「ニュー・ステージ!」 (Nyuu Suteeji!)
“New Stage!”

The training match ends with a bang, and segues into the real heart of the episode: blatant exposition and introductions. So that’s fun.

And The Match Ends In … A Draw. Frack!

If anyone was still in doubt, this episode made it abundantly clear that ViVid is a sports anime. And one of the best things about sports anime is that anyone can lose. Without innocent lives hanging in the balance, and where the protagonists have no chance of death, it’s harder to predict who will win because life will proceed more or less as it always did after the battle; that is, since no outcome is liable to fundamentally destroy a pillar of the story (ex: a character death), anything can happen.

That’s why I was disappointed that the original author took the easy way out and made Vivio & Einhart knock each other out. Granted, it doesn’t really matter—this is a practice match, and they did several more after, so it was blatantly only there for some combat fun + to show off all the character’s moves, especially the soon-to-be Inter-Middle contestants. But, but—I mean, come on! It would have been nice if Vivio got even more demoralized, or Einhart accepted that she could totally lose, or something! If this happened during a real match I’d be pissed—which I don’t expect to happen—but as is, it’s a lost opportunity, and a potential harbinger. I hope pulling punches isn’t something the plot is getting into a habit of doing.

Exposition & Introductions For Days

Once again, I wish the pace was actually a little quicker. While I love the nostalgia of Hayate and the Wolkenritter, everything after the first battle was all dry exposition and introductions to rivals who will undoubtedly be important later on, but are sliding out of my memory as I speak. The exposition needs to be done, yes, and there was some character development in Einhart deciding to take part, but it was all a foregone conclusion once again. As I’ve said before, exposition is tricky—you have to figure out a way to impart often dry details in a way that’s not boring. I don’t think they succeeded here.

As for the character introductions, they gave us too little, too early. With only a few attributes to remember each of them by–the one who trains with Team Hayate, the weight-lifting ojou-sama, etc—they’re just going to have to reintroduce them again later on, so what’s the point? But that’s not even the problem, not really. When Saki does this kind of thing, it lights a fire in my imagination, because I’m wondering what these new mahjong-playing lesbians can do. Here, they just told us. Now I feel like I need to remember all this stuff, instead of them encouraging me to pay attention and guess at what each combatant can do. Combined with a lot of dry exposition, the second half of the episode was perhaps necessary, but not a whole lot of fun.

Looking Ahead – The Inter-Middle Tournament

I liked how low Nove estimated the four youngest girls’ chances. It will hopefully make it all the more thrilling when they overcome and go further than expected, if the story can do that without making it seem like a bad case of plot armor (trope!). Now if you’ll excuse me, it looks like it’s time to get lost on the TV Tropes website for a few hours again, weee!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The practice battle ends in … a draw. Then the real excitement begins: exposition and introductions. Hooray! #nanohavivid 07

Random thoughts:

  • I like the idea of Vivio specializing in counter moves. Right now she’s the least interesting fighter of the four younger girls. Hopefully more counters will help fix that.
  • What are you doing Hayate, cut that out.
  • Zafira! That’s TWO male characters with lines now! But no Yuuno or Chrono. I don’t much care for Yuuno, but Chrono! Where for art thou?

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Lyrical%20Nanoha%20ViVid/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Lyrical%20Nanoha%20ViVid%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2033.jpg
    And the best new character makes her debut.

    I wouldn’t worry about pulling punches as far as the rest of the series goes, even in StrikerS practice matches were never much of a serious thing. They are going at a pretty relaxed pace, but if the manga is anything to go by, there’s no shortage of suspenseful battles in the tournament.

      1. Because they’re both sports anime, and Saki often uses low-information early introductions of characters to pique viewers’ interest about what’s coming up, just as ViVid did here. I feel like Saki does it better.

    1. I think they were trying to balance Vivio, which is why they had to force a draw.

      The fact that Vivio has yet to win against Einhart is an important part of their relationship development later, which drives Vivio to try even harder to reach out to Einhart when she needed most. This mirrors Nanoha being initially outclassed by Fate when they first met, but this motivates Nanoha to give it her all to surpass Fate in their last encounter, when Fate was at her most emotionally vulnerable.


      However, like Stilts noted last week, Vivio is still relatively weak and inexperienced. However, as she is the main character, it would be disappointing for her to be curb-stomped by Einhart a third time. In order for her to show some growth, she has to at least be able to demonstrate that she is within reaching distance to Einhart.


