「旅立ち」 (Tabidachi)
“Setting Off”

For all last week was rushed and amateurish, this one was well paced, well told, and roundly enjoyable. And adorable!

Much Better

No beating around the bush: this episode was much better. Isn’t it interesting how, when they don’t try to pack so many interesting things in, the small things they do are so much better? These past two episodes could be an object lesson for all creators, and anime studios in particular: Take your fucking time! Don’t go into Stephen King-levels of endless description, perhaps—he’s good at it, granted, but damn if it doesn’t bore me half of the time—but giving the story time to breathe is much better than rushing it. Learn the lesson already, anime industry!

Isuzu’s Music

Part of my is surprised that Isuzu picked Bard as her class when she had experience with music in real life. While games aren’t always about escapism, they’re great for a change of pace, like how Akatsuki originally played a class very well suited for her, but as a tall male character (that was the change). The other half of me isn’t surprised, because being a Bard in an MMORPG is already hella different from playing music in real life.

Either way, I’ll be interested to see where they’re going with Isuzu’s music. The concert we got was already great, and now a tour? It’s just fun seeing characters we know who are usually doing one thing (adventuring) now doing something else (playing in a band). Tell me that’s not true, and I’ll call you a LIAR! (Okay, sometimes it’s not true, but shut up.) More than that, what piqued my interest is Isuzu’s occasional hesitation. It could easily be all performance jitters spliced with a bit of her not knowing if she deserves all this praise (I’ve been there girl, been there), but I’m not convinced that’s everything. There may be more … and as always, mark and hide your spoilers, LN-readers. I don’t want to know until the anime decides to tell us.

The Newbies Are Adorable!

Rudy, Serara, and Minori were all adorable this episode. Especially Rudy, if only because how often do you see such a moe boy? Outside of bishoujou game adaptations, obviously. He’s silly-moe, goofy-moe, the kind of moe where he grandstands … and then immediately starts panicking about his brush. And the Optimus Prime Truck-Cart? Rudy-dog, you are the best!

Runner up is definitely Serara, whose Nyanta-love has gone through the roof. It’s getting to dangerous levels. You might overdose, girl. It’s also hard to remember that she’s only a year younger than Isuzu, and older than Minori and Tohya. Serara is high school age! Let that sink in.

Minori comes in last, if only because she only really got one chance to fangirl over Shiroe’s map. I’m not used to squeeling so much while watching Log Horizon. I’m okay with it.

A Sense of Adventure

Without a doubt, my favorite genre is Fantasy Adventure. Hell, that’s what I write. While Log Horizon has always had the fantasy down pat, it’s not usually an adventure, per say. Not that that’s bad, nor would I change it; we need variety, and Log Horizon does what only it can do far better than it would be a straight RPG-style adventure. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see that too, though.

Now we get to! The nice thing about the split between max level characters and younger characters is exploring the two sides of the MMORPG experience, but we haven’t gotten to spend much time with the younger players since last season. No more! This has all the hallmarks of a good old traveling adventure. Emphasis, I think, on travel—to most people (myself included), adventure means action as much as anything else, and while I’m sure that will happen, just watching them travel around and play shows should prove to be plenty fun. That’s one of the many things I love about a good adventure.

The Guild Family

Past the newbies, it was endearing to watch all the max level characters worry and fuss over the newbies in their own way. Some of those ways are stranger and more confusing, but that heart-warming sensation … I don’t think I really need to explain it. It was all plain for us to see.

Best of all, Shiroe isn’t letting that get in the way of the kids learning a little self-sufficiency. The only-if-you-really-need-it quasi-ban on telepathy will keep them from depending on the others too much, because let’s face it—someday, Shiroe and the others won’t be there. It’s better for them to get used to things now, on a semi-safe quest, even if it looks like it won’t be so safe at all.

Looking Ahead – Glasses Incoming!

