「寄生獣」 (Kiseijuu)

Parasites are Gone:

After the epic showdown with Gotou last week, it was clear that we weren’t getting another parasite enemy showing up to challenge Shinichi’s victory. Having a final episode almost devoid of the series’ namesake was a bold move. But it paid off. The explanation at the start of the episode was one that fits with what had been hinted early on – the parasites have adapted; they may not be causing trouble, but they’re still there. I remember saying that the thought of the parasites being skilled enough to meld into human society was the scariest part of Kiseijuu, and I stick by that. They’ll forever remain hidden, until they decide to strike again.

Humankind & Migi’s Last Goodbye:

Kiseijuu has been as much about humanity as it has about parasites. Shinichi spends some time contemplating humankind, on wildlife, and reflecting on his battle with Gotou (after all, last episode was the most thought-provoking of the whole series, tying the flaws and weapons of humanity with the downfall of the parasites). I heard there were some negative reactions to how Kiseijuu ended (even before the anime aired), and I suppose I can see why. Some people wanted an epic climax, or some tragedy to finish it off, but I think this epilogue-like episode was a refreshing finish. The conflict of the parasites was over last week, now was a time for reflection and moving on.

Speaking of moving on, we really have said goodbye to Migi – for real this time. His dream sequence with Shinichi was a touching farewell, bringing all the deceased characters back to the screen one final time. I’m glad that Shinichi never forgot about Migi. They shared so much together, so to have those memories wiped would feel cheap, even if it would have made for a heart wrenching moment for us viewers. Shinichi deserves to remember Migi, and the parasites, and all the horror they brought, and he knows that.

Tragic Ending?:

Up until the final moments of the episode, I was wondering what note we were going to end on. The first half was so different from every other Kiseijuu episode – there was little tension, mainly farewells and flash forwards to happier times. I was just waiting for something terrible to happen. And then Uragami showed up. I admit, I was spoiled that Uragami is technically the ‘final villain’, so I was waiting for this to unfold like it did. Truthfully, I thought Murano was a goner, but she saved her best moments till last. She didn’t want to hear Shinichi admit that he was some monster hybrid. I’m sure she’s figured out what was going on with him, even if she hasn’t been told the details – she just didn’t want Shinichi to have to say the words. Powerful stuff, if you ask me.

When Uragami shoved her off the roof, I thought that was it. Shinichi’s expression of complete devastation was enough to catch my breath. Thankfully, as he always does, Migi saves the day. May that wonderful parasite never be forgotten. Murano and Shinichi survived, and we avoided what would have been a fitting tragic ending, but I’m glad we ended on a positive note. Many characters suffered brutal deaths, but Shinichi and Murano made it till the end, and there’s something heartwarming about that. In the end, humanity wins. Even if monsters wrapped in human skin still exist. Thankfully, Shinichi stopped himself from going down the dark route I thought he might take. That would have made for a very different story.



Information Digest:


  • Parasitic aliens have descended on Earth with a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere – taking hold in the bodies of those unlucky enough to encounter them.
  • Once fused with a host body they can mutate in whatever way they please – except for the case of Izumi Shinichi, whose alien parasite, Migi, is trapped in his right hand.


  • Shinichi confronted Gotou one final time. Migi returned in the nick of time and together they brought down Gotou with help of toxic human waste.
  • After Migi refused to murder his own kind, it was up to Shinichi to decide what he would do. In the end, he finished off Gotou’s life before he could regenerate, therefore quelling the parasite threat.


