「名誉の対価 -The Light of Day-」 (Meiyo no Taika -The Light of Day-)
“Honorable Considerations -The Light of Day-“

Oh, this is one hell of a mess we have building up here.

We can’t yet know exactly what shape the splatter is going to take, of course, but it’s obvious that the shit is getting very close to hitting the fan.  And I expect things to get pretty ugly for Slaine when it does – his house of cards is about to encounter a stiff wind.  The final test for his character, I suppose, will be in how he responds when it happens.

Not unexpectedly Mazuurek is proving to be an important piece of the puzzle, though here too it’s not so easy to know how things are going to turn out.  Slaine has been making the flashier moves lately – taking over an empire and all – but Inaho’s use of Mazuurek to set the fox amongst the chickens is looking pretty shrewd.  Clearly he took a risk here, because he had to gamble on Mazurrek’s character being the right sort for his plan to work, and not even Inaho’s cybernetic eye can see that much, I don’t think (even if it can act as a lie detector).

I haven’t quite figured Mazuurek out yet.  In a sense it’s clear he’s a pretty smart guy, but I also think he’s kind of dumb, too.  His method of getting to the truth about Asseylum quickly and with certainty was undeniably a clever one, and no one can deny his courage in walking straight into the lion’s den.  But I think he’s being cocky here, setting himself up for a fall – impatient for the truth and virtue to win the day.  Mazuurek is an idealist, clearly – but perhaps not practical and careful enough to be ideally suited to the situation he’s in.  My sense is that Barouhcruz is biding his time waiting for the chance to strike back at Slaine, and sees Mazuurek as a powerful potential weapon to use for the purpose – but he’s irritated that Mazuurek is moving so quickly and recklessly.

The thing is, Slaine’s entire power base is, as we say in politics, a mile wide and an inch deep.  It’s built upon the cooperation of people who all have reasons to hate or at least contest him, and his web of lies is stretched to its limit.  Lemrina is in love with him, but will surely react with full “Hell hath no” fury when she discovers what’s happened with Asseylum (who she knows Slaine truly loves).  Eddelruito is already chafing at what Slaine is doing to her mistress even before Mazuurek’s elegant and devastating end-run directly to Asseylum’s memory.  And to the other VERS nobles, Slaine is still “vulgar trash” – they cooperate with him now only because he’s having success in battle, and no one wants to be caught on the wrong side of the power that’s on the ascendancy.  But the minute Slaine’s iron grip on power begins to rust, those nobles will turn on him like a pack of effete wild dogs.

Compared to the delicious tragedy brewing on Slaine’s side of the narrative divide, things on Inaho’s side are rather tame at the moment.  Not content with saving the day in combat, he returns to save the Deucalion with science after its systems are sent akimbo by an attack from the lightning landing castle.  And it’s obvious that something big (though hopefully not Valvravean) is brewing with his eye, though that’s the stealth plotline for now compared to Slaine’s rise and fall.  It seems clear from the latest battle – massive territory surrendered, though Inaho and the Deucalion do survive – that even with Inaho it’s an uphill struggle for Earth to survive, much less win, when the Martians actually cooperate and attack in numbers.  Will there be something on the battlefield that turns things back in Inaho’s favor, or will he be forced to keep playing defense until Slaine’s grip on power begins to weaken and the Martians slip into internal dissent?

Zephyr’s Impressions:

It’s been said that the universe is one that resists being put in an ordered state. Try as you might, the end results will still yield an overall increase in disorder. Taken in a more philosophical tune, it’s like the novel by Chinua Achebe: Things (Inevitably) Fall Apart. And at this point in time, it’s a term more applicable to Slaine than anything else. He’s reached the near pinnacle in regards to positioning in the VERS hierarchy, accomplished the feat of bringing together multiple Counts to fight together, and he’s well on his way towards setting the stage for a VERS-led world to boot. He’s set a sense of order for VERS and set into motion various machinations to maintain it, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s fighting off many factors that could invariably spell his doom. Try he might, there are cracks in the grand scheme, and this episode highlights all that could possibly go wrong before it’s all said and done.