Alas, I’ve been spoiled on an element of who our mystery character is, so I sort of know some what’s to come. So I won’t say anything else. See you next week!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The young adventurers are off on a quest, in an episode that’s MUCH better than last week’s #loghora 15

Random thoughts:

  • Isuzu was singing “As long as I can be with you,” and then she winked at the waving Rudy. Shipping furiously!
  • Related: I like how platonic most of the relationships in Log Horizon are. If Tohya and Isuzu have a heartfelt discussion, or Akatsuki and Naotsugu show up somewhere together, there’s not even a hint of romance. It’s like they’re all people whose lives don’t revolve around romance! Le gasp! (Keep taking notes, anime industry / humanity in general.)
  • When Tohya first talked about soccer, and he said “But even if I sucked, it was fun.”, I cheered. Damn right, Tohya! Then the truth was revealed. Oof … that hurts, Touno-sensei. Good job.
  • Rudy rolled his R’s! Kakihara Tetsuya may be one of the few Japanese seiyuu (or Japanese people) who can do that. He went up in my esteem once again.
  • A little trivia about the brush Rudy was panicking about: It’s called the Angel Brush, and it’s “a magical brush that makes any hair or fur shiny and smooth, mainly used to increase trust and affection levels of mounts and pets, but Rundelhaus has no clue and loves to use it.” See what I mean? He’s adorable!
  • But seriously, how did Tetora get inside Naotsugu’s clothing? Is she a witch? She must be a witch, burn her!
  • Anyone here fans of comedian John Mulaney? I couldn’t stop thinking about his horse-babysitting-dogs bit when Rudy and the horse were on the screen. The horses are in charge again!
  • Between Rudy’s musical sense, Minori’s art, and Tetora’s singing, Log Horizon sure has a lot of people who are hilariously bad at the arts. You’ve got to pick up the slack for them, Isuzu.
  • Naotsugu and Marie are like proud parents watching their kids leave. They’re perfect together. Shipping furiously!!

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    1. The OP had been spoiling lots of scenes. And seeing that the first scene is 3 person with Shiroe in it, that must be the Shiroe Shuraba.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I don’t really get this. In anime terms, I thought the whole first two dueling arcs went a long way towards strengthening their relationship. The fact that they find each other in death, the fact that they call each other, her developing the confidence to talk back to him a bit, her being the one he looked for when he got back from the raid, so on and so forth.

      As Stilts has said, this isn’t really a romance anime and it mostly focuses on other things, but I think they’ve shown the slow evolution of Shiroe and Akatsuki’s relationship quite effectively.

    3. Except for the guy here over here was joking with Hart Black Glasses swinging the wrong way, the situation about Shiroe shipping won’t be clear until Kanami arrives to Japan, and I really anticipate that. I foresee hard times for both loli-ninja and miko-loli.

      1. God I hope not, Kanami is the worst. I really hope that, just as she has been so far, her importance is in her ability to yank people out of their comfort zones, not as an actual character/love interest. She’s WAY too much of a mary sue. Setting her up against Akatsuki would effectively make her the ‘villain’ in the story.

        And really, I just don’t think Shiroe’s relationship with Kanami is that simple. They’ve avoided elaborating on that for 2 seasons now. If the answer is just ‘ex-girlfriend’ I will be very disappointed.

      2. They left Debauchery Tea Party matters a little too vague till now, but even here they’re adding tiles to the jigsaw puzzle. You had this very famous party of people with no hints except for Kanami and a glimpse of Shiroe’s feelings for her. Next we met former Debauchery Tea party in Akiba and they’re all surprisingly good people, and you start developing an Idea of Debauchery Tea Party as made of really good natured people. But at a certain point you meet with those ex members who are in Minami… And you see somebody is neutral just like that KR, or plainly sides for Shiroe like Kazu… what was his name again? But someone looks plainly evil. So what’s happening? And in the center of this Kanami’s missing. You can clearly see Kanami, even if she’s not there is still has always had central role into the matters, and I think she’ll be the key character in the upcoming war between East and West.

        I avoided speaking about the shipping stuff because it’s really secondary to the plot, but my take is loli-miko! I so love her!

