capable of fighting with his head =/.

    I suppose I should get used to this but it just baffles me how the writers think it’s a good idea to have Inaho completely over shadow EVERYONE on the earth side. At least the Martians are given more people who can actually help in these fights and go through character development.

    1. By ‘more people’ do you mean the monster of the week martians that Inaho always takes out? Because aside from them the Martian side is pretty much just Slaine and Saazbaum (who was also defeated).

      1. I was merely talking about Slaine, Lemrina and Saazbaum.

        Saazbaum is likely the most competent general that Mars has so having around is a huge help to Slaine. And of course Lemrina is the only reason Slaine is allowed to kick ass. These are characters who are important AND are currently going through development. There is pretty much NOBODY on Inaho’s side I can say that about since they are stuck spouting anime cliches or being useless until Inaho guides them.

    2. As a fellow Slaine fanboy, I wholly agree. The Martian side of things is so much more enjoyable than the terrans.

      I would think that the jealousy is something which makes Lemrina a more approachable character.

  11. Did anyone else got chill down the spine when saazbaun and Slaine were talking? Those two monster ere discussing the complete genocide of the terrans like it was nothing! They not even human! Ok, Slaine must be insane if he thinks Seylum is going to love him after all this, part me thinks that Slaine doesn´t want the Princess to awake, because he knows she will hate him so he prefers to have her as doll in that recovery tank.

  12. One thing I’m really confused about right now, if Lemrina is the one powering the Tharsis with Aldnoah, then why was Slaine able to activate it last cour? Something doesn’t add up, which could suggest Count Cruhteo maybe being alive.

    1. The Mecha in last Season powered up, when the Count was already dead. So he as being the reason for power up Tharsis is out of the question. And Count Saazabaum do not care about that. So i dunno, perhaps his Desire to save the Princess was strong, because the Fake Princess took this activation down. Slain was a “stuck Knight” not a real one of Hime-sama

    2. With this episode, I think it’s safe to assume that a kiss from a royal family member is the key to passing on the activation factor. Inaho gained the ability to activate the Deucalion when he gave Asseylum CPR; similarly, Asseylum had given mouth-to-mouth treatment to Slaine when she first met him on Mars, enabling him to activate Tharsis.

  13. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2014%20-%2030.jpg “Hey Saaz, they just gave me some unexplainable plot armor that lets me see when I’ll get hit.”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2014%20-%2003.jpg “That’s not unexplainable at all bro, you’ve been rocking that Tharsis for a while now, you gained enough experience to change classes. You got a Master Seal?”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2014%20-%2018.jpg “…”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2014%20-%2032.jpg “I got it, but I didn’t like any of that.”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2014%20-%2035.jpg “Now you’re just like me! Ya best start believing asspulls cuz you got one!”

    https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%20OP2.2%20-%2003.jpg “I never asked for this!”

  14. I think Lemrina honestly likes Slaine. She didn’t do anything until she overheard what Slaine said about her sister when she spied on him and she looked devastated. She’s my favorite female character so far, no bearing of my name. She’s a girl who seems to have been abandoned by her family, life left her a cripple (or perhaps she was born this way) and the only time she’s been rescued and helped has been to be used for Aldnoah and to act as her sister’s replacement which doubtlessly leaves her bitter. But here is this boy, who is kind and brave and cute, and she likes him. But he’s loyal to her sister and suspects wrongly they are in love, she’s bitter and she assumes he too is using her for Aldnoah and to be her sister’s replacement. She lashes out toward him and not anyone else because she likes him and it hurts her.

    Slaine bares himself to Lemrina in a way he’ll never do to Asseylum. He doesn’t deny he uses her for Aldnoah, but he denies about the replacement. He also admits he actually understands and sympathizes with her situation and she likes him even more, so she grants him her favor this time. Her feelings become twisted because of her jealousy and her bitterness against her sister.

  15. I can’t wait for the moment where Lemrina heard about the relatinoship between Inaho and Asseylum and try to NTR Inaho too. AND if she try to use her power as princess to plan to kill Asseylum in the future, Inaho and Slaine will have common goal to fight for – save the princess. Maybe that is what we should interpret from last scene in the opening.

    Eddelrittuo, one of the person who is closet to Asseylum, seems to agree with Slaine’s method and gladly tell him everything she knows about the Earth-side. Good for you,Slaine. At least there is someone to help you apologize to Asseylum when she wakes up. (I think this ep. shows that Slaine is awared that what he is doing won’t please Asseylum.)

