「肉の侵略者」 (Niku no Shinryakusha)
“The Meat Invader”

Souma’s first battle… and he’s actually unprepared! Up until this episode, Souma has always been winning and serving up the perfect dish without much hesitation or struggle. This time he’s actually at a loss for words and needs help. Konishi Kanichi (Kawada Shinji) is the only member of the Don Research Society (RS) and Mito Ikumi (Ishigami Shizuka), under Erina’s orders, is threatening him to shut it down. Souma (being the great guy that he is), jumps in to challenge Ikumi to a battle to save the Don RS in Kanichi’s place. However, the terms are if Souma loses, he will leave Toutsuki Academy and if Ikumi loses, she will join the Don RS. There’s no doubt in my mind that Souma is going to knock this out of the park… but I never thought I’d see him actually at a loss for words. Typically he has a winning dish in his mind already and this time, he jumps into this challenge and has no idea what he’s up against…

The second half of this episode was more fun to watch with all the actual food and cooking. The first half that expanded on the other “hobbies” and interests of the dorm mates, and I thought this was a bit slow for my taste. To me, seeing these students devote so much of their lives to their culinary expertise is just too intense for me and almost unbelievable. Perhaps it’s because I’m not an actual chef (even though I work in foodservice), but do people actually do this at a young age? I can imagine folks growing their own crop and being “local” and “organic” in their cooking choices… but I can’t imagine sourcing your own wood for smoking and eating your own livestock. Farmers and owners of butcher shops may eat their own livestock, but it seems very inhumane for me to breed my own chickens and take care of them… only to chop them up because they taste good. I have a soft heart so I think I would turn vegan very quickly if I ever worked with livestock or you know… in a slaughter house. Anyway, obviously this is an anime and there will be exaggerations, especially in a shounen series. It makes a good point of showing the hard work that chefs go through just to create a stunning plate. Although a lot of chefs may not be this hands on, sourcing good ingredients and spending years to perfect a dish can take a lot of work.

As for the amazing dishes that Souma prepared – man, my mouth was watering. I normally don’t eat rice (at all, even though a lot of people are surprised to hear that) but seeing all the different types of don is terribly appetizing. There’s all that juicy delicious meat, the perfect sauce and when you put an egg on top? Oh dear, I’m in love. My favorite don are usually chirashi don and unagi don, but hey! Shokugeki no Souma is all about experimenting with different foods and trying different things. I don’t think Souma’s techniques are 100% accurate or timely, but it’s definitely an interesting way to marinate and tenderize meat with the onions. I learn so much about different cuisines and terminologies every time. I’ve had many opportunities to make onigiri though and that’s one thing that isn’t too difficult as long as you get the right rice and seasoning. The fillings are where the dish shines because the possibilities are endless as long as you have a creative mind. I think this confirms that Megumi isn’t necessarily a bad chef, but she does let the pressure and nerves get to her. I hope to see more of her actual cooking skills later on – perhaps she has her own areas of expertise.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Mmmm… ~ I don’t even like rice but I can’t resist how these don look =3 First time I’ve seen Souma struggle to create an astounding dish the first time. This is much more realistic ^^

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  1. I have to wonder how Konishi even made it to his second year.

    As stated previously, out of the 812 first-years from last year, only 76 made it to their second year. Konishi is one of those second years. With such a fierce competition, how did someone so timid to be intimidated by a new incoming first-year ever survive?

    Not to mention, all the harsh training we will see later. Those will easily break someone with no fighting spirit like him.

    1. Personally I’d rather not have a women who always carries a knife strapped to her leg climb into bed with me. Anyone hear of Lorena Bobbit? She can stay the hell away from my niku.

  2. Reminder that all the dome residents are not some random jap kids. They’re future elite chef of the food world. There’s nothing surprising that they would give there all to their culinary experiments.

    Also, Yoshino butchered and cooks all of her “pet” that she named and slept with.

    touch fluffy meat
  3. This actually isn’t much of an exaggeration despite what you think (granted, they probably wouldn’t start around that age because that is more college-level independent study type of stuff they do. Then again, their academy could really just be compared to a culinary college despite being a highschool). Because as in art college, its better to devote yourself towards one area so you have a better focus on it. I’m a painter, so I only choose to devote myself to painting (which is why my studio would never have sculptures unless the class was required). Heck, this guy and I are porn artists so our studios are literally littered with porn magazines…..so um bringing this back to the food.

    The same applies. Grad Schools/Master programs really hate it when people are….well-rounded in art. Through interviews I’ve been through and interviews other students at my college have had, there’s all one thing in common. They want you to accel in one area, they don’t care about anything else you do. They could care less about a bust I carved out of wood, they just want to see my paintings. Considering Soma is more well-rounded, his career choice would be somewhere around the area of being a chef, like his father (Megumi fits this criteria). But as for the side characters, their devotion towards certain areas can be attained to the fact that they have specific career’s in mind with their skills (so A-typical chef is probably out of the equation for job’s they want).

    Final note, even kids growing your own livestock to kill isn’t that surprising. Hell, one of my previous rommmates was in the agricultural studies department and he did that all the time….It’s only weird when they build a relationship with all the animals they raise and don’t bat an eye when they slit their throats.

    IDK, to me I didn’t feel the beginning was slow because I’m just glad we finally got to know more information on the other casts, and that they aren’t striving to be typical chefs like Soma.

    You would be surprised that there are people out there that seemingly devote themselves towards their personal studies that it seems almost unbelievable.

  4. Megumi showing some best girl qualities this episode. Being a very supportive gal to Soma while he is training to cook Don.

    SS MegumiXSoma ship sailing smoothly. I am content.

      1. Of course they are friends. Everyone lodging in that dormitory are. Or what I think they are until further “character developments”

        Also, Erina and Soma, on the other hand, are rivals.

        And I’m a part of the MegumiXSoma shippers.

  5. Was so excited what will happen next and I ended up reading the entire manga down to the latest translated chapter.

    All I can say is… everything is SUGUI!!! Perfect! Really entertaining!!


    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Ep 07:

    Your the Don of the Episode 🙂

    It gets an 9/10 from me. Visual top(Ecchi and Food), audio Top (Seiju’s) and surrounding Top (Jokes)
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