      3. Kanami has shown no greater than many other characters combat ability here only special trait shown so far is great leadership ability which exists in real life. Having a negative reaction to a characters personality is normal people are different. But be sure your reaction is just that not a negative reaction to having a female in the role great leader and/or having a pushy very optimistic personality.

        She also has had plot luck like many other characters like Shiro nothing special there.

      4. What the heck are you talking about? Kanami has shown no leadership whatsoever. She just does whatever, and given that she’s had all of four scenes in the series, it’s hard to establish a pattern.

        And people really need to stop jumping to the racism/sexism/???ism card when people disagree with something they like (for whatever reason). I don’t like Kanami for the same reason I don’t like Naruto, Goku, Sailor Moon, etc in their shows; being an airhead who’s just so freaking GENKI!!!!! that everyone in the setting worships the ground you walk on is a character type I find so shallow (and overdone) that it regularly comes this close to turning me off of anime as a whole. Fortunately Kanami is a minor character, and I hope she stays that way.

        And I am far from the only person who believes this. There’s a reason Kanami is listed under the ‘mary sue’ trope on Log Horizon’s TV Tropes page.

  1. “But seriously, how did Tetora get inside Naotsugu’s clothing?”
    probably her overskill. teleport to inside of any Tank shirt within 100 meter area and rub all over the tank body in progress

  2. New found respect for Tetra, how does she even do that without Naotsugu even noticing?
    I always liked seeing Minori and Tohya’s party fighting as a team so this episode was a good breather compared to last week’s episode; seeing how they were preparing in this episode, it really shows how far they’ve grown in the form of a team, and it was that part of the reason that I respected how well they fit in the Log Horizon world, especially when we saw how they grew into their roles, their quirks, and even skills as adventurers.
    P.S Tetra: Great at hiding and clinging, for singing: not so much XD

  3. Isuzu was singing “As long as I can be with you,” and then she winked at the waving Rudy. Shipping furiously!

    copy this from somewhere else, imagine

    >Everyone goes back to the normal world
    >Isuzu logs on to ET
    >There’s an NPC called Rundelhaus Code
    >Talks to him
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >”I’m going to be an adventurer like you!”
    >Isuzu is just sitting at the computer crying and constantly clicking on the Rudy NPC over and over again

    1. One of the reason a go back to the dull world ending is not what this story is going for. There are a few main characters who would like to visit or at least write the old world but none who would want to return home. And I can’t see the author killing off all his self aware in the Eldar World characters, unless the Japanese desire for total tragedy in some stories overtakes him.

      That was a nice but tragic short story.

  4. I know there’s not a chance Shiroe will return Minori’s feelings, yet I still couldn’t help squeeing a bit when Minori was fangirling all over the map he gave her. The map was definitely Shiroe’s way to help the newbies on their quest, and all the other members were also seen worrying and giving advice in their own ways.

    Shiroe’s advice to the newbie group not to use telepathy unless absolutely necessary is sounding warning bells in my head. It feels like foreshadowing for something quite serious that’s gonna happen on the trip, and seeing the developments from last episode, it might signify that something to be related to Minami and Plant Hwayden.

    On the new character, I’m guessing he/she is probably a potential new member of Log Horizon, possibly a summoner. I’ve noticed that Log Horizon currently has 9 members from 9 different classes out of the available 12 classes. The veterans: Shiroe the Enchanter; Naoutsugu the Guardian; Akatsuki the Assassin; Nyanta the Swashbuckler and Tetora the Priest. On the newbies side we have: Minori the Kannagi; Tohya the Samurai; Isuzu the Bard and Rudy the Sorceror. Serara the Druid is technically still in Crescent Moon, but I think she just might join Log Horizon in the future. That leaves only a Monk and a Summoner. You can call me call me a fool, but I really think that Demikas just might be the Monk who joins Log Horizon. And so that just leaves a Summoner for Log Horizon to have 12 members from all the classes, and the new character just might be the one.

