“Sex and Spirit”

「性と聖」 (Sei to Kiyoshi)

Human After All:

So it turns out Hirokawa was human after all? I’ve got to say, I was completely fooled. From the very beginning I just assumed that he was a parasite – as I’m sure nearly everyone else must have. But it’s a nice twist, and it proves that the parasites were willing to work with a human so closely as if they were one of their own. I liked how it tied in with Tamura and Gotou and what they thought of him – and by extension, humanity itself. Hirokawa’s final speech regarding humanity and how terrible it is was a little heavy-handed in my opinion, but now that I know he was a human after all, it does add a little more justification to it. His reasons aren’t wrong either; humanity is essentially destroying the world and values itself over any other form of life. Justice is a concept that is twisted to benefit those in power.

Gotou and Yamagishi’s final standoff was one that I did enjoy quite a bit. Gotou is clearly leagues above the other parasites, but seeing him so easily defend himself and finish off the man behind the operation… well, it was strangely satisfying. I’ve not been the biggest fan of this arc or of Yamgishi’s involvement, and to see it over is actually a relief.

Shinichi’s Trauma:

The events that unfolded here have triggered something within Shinichi, which I find a little odd since I’d consider some of his earlier confrontations with parasites to have much more potential for trauma, far beyond what he’s feeling right now. I suppose I’m just annoyed that Shinichi basically did nothing during this whole conflict. If he did have more involvement in what was going on then I would absolutely believe his emotional shift. Sadly, that didn’t happen, and so I can’t quite help but feel this could have been done a lot better. I did enjoy the scenes where he was running away and seeing Gotou in strangers, but interesting visuals aren’t enough to make this anymore believable.

Shinichi x Murano:

That leads into the final part of the episode. It’s been obvious that Shinichi and Murano were destined for each other from the very beginning (if the opening didn’t make it so obvious already), so in a way I’m happy that they finally got together. I know that some fans will probably be pissed off about it, or think that it was forced, but to be fair the whole episode felt a bit like that, so I didn’t mind that it just happened that quickly. If anything, this seals Murano’s fate, putting an enormous death flag above her head. If she can survive the next few episodes then that’s an accomplishment in itself.

Overview – What’s Next?

Sorry to be so negative when I’m usually appreciating what Kiseijuu has to offer, but simply put I didn’t enjoy this episode. In fact I would easily rank it as my least favourite of the series so far. The climax to this arc was exciting enough in its action and gore, but the characters involved just didn’t spark my interest, and everything that came after it felt rushed as we prepare for whatever devastation is set to come around the corner. Fingers crossed that it will be a return to form next week.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Yamagishi and the others go all out on the parasites, exterminating any that they find, even at the risk of killing a human.
  • Uragami realises how powerful Gotou really is, before he survives an army of bullets and wipes out the extermination team.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 55 p.22 – 57 p.29

Uragami on the Loose:

  • I knew it was coming. I’ve not been a fan of his character so far, but I actually like his escape this time around.
  • I imagine he’ll have a part to play in the final battle, so I’m keen to see how he returns to the story.

Ending on a Positive Note!:

  • Outside of the actions scenes that are always well animated, this might have been the most impressive episode in terms of visuals.



    1. Anime: Kana is better-looking than Murano with better style. Murano also has less personality.

      Manga: Murano is better-looking than Kana. She also appears more mature. Kana, on the other hand, is like a spoiled bitch.

    1. Everything about this sequence just screams, “I’m a 90’s anime!!!!”

      It’s lovely that she is ignored by Shinichi for days on end, sees him one day, asks him a question she knows he knows she knows, forgets the fact that he may by parasytic, and decides to invite him to her home alone to sleep with him. Huhhhhh?

      Petit Orenji
    1. Silke
      1. I realized how literal the titles of each episode are. Normally, titles are used in a symbolic sense, but in Parasyte, they are spoilers. Another example would be the ”Adventures of a Dying Detective.”

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2009.jpg

    Guns are too quick…You can’t savor all of the little emotions…


    This won’t be just a game of hide and seek between Shinichi and Goto…Uragami would play along in whatever fun and games in the next episodes..