    1. It’s my impression that she likes Slaine and feels bitter because he’s paying attention to Asseylum. She didn’t care if the little maid or everyone else except maybe her grandfather preferred her. But Slaine was crossing the line.

    2. I been afraid, if they find out that Deucalian is still operational. They all knew from past experience that the Power Source came from Hime-sama, and where is Hime-sama? in their Hands. Well i dunno. Slaine of course would not kill Hime-sama, but i do not know about the Count, and if the 2nd Princess can reach the Engine room, she could forcefully Shutdown the Drive, like Hime-sama did with the Count’s Castle

      That is the unpredictably point, not resolved so far. All others has been resolved. The Mars attackers do not fear a Drive Power down, because the 2nd Princess is out of their grasp on the Moon-base. Hell, they even do not known her. I dunno, what Earth strike-force would do, if they also find out, that the Reset “Hime-sama” is on the Moon base, an all out attack? But how many Drivers will get offline? There are still the other Knights Castles in Space, bounded to the Old Emperor. If the Count somehow turn of the Machines, he will lose Mars support… As you see, it is a very tighten Web of Lies and awareness of the “Aldnoah.Drive” Princess

      the Only Hime-sama that give the Earth only Drive the Power
      the Moon Hime-sama that give the new Mass productions Mechas their Power
      and the Old Emperor, that allow the Knights in Earth Space to continue

      Please have this all in back of your Mind, if you want to progress the Episodes

      1. So, if the Old Emperor die, most of the Mars peoples will go down, too. All their Life on Mars and their Life Support, depends on Aldnoah. The only Survivors of his Dead would be the ones, that “control” the Princess

        or, someone find a way out to bypass it with this Blood trick

      2. i use again a Mind Picture example:

        Imagine that our Current Power Source depends on the President of a Country. If he dies all Power goes Off line, like a Giant EMP Shock. No current, nothing. A huge Country wise Blackout. They need to have a successor to continue the Power running.

        If some Enemy’s want to conquer the Country, how will be the first Target?
        If the Old Order is no more, how controls the New Order? The Princess, and how control the Princess?

        Hope you get now my Gist. And i think the Count Saazabaum has similar thoughts here…

      3. or…

        The Earth Battleship thinks, that Hime-sama gave the Restart order herself.
        the Kiss and perhaps the blood-sample DNS combo was enough to trick the Reboot sequence

        So for the Earth Drive, Inaho is the “Princess” 🙂

  16. Once the princess wakes up(assuming they don’t pull off the amnesia card) and finds out what “mistakes lord” Slaine has been up too, we are going to get a full on Martian Soap Opera complete with murder attempts involving her sister.
    Slaine has hax abilities too with his mech now. Now, It’s Hax vs Hax. Earth coalition need to really step up their game, otherwise this war is already over.
    I really want to see the creators of the Aldnoah technology coming back to Mars. That would be like coming back from a long vacation, only to find squatters in your house using your stuff lol.

      1. Not really, this “Wind” are the Gravity pulls of the Asteroids. And i dunno, Inaho relay on his Eyes, to see the Gravity with his new Eye, and so he can do the calculations like a NASA Computer…

  17. Inko storms out after few too honest words from Inaho”
    Rayet: What happened?
    Inaho: I was right, Inko was easy to read.
    Rayet: You are truly baka!
    Inaho (turning eye of truth on): You are telling truth.

    me: ROFLMAO!

      1. There is hardly anything that could be called “crass fanservice” in this episode or the series as a whole, on a scale from 1 to 10 I’d rate the few light fanservice scenes in Aldnoah a 2 or 3… On the same scale shows like Queen’s Blade gets an 8 or 9 (now that’s what I’d call crass), and the non-hentai king of crass fanservice with a straight 10 (or eleven XD) is undoubtedly Seikon no qwazer.

      2. Everything’s relative. But I think Enzo is referring to the fanservice as “crass” not because it’s explicit, but because it’s used poorly/without purpose and seems out of place. Example: the beach scene (no reason I can think of for the girls to be tanning in a wartime situation).

      3. @randomly

        But arent there enough other shows where the characters are in a war and the girls still walk around half naked, i.e. out of place/without purpose? I guess it really is pointless fanservice, but I wouldnt call it “crass” either…

      4. @Libélula

        Again, everything is relative. If you wouldn’t ascribe the word “crass” to the use of fanservice thus far, then that’s your perspective and you’re entitled to it. However, I don’t think it’s fair to argue that just because other shows employ fanservice, AZ should be able to without criticism; after all, those other shows may have harems or a greater romantic focus, giving the fanservice an actual narrative purpose.