With the successful retrieval of Inaho and Co. to fight another day and the revival of Asseylum’s memories (courtesy of Slaine’s charm no less), it seems like the harbingers of Slaine’s downfall have arrived, and Lemrina’s breakdown only adds to this. Ultimately, Lemrina comes in as a person similar to Slaine situation-wise, and the fact that she’s starting to buckle under the wear and tear of the situation doesn’t bode well for Slaine—but then again, when did it ever? What this highlights though, is that it isn’t so much about the gloom and doom to come as it is about the tragic nature of their respective origins, which involved starting out in far from ideal circumstances. The world didn’t deal either of them a fair hand to start with, and although some of the decisions they made could’ve mitigated this somewhat, it doesn’t change the fact that no one can fault them for how they ended up and the path they decided to take.

The thing is, this whole bit with Slaine and Lemrina (and to a degree Asseylum and VERS in general) ends up presenting a story that resonates more with me than that of Inaho and Co. as a result, and it’s not without its share of irony. With the coming of the second season, the tables have turned in regards to VERS no longer being regarded as a nation full of incompetent people mired in the past, and although our Earth cast have received their own fair share of development, it’s starting to feel as if they’ve since fallen behind in the overall developmental scheme.

As such, it’ll be interesting to see how they tie things back together in the end. It’s one thing to have Earth and Mars united (we know this’ll happen) when it’s all said and done, but another thing completely to bring back Slaine, Lemrina, Asseylum, and Inaho together in such a way that makes their respective stories and paths meaningful and equivalent. Depending on how that’s done, it could very well make the series’ ending either a forgettable one or a memorable one. Here’s hoping it’s the latter—and not for the wrong reasons.


      1. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2031.jpg
        tsk tsk tsk tsk, indeed your plans will crumble. This is what happens when you do not give a girl enough attention. Now she is going to forcibly shut down you Aldnoah Drive.

        On the side note, I think this is the only episode where I had seen Inaho smiling, that is likely showing how something is about to get serious.

        Now, I feel these character will be important later, in terms of surviving. I hope everyone is doing their ships at the moment with the characters.

    1. I get the joke, but Slaine’s no Lelouch. Aside from the whole being on the invader’s side rather than the invaded, Lelouch was constantly shown to be bothered by the sacrifices and collateral damage he caused, which ultimately turned him away from the precipice of becoming a total monster. Slaine seems rather unconcerned by anything aside from what Asseylum would think of his deeds – like Lelouch, he knows he does horrible things, but they don’t appear to tickle his own conscience.

      Slaine is carrying the main plot and development of this show – and I’m actually not very surprised the writers went this route, given Slaine’s pretty boy appeal in Japan – but it’s not as a hero, or even an anti-hero. At least Lelouch remembered to be human sometimes – it says something about Slaine when the only person who appears to hold unconditional trust in him is Harklight.

    2. lelouch is way better than this idiot call slain , lelouch almost save the world without killing anyone if his cursed geass didn’t send Euphemia on rampage. unlike this slain , lelouch want peace without war he strive for better future, if his stupid entourage aren’t stupid enough to doubt him in the end he could pull it off as well without turing into evil emperor , so i say , Inaho kill slain and be the leader of the new robot world he deserve and marry discount egg. Happy ending

      1. I think you’re being unfair here with Slaine Troyard.

        The only reason Lelouch was able to gain political control and trust from the others so much was only because of his Geass power, the absolute order ability. Slaine had nothing like that. He gotta used his own wits and lies in order for him to to crawl to the top of the rank. Not to mention, he’s a Terran living in Mars so everyone except the Princess hate his guts. While for Lelouch, he got many friends both in the school and military. Also, he’s the son of the Emperor of Brittania.

        I say Slaine has the mindset of Lelouch was simply because he would do ANYTHING for the sake of his Princess. Just like Lelouch, for his beloved sister, Nunnally. He would go so far to even becoming the Evil Emperor of Brittania himself.

  1. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2032.jpg
    Well on one end we have the desperate Lemrina trying to gain Slaine’s affection.
    Then on the other, we have Asseylum who just gained the very thing Slaine was trying to prevent from her.
    It’s not looking good for Slaine. This wont end well.