      Hence, why a draw was done to properly balance Vivio. And it is much better that it is done here, in a practice match, than if it was done later in the official tournament.

      1. It should be noted that Einhart’s counterattack was executed after she had already lost consciousness (they didn’t mention it here). She acknowledges that it was a lucky hit, and that she would have lost if it failed to connect or take Vivio out. So yes, Vivio has improved a great deal, and Einhart did get that little reminder that she’s not as strong as she’d like to be.

  2. The blatant fanservice at the beginning with clothes getting ripped to shreds and stuff really irked me as it felt so standard ecchi-harem like and out of character for the Nanoha franchise >.<

    And don't get me started on that bummer of a fight. Seriously? A tie?! The first "real" fight of this series and we get this downer… really hope the tournament section picks up the pace with far better action (and better animation please A-1!) because this episode felt like a mediocre StrikerS episode and that's NOT a good thing v.v

    1. As he says, have you ever watched any other magical girl show? For one thing, it’s in the rules that their transformation deck always strips the girl down bare naked before equipping her with her new equipment and clothing.

      They did that in all of the earlier Nanoha series, and they did that in Vividred Operation, and they did a really huge example of it involving everyone on both teams at the beginning of ep 6 of Vivid.

      The only one I can think of where they DON’T do that is Houkago no Pleiades.

      1. Seems some people didn’t get my point about “this” kind of fanservice irking me… And by “this” I mean this:



        And no I haven’t watched a Mahou Shoujo since StrikerS so I don’t know how low the current standard has become. I do recall the Nanoha franchise being less in your face with its fanservice.

        But that’s all I’m gonna say about this, because apparently you’re not allowed to talk bad about fanservice here *leaves*

      2. “You’re not allowed to talk bad about fanservice here.”

        Something no one said. What you are doing is complaining about a specific fanservice that is frankly tamer that what we have already seen in this show already.

      3. That is how it feels though with 2 people immediately jumping on me for having a unpopular opinion and throwing stuff at me like “did you ever watch a Mahou Shoujo before” blahblahblah. If they wanted to correct me they could have chosen a different way to go about it.

        Anyway, I really don’t like how they’re doing the fanservice in this season sofar (and that lame one with Fate really annoyed me since she’s my favorite character), I don’t count transformations since that’s a tradition of the genre anyway, and it feels like they’re just throwing it out there to keep people interested… not really much happened at all besides some re-introductions and nostalgia stuff so I can understand why they’d do that though *sighes*

        Everybody’s saying that once the tournament starts things get better and I really hope so, because I have to agree with Karmafan here: the show’s been really shitty sofar and I’m not gonna be giving Vivid the benefit of the doubt for an entire season again, like I did with StrikerS, and end up with nothing to show for it in return.

        … in retrospect I think it’s more the fear of this becoming another trainwreck like StrikerS, which sofar the season has done nothing to dissuade that fear, that’s getting to me actually and the awkward Fate fanservice just being the proverbial drop that broke the bucket for me…

        Ugh, come on Vivid! Give me something to get hype again soon please! v.v


        Did get a good chuckle from Corona’s fights and I’m really liking her golem based fightingstyle sofar, definetly the most interesting of the bunch to watch. I hope she learns some defensive spells down the line coz if she patches up that weakness of being a big target herself she could be really dangerous ^_^

  3. Ginobi47
  4. So, Stilts, last week you were complaining that Vivio seemed too weak because she couldn’t stand up to Einhart. This weak she stood up to her and fought her to a tie, and you’re complaining about that. Are you sure you know what you want from this series?

    Also, relax about Einhart learning how defeat feels already. She’ll get that lesson from someone who is much better at delivering it, and in a situation where the failure hits her much harder.

    1. That’s kind of the problem! Vivio seemed weak before, so I got used to that … and now she suddenly matched her, even though she’s apparently novice class compared to Einhart. I want them to be consistent.

      But honestly, the entire fight would have worked better for me, power level and all, with all the same events, including Vivio getting a good shot in on Einhart …. if Einhart then kicked her in the face and didn’t go down. It just feels like a cheat for such a complicated fight end in a draw.