        That said, I think I should clarify that I don’t find all fanservice in AZ to be pointless, random, or even crass. Like the fanservice with Asseylum: yes, there was really no reason for her to have a shower scene (Rayet didn’t need to wait for the princess to be naked to try to choke her out), but I get that Asseylum was being set up as love interest for Inaho so the writers threw some fanservice at us to make their interactions a little more steamy. So random? Yes. But pointless? No.

  18. I only started watching the series last weekend.
    Sure it’s pretty flawed in many ways, but the concept of the story is really good.
    Slaine was initially my favourite character but he lost me halfway.
    He’s using his heart instead of the brain, that’s fine but certain times he needs the brain more than his heart.
    Ironically Inaho is the other way round. Both characters greatly contrast each other. I think that’s the point of the show.
    Inaho gains my support thanks to opening. It’s kinda painful to watch him show his emotions. (LOL)
    Inko is really getting into my nerves. They’re at war and her incessant ‘Inaho… Inaho…’ is pissing me off.
    I hope there’s another epic fight scene in the next ep.

  19. My confusion in this whole thing right now is, didn’t the Count say something along the lines of “I’ve lied to him that the princess was dead, now I’m lying to him that the princess is alive.” Wouldn’t this mean that King still thinks that Asseylum is dead, knows the current is a fake, doesn’t seem to care about it and the new princess thinks she’s pulled the wool over his eyes when in fact she hasn’t???? Unless I read the whole line wrong. :<

    Also, this damn shipping war, I'm being pulled from side to side. This series really is playing with my heart. -3-

    1. Hime sama is dead.

      Well all Knights was expecting that she died in the Attack

      Hime-sama is alive

      Well, she is in this Tube, unconscious. Something like Coma, not real Alive

  20. So I guess my predictions last episode were right.

    Lemrina does seem to fancy Slaine. Lemrina is more than she seems.

    But most exciting of all is that we finally get to see more screen time on real people-characters; Inaho being a robot.

  21. What is really annoying to me is that there are two whole planets fighting a war, but appearantly there are only like 20 humans/martians participating in it. There are NO other plot threads or other characters. I hoped the second season would make up for that, but until now…Such a shame, but I find it hard to call this good writing…

    1. I totally agree with you, Libélula. For me, that’s the biggest problem about Aldnoah Zero. It is even more serious than all the problems related to the positioning of Slaine in the plot.

  22. HoHoHO!!!

    After became Terminator, Inaho became Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid), too! Man! I love that ‘One-eyed Dragon’ look of his! So, for those who said Slaine is better than Inaho, I have to disagree. I am totally rooting for Terminator Inaho now.


    For Slaine…well, well, well… he looks a little better in this episode. In last episode he was just a fucking psycho who was ‘enjoying by himself'(you know what I mean) in front of an incapacitated Asseylum in a jar. So, if there is anyone playing NTR here, it’s Slaine, not Inaho. If he remained that way I will really wish Inaho just blast that little bastard into space garbage.

    Fortunately, this episode brought back more of the good old Slaine that I (used to) like. Now, he looks more like a manly man when he was figuring out how to look for Asseylum while keeping it a secret. (You know, when he was playing Call of Duty) Still, due to what he has done so far, if there is nothing more about Slaine that can convince me coming out in future, my judgement will remain unchange.


    I don’t care how unfortunate his childhood was. Because they don’t justify all the sins he’s committed so far.

    I know it’s rather unfair to Slaine because we, the audiences, are watching this story with tons of Intel that he never have access to. Still, if nothing about Slaine comes out later can change my opinion about him, then this emotion of mine, this anger of seeing a good ending being trashed by a Slaine who looks exactly like a fucking psycho right in the first episode of season 2, will be what I am have in judging this character and, I swear, in this case:


    Villain must die, hero must rise, and the heroine should, as she wishes, reunite with the hero, NOT THE VILLAIN.

    That’s my very subjective and emotional comments–for now.