  2. “The events that unfolded here have triggered something within Shinichi, which I find a little odd since I’d consider some of his earlier confrontations with parasites to have much more potential for trauma, far beyond what he’s feeling right now. ”

    What stressed him obviously was not really fear or trauma due to the bloody events, as he has faced it before, but rather seeing all those people killed and (to protect his secret identity) _while_ being unable to act to protect them, and the realization that their deaths had saved him. This made him feel helpless and lose his confidence.

    1. To add to that, if you consider that Shinichi is part parasyte, it may have been his survival instinct (parasyte) coupled with his emotional instincts (human) that caused him to react the way he did.

      I think it was less about the whole situation, and more about Gotou. As Samu said, Gotou is leagues above the other parasytes and I still think that is an understatement. Gotou can absorb and redirect bullets… Who wouldn’t be scared of that?

      Also, am I thinking the flamethrower as a Chekhov’s Gun? Or at least fire?

      Goodwill Wright
  3. https://randomc.net/image/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu/Kiseijuu%20Sei%20no%20Kakuritsu%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2018.jpg

    KIRITSUGU NOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU WERE SO BADASS! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?! (For those who don’t get it, he was voiced by Rikiya Koyama, the voice of Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate/Zero & Fate/stay night).


    I wonder if Murano cried out “ARE YOU REALLY IZUMI-KUN?!” during sex.

    1. omg even the way he fired the gun reminded me of kiritsugu’s fighting style. First the machine gun, then the “origin bullet.” Watch the scene again lol u’ll see what I mean

  4. Kitty so good it gave him the will to live.
    As much as I wanted Shinichi to jump in and help, it’d just betray his whole intention of keep Migi a secret and avoiding further involvement with these guys for the sake of keeping his secret safe. I also highly, HIGHLY doubt Migi would’ve even cooperated (in any way aside from assuring survival) had Shinichi decided to jump into all that mess.
    Shinichi is in a position where anything he does or doesn’t say leads to trouble with these guys. Sure, he’s already pretty in-deep with them for the long haul, but further suspicion leads to greater intrigue and Shinichi has to look as regular and uninvolved as he possibly can if he doesn’t want to be on track for being a lab experiment or worse.

  5. Yeah it felt rushed, because it is and it couldn’t be helped, i said this on episode 2 post, so i’ll quote myself

    “As per usual, one episode covers two chapters, 2*24=48, there are 64 chapters in total for this. I don’t know how you could but 24 will not normally cover them all, they will have to alter and/or rush several points to fit it in.”

  6. Honestly, Shinichi and Murano didn’t really feel so much like true “love” initially as much as…I guess one could say sort of like a soldier who is being sent off to war and, knowing that there is always a good chance that he’ll die and never see his lover again, they have sex the night before he departs. Of course, the experience also makes the soldier realize how much he truly cares for her, so vows to fight as hard as he can so he doesn’t die so he can return to her.

      1. It happened in NANA. It also happened in Sekirei and another anime I can’t remember the name of, but that’s it. I understand why, but when it does happen, I admire the writers’ guts.

      2. That’s true. Sex in seinen manga is pretty common. The issue is, mature seinen manga rarely get anime adaptations. Instead they are often adapted as real-live drama shows. 

  7. Shinichi feels a very clear sense of responsibility about Gotou, and all the people who died. The detective hammered this home by saying that he knew he was hiding something. With a strong implication that if he had been honest, the result would have been different. I’m not sure if the Author has forgotten, but parasytes can change faces. Gotou could literally be any of those strangers, so the visuals make perfect sense.

    Not only is Shinichi consumed by fear for his life, he is consumed by guilt. He feels helpless, and unable to turn to anyone for help. He explicitly says he doesn’t want to involve anyone. Within this despair, he turns to Murano. He hugs her desperately, wanting to escape reality. Wanting to be told it’ll all be okay.

    Murano and Shinichi have definitely had an atypical relationship. They haven’t exactly gone on many dates together. But the experiences they have shared, have been more bonding than any date. Even if the experiences were negative, e.g. the school massacre, sharing in that trauma and having someone who understands what you’ve been through is invaluable. No other person can do that.

    So while Murano and Shinichi started as an innocent crush, it has developed into much more. Both are strongly troubled, and both want to be comforted by someone who understands them. It might be difficult for some to see the reasons for why they got together this episode. But I’d say that what happened is incredibly human and realistic.