    1. I’m more okay with the minori stuff now that they’ve slowly made fairly apparent that it is fangirling. When it was first introduced it squicked me out. She’s a middle-schooler. But since then they’ve handled it as a middle-schooler with a middle-schooler crush on an older man she respects. And that happens and as long as they continue treating it like that I’m okay with it.

      As for Log Horizon, I hope it’s not that simple and neat in the end. That’s the kind of neat coincidence that animes have a bad habit of doing IMO. I’d like to possibly see Kanami’s whole group join if they join anyone. I don’t mind it working out that way so far since it’s a way of differentiating characters, but if they get many more, I’d hope for it to be a bit more natural than just magically having 12 members of the 12 classes.

      1. Minori’s crush never bothered me because it was never painted as anything but one sided.

        On the 12 members thing:

        Show Spoiler ▼

        As for who will join, I’d very much doubt Kanami will be the Monk (since she’d overshadow Shiroe half the time), though Demikas is a possibility. (I still doubt it, though.) I also wouldn’t expect Serara to quit the Crescent Moon Alliance if she hasn’t already, though it hardly matters since members of the two guilds are always doing stuff together.

      2. As far as I’m concerned, a crush is only one sided in anime if the show TREATS it as one-sided. Plenty of long, involved romance anime revolve almost entirely around one-sided crushes. It’s one of anime’s favorite romance plots.

        So Shiroe’s lack of reaction only establishes the crush as unimportant if the show treats it as unimportant. And when they first introduced her crush I think it crossed the line a few times and she was treated as an actual rival to Akatsuki. Season 2 has been much clearer in showing that no, she’s not an actual love interest. And I’m sorry, I’m not here to watch a middle-schooler hit on an adult. That’s creepy.

  5. No beating around the bush
    Well if this was not beating around the bush literally, I couldn’t find any more proper example at all. ONE full episode just for sending away the young-lings? pls. No, the pacing was horrible, and even more thinking how much they squeezed into another single episode last time. This is not how you do anime. Last season was done incredibly good with the perfect pace of one chapter for episode. Damn, even the titles matched. How come DEEN can’t even follow that?

    Tohya! Then the truth was revealed.
    It was revealed since last season.

    1. Disagree completely. This was a great episode. Log Horizon is, at the end of the day, about the characters more than the plot (which has barely moved in two seasons) or the action and this had tons of great character interactions, which was great. Log Horizon is SUPPOSED to have fairly slow, or at least comfortable, pacing. The mistake of the last episode was in having the pacing way too fast. This is much more the speed.

      I’m still very curious why the last episode was paced so quickly since it seems like we had the right amount of episodes left for the two volumes available. I hope they don’t do something weird like stretch this out or (god forbid) do something anime-original towards the end.

    2. Disagree completely
      This is fair enough, but notice that Log Horizon is not character driven.
      Log Horizon is still building itself over the concept of the online gaming being turned into alternate reality. Every arc is about a single aspect of online gaming. Even character interactions is always related to a MMORPG environment, with an added emphasis in social end political matters. You see how people always interact mostly in closed circles being focused around parties, clan, alliance and so over. Notice how the young members in Log Horizon stick with themselves mostly and that Shiroe and the others are a bit detached from them. Marielle and the others interact with them even less, with Serara being the only exception to the rule.
      I could also speak about how the plot is steadily progressing from the first episode, but I think you mean something different with ‘plot’, so please, explain yourself.

      I’m still very curious why …
      It could be they wrote the anime script when that episode was still a rough spin off web filler. Lately Kanami’s episode was reviewed, developed and became volume nine, if I remember what another user said last week.

      1. What you’re describing is basically setting/world-building, which is what Log Horizon is about. Plot is the over-arching story, which in Log Horizon’s case is ‘trapped in a game, who/what caused it, what to do about it’ and if you go only by the high concept plot, Log Horizon moves at a snail’s pace. But it’s not really about the high concept plot.