      1. Well, Rina, just like Aldnoah One said: I LIKE THE GOOD, OLD SLAINE.

        I am not sure about what do you mean about Seagull, though. For me, that part in the op of season 1 only implies Slaine is the pilot of a sky ferry (in contrast to Inaho being a Mecha Pilot and walked like a Mecha)

        Slaine WAS an unsung hero. Slaine WAS a fly-boy piloting a sky ferry. Slaine WAS NOT overpowered like how others critized Inaho is (which I have to partially concur), and I liked all these parts of Slaine. Unfortunately, ALL THESE ARE GONE.

        THE SLAINE WE HAVE NOW is a mecha pilot, overpowered, (able to predict the random trajectory? That’s too ‘Gundam-style’) and became a villian. If someone said he is not a villian, then this story has obviously been blown off-course by the shock wave from the ending of season 1, just like how did the ‘death’ of Kaoru has done to ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ sixteen years ago.

        If the director of this anime is trying make a point like ‘that’s what the war has done to Slaine. It turned him into a monster’, they need to work much, much harder on it.

        Hope these explained my points to you in a clearer way.

      1. Yours is even more disgusting to be read. Everyone has a freedom of speech and are free to watch the anime. Simply because you don’t agree with others doesn’t mean you can say things like that.

        aldnoah one
      2. Wow, wow, wow…let’s be cool, guys. We come to here to talk about anime, games, manga, not political bullshit or gamergate, right? (I didn’t expect this after I just took my attention away from this thread for a day)

        Let me say this: first, many thanks to those who supported me, no joking, thanking you very much. I also want to thanks all those who bother to read and/or commment on my posts, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and attention.

        Then, PLEASE let me say this: I konw there is a fanboy/ fangirl war going on in the Aldnoah Fandom but…look! Let the U.E.F. and Vers to fight it out; let Inaho and Slaine to settle their own score; and let us watch how they duke it all out. LET THEM FUCK WITH EACH OUTHERS ALL THE WAY TO OUTER SPACE. THERE IS NO NEED FOR US TO FIGHT!

        My Comments are always emotional to different extends as I believe emotionless comments are just a pile of text or boring, cold sea of words. If you like my comments, thanks a lot; give me a vote up? MANY THANKS! I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me, that’s what made discussions exciting.

        However, if you dislike it or find it ‘disgusting’ or not to your taste, well, too bad we can’t agree on the argument but I see no point in fighting over something so trivial and I will response according, or simply not respond at all.

        But PLEASE!!!!!! That doesn’t mean I didn’t give a damn to your comments. Every replies are important.

        AGAIN, many, many, many thanks to all of you, who have spent/wasted your time on my very subjective and emotional comments.

    1. TOMA: rewatch episode 8 or episode 12.5. The seagulls and humans thriving together is the definition of ‘justice’ that the princess wished for. Slaine is the confirmed metaphorical seagull. If he dies or suffers in the end, the theme of the story unravels.

      Slaine’s not a monster: he’s kindhearted, gentle soul who comforts the little girl, he thinks about the situation in Vers and is against the excess of nobility (which was what his character was always about), he doesn’t even step up to fight until his people are in danger. He’s also the director’s favorite character whom he calls a hero.

      You believe that Earth is ‘heroic’ but this show theme is to show different takes of justice, including Saazbaum’s. The winning one would be the seagull/human cooperation. The OP and the song no Differences for Slaine and Inaho spoils it.

      1. To Rina,

        I can see your points and I will take a look at the two episodes you mentioned when I have time. However, I think some of your arguments here are rather irrelevant.

        Put the songs and openings aside, ‘Director’s favourite’ is hardly a reason to justify your points as what the creators intended and the final result are often totally different. Take a look at the ‘Free Talk’ sections and character design of the manga of ‘Rurouni kenshin’ and you will know what I mean.

        Let’s say, if what you said are true, then I totally cannot feel it in the entire season 1. Not even now.

        After what Slaine has done since the season 1 ending and how did he ‘fantasize’ in front of an incapaciated Asseylum, it’s impossible for me to have positive impression about this ‘Slaine the Knight’ and not seeing Slaine as a monster made from this brutal war. Things like ‘Kind to little girl’ looks more like what’s left of him, or something that will lead to Slaine’s internal conflicts in future.

        Nex, how is Earth not heroic? True, every fraction has their own version of justice in this show and that’s why I like this anime, but the Terran have to fight for their very survival against a genocide. Their heroic is the most basic and realistic one in the whole story.

        Human/ Seagull cooperation? May be, may be not. Look, I thought Inaho and Slaine will join force in season 1, but at the end it didn’t really happen. So, I wouldn’t bet on that must be the ending simply because of two episodes and a few scenes.