      1. me again, in be to fast…

        because Hime-sama is only a Ghost right now. Just think about in how many peoples know of the real Hime-sama existences on the VERS side.. Yes mr. Editor-san that route is clear as hell

  2. Let’s not hope that the Old King still needs to hold alive. that he survive even his niece

    But i can see…. i see that Lemrina will not survive the End Battle. perhaps Slaine will forcible slaine (how ironic) her, when she goes in her jealousy rage against him. Or perhaps she will go after Hime-sama, that would explain the OP action of both (Slaine and Inaho) hunting a Light getting out of reach. Do not underestimate an Womans Dark envious side when it comes to rejected love. And here, only Edelritto is the onyl one person i could think of that still can reach Lemrina, to stop the last Shot

    Depend in how the story now progress with Lemrina, Inaho’s Sister, Marito-san, Deucalion’s Captain + XO + Crew and in final both MC’s Slaine and Inaho

    If they begin to kill them off in the line i wrote, then we will get 80% and “The END!”. But they should not kill to much of these Supporter MC’s or an “to be continue!” would not be shouldered only from Slaine and Inaho. To less Persons to identify

    This posting is now born of my experience of an Veteran Anime viewer, and prediction a possible Future when this here ends

    Well, perhaps i get it right, or dear Writer(Story), Director(maestro) and Producer(Budget), surprise me

  3. I suspect Slaine will die by the end of the series, he got himself caught up between too many sides (fighting knights of Vers and Earth, and women).
    I also hope that the grimace of pain that Inaho made in this episode is not an omen.
    As for Mazuurek, I think it’d be a suitable ending if he ended up on the Vers throne “to guide it towards peaceful future), but there’s also another option ofr him to die protecting his own ideals, so I’m kinda curious.
    Anyway, it’s not Mazuurek, it’s Mazurka, the hell with the translation??

    Is it just me, or Vers is full of sexy stylish ossans? Could we create a real version, please?

    1. Inaho was told about the effects of using that system thing in his eye on his brain. I think once Slaine has been dealt with, he’ll probably have that eye removed. I genuinely can’t see him dropping dead from it, it’s something that can be fixed.

  4. Mazuurek is smarter than he looks – or pretends to be when faced with other nobles… He already has found the real princess, and made himself into “supporter” of the new kingdom.
    And two nekos are simultaneously out of the bag – both princesses learn things they should not have, and I expect that Slaine is about to have a loads of explaining to do… Not to mention possible confrontation between two “queen bees”.

  5. And so the castle of cards begins to crumble. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, i hope Slaine has some health plan that cover repeated stabbings. He is about to get emotionally, politically and possibly physically rekt lol. And it’s coming from all side, Asseylum, her sister and the martians. That’s what happen when you build trust with people using bullsht. Once you are outed, they will pretty much turn against you lol. Inaho’s orbital cock-blocking operation has begun and it can’t be stopped.
    I’m surprised Inaho’s team members came out of that battle alive. I was expecting Inko or Inaho’s sister to be killed. He really needs to get his hands on a fitting martian mech.

    1. Inconsiderate? Dude has been using whatever means necessary to fuel a war she was against, exploited her image and i’m not even going to bring the whole non-consensual engagement shenanigans. You actually think she is going to just sit there, smile and give him her full support? lol

      1. You realize that Rayet literally almost murdered her last season and she quickly forgave her right? The princess will be displeased with Slaine I’m sure but I don’t believe she’d just start going out blowing his cover as soon as she finds out what’s happened either. Wouldn’t really be in character for her. She cares a great deal about Slaine. I think she’ll at least hear him out on why he’s done this before doing anything rash.

      2. The situation is a little different regarding Rayet since Rayet had a good reason to not like her, but I sort of agree.

        She won’t act behind the scenes plotting against Slaine. I think she’ll comfront him and ask about his plans. When she hears his plans, she’ll realize that what Slaine wants is to basically keep her covered up (a bird in the cage analogy) and will probably escape.

        It’s ironic since Inaho is the one who let her move freely around the Deucalion where she was a prisoner, and Slaine is keeping her movements restricted when she’s free?

      3. @leatherhead33:
        This is true, but people also like to forget that Asseylum is also the woman who went to war with her own people IMMEDIATELY when she decided they were wrong. She was firing grenade launchers by episode 3. She is VERY nice, but she’s not a pushover and she’s not a pacifist.

        While I do think she may try to talk to Slaine given their friendship, I don’t think it’ll go well. First off, it can’t. It’s not interesting if they just talk it out. This is the climax. It needs to climax. And that means everything needs to hit the fan in a spectacular manner.

  6. The stage has been set for Inaho vs Slaine, it only needs one thing, that being for Slaine to find out that Asseylum has her memory back and for him to go into a jealous rage when she wants to see Inaho.

    This was easy to predict anyway, Slaine will go down to Earth in his landing castle, the Earth troops will return to reclaim territory they lost and will fight the counts, Slaine will appear and he and Inaho will have their final battle, winner gets Asseylum.