Details Digest:

Chapters Covered:

  • Chapters 63 – 64

Episode Highlights:

Overview – Final Impressions:

First off, let me just thank everyone that read my Kiseijuu posts every week for these past six months. This was the first anime I’ve blogged from start to finish (World Trigger doesn’t count), and I couldn’t have asked for a better first series to attach an END to the title. I picked this up because I thought this was an anime that fans would want to see covered weekly, and I was right. I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments, which have been a mixture of (a) reacting to the craziness of Kiseijuu on a weekly basis, (b) finding humour in the horror, or (c) exploring the bigger picture and what the series was trying to say. The story has been incredible – even if I wasn’t a fan of the second last arc where Shinichi had little to do. Apart from that misstep, Kiseijuu delivered something special every week, keeping me on the edge of my seat, always leaving me wanting more.

The story was powerful, but I’d say the characters were even better. Shinichi was a brilliant protagonist, with heaps of development. Just thinking back to the Shinichi in the first episode, compared to the last, it’s baffling. That poor boy went through so much, and every step of the way Migi was there. To think that a seemingly emotionless parasite would become so likeable. Shinichi and Migi were a fantastic pair, and I’m glad they ended on a positive note, even if they had to part ways. Early on I was convinced there was going to be a rebellion between the two – a battle between mind and body, but thankfully Gotou had that covered. There were so many characters that suffered tragic deaths they didn’t deserve, mainly Shinichi’s mother, and the strong-willed Kana. Both of them were very easy to sympathise with, and I could see the audience growing attached to both of them, only to have them taken away. But there was one character that I must to talk about again, and that’s Tamura Reiko. Shinichi was a brilliant main character, but I’m afraid Tamura stole the show. Her change in character was arguably more drastic than Shinichi’s – one about understanding humans, learning to adapt, becoming a mother of a human child, and unlocking new emotions. Tamura was captivating to watch, and I doubt I’ll ever forget her story. Her final moments were among the most human that the series produced, and that was completely intentional if you ask me. On that note, a big thank you to Madhouse for adapting this classic manga. There were skeptics in the beginning, but it all seems so irrelevant now, considering how fantastic this adaptation turned out to be. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu is a rare breed in this current anime climate, and for that I’m grateful to have covered it all these months. And I’m glad it didn’t end in complete despair.


  1. For a moment there I thought Murano would die but I’m glad Shinichi got the happy ending that he deserved.

    Migi proved that he is best bro till the end.

    Can’t believe it’s over but all good things must come to an end. Thank you Madhouse for this beautiful adaptation. ♡
    I hope studios will adapt more of these older manga.

  2. In my opinion this series is great in almost any point of view, but for me the character development was simply outstanding, and the pace was almost perfect, every chapter delivered the exact amount of information, it was not too fast, not too slow, just so damn close to perfection.

    excellent as an standalone series, and as an adaptation from the manga.

  3. Yeah good series. Any character not Shinichi/Migi, or a Parasyte was unrealistically dense, stupid, insensitive, naive, underdeveloped, some of , or all of these traits, but the character development for Shinichi/Migi alone was able to make up for some of it. Can’t really say the fight scenes were a downside, since this was more psychological than action, but it would’ve been nice if we’ve seen more creative choreography. I think the the story got formulaic at times (cliffhangers galore), but they were able to introduce something fresh after.
    And the music was solid, albeit out of place in a few instances.

    Characters – AreYouReallyShinichi/10
    Soundtrack – WubWubWubWub/10
    Story – Cliffhanger/10
    Animation – 8/10

    So overall, I rate Parasyte a Madhouse/10


  4. I can see why many people consider the conclusion to Parasyte to be a let down, without a doubt it is anticlimactic and spends time on concepts that would have been better explored earlier in the show rather than largely condensed into the finale. With that said however, Parasyte’s strength lay in the character development surrounding Shinichi and to a degree Migi, it was their personal discovery and understanding that drove the show more than any overarching philosophical theme. More than Shinichi’s musings Migi’s departure is the highlight of this episode (and the show overall) as it completes Shinichi’s transformation that began in episode 1. In effect Migi has released Shinichi from his shell and turned him into the individual who had up to that point been locked behind a barrier of his own making. Not a theme one would expect from a show about parasitic body snatchers.