        Not for a story with Gen Uboruchi’s name on it, anyway. (Even it’s almost just for show this time)

      2. To TOMA:

        The arguments are pretty relevant when Slaine’s the main reason Aoki Ei is looking forward to develop and do this second cour. Slaine who has the most screentime of the second cour so far (Inaho’s screentime has decreased to push Slaine as centerfold of the story). Slaine’s character, which changed slightly, was the first character they thought this story would center on. Although he was originally a more anti hero figure. Earth faction is one of the sides but not the protagonist. The second cour is focused on the Martians (the website countdown was dominated by the Vers characters). That’s why the show is centering on their issues and when Earth appears they are like comic relief.

        When did he ‘fantasize’ at all? He’s simply addressing to a coma patient. Ever had a relative in a coma? His behavior is completely normal. It’s been a year and months since she’s been in that state. You ‘rooting’ for him is irrelevant, that’s just your personal bias and preferences. He’s constructed as the Hero of Mars that will change their system. Martians are also fighting for their own survival.

        They have been barely surviving from krill and algae, nothing grows in Mars, Aldnoah cannot help. It was clarified in the official guide and no doubt will be addressed more and more. To them, they are battling for their lives a silly bint who wastes water (which can only be scarcely found underground) like Asseylum didn’t even know. She’s a sheltered idiot who never realized her people’s struggle. The problem is that the Aldnoah structured society which can be fixed once the population moves on Earth and they don’t need Aldnoah to defend themselves. Slaine already did his analysis, the nobles must be taken out (and probably the conflict will come of the necessity to kill Asseylum and Lemrina, unless they democratize Aldnoah). Revolutions aren’t bloodless.

        Look, I thought Inaho and Slaine will join force in season 1,

        The reason they fought was over a misunderstanding because of the princess. The princess will die and they’ll work together. She’s a plot device. All she did was to speak of Inaho of her dreams Slaine gave her. So Inaho will just remind Slaine of his real dream, now that Slaine is promoted as a ranked hero in Mars, he is in better position to change things. The little maid was a racist and the princess didn’t even correct her behavior. She failed to be respected. Now the maid likes Slaine who she used to look down as normal. Slaine, not the princess, managed to have Martians push aside their racist. Isn’t it ironic? Asseylum was an useless troublemaker in the end.

        Gen Urobuchi had nothing to do with this story. This is a mistake. He only wrote the backstory and world building. The characters storylines and characterization are by Aoki Ei, whose favorite character is Slaine Troyard. Even if Gen wrote this, characters as foolishly naive as Asseylum are doomed in his writing while characters who manage to reconcile reality as Inaho and Slaine succeed more.

      3. To Rina,
        I can see you are huge fan of this anime, not just Slaine. No joking, thanks for sharing.

        However, some of the points you listed are ‘behind the scenes’ and were not included in the show yet, right? In that case, I won’t count them in yet. Because in my point of view, anythings that are not in the show yet are not there yet. Regardless of what the director said, not in show, not count. Especailly when Aldnoah Zero is not an adaptation. Just like I said before, what the creator intended and what’s really delievered are not necessary always the same. If the result became something else, what the director said before is meaningless.

        And I have lost count how many times TV series changed their scripts, or novelist decided to kill a character that they claimed will not die.

        But, at least now I know there is something about Slaine coming up. I will take your words for now and wait and see. Just like I said before, If the development convinces me, I might change my opinion of Slaine, even I still wish Inaho can at least kick his ass now. Otherwise…well, we will see.

        Don’t get the wrong idea though. I am still rooting for TERMINATIOR Inaho and hoping for something great and spectacular on his side, even this season is about the VERs.

        > Even if Gen wrote this, characters as foolishly naive as Asseylum are doomed in his writing
        > while characters who manage to reconcile reality as Inaho and Slaine succeed more.

        And I am happy to say that’s one point we both agree on. ^_^

        I think ‘KindHeartSpoilerHater’ is right. Next time, PLEASE use SPOILER ALERT.

  23. This episode was quite nice especially the last scene. Slaine and Inaho actually clashed earlier than I had anticipated. Even though I don’t like Inaho, I think no one pairs up with Slaine better than he does.

    I agree with Libélula that there is a war going on, but both sides seem to be undermanned. Are the producers even lazy with cloning characters? I’m quite annoyed with how easy the new Martian armies were taken out so easily, by no other than Inaho.