    Slaines world is about to come crumbling down on him.

    1. My guess is that she will escape with Mazuurek’s help and try rejoining Inaho. The question is if she’ll arrive there alive or if she will, this time for good, once again be killed by Slaine/Lemrina before arriving on Earth.

      1. I can see Asseylum surviving and succeeding the Vers Emperor. However I think her life will be in danger from Slaine/Lemrina. It gives Inaho real motivation to battle Slaine, not just as a soldier, but as someone who cares about Asseylum and will rescue her and her little sidekick.

  7. Oh and can anyone else see Asseylums sister attempting to kill her? That girl looks like she’s going to go crazy from being hurt by Slaine. The way she almost sadistically tried to kill Asseylum by switching off some of the support systems on Asseylums life support clearly through jealously because she wants Slaines love.

      1. Empathy is irrelevant though, she is consumed by her love for Slaine. She sees him as someone that has accepted her. She even said that she has felt like she never has belonged anywhere.

      2. Honestly, I think Lemrina’s a fairly well written wild card at this point. Because I could definitely see her trying to kill the princess, or not. But I could also see her trying to kill Slaine, or not. They’ve built her in such a way that while we understand her past, her personality, and her motivations pretty well, it’s very hard to predict exactly what she will do. Which is fairly interesting.

        Quite frankly, due to her wildcard status, I have a feeling whatever she does do may be a deciding factor in how this all plays out.

  8. Is it me or the Earth seems so deserted? There are no civilians shown, not just where the battle took place but also wherever Inaho and co. went. It doesn’t feel like much would be lost or gained.

    1. Say the earth of Aldonoah world has a population of 7.2 billions like in this real world, and say Martians has killed 720 millions of people on the planet. That would be insane amount of casualties but the planet still got 9/10 of the people alive.

      They did show civilians living their lives somewhere in the middle East.

  9. Can’t help but feel sorry for Slaine and Lemrina. They try so hard to build a place they can call home, only to eventually see it crumble down.
    Remembering all the pain and hardship Slaine went through in season 1, I wish Slaine could have a happy ending. But alas, that is not meant to be, since the path he has taken till now is bound to a cliff. Where did he go wrong I wonder?

    1. He went wrong when he decided to stay at Saazbaum’s side after he made it very clear he’d work to kill the Princess. More specifically, he stayed by his side out of indecision, which led to her getting headshotted.

  10. The Princess forgave Rayet for trying to kill her. I imagine she would do the same for Slaine. She would probably feel pity for how he’s suffered. Maybe even be the type to blame herself because she unintentionally started the war. And if she were there, Slaine wouldn’t have had to do so much.

    But I can also see that Slaine has built a house of cards ready to fall. The only way out for him that I see is to kill the princess he loves so much.

    1. Suffered? He used her sister to pretend to be Asseylum and spread hatred of the people on Earth and of her desire to form a new empire. Not least he has used her to declare that she’s marrying him. That’s about as creepy and disgusting as it gets. She did nothing to do deserve it and nothing he’s done regarding Asseylum is worthy of any redemption for his character.

      He has assassinated her character, just about the only one who trusts her on Earth is Inaho. They all believe the lies from the false princess :/

    1. I think the Captain is not going to put up with this insanity much longer, I have the feeling she and the rest of the crew of the Deucalion are going to act on their at the end, the way things are the Earth forces have no of survival with such a idiots on command.

    2. Considering that almost all of earth has now fallen already its understandable that the remains of the UEF will be panicked. As to sending them back in with no backup maybe there are no backups left.

      Still i agree with you that sending them in with no backup is suicide even with Inaho and his supereye

  11. Attack with numbers? Jesus they’re so stupid, I feel so bad for the Deucalion, they’re the only thing that is keeping the Terrans having some sort of edge and nobody cares and nobody will use them as a strategic strength at all. Saddening.
    Great to see things have been set into hell motion by Inaho’s one plan, thank God Mazuurek is clever enough to decipher the princess is a fake and that the real one is being held in his landing castle. He’s very smart, he figured everything out incredibly well.
    What’ll get him into trouble is Slaine seeing that locket if he gets El Dorito to speak. Though, I suspect, the Princess will give him literal hell fire for all that he’s done so far.
    Then there’s Lemrina…she’s gonna give him mega hell fire as well. Slaine doesn’t understand just how little power he actually holds.
    All it takes is for Lemrina to throw a fricken pin into the cogs and everything gets screwy (hence Slaine having that death fight). Now she’s gonna throw a wrench because all that she’s worked towards doing has been undone and she’s been lied to. Yandere mode initiated hardcore. She’ll turn the knights away from his support so swiftly and then he’s fucked.