    Shinichi’s new found desire to live is very understandable too. He has someone he loves in his life now, and he wants to continue to experience that. Mutual love is a very strong, comforting, and supporting feeling.

    I find that the Author of this blog really missed the point on a lot of this episode. It’s definitely not your typical anime, which avoids sex like the plague. It’s a realistic portrayal of human behaviour. It doesn’t surprise me that this comes from the 90s. Modern anime is lacking these kinds of genuine interactions.

    TLDR: Strongly disagree with the author. This episode was one of the best, and one of the most moving. Probably second to Kana’s death. I hope Murano doesn’t die now 🙁

    1. Well said. +1

      I also felt this was one of the stronger episodes of the series. I’m glad Izumi is such an intense and emotional character. You could really feel his paranoia, panic, and fear so well.

  8. Why do humans always want to copulate (and essentially reproduce) when they sense that death is almost upon them? Is that why Africa has such a high birth rate? And before, almost every peasant category in any civilization or empire? Why do humans go to such measures to ensure the survival of their own DNA?

    I’d bet Hirokawa asked the same questions.

    Btw, here’s the “Are Humans Viruses” discussion/debate link: http://www.ted.com/conversations/22068/are_human_beings_a_virus.html

    Petit Orenji
  9. Gotou, I’m counting on you to take care of that annoyance Murano. It’s really too bad Tamura Reiko had gone soft by the time she met her at Shinichi’s place. Kana forever!

      1. Death is not the end for a very special girl like Kana. Didn’t you see her appearing to Murano when she was about to run away from the park? Kana is in Heaven but Murano will go to Hell for seducing a desperate boy like that.

  10. I don’t understand your negativity Samu, Shinichi couldn’t have possible interfered in the operation without exposing Migi thus putting himself and everyone around him in danger (they would think he is a parasite and Migi wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate killing anyone who attack Shinichi … he made the damn right call here.

    Second, his extreme fear of Gotou is totally realistic and doesn’t contradict anything that has happened before, the guy is a fucking nearly invincible monster basically has the power and speed of a train … trying to stand in his way without a solid plan means certain death (and Migi barely saved Shinichi’s life in their first encounter with Gotou), he has every right to be scared shitless of the idea this is on his trail .. that said .. now that he had sex with Murano and that boosted his morale and will to live .. i think next step is to prepare a plan/trap for Gotou to get rid of him once and for all .. probably a flame-thrower will be involved (there is enough foreshadowing to suggest that) .. or a furnace maybe Terminator 2 style .. i guess fire is the only weakness Gotou has .. can’t wait to see what kind of plan he and Migi will come up with.

    I also have to add i was really surprised with the fact that Hirokawa being human, i guess the animators (and maybe the manga) misled us by giving him the emotionless stare of the parasites (and of course the idea of the parasites working with a 100% human ally was weird), but this truth actually gave his speech context .. if he was a parasite saying it would sound too heavy-handed .. but as a human .. yeah .. a human would say such a ridiculous speech .. can’t imagine a parasite doing the same XD

    I also hope Murano survives … it will be interesting to see how she might react to Shinichi’s true nature when she finds out about Migi .. if she ever does.

    1. I understand that Shinichi couldn’t have interfered with the operation, and I’d already accepted that (and been disappointed by it). I just wish it was written in a different way so that he given more involvement with what went down. I understand why it happened and how it made sense that way, but it made for a much less interesting story arc in my opinion.

      I care about a lot of characters in Kiseijuu (both alive and dead) but Hirokawa, Uragami, and Yamagishi are not among those characters. As I said, the stuff with Gotou has been very enjoyable, and I liked the moral dilemma that was presented last week, but other than that I would have liked it to play out differently and allow Shinichi to have a closer encounter with what was going on to benefit the ending. At the end of the day it comes down the characters – the ones who were involved in this and the ones that weren’t and how that affected my enjoyment. Maybe that’s unfair, but I think it would be even more unfair to lie about my own feelings on the episode.

  11. Shinichi got some action this episode. Of the sexual kind that came of fucking nowhere which annoyed me.
    Funny thing is that he still didn’t open up to Murano who apart from the morale booster sex, has been pretty useless. Pretty sad if that’s all that she’s good for in the end.


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