“Happy Family”

「幸福な家庭」 (Koufuku na Katei)

Shinichi vs Miki:

I’d slice this episode in two halves: one focusing on Shinichi, and the other on Tamura and all those who are after her. I was quite hyped for this Shinichi vs Miki fight after last week’s episode, and this certainly didn’t let me down (though it was a pain to screenshot since there was so much movement!). There was a nice balance of epic arm-sickle swinging, terrain tactics, and don’t forget a decapitation. Miki reattaching another head after losing certainly felt like one of the more horror-ish moments of the anime so far. The change in voice, the real threat of death, and the re-appearance of a familiar face make this a destined match that could have gone on for so much longer. What we did get was pretty awesome – I was totally feeling Shinichi’s panic and loved Migi’s steering of the wheel to shake Miki off. What else is there to say? When Kiseijuu does action, it does it fantastically.

Tamura vs Everyone:

Thank god for Tamura. With Kana out the picture, Tamura is definitely up there as one of the most exciting, relatable, and human characters of the entire cast (ironically enough). From the very early episodes when she appeared with a bang and showed just how dangerously intelligent she could be, to where we are with her now. She’s attended lectures on selflessness, became a somewhat nurturing mother, and continues to hold humans at a higher regard than every other parasite has to date. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good for Tamura right now, and if I were to place a bet I’d say that there may be some death flags above her head. All the best girls must die in Kiseijuu, after all.

I’m liking how the investigator’s story is tying in with Tamura’s right now after their early interactions. Obviously, she wasn’t the one who did a shoddy assassination attempt, but the blame is being put on her and both parasites and humans are after her now. She’s a strong, smart woman, but I don’t know much longer she’ll handle this – hopefully a long while. Still, seeing the investigator lose his family as collateral damage was painful, and his rage is expected. Though I doubt he’ll make it out of this scrap alive. And then there’s also Murano to consider as well. She’s having a rather swell time compared to nearly every one character.

Overview – What’s Next?

Lots of high impact action in the first half, and some great insight in Tamura and her many enemies in the second half. If only Kana was still around, then we’d have the perfect trio. I hope Tamura manages to defend herself and continues to provide her insight on humanity and how as a collective they aren’t as weak as the other parasites think they are.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Shinichi and the Investigator enter an underground carpark to find a deadly parasite.
  • The leader of the Parasite group, Gotou, does a grand performance on the piano and sends Miki after Shinichi.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 40 – 44 p.29

Shift in Pacing:

  • Looking over the chapters covered I was surprised to find out that this covered the most material in one episode (nearly 4 chapters).
  • Maybe it’s just me, but this episode felt like the most simple one yet, despite adapting the most?



    1. Let´s just call him Gattai Parasyte and boy! He´s in an entirely different league that any parasyte our dynamic duo has encounter so far, he´s so powerful that makes Alex Mercer at full power look like a kitten! How the hell are they going to kill him without using nukes!?.

  1. You also notice how much more human-like Tamura’s eyes have become, how they don’t look nearly as…dead-looking and actually seem to have much more of a “light” in them now compared to before. Basically, she looks far more “normal” when compared to the others around her overall.

    1. Good call. Also to add, she seems to be more nurturing towards her child than previously shown.
      “What is this sensation?, Is this what humans call love?”
      “No, impossible. He’s just using me for my nutritional surplus.”
      “He won’t for long, Tamura Reiko. He won’t for long”
      What he really means
      (What am I saying? I’m a dead man.)

  2. It is just me, or did Samu use the wrong episode title?

    Anyways, another good episode, just as usual. Even though I know what will happen already, this adaption nevertheless delivers week after week.

      1. It’s a coincidence, though. It’s also been 16 times in the corresponding manga chapter, and those dreams obviously only started for Shinichi after parts of Migi merged with his body in episode 6.

  3. Miki & Gotou in one body? That’s one twist I wasn’t expecting. Izumi can’t run forever. He needs a better plan to survive.

    Episode title: Happy Family. Well that escalated quickly.

    I can’t be the only one wondering what else Migi keeps inside him besides money. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. The only thing that immediately comes to mind is, as we’re seeing with Tamura, trying to get the Parasytes inside to turn on each other or something and, as Migi mentioned, get the body to end up in chaos.

  4. I’m guessing we’re about to see Tamura step up to true antagonist mode after next episode. No way she’ll die, she just comes off as too intelligent to let herself be easily killed by these aint shits.
    Okay….Migi managed to save Shinichi and itself…impressive, considering that…wow he barely lived through that.

    The dad’s gonna die…or actually Murano will probably be captured at some point.

    1. I really hope they don’t go that route, capturing Murano, but it really feels like that doesn’t it?

      Though now that Tamura’s being targeted I’m not so sure. She seemed like the only one capable of coming up with that plan, and now looks like she’ll be becoming an ally maybe, or at the very least, won’t be an immediate threat to Shinichi and Migi.