    Rayet seems more buff, had she been doing muscle training? Inko is still an airhead and so annoying. Speaking of undermanned, where is what’s his name … the PTSD dude?

    Lemrina is a nice and welcome contrast to Asseylum. She has her own ambitions and is far from the nice girl, but I easily find her a lot more compelling than the dull and cliched pacifistic princess. I just hope she doesn’t head towards the Flay Allstar direction, but Slaine smooth talking and manipulating her was really awesome.

  24. Well, it is no Secret that there will be a Fight on the Moon, or a Big Rock. Because the OP starts with Mecha wrecks, and an Orange color Mecha wreck

    And the OP ends with booth want to catch something or someone, important that they stopped fighting. And how is capable to do this Miracle? I bet we will witness someones awakening

    So much how the OP “spoiling” us + Speculation + Veteran Experience

  25. “uncomfortably dated sexism” in what exactly?
    Are we trying to create gamer gate the anime version here Enzo?
    Everybody is becoming way too sensitive.
    I just want to watch shows and read reviews without being told I’m a sexist pig or bully supporter.

    1. “Are we trying to create gamer gate the anime version here Enzo?” – ok that was a bit much, since you are not paid and a the maker of the anime isn’t paying you to praise or show a show.
      So sorry, that was uncalled for. Wish I could delete it.

    2. Inko was stuck in broken record mode for the whole second half of the episode. I fail to understand why they are still letting her pilot when she’s pretty much a useless sitting duck.

    3. Maybe because “woman throws a tantrum after someone mentions her weight” is:
      1) a horribly dated, beaten to death comedy cliche (and therefore not funny in the slightest)
      2) not true for the vast majority of real women.

      Inko’s character has been built on her crush on Inaho, cringe-worthy scenes like this one and general uselessness. Remember her training scores and skill with a sniper rifle from first episodes? Do writers remember? Who knows. As for now, she’s becoming a sexist, boring stereotype.

  26. Girls caring about weight is dated sexism, because…? Because anime only display girls being teased about it? Certainly guys can worry about it too, but in all honesty, girls being teased about it is a much more common sight in real life as well. The scene itself was awkward however, I will agree on that, it felt more like an introduction to Inaho’s power-up than anything else.

  27. As promised (Thanks to Shirobako)
    Lemrina’s speculate:

    The 2nd Princess will fail, into getting all what Hime-sama owned. Hime-sama love the Earth, Lemrina do not like it, she never was on Earth i bet. And this is only one of many things. Let me explain more…

    Hime-sama fall in love or have nearly these feelings (she is a Princess. behold the etiquette)with Inaho. Lemrina even do not know Inaho, only Slaine. And she knows Slaine and the Count are using her only for the fact of Aldnoah. My prediction is that, she will seek someone out, someone she can cry her heart out. And my bet will fall to Eddelritto.
    So in the End, Lemrina’s way to get away from Hime-sama into taking all of her belongings, turn into that she will became closer to her Sister.

    But there is a Wild-card, It is her surroundings. She can walk the Path of atonement and be Happy to find a “Friend” in Hime-sama, and both get to see the Joy of Life. or she will fall to the Darkness. Used for the Aldnoah and thrown away like dirt. Hime-sama should try to save her into the Light, or give her an anchor to not slip away into the Shadows of Hate and Envy. It could be a good start, that Hime-sama take her as full Sister, not as an Stranger/Enemy. Lemrina do not know real Love, and Sisterly bonds are a good and deep start.
    Let’s not forget Eddelritto, she is the Key, that bring the two together

    1. Slaine speculate:

      He is torn in two sides. One side of the Love to Hime-sama, and other side of Earth

      Let me first try to explain the Love to Hime-sama. As you can guess with closed eyes. He loves Hime-sama since he was a Kid on her side. But looks like for Hime-sama he stay forever in the “just a good friend” Trap. And i think, he began to realize it. So he will perhaps grown a deep Hate towards Inaho, because he is the Culprit that he stay forever in the “Friend” Trap. So disappointed love is here the Drive

      Now come we to Earth. Looks like he has made up his Mind and let the Count, conquer the Earth, so that the War would end fast, and the Count could focus on Mars. He also see some meaning in this Count’s action. Change the Aldnoah System. because if Mars will not change, Earth will not have a real Peace. As long there is a possibility that Mars can reach Earth, there is this eternal Danger

      And also, there is still the old King loyal Count’s in Orbit. They need to be removed for Peace. And the only way is to break down the Kings Aldnoah drives. With no Power supply the castles are useless, only Piece of Scrap Metal around Earth Orbit

      So, he side with the Count to free on his own Way Earth, (Heavy Gode Geass Vibes, Suzaku White Knight and the Change from the Inside) was surly the Inspiration for him

      So Slaine has more(perhaps) Brain as we all think

      1. Speaking of which, WorldwideDepp, do you think it’s odd that in season 1, UEF had literally zero space/orbital defence and allowed their SatCom to be cut off so easily while UEF in 2nd Cour can mount counter-attacks on Vers’ Orbital bases again and again?