        I disagree that it’s not about characters, but I agree that it is about world-building. The thing is, generally world-building means you focus on characters. This is a show that digs deeply into each of its main characters and most episodes revolve around learning something more about what makes them tick (usually Shiroe or Akatsuki, but definitely others as well). Yes, we usually learn what makes them tick through the application of MMO rules and settings, but it’s still the characters that are central. Heck we had an entire episode that was basically a soliloquy from William. Which is nuts. It takes serious guts to make an entire anime episode into a single speech.

        The fun of this episode was in seeing the relationships between the characters. From the high-levels to the newbies, Isuzu and Tohya, Rudy and Isuzu, Serara and Minori’s crushes on their respective mentors, so on and so forth. Even something as simple as the unique reactions of each of the high level characters when saying farewell said tons about the characters (Shiroe gives nothing more than a knowing look and it still bleeds character and makes him come off as the most badass of them all)

      2. Good and strong characterization is what you mistake for character driven.
        The plot you can’t see is hidden in the world building itself and, just like in any mmorpg is about exploring and understanding of the game world, which is actually what about Log Horizon is about. Again, this story is about a game called Elder Tale, which in turn is about the people trapped in and how they interact with each other and with the changing environment.

        Just read this forum (especially answer #2). They speak about our very same issues but with TV series instead of anime.

      3. No offense, but you really should work on your tone. You’re being incredibly condescending. I’m not going to fight with you, because you’re not being rude about what you’re talking about despite your incredibly condescending tone, but it is rude. Your opinion on the plot, and whatever else, is just your opinion, it’s not true simply because you believe it, and I continue to disagree.

        Just how in your opinion good characterization does not mean character-driven, I don’t think good world-building means that the story is ‘about’ Elder Tale. But this is a pretty clear agree to disagree, so I’ll leave it at that.

        And frankly, this is a tangent. I just said I liked the episode because the story is about this kind of stuff, whatever you want to call it. This sort of slow, (character-driven) detailed episode is what a lot of the best Log Horizon episodes are. The action and actual plot advancement are above-average at best, whenever they actually happen. It’s these slower episodes that carry the show.

      4. I’m trying being polite since the incidents with Stilts and Daikama, but I admit is very hard for me to write in this site. Partially is because I’m not native so my way of speaking can be odd at times, so just excuse me for that. Mostly is cause I usually stand with criticism to other speakers. Please bear in mind that I just want to make my point clear and that is not intended as an attack to people. It saddens me you people always take criticism as personal attack or rudeness, because it really isn’t meant it.
        Furthermore when you reply to me saying you disagree I am compelled to further explain my point, especially when you arguments don’t seem right to me. I also have no problem when my arguments are proven wrong, but please, prove it wrong but please don’t derail the discussion like this.

      5. The rude/condescending part is that you simply state I’m wrong and that I should look here to see the truth. Your concept of the discussion is condescending. I’m not ‘wrong’ and you’re not ‘right’ Especially when it comes to this sort of topic, which is simply our opinion of the show.

        Rather than framing your argument as though you are informing me of some fact you should just state your opinion. Like I said in my comment, it’s not what you’re talking about that’s rude, but the way in which you treat my opinion as if it’s just incorrect.

    3. Chillax you two. Could you please try to be respectful? You two seem to get into wall ‘o text conversations every other comment thread, so learn to get along, lol

      @ Solaris

      The truth I was referring to was that Tohya wasn’t playing in that game. I assumed he was talking about before he was in the accident, which would have been bad enough, but they bucked my assumption and showed that it was after, so the pain was very, very real for him.

      1. Did I say you were trying to flame? I was asking you both to chill out and be respectful, both in keeping the discourse civil and not assuming the worst of one another, much like you just did with what I said. No umbrage meant.

      2. Believe me, I’m being even too respectful here, especially with who’s not being THAT respectful to me and to half the other commenters here.

        Stopping replying is my last courtesy.