    Slaine’s melodrama threshold has hit max capacity and he can’t control any of the hell that’s about to come his way unfortunately.

    1. Well we two groups of idiots here:

      1.-What reamins of the United Earth Command have this crazy idea that they can win and the Aldnoah tech is not so powerful after all, those idiots clearly don´t remember that the Orbital Knights wipe out all of their defensive forces just hours after the war began, the only there´s still terrans around is because they´re too arrogant to coperate.

      2.-Slaine on the other hand thinks he can save his plans after all this and he´s naive enough to belive that Lemrina is nothing more than a tool he can deal at do time. What an idiot, he builded his new empire using cards and sand and the person he has used as an excuse to all this is going to hate his guts now that her memories are back. The only question is: Will Lemrina´s wrath fall on Seylum as well? We now know she´s more than capable of killing her own blood.

  12. So Slaine really decided to marry pseudo-Seylum due to this self-claimed “weakness”?

    “Well, Lemrina, I’ve given up, so I guess you would do.” Lol, is he for real?

    Petit Orenji
    1. That’s kind of my thought. Even as Slaine has become more the center and more the protagonist, he’s also become more manipulative and, frankly, kind of pathetic (not in writing quality, in personality). He’s a person who just keeps doing fairly disgusting things for various fairly believable (for sci-fi/fantasy stories) reasons and then, when something goes wrong, he just goes further. He betrays, murders, entraps, lies, uses a woman who clearly both has issues and is devoted to him mercilessly.

      Again, he’s pretty interesting and you get for the most part why he’s doing all of this (and the show’s been way better since he started down this path), but he’s a pretty despicable individual.

      1. He’s lost hope in anyone redeeming and forgiving him, so he continues going down the one-wa path of self-destruction. I think Slaine realises that he’s become so entangled in his own web of lies that doing anything would just lead to him veing

      2. * Dangit, I acccidentally pressed the Enter key.

        -(cont) would lead to a huge(r) mess at this point. He’s never been happy since the series started- what with everything that went down in season one, and his ascension to power not giving him any proper satisfaction and ultimately being rendered meaningless.

        It’s interesting that Slaine was happier when he had only Asseylum (pre-series) caring for him than when he has Harklight, Lemrina and Saazbaum (before he died) all showing concern for him. I think what makes his character really tragic was that the gentle, optimistic boy at the beginning of S1 (remember, the pendant was representative of his and his father’s wishes for peace) would break and become the selfish. ruthless young man we see today. You still see flashes of the old kindness, but- as far as Slaine’s concerned- they’re useless now.

  13. Half of the episode was awesome mecha battle and it wasn´t even the important part. Too many are happening to all the key characters ate the same time:
    1.-Inaho´s eye is starting to damage him so I fear for his uncoming battle with Slaine since it will demand all he has.

    2.-Slaine is playing with fire when neglects Lemrina and is stupid enough to disregard the risk of that foolish action and if this is not enough his mind is starting crak under the weight of a love that will never be.

    3.-Seylum´s memories are finally back and next time it will be explanation time, it´s not going to be pretty to any of the parties involved.

    4.-Mazuurek has shown true distrust towards Slaine and the path he has chosen, the only question that remains is how will he help the cative Seylum against incoming storm?.

    5.-Lemrina´s heart and mind are breaking quickly, she though he had found someone who could fill her empty self but she´s starting to realize that Slaine has never truly love anyone. I fear that her wrath might fall upon Seylum and not Saline how he deserves.

    Have you guys watched this movie The Perfect Storm? Weel this is pretty much the thing but to a planetary level.

  14. Hmzz

    I get the feeling the end will have 3 body bags… Slaine Inaho and Lemrina
    Inaho’s Eye is gonna mess things up. So I’m not convinced he’s going to make it out alive.

    Captain Darzana is getting soft, (screencap of smiling Darzana not included 🙁 )

    1. I think Inaho will have the eye removed after the final battle. It’s putting strain on his brain. His body in general is fine, it all stems from overuse of the eyes abilities. It’ll probably cause him perma neurological damage at the very most.