    As an adaptation Parasyte is easily deserving of an 8/10 (great) IMO, it stuck to the source material, was incredibly well paced (not something you can say often these days), and always left one desiring more, even the story was a little rough around the edges. For a relatively simple piece of psychological sci-fi there’s not much else you can ask for. And probably the best part of it all: it has thoroughly whetted the appetite for next season’s return of Sidonia no Kishi 😛

    1. Yeah, I agree. This didn’t feel like a finale. It wasn’t particularly interesting either. Previously Uragami gave off the impression of being pretty smart, but in this episode he was just a madman. Effectively ruined the character. He didn’t deserve to be the final boss. This was a very flat finale. This episode fit more in the middle than the end. But I presume that’s how the manga went, so I can’t complain too much.

      What makes no sense to me is how Shinichi gets into all these problems seemingly forgetting how amazing his body is now. What happened to that speed and agility he had when he first met the guy who had a parasyte as a face. What happened to the strength he had when he slammed the parasyte who killed Kana ([*]) into the wall. Feels like it was forgotten for the convenience of the plot.

      Ultimately, this series peaked at the death of Kana. It had some good moments after that but it never really reached the same level. 7/10

  5. What can I say, this was a great show. The thing that struck me the most was how realistic the characters and plot were. In a genre practically overflowing with trope clad cardboard cutouts, Shinichi & co. were refreshingly grounded and realistic. The plot was developed, paced, thought out, and executed superbly; definitely one of the more realistic takes on the “invasion of the body snatchers” scenario I’ve ever seen. A few rough edges here and there, but overall a solid 8-9/10 in my books.

    1. Unless you’re talking about OPM being their next show you personally are looking foward to, (I’m also looking foward to OPM. I started reading the manga and it’s great stuff, but that’s not the point of tihs post) I must inform you Madhouse’s next show is actually Overlord (Which is scheduled to air for the Summer season, while OPM is scheduled to air for the Fall season)

  6. ……….still Slapping myself for having GORGED on the manga couple of months back!!!
    man, looks like madhouse kept sh!t tight and on point to the end…and it was a GOOD END!

    and i was expecting a full 26 ep to fin……well played madhouse!…well played

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. Don’t forget the most important conclusion : Shinichi-kun is indeed Shinichi-kun, afterall. Thanks, Murano, now we all know.

    P.S I liked the ending, and the end make me like Murano a bit after a meh performance for two seasons. Besides, she with current hair is hawt.

  8. The ending was pretty good, even if the author’s decision to infodump his philosphy was somewhat of a drag. (At least in the anime form, as expounding the whole thing out loud takes considerably longer than reading it on a page would.) In any case, Migi was awesome as always.

    I’m not terribly enthused about Murano surviving, but since for some reason she seems to be essential for Shinichi’s happines, fine. Don’t get me wrong, if she were a real live human being, I would never want her to be killed, never. She is, however, a character in a story, and I think I may be excused for wanting good riddance to this severely underdeveloped one-note character who inexplicably received lead female billing. The “development” of her “relationship” with Shinichi was, hands down, the most cringe-worthy feature of this story.

    A guy over at Animesuki put it perfectly. Murano was not really even a person, she was like a yardstick that Shinichi used to gauge his humanity. Even in the final confrontation, that was her function. Meh, so meh, compared to the rest of this great yarn.

    Migi Forever
  9. Parasyte was a great series from beginning to end. I may have liked the first couple of episodes(and later, the Tamura arc) a little better than the rest of the show, but it ultimately held up until the end. Honestly, though, with the Chimera Ant arc in HxH having ended a little while back, and now with Parasyte and Death Parade, I may be a little emotionally drained with the constant talk about human nature among these series. It’s fascinating stuff, but draining. And also kind of terrifying!