      3. Wise. I shant say who I was talking to more, because I’ve honestly started skimming the major back-and-forths when they look like they’re going too deep down the rabbit hole, lol. I’ll just say, in general: everyone, please be respectful. Thanks.

    1. Did you watch the last season? It’s already been established that despite Shiroe, Akatsuki, and (to a lesser extent) Naotsugu being the ‘main’ characters, this show will bounce to other groups regularly, with the newbies being an established one. This is just their second arc. It doesn’t mean they’re actually taking over from Shiroe or anything. This story just has a huge cast.

      1. That’s kind of splitting hairs. For one, the high-level members were still in this episode and we don’t know yet that they’ll be ignored completely from this point on since this was the only episode.

        Also, it’s just a matter of how the light novels are organized at this point. Akatsuki didn’t have her own arc last season either.

  6. Well, in the most Fantasy MMOs today, the Bard Class is a pure Supporter one. As you saw in the Raid, he is for Speed, Swift and other Support Magic. But i do not know, if the Avatars was chosen because he or she like to Entertain the Peoples with Music and other Performance
    But to hear once in a while a Bard just sining, is like hear a long lost story of the Ancients time, of today

    To not get the wrong idea, i love it. And how they begin to grown this “Side chars” into shouldering some part of the Main line of this Show. Please be careful of the Balance

      1. If they would build this somehow into the Anime as an Master Skill (these new ones, they are all learning). I would call this Skill to blend 3-5 Songs into 1, “Divine Music”. Put the Party into a tight Fight, where the Bard need to play so many Songs at once to save them. There she will learn the first step into her own personal Master Skill

      2. another try to explain it with Mind Pictures:

        Just watch and “Hear” the 2nd Episode of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

        She play the Song, but with her Passion she made it their Own. The Speed, the Passion transfered a “song” into many other Sights

        Thats what i mean with “Divine Music”

    1. I haven’t payed a ton of attention, but is Isuzu’s sub-class something related to performance? Because I do think she chose bard to be a musician rather than because she had deep concerns about support magic. She doesn’t seem like the type to overly care about her combat role.

      Tohya on the other hand I assume chose Samurai because it’s a ‘cool’ combat class and Minori likely chose hers to support her brother. For Isuzu though I would assume music was the hook, though whether she consciously admits it or not (given she apparently has issues about it) is up in the air.

  7. It’s also hard to remember that she’s only a year younger than Isuzu, and older than Minori and Tohya. Serara is high school age!


    In other news I’ve been feeling apathetic about actually getting around to watching this episode, ever since the previous one. Kanami had fascinated me since her first appearances in flashbacks in season 1. I had been waiting two seasons to see a storyline with Kanami in the present time, and it would be no exaggeration to say it was my most anticipated story out of all of Log Horizon. Then they rushed it out, as if saying “this isn’t important enough to us to waste time on, let’s just shove it out the door quickly so we can get back what we’ve been doing as soon as possible.”

    That hurt, you know? To have them treat the story I had been looking forward to so much that poorly, especially when they had never had a track record of doing such things before… that hurt. It’s hard to work up the enthusiasm to keep watching the series after something like that happens.

    1. I can respect this, though the funny thing is until coming on this site I had no idea it was rushed. I just assumed that was a one-shot and we’d see more of her and her friends later. And I still kind of wonder if we will.

      And I liked the episode and the characters it introduced (aside from Kanami, she bores me) so I was fine with it. But if you actually knew it was leaving a bunch out I can see how that would be frustrating.

      1. I didn’t need to know that the source material had more to it to know it was rushed. I could just tell because it was mishandled.

        @ Wanderer

        This episode is better, at least, and maybe they’ll go back and flesh out Kanami more later on. They’ve got more episodes than source material left, so I have to assume they will. Hopefully. Or I have no idea where this is going next.

      2. No offense, but how? A one-shot’s a one-shot if you don’t know it’s anything else. Yes it didn’t give any deep insight into most of the characters (aside from Leo), but I just assumed it wasn’t meant to. It was a flash-sideways to give a brief look at what others were up to and show that Kanami was coming and then move back to the main plot.