  15. https://randomc.net/image/ALDNOAH%20ZERO/ALDNOAH%20ZERO%20-%2020%20-%20Large%2026.jpg

    You know its bad when the loli maid can already see the festering crazy that is rising from Slaine. Poor Slaine is now caught in a ticking time bomb of disaster that is just ready to blow. Really he brought this upon himself. He’s so possessive of Asseylum and constantly ignores Lemrina’s advances. He could have avoided a lot of this if could even just talk to Lemrina instead of stringing her along and make her think she has a chance.

  16. Actually one of the kisses you see from the opening is between Asseylum and Slaine, when she saves his life like years ago.(That’s probably when Slaine falls for Asseelum.)

  17. Dear Editor and Director

    Today, i used my Time to think about some Things that surround Lemrina

    With the help of Harklight or Edelritto, She could visit her Husband’s Castle anytime. Of course in her Hime-sama illusion

    Then, she could arrange that Hime-sama can flee out of the Golden cage, but without Edelritto
    The Lemrina, just need to use her Illisuion Medalion to turn into Hime-sama everytime, when Slaine come to visit
    As long she not leave the Bed, she should be fine. Or even the real Hime-sama need the wheelchair because her Legs are still weak (As we saw in the Garden). Only critical point will be the memories of the Fake against the real one. But i bet Slaine will not notice it that fast

    If Lemrina befriend her Half-Sister (Good ending)…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    If Lemrina found out the place of Hime-sama (Nice Boat! Bad Ending)…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Possible Tragic Ends:

    Earth Defense Force attacking Count’s Mazuurek’s Castle with Assylum inside, and destroy it. (Possibility Low)

    The Arc Enemy Count of Slaine, want his favor back and take Assylum as Hostage to blackmail Slaine, in the run the Count could kill our Count Mazuurek. Like Count Saazbaum done to the other Count to “free” Slaine in season 1

    Assylum can not stand this slaughter between Slaine and Inaho and select the suicide as escape. No War should fought because of Her.

    I hope my idea can help you out. If you still have blank Episodes about Hime-sama and Lemrina and Slaine and such, perhaps i could give you some hints

    I think the next 2-3 Episodes could now play the retaking of the Earth City and the fight against these 3 Counts, so that perhaps there is still time for Hime-sama Episode

    If you like my idea, give some Earth Defense Mecha the callsign “Seska 1973”.

    I do not take copyrights, it is your anime. It is just a win-win. I glad to help out, and you gie me my “weekly” anime 🙂

    Do you like it? then +1 me, thanks

      1. Well, i am sure that Fan fiction in Claymore manga, made the Creator happy. because the question, where did the Swords came from? they never bend or break? They must come from somewhere else…

        it all started as fan fiction

        And yes, i must Admit. This Show Storyline has got me. it is different as normal animes stories so far.

        so do not worry. i am sane. i just “passionate” that i create Fan Fictions. i do have a strong weapon. it is my inspiration

    1. (continue) That’s one hell of a development you gave, WorldwideDepp. Studio Troyca/ Olympus Knights should have hired you to begin with!!!!! If they did, this season will be so much better.

  18. Yeah, I thing so, too. It’s too late to post my comments for this episode but I am totally agree withyou, Andre.

    I will try write out what I want to say in next episode. Long story short, Slaine has just made me hate him now. I mean, a hero? That’s a hero? THAT SLAINE IS A HERO TAHT WILL CHANGE THE SYSTEMS? No fucking way!

    Well, we should be able to see how will Slaine got ‘beaten by girls’ in the next episode. He deserves to suffer at least that much.

  19. Ep 21:

    i give it an 8/10

    And i realized something, looks like we are playing a Serve and Volley game here. You won, because of this last Visitor i do not have any Data. Only his name, and your brought him from the 3rd Fraction, that i believed that they are only Spectators

    more would ruin the mood. I wait for the Episode be live

    Mr. Editor (You sure put your Team under heavy Pressure, but looks like they can handle this)

    1. You have a fine team. handling this all in that short time (Shirobako told me).
      But if you want, i try to continue the game. i pick up the Ball you drop and return it to you.

      I feel like Naruto’s Guy and Kakashi’s friendly rival situation. Bring it on!!!

      1. Team A done the whole Fighting (50%)
        where Team B done the Scenes with the Princess (50%)

        i can only think around this. You Won. I curious in how you want to give us the Finals. Aldnoah.Zero i admit defeat, and i happily wait to Surprise me.

        Is there a 3rd Season?


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