      1. Prior to this point Vivio hasn’t actually been fighting in the manner that she excels in. We’ve only seen traces of it with Vivio sneaking in a shot as someone lands a hit on her here or there. But Einhart analyzed her correctly at the end of the battle: Vivio’s real ability when it comes to fighting is counter-striking. Avoid or mitigate shots against her while landing shots against her enemy almost simultaneously. That’s what Nove has trained her to specialize in, and she’s actually very good at it. She just hasn’t been doing it much before now when fighting Einhart because of her determination to charge in and show her full heart to Einhart through her fists, and all that. Vivio has a straightforward personality that suggests she should take the offense, but she specializes in a combat style that is best on the defense. Because she’s been letting her personality rule rather than her training, she’s been getting her butt kicked.

  5. For me, this episode crammed too many things into it. I would have preferred lesser amount of exposition given more time with some more SoL elements in-between.
    Small things like Lulu’s mom reminscing on her days in the tournament with Subaru’s mom, or Hayate commenting how heavy Subaru’s device looks made the chapters adapted here more enjoyable to me.
    (Then, personally I had hoped those other two matches they had would have been elaborated on and the tournament left for a second season, since I have doubts about the tournament fitting in 6 or so episodes and ending in satisfactory way…)

    On lighter note, I didn’t realize how much I missed Hayate’s osaka-ben until I heard her again.

    1. It is not as noticeable to those who only watched the anime, but it was slightly disappointing that they cut out the more relaxed parts, such as Fate spending time with Erio and Caro, Hayate’s preview while the Wolkenritter were having dinner, and Einhart’s inner thoughts regarding the other girls.

      They did cover about 3.5 chapters this episode, so I guess they are trying to get the exposition parts out of the way quickly.

  6. As usual, I will leave this official art. If team Hayate had participated in the mock battle. Though be warned, slightly NSFW.

    Zafira! That’s TWO male characters with lines now! But no Yuuno or Chrono. I don’t much care for Yuuno, but Chrono! Where for art thou?

    Well, there is also Claus in flashbacks and Edgar, the butler to Victoria Dahlgrun, who is pretty snarky when he actually talks.

    Yuuno is name-dropped later, but I don’t recall if he appears. Chrono does not appear at all, unfortunately.

    1. I’ve read up to volume 13, and Yuuno hasn’t appeared at all. Actually, no other male has appeared, unless you count Claus’s men in the flashbacks.

    2. Zaffy is fourth. There was the school principal in ep1 too (and probably some background voices in the gym?). And the doctor in episode 2, assuming you mean Erio as the first speaking guy.

      The manga has other small roles like Subaru/Ginga’s (and the other cyborg’s) dad, or Subaru’s boss.

  7. Makise Kuristina
  8. I think seeing Nanoha and Teanna simultaneously nuking the battlefield was the best moment. The second best moment was seeing the four lolis laying in bed moaning because they were sore.

    Someday, some way, we’re going to see Einhart smile. I just know it. It’ll happen.

    Hayate wearing the bear mask was actually in character. In terms of her record and title, Hayate is a very intimidating person, after all, and she was trying to defuse that. All three of the Aces are terrifyingly powerful and capable, but they don’t like being treated that way. Hayate let some of her childishness through, just to make Einhart more comfortable.

    My vote for most impressive performance goes to Rio. She was impressed by Corona’s golem but not even slightly intimidated, and Rio fought the golem AND WON! For a ten year old in her first team combat, that’s really astounding.

  9. TV Tropes; responsible for more lost time than knocking back Jägerbombs. That said, while i spend most of my time there reminiscing, ironically, i get most of my recommendations for there. LOL.

    Soulji OG
  10. It has occurred to me that several of the older girls have a hidden agenda during this 4-day retreat: they’re trying to show Einhart that she doesn’t know everything and has a lot to learn. They’re trying to show her that there are people out there who totally outclass her, and that her “hegemon style” alone won’t cut it.

    That’s why Nove wanted to show Einhart “water cutting” in the river, for instance. And it’s the real reason why Teanna ordered Einhart to engage Nanoha. Einhart did amazingly well, all things considered, but it was a foregone conclusion that Nanoha was going to cream Einhart, and she did.

    Nove, Subaru, Teanna, Lutecia, and maybe some other people too, are gently trying to rehabilitate Einhart to free her from the hegemon’s memories. This retreat was part of that, and it led at the end to Lutecia pitching the tournament. For Einhart, this whole thing made her realize she has a lot to learn, from OUTSIDE HER STYLE. And that’s part of the process of freeing her.

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