        I’m not arguing it was Shakespeare, but not everything is intended to be Shakespeare. Sometimes a scene/episode really is minor/filler and will be expounded on later. Which is why I was disappointed to learn that the episode was apparently the whole arc and it maybe won’t be expounded on later.

      3. Kanami is the focus for Log Horizon Volume 9 which hasn’t released yet. Only the web novel Mamare Touno officially does is out for anyone to read. So if anything they wanted to show us where at this point of time Kanami and her group were doing. Can think of it like the first part of this season where the two stories bounces between each other.

  8. Wait, what? Serara’s a high schooler? Hot damn, could’ve sworn she was the youngest.

    Anyway, rushed action-y messes are not what I’m watching Log Horizon for (there’s so many other dumb fantasy shows that can provide thát), so this episode was a welcome return to form. It’s been a while since we’ve had this kind of adventure in LH, after all (not since season 1). I like the more focused story on the B-team as well, as they’ve been missing for most of this second season so far. Hopefully their little adventure will be as memorable as the previous one, because while that one started out a bit rough, it became one of the more interesting arcs of the first season. Adventure, ho!

    And yes, Rudy is totally moe.

    1. Agreed on both points. I could have sworn Serara was younger, and I’m excited to see the newbies have a straight adventure. I hope they get a chance to do some real adventuring before the inevitable plot kicks in cause it will be fun to see some people really travel around for a while.

      This is one of those things that MMOs always want to capture, but they never quite do since people don’t actually want to spend days travelling a game world. I’m excited to see the kids and their carriage just going down the road.

  9. ” I like how platonic most of the relationships in Log Horizon are. If Tohya and Isuzu have a heartfelt discussion, or Akatsuki and Naotsugu show up somewhere together, there’s not even a hint of romance. It’s like they’re all people whose lives don’t rotate around romance! “


  10. They rushed a LOT of interesting content last episode, and now they take plenty of time to tell the begining of a kind of side quest. I love Log Horizon, but i don´t like this pacing at all.

  11. Either it’s slipped your mind, or no one ever mentioned it to you. Kakihara Tetsuya was born in Germany and lived there until he was 18. So he’s fluent in German. My understanding is that he was actually more fluent in German than Japanese when he moved to Japan to seek a career in voice acting.

    That’s why he can cleanly spout off all these random phrases in English, and do things like roll his Rs. It isn’t all that different from what he grew up speaking, and he has a serviceable comprehension of spoken English to start with.

    1. Oh no, I’m well aware of why he can speak English (and Romance/Germanic languages in general) so well. I was just pointing out how impressive it was from a Japanese language point of view. He’s like Utada Hikaru, where his Western background (as opposed to a great deal of study and effort, which can still get you there) helps him with the other languages.

      A seiyuu who can speak English instead of Engrish deserves prop whenever I can give them, lol

  12. Are you karate chopping or drumming…boxes/crates? LOL
    Wait was he trying to say pant… or oppa…wait his face is destroyed?! :O
    That looks difficult just to get a magical bag…is it something to die for?
    That’s just plain creepy to be in someone’s clothes…and with the person! Illogical! I just can’t find that funny when I know the punchline’s suppose to be there.
    I have to wait another week for their actual adventure…this was just a setting off episode. AWW MAN.

    random viewer
    1. Well, the People of the Land just do not have the fine adjusting of Humans. For the People of the Land there is only variables of force. from 0 to 3 i guess. 0 No force 1 light force like holding items and such and 2 for attacking and 3 for Ultimate skill use. We Humans are capable of more.

      So, Rudy perhaps used force 2 on these boxes and broke them 🙂 He used combat strength

      1. well, perhaps with Shiore’s contract his variables grows too. perhaps he is not capable to fine tune his 0-3 into 0-16 or 32. If you understand my Nerd talk. He just to get used to his little steps, for not harm his friends. you can say he underestimate his own body Strength


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