        I know in military startegies, there is one called ‘fleet of existence’. Still, what we have in the story now looks more like a plot-hole to me.

      2. Count Saazbaums castle is destroyed, and he must return to the Moon Base. Perhaps this Gap in Earth Orbit is now the bottleneck for Earth to counter Attack. A Window to Space, and looks like Earth Force build some Orbital Stations inside these Asteroids in meantime. They defend this Gap

    2. Inaho speculate:

      Well, i need to see more of his reactions now, since he can express a little bit his Emotions

      But to make it short, Inaho? he is the Shining Knight in the White Armor, that want to free hsi “Damsel in Distress”. That’s is his Main Drive. Free earth of Mars claws? Do not care. he is on personal Vendetta against Slaine, because he took her away. And of course he could feel hate for the Count. Because he shoot her. His only Love beside One-chan

      Sorry, i need to cut it short now. It’s Bedtime here.

      Hope i could get some “ideas” for future evolution of these MC’s, if they are out of ideas

  28. Wait, so transfer of Aldnoah activation happens when you kiss people? Why hasn’t anyone realized this? Seriously this fact alone will make doujin writers giggle in glee, let alone Saazbaum. Makes me wonder how Slaine wasn’t able to activate Tharsis when he was doing A-ok before Lemrina came into the picture.

    Love the mecha fights of this anime, but the plot itself is kinda sketchy.

      1. and the Princess sucked this strange Water out of his Lungs of Slain, so he can breath normal Air

        But this all not explain very well, why he could activate it in the End battle, not sooner. But you know what? With Lemrina now, it is all okay

        If you want, i have another strange thing for you. How they could get their Ship out of the destroyed Castle of the Count? Did not the Ship fall from the Sky? unable to maintain hight? But as Inaho reactivate the Ships Core, they could fly it. Like nothing was wrong, or at last to the Shelter for emergency treatment

      2. You are so right, WorldwideDepp, I forgot Ducalion was shot down by the Count! ^_^bbbbb

        May be just like you said, they just fly the ship to the shelter, which is literaly next door and that’s still managable for the damaged ship. Another way to divine this plot hole is that the crews who can still move fashioned some sorts of repair, allowing the ship to fly a little bit more. Because they were just going to the shelter next door, they made it.

        Well, all these are just ‘audiences’ imagination’, though. ^_^

    1. To raku

      The animation of the opening is good. I agree on that. But after listening to the new op song, I found it is missing the power of the op song in season 1, which was sung by Kalafina.

      Looks like I have become a ‘kalafina fan’. ^_^

    2. That tells you how powerful op and ed are, raku. ^_^

      Samething occured to me, this sseason’s op simply didn’t give me the ‘fire-up’ impulse, which prompted me to watch season 1 last year. This season’s ed is ok, though.

    1. You are right, Glutton. IT SEEMS TO BE AN ERROR. Why nobody noticed? I wonder, too.

      Although it could also become anther meaning: Let the justice be done, the heaven will fall, though.

      What do you think?

  29. Has any one noticed the “similarities” between Gundam Seed/Destiny and Aldnoah ?

    Inaho – Jesus Yamato that never dies – even when shot through the head + god like combat powas
    Asseylum – Lacus-Athrun childhood friends , Asseylum-Slain childhood friends | Lacus gave a Kira a new toy , Asseylum “gave” Inaho the *key to access many new toys
    Slain – Thought that he killed Inaho | Athrun thought he killed Inaho

    There are many more… just think about it….

    1. Haven’t watched Gundam Seed and Destiny. Still, it’s fair to say that this season is very ‘Gundam style’ in terms of mecha battle.

      Somehow, I don’t like it. If they let the Mecha to participate in missions like Special Operations, yes, they can fight in space. But what we have now is…too ‘Gundam’.

