“The Door to Friendship”

「ともだちの扉」 (Tomodachi no Tobira)

Is Your Love the Real Thing?:

So, whose love is the real thing? It’s been asked so many times that the words have almost lost their meaning, but that particular question seemed fitting for this episode, for both Kureha and Lulu, who got the most screentime (for which I’m thankful). I actually enjoyed Ginko’s absence from the episode – aside from flashbacks and that scene at the end – allowing the other two girls get some spotlight; namely Lulu, whose betrayal to the girl she loved still has its rippling effects. I’ve said it already with the other characters, but it all comes down to jealously. Ginko was jealous of Sumika, because she wanted Kureha; Lulu was jealous of Kureha, because she wanted Ginko. Throw in Mitsuko, and the Yurika flashback and everything just comes in a full circle – everyone wants someone they can’t have. It’s a shame, but Lulu has probably been my favourite character of the series despite not having that much to do – her flashback episode was a highlight, but since then she’s been lurking in Ginko’s shadow.

As for Kureha and her love for Ginko… I just don’t know where this is going to go. I still can’t shake off the fact that Ginko watched Sumika die out of jealousy, and I would be disappointed if Kureha thought otherwise. I liked the theory from last week’s comments that tied to my claim that maybe no one will be together by the end, and that Kureha would instead become the new Kumalia.

Door of Friendship:

There are an abundance of flashbacks in every Yuri Kuma Arashi episode, but this one had a lot that filled in the gaps. We saw the moment where Kureha and Ginko first met, as well as their time together as friends, and then cutting forward as Reia sent Ginko away. Now we know that she was sent through the Door of Friendship, which is confirmed to be a back route through the Wall of Severance. We also got to see Kureha walking through into the bear world for the first time, so the questions of how, when, and where have been answered. Who said this series would be nonsensical, eh?

Bear Extermination & Lulu’s Farewell:

We also saw the “Bear-Killing Beam Truck (KMTG)” introduced this episode, and then later fired at Lulu after her identity was found out. I was fooled into thinking that Kureha’s classmates might be on her side now, but, boy, I was wrong. I would be worried for Kureha after that final encounter, but I think Ginko will show up just in the nick of time to prove how important love is.

And Lulu’s goodbye was bittersweet – just when she started to become relevant again, she had to leave. I really liked the bond her and Kureha had in this episode; I would call them friends, even if Kureha refuses to. Bears may still be her enemy, but they both showed genuine affection for each other, despite Ginko’s love keeping them apart.

Overview – What’s Next?

Whilst not much really progressed in this episode – outside of filling in the gaps and closing Lulu’s character arc – I did enjoy it quite a bit. I wouldn’t place it near the top, but it’s setting up nicely for Ginko’s return. I’m beyond making predictions as to what’s going to occur next. All I know is that it will have Yuri, Kumas, and an Arashi.



Information Digest:


  • A long time ago, a planet Kumaria exploded and its shards fell onto Earth, causing the bears to attack the humans, resulting in the Severance Wall being built to separate them from the humans.
  • However in the present time, two bears, Yurishiro Ginko and Yurigasaki Lulu have arrived to Tsubaki Kureha’s school, disguised as humans.


  • Ginko met the ghost of Mitsuko within the Door of Friendship, where they explored the truth of Sumika’s death before fusing together.
  • Yurika lured Kureha out with the intention of eating her after. But in her final moments she imagines being held in Reia’s arms again.


Details Digest:

Like Mother, Like Daughter:

Finishing the Story:

ED1.10 Sequence


  1. There is still one unresolved question about the past, what happened that made Kureha’s Mother believe that she had to send Ginko back to the other side of the wall. This particular event(s) has only been hinted at.

    Jack Spicer
  2. Poor Lulu. I felt bad for her. She’s always been one of my favorite characters. Despite what Kureha said, they’re clearly friends. She simply wanted to protect Lulu. ;_;

    Sad that this show doesn’t seem to get much activity here. And elsewhere it gets a lot of hate. People must have REALLY hated Penguindrum. As far as I’m concerned, I’m just glad anime auteurs like Ikuhara are still around.

    1. As someone who watched Penguindrum, I just disliked where it went that I hesitated on watching this. Though from what everyone has said about it and the posts I’ve read, this seems to be turning out better than it.

      Think I’ll backlog it quickly and get caught up.


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