      Impel Down Hippo
  5. This is how you do realistic breasts. Take note Absolute Duo, Shinmai Maou no Testament…

    The parasites now want to get rid of Tamura Reiko so I hope she joins forces with Shinichi. He needs help and I can’t imagine him handling this mess on his own.

    1. Actually no, regarding realistic breasts—if she was really breastfeeding, her nipples would be the size of dinner plates. But yay for boobs being shown for their actual biological purpose for once!

      1. if she was really breastfeeding, her nipples would be the size of dinner plates.

        I think you mean areolae, not nipples.
        Dinner-plate sized nipples are just……hard to imagine.

      2. Dinner-plate sized nipples are just……hard to imagine.

        LOL yes, I suppose so, though they do get pretty “chewed up” for lack of a better way to phrase it. But you’re right, I meant her areolae.

      3. Her breast does look realistic shape wise, but i think they omitted or didn’t color her Areola and nipple intentionally because it’s a tv show and they didn’t want to show too much (which is kinda ok since they also do somewhat censor the excessive violence parts intelligently with camera angles and clipping, it’s done by the director of the show rather than lazy montage and effects), way better than other anime that use strips of black or white to create a lackluster censor of violence or nudity.

  6. Man, this show, even watching it at a two episode clip, it’s just not enough. Will have to watch next week when it comes out.

    Tamura is certainly evolving, and now the other Parasytes want to eliminate her. Bad move guys. She’s the only one that was going to be able to keep you alive.

    Man, that fight between Shinichi/Migi and Miki. Such good stuff. Not your usual drawn out fight, but it’s really strategic and smartly written. Very well executed. But man, once Gotou took control, was that scary.

    Honestly, this is shaping up to be a top 10, or heck, a top 5 anime imo. Let’s end this thing right! (I have no idea what that would be exactly, I’m just happy to be enjoying it!)

    Impel Down Hippo
  7. My only gripe with this episode

    “Hey are you all right? Are you hurt?” says the guys on the road who accidentally rammed their vehicle into Gotou.

    Its crazy enough for them to assume a regular human could emerge unscathed from getting hit,
    but its even crazier for them not to notice his parasyte-modified arms and legs…

    1. “its even crazier for them not to notice his parasyte-modified arms and legs”

      THANK YOU! The driver literally saw the guy swinging around non-human body parts for a hot second, whyyyyyyyy did he not just drive off to high hell?

    2. Speaking of which, not really a gripe but…:

      Why on earth would you still be investigating them! this was only going to end badly…

      RIP family. Your father was too dumb/stubborn for you to live.

      Impel Down Hippo
    3. They could be just stupid or maybe it happened way too fast they thought these modified arms and legs are injuries from the crash .. remember that they don’t know what we -as viewers- know about parasites because the government didn’t really spill the beans about parasites they just created that hair-pulling fad through media manipulation and that’s it.

      Also, in cases of accidents or extreme danger some people might think that they are “seeing things” due to panic (or even because they regularly take drugs, smoke pot or weed, ..etc etc), i think the driver who took off after the Miki/Gotou got hit by the other truck probably thought he was hallucinating or something.

    1. I don’t know, but I like that 70s-cop-show feel to that song. 😀

      It isn’t on the Parasyte soundtrack album or OP single, so it’s a mystery to me. Hopefully they come out with a second soundtrack disc. I’d like to have the long version of that song.

      Hanover Fist
    1. That guy is something else, 5 parasites in one body and those morphing abilities makes him extremely dangerous. I can’t believe those two guys actually approached a monster like him.

  8. Unlike other shows last season, this one keeps doing an awesome job bringing the source material to the screen.

    I’ll be sad when this is over 🙁

    To me this is one of those series that don’t need a re-watch/re-read because it is so well executed that with 1 glimpse/chapter the whole series just flashes you by again.

    Really best show of last year for me even if it was only half last year and half this year 🙂

  9. Wow, just wow. Kiseijuu’s sound department is really impressive in choreographing the right visual cue with ‘HYPNOTIK’s transition before the chorus, like in 10:02. I think it’s the third time I heard it playing just at the right time when an enemy attacks. Aaaah, such eargasm!

  10. In the class lecture Tamura attended, the professor was talking how our connection with out own cells and offspring can be higher than the love of our own species. I think it’s foreshadowing to where her character is heading.

  11. Sorry for addressing a question irrelevant to kiseiju, but the question just came to me suddenly.

    Why does US animation industry almost always make animations for children only?

    Why not try more or less real and ordinary life based works, (such as kiseijuu, garden of words, nichijou, paranoid agent, ghost in the shell etc) which young adults can also find enjoyable?

    Is it simply due to a sort of cultural difference?

  12. (continued)

    Let me be more specific.

    One of striking differences between jananimation and disney-like animation is that you can never see detailed visual descriptions of real and ordinary life in the works by the latter (I mean, disney-like US animation), while you can find out Japanese anime works rather easily in which those detailed and reality-based description is presented, even in case those works belong to SF or fantasy genre (think about ‘Whisper of the Heart’ by miyazaki hayao, 5 centimeters per second, and lastly Kiseijuu)

    Where does this difference come from?


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