  30. That cyborg vision sensory looks like the same version use in the 5th gen. Jet fighter using Helmet-Imagery Display that provide situation awareness without looking below instrument display.

    1. To Private,
      Great Intel, man! It’s not a surprise to me as the entire Aldnoah Zero has a heavy military tone to begin with. Consider Gen Uboruchi did has some involvement (regardless how little) and his taste, I won’t be surprised if this show includes military gears from reality at here and there.

      Still, just like how I explained in another post, this ‘Midnight Eye’ of Inaho shouldn’t allow him to achieve sniper status like what we have.

  31. hehe, i had a funny idea. What if the Start Sequence for Inaho, was not only the Blood-sample of Hime-sama. Not what if it was the combo. One-sans teardrop + Hime-samas blood-sample 🙂

    I know. i dig out a old speculation. But what if the Original Lover of the Count survived? 🙂

    1. Great idea there, WorldwideDepp. One-sans teardrop + Hime-samas blood-sample? That will be a nice twist; Original Lover of the Count survived? Bit hard to explain how come UEF would still struggle in activating Ducalion but, I think if they can spare two to three ep. or have two ep WITHOUT mecha battles, there should be enough room for the development.

      If both twists applied? Well, Well, Well…we will see this at the end of this season then:



      And then we can all go the YOUTUBE and open fire on the studio. XDDDDDD

  32. Okay, i had a “Mind thunderstorm” for this Picture Battle:

    Let me see, if i am not a bit rusty…

    Hello, Guys. I am Slaine, i am happy to be one of the Main Casts in this 2nd Season. With my White Mecha, i am cosplaying Suzaku Kuruguri from Code Geass. Hope we get along
    Hello, Fans. My name is Lemrina. I am a Half-Sister of your beloved Hime-sama. My Silly dad was this good-for-nothing Son of the Old Emperor. Do not remember me how painful was my Life as out-caster of the Royal birth line. One day i will take all Glory with Force, just you Wait!
    Greetings. i am sure you are surprised that i am still in Power and Alive. Hehe, just to show you how powerful the Plot is. Please keep watching, so that you see how masterful my Vendetta is
    Hello, Watchers. I am the old King of Mars. Rule of the original Aldnoah Power founded on Mars. What you see is only an Illusion for my beloved Citizens. I reality i am Bedridden and barley keep alive because of my Cursed Aldnoah Life-force connection, so i can not see the Outside World
    Hello there, Fans. I am your bellowed Hime-sama. Well apparently you see just a Image of me. But i will make a return in this Season, i think. But time will tell, please be exited!
    Hello, Fans. I am Inaho, one of the Two Main casts for this Show, besides Slaine. Today you see me in my Yael Okuzaki from Lupin 3 Cosplay. I have now a High-tech Cyborg Eye implant!. I can see you, yes all your 3 measures!
    Really? You are joking, Inaho
    You sure? I think you gain a bit weight, and thats not your Chest size…
    Inaho, you are really dumb-fool. When it comes to Girls talk
    Edelritto: You really sure that this Tank here, will do the Work Slaine?
    Slaine: Of course, i borrowed it from Sidonia
    Ha, i wish i could have these Slaine connections
    Not so fast, my old Emperor. i forbid you Sidonia technology
    Ohhh, looks like how is here. Is it not our Slain-kun? i heard you love my Sister?
    And now? do you still love her? I bet she could not do the French Kiss like me
    Huh was that? See, thats why you get never a Date. They Kiss let him shoot now Lasers out of his Ass
    Lemrina!, Please kiss us too. We also wants Shoot Lasers out of our asses
    Count! Count!, i found something strange!
    What is it Slaine? What is so strange for you?
    What has Sidonia Guardians docking and Appelseed’s Briareos Face lost here in our Show?
    Guh!!, they playing unfair Tricks. This Earth Scumbags
    What now!!. Do we get slaughtered?

    1. Are you sure you really got rusty, WorldwideDepp? They should hire you to run the show!

      It’s great, man. Everythings are there, together with the Tropes. I LOVED IT!!!!

      Can’t wait to see your ‘next episode’. ^_^

  33. Ep 15:

    Okay, i feel like they are reading our thoughts here. Because in the beginning many points we are speaking of, found their way into this Episode.. But then the end.. surprised me. What a cunning write you have, Aldnoah.zero.

    more when ep 15 is alive, the rest would be to spoilish

    this Episode gets a 9/10 from me. and it is a 9+


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