「あつあつ、もちもち。」 (Atsuatsu, Mochi Mochi)
“Hot, Springy”

This is the first episode of Koufuku Graffiti that has turned me off from food. Normally I watch these episodes late at night and it makes me crave a midnight snack of some sort… but this time, I have no urges to eat anything. I don’t want to say it’s because this type of fanservice is aimed at the wrong market (because it’s clearly not intended for me) but eating phallic-shaped foods in a provocative manner does not appeal to me. Personally speaking, this just turns me away from anything long, dripping and cold for the time being. On the other hand, this might be what the show needs if it’s trying to reach a wider audience. It’s a shame because I’m not usually that appalled by it; but I don’t think it’s called for in this type of anime and I wasn’t expecting it to be so blatant. The foodgasms are enough, but the girls don’t have to be naked!

As for the actual events that happened this episode – well I can understand what they mean when they’re complaining about the heat. I’ve been to Asia a handful of times in my life, but the hottest times are definitely during the July/August period (luckily I’ve only had to suffer for a month there). The air can be very humid and hot and it gets hard to breathe when you’re amongst groups of people. When your AC breaks down it’s even worse because there’s absolutely nothing to cool you down. I remember jumping in the shower to get a cool rinse, but as soon as you get out, you feel all hot and bothered again… not the best sensation. Cold food is definitely one of the best ways to cool down (other than sitting in the shade with a cool breeze) and my choice of food has to be ice cream! The flashbacks of Ryou eating ice cream with her grandmother was cute. It was even more adorable when Kirin actually fanned Ryou while she slept… I think it’s such a simple act but to have someone do that for you makes it feel more intimate. The evenings get cooler too so the best thing to do after a hot day is to sleep through the night with the windows open.

The remainder of the episode didn’t feel like there was much substance to it which is not surprising for a slice-of-life anime. Where Koufuku Graffiti excels though is the fact that there can be some touching moments between Ryou and her grandmother or Kirin and I think the show needs to empathize that more. Even last week’s episode with Shiina shows the importance of family and that’s a good theme to follow-up with all the food. As much as I hate to admit it, as a young adult these days, my friends and I (and even family) rarely get together without a special occasion to meet. Going out to eat is a good reason to bring people together and just catch up and talk… and I think that’s why I look forward to dining, more so than the actual meal itself. It doesn’t have to be a home cooked meal or even a pot-luck, it can be going out to a restaurant but it gives people a reason to socialize. Although this might not be everyone’s thing, it’s one of the reasons I love bonding over food so much.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: A little too much fanservice for me on #KoufukuGraffiti but it IS SHAFT & I should expect the lewd animation along with the foodgasms =X

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  1. But eel taste just so heavenly, it’d be crazy not to crave for it. Ahh, good ‘ol talk in front of the electric fan. That’s why I still keep one, saves me electricity bill too.

    1. I don’t know. In some ways I’ve been where Kirin was: wanting something specific to eat, but unable to figure out what, and none of the other things that I eat feel satisfying because that lingering craving remains unfulfilled.

      Also, it isn’t as if Kirin was being deliberately malicious or uncaring. More than once, when it appeared that Ryou might be harmed in some way, Kirin immediately jumped in to protect/help her. Also keep in mind that Ryou loves to prepare food. Unlike most people who would (justifiably) be upset if they were asked to cook multiple times in the same day at someone’s whim; with Ryou, Kirin is giving her the excuse to indulge her passion.

      1. Ryou is just too innocent and pure i guess… =.= If they threw in a joke or extended gag with Ryou denying to cook anything, i think it would be adorable with her established character. Plus it would be something different. Not just Kirin asking her to cook something and Ryou just going “ok!”. It would be more like:

        Kirin: Ryou! I want Omurice!
        Ryou: Hmph! No, i don’t wanna. Not until you do your hw (or something miniscule that she puts off)
        Kirin: But, Ryooooooooooooooooooooou!!!
        Ryou: *cold stare*
        Kirin: *shudders* and does whatever.
        Then we find out Ryou ate something that triggered a different mental state (anime magic~~~) (or maybe she hit her head causing a split personality!)

        But as i type this up i’m starting to realize i’m just extremely jealous of Kirin. I want food like this all the time.

        Kirin is giving her the excuse to indulge her passion.

        It’s this consistent indulgence that has become too sweet for me. Thus far, Kirin hasn’t been a bad person but it’s just that this week she was more exposed as a character. Usually this is good thing, but when they repeat the same things every week (Kirin wants something, Ryou makes it or gets it) even the sweetest cake can taste bitter. Which is why i’d like more Shiina and less Kirin.

  2. I’m a boy, but I don’t like these kind of fanservice (maybe I don’t like fanservices at all). Just seeing girls being cute is enough fanservice (if it’s counted as fanservice) for me.

  3. I dont know about you guys but usually I make it a habit of skipping the preview on shows – makes me more surprised next week if I dont know whats coming up. But on this one I just really want to see what the chibi’s are doing every week =)

    1. I think it’s a good thing never to skip the previews or after credit scenes =X Even before I was a blogger, I made it a habit to watch them because you just never know when they might insert added scenes or bonuses 😉
      In some cases of plot-intensive shows (like this season, I’m blogging Death Parade), there’s actually good stuff in the post-credits.

  4. I don’t think it’s called for in this type of anime and I wasn’t expecting it to be so blatant. The foodgasms are enough, but the girls don’t have to be naked!

    Well, they were bathing in Ryou’s own bathroom… so yeah, of course they are naked <.<
    And Kirin wanted to eat ice cream in the bath, so them being naked while eating is justified. I think this type of fanservice isn't forced, because there is a normal reason for everything that happened. Obviously, the sexual innuendo wasn't intentional on their part and it was nothing more than two girls enjoying delicious ice cream 🙂

    1. They could’ve enjoyed ice cream in her kitchen… since they were already out of the tub… >_> lol
      And they didn’t need to talk about boob sizes and make hand gestures =X
      But honestly, it’s anime and what they do and talk about cannot be reasoned with sometimes so I’ll just roll with it.

    2. That’s my thought process the entire time too. Although I’m a bit odd since I don’t usually notice these sexual innuendo unless it’s forced into my face even though I’m a guy. But even still, I thought all the things here just makes sense and not something like eating “phallic-shaped food in a provocative manner” lol. Hell, I suddenly wanted to eat ice cream so I did right after I watched that haha.

      But then again, I can understand what Cherrie is feeling because after watching so many types of anime, there are things that just you think you see even if it’s not exactly intended.


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