    Anyway, thanks for blogging it, Samu. This was one of the few bastions on the internet where most actually enjoyed this series all the way through, while also remaining critical. Elsewhere, people did a 180 on it somewhere around the middle of the series. It went from “THIS IS A MASTERPIECE” to “Parasyte has turned into a generic shonen!” Never understood that stark change in opinion, to be honest.

    So long, Parasyte. So long, Migi. I hope we get more classic seinen like Parasyte in the future. Once again, Madhouse proves how good they are at adapting manga.

  10. I saved the last three episodes for one long viewing and def worth the wait.

    Anyone wanting some sort of epic battle/climax wasn’t watching the same show we all were. That’s just not the type of story this is.

    I liked that we got an epilogue as many final episodes tend to be disappointments as they try and tie up too many loose ends or just fall flat in general. This gave the viewer some time to ruminate on the series and end on a nice note. I think more series should go this route.

    Also, I don’t think Shinichi could’ve forgotten about Migi, as too many questions would arise that would jar those memories back up, namely everything to do with his mom and dad. I was worried a little they’d go that route, but then I thought, it just wouldn’t work.

    Not sure whether it would have been better for it to end on a sad or happy note, but glad Shinichi didn’t have to go through anymore tragedy.

    And anyone else get a Ghost in the Shell vibe from Migi disappearing into Shinichi’s subconscious (I guess) ala the Major disappearing onto the net?

    Overall great anime.

    Impel Down Hippo
  11. I would’ve liked to at least get a more clear answer as to where the parasites come from. But on the other hand, it’s implied that they’re just another lifeform that came to be, just like many other parasitic life forms came to be way before humans even came into existence so it’s less of a problem or not one at all if we think about it like that. Kiseijuu’s story was mainly told through the perspective of one guy after all and it never intended to take place on an epic scale in the 1st place. So to that extent, it’s done an excellent job, especially since Shinichi & Migi’s development has been fantastic.

    Farewell you two, it’s been an awesome ride!(Heck, I’m even gonna miss Murano’s “You’re the real Shinichi-kun right?” :P)

  12. I believed Murano was dead. They couldn’t end it without having a one last tense moment, could they? An awesome ending to an awesome series. Madhouse delivers, yet again.

  13. You’ve got to admire Madhouse for making an adaption so true to the source material that you feel like you’re back in the 90s again. Random sex scene before the climax! Characters musing on the show’s purported message, spelling it out for those who didn’t get it! Random side characters showing up before the end to rant and get their arses kicked!

    In short, it’s brilliant and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  14. Now that’s a satisfying finale, along with the finale of Death Parade (damn, i got some serious feels over that one) those two anime are the best this season and rank among the best anime i ever watched as well, great characters and solid writing really make for great anime.

    And to all anime writers, take notes .. that’s how you do an adaption, that’s everything anime is about .. i hope we get more shows like Parasyte and Death Parade and less shows like Tokyo Ghoul Root A(which had it’s moments but eventually crashed into a wall head on), also hope more classic manga gets adapted properly .. we have a treasure of old classic manga of superb quality .. i have been reading Akira lately and it’s amazing how much content was cut of the story to fit it into a movie .. a classic like that REALLY really deserves a 13 ep or even 24 ep adaption to get all that material the proper presentation it deserves .. i can hardly believe that manga was written in 1984 the year i was born (bascially 31 years ago, damn .. i feel old now XD).. it’s just amazing, same with other manga like Battle Angel Alita which is quite imaginative and action packed, i think it would make for a brilliant 52 episode show like Full Metal Alchemist (the Battle Angel OVA was really a visual treat but it only adapted a small portion of the story) .. and many more.

    Any ways, now i need to think about what i will do next week when i realize that there is no more Parasyte or Migi or Shinichi and Murano .. i’ll be quite a sad panda, but that’s a story for another time.

  15. Never read the manga, but when Migi mentioned “watch out for traffic next time” (or something along those lines), I thought it hinted that Shinichi died when he saved the little girl from the car in episode 1.

    But then I was like “no waay”


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