「山を彩る衣」 (Yama wo Irodoru Koromo)
“The Breading to Adorn the Mountains”

Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose some. And I still have never seen Souma lose a battle yet – although a draw could be seen as a loss (especially in Takumi’s eyes). This tie with Takumi didn’t surprise me at all, given that Takumi is supposed to be Souma’s rival as a restauranteur in this anime. I would’ve liked to see Souma struggle a little more to meet the same dish standards as Takumi, but it’s hard to compare the two when you cook different cuisines and mains. Without being biased, it’s hard to judge which one is truly “better” when the techniques used vary as well as the main ingredient. I don’t blame Hinako for avoiding the question. Personally I’d probably prefer Souma’s fried fish more… but that’s because I love fried foods in general *hhnnnngggg…=9. I love duck as well, but more often than not, I crave something fried, crunchy and salty.

As much as I like following Souma’s journeys in the kitchen (because he is our MC), I find it all too convenient that all his dormmates (roommates?) also manage to come out alive. From the sounds of it, a lot of people should be failing out, but I guess I underestimate the students’ abilities and each one of them are better than they give themselves credit for. There’s a decent amount of screen time given for just slice-of-life moments so I’d like to see each of them actually cook and prepare dishes with that time instead. Especially Erina… she’s a curious one. All I’ve seen of her so far is her reputation for being the best, her “godly tongue” (so many innuendos) and some fanservice. What makes her so good exactly? I’ve seen more of Megumi’s abilities than hers and this ship is leaning so far one way that it’s almost no competition anymore. I’d really have to see more of Erina in these next few episodes to pull her back into the game. Perhaps her cooking style and how she actually prepares her food.

So while Shokugeki no Souma isn’t the fastest-paced anime ever, it does space out all its significant events well enough to keep me entertained. I’ll admit that I’m quite impatient when it comes to food in general so I want to cut to the chase and just see what the final product is rather than building up all the anticipation. I think it’s important to see the thought-process of how Souma comes up with all his ideas, but just waiting for it and building up context can be a bit slow for me. Hopefully next week will be another challenge that doesn’t leave me with another cliffhanger. I’m impressed by how well everyone is doing so far though. Finally, Souma has the upper hand by actually preparing and serving dishes to customers in a timely fashion. Normally you don’t see home-taught chefs or students being able to perform under pressure because they’re used to producing a single perfect plate with the allocated time. I love watching these episodes when I watch cooking competitions; being able to serve customers in a full restaurant is so different than just producing one plate for the judges.

Bottom Line – @ RCCherrie: That ending on #shokugeki_anime… I simply love when they slowly tie the ED song to the actual sequence. So fitting. Loving the chibi scenes on #shokugeki_anime! They’re so cute; I want them in my pocket n_n

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  1. “What makes her so good exactly?”

    Notice that Erina finishes taking a bath before Soma even went in, meaning that she finished the assignment well before he did.

    1. Cooking-wise even in the manga it’s never actually been shown, however as in the anime she is already a part of the elite 10 which is about as high as a student can go in the academy. So while not shown, you have to come to expect that she is top notch. I mean seriously, we’ve had other students show up and show their chops here with skill already and they are suppose to be a few levels below the elite 10. In the manga which is about 3 arcs ahead of this, they’ve only just introduced the Elite 10 so I doubt you will actually reach that in the anime

      1. Yeah, as I mentioned in the previous recap, the manga is extremely Souma-centric, so if he’s not involved, you usually don’t see much of anything. Erina’s a second year in all but name, so Souma’s got some coursework to make up before he starts competing directly with her, which is the only way to ensure that she’ll get cooking panels. Otherwise, you just have to assume that she, like the rest of the Elite Ten that don’t even have faces yet, are boss-level cooks.

        (Minor spoiler tags just in case)
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @mongoose22

        Yeah agreed there are bits and pieces through out which gives Erina more of a personality other than what was initially shown, and what a lot of people seem to be hung up on. On the other hand, I do like that she isn’t so easy to conquer nor is she quickly on Souma’s side. I kinda like how the author is building it up to make it seem like Souma is getting closer but as his cooking progresses he realizes he is further away and has to put in greater and greater effort (law of diminishing returns).

        It will make the “final triumph” all the sweeter when it eventually comes around and it will probably happen since the tone is set with his dad’s prophetic words back in episode 2

  2. I think one way to go about explaining the Polar Star dormitory’s members all making it through is that they all had to pass Fumio’s standards in order to even enter and stay in the dormitory. So maybe her standards are high enough that the ones who make it in are the ones who should have the baseline of skills to pass the first few hurdles of the academy. At least, that’s how I rationalize it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. That as well as plenty of need for explanations. Id like to see everybodys cooking skills at some point. Intrigued the most by the guy, that never shows his eyes, that is in the same dormitory as Souma. I believe theres a lot more to him than what it seems like.

  3. Bottom Line – @ RCCherrie: That ending on #shokugeki_anime… I simply love when they slowly tie the ED song to the actual sequence. So fitting. Loving the chibi scenes on #shokugeki_anime! They’re so cute; I want them in my pocket n_n

    This and Takumi’s “Next time we meet….” were the highlights of the show. I had to rewatch it a couple of times just for fun and the laughs

  4. Why waiting for him to see defeat is a thing? People don’t watch sport anime and expecting for the team to lose in pre-eleminary. Souma basically is still at that phase, especially since we still only have Takumi as a similar level rival (He’s ahead of people in the dorm and still far behind elite 10, no rush).

  5. I think you are too bias towards Megumi. She is good but so far in the anime she has done nothing but take Souma’s order and pass only because of him. Erina on the other hand has taken a bath meaning she finished before anyone else.

    1. Next two episodes? Probably more will actually be pissed on Megumi in the upcoming events.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Lol I love Erina in the manga. Like she is by far my favorite character. Reason? She doesn’t give a hell about the MC lol. And the funny thing is Soma doesn’t care either haha. So it just makes it for a funny interaction every single time.

    I’m not sure why people hate Erina. She’s actually kind of funny. Soma doesn’t even care and he’s the one technically always on the receiving end of her bad attitudes hahah.

    Anyways, watching her in action, through the anime, I found myself liking her even more lol.

    1. Non manga reader here. I hate Erina because: 1) she was ready to reject Souma’s application due to her pride of not wanting to admit that his dish was good; 2) she bullies minor clubs and steals their premises when she already has plenty of kitchens. She definitely looks like a haughty bitch so far.

      Son Gohan
      1. I can see what you the two of you are saying. Alice definitely has more personality at the moment, and Erina did reject Soma based off of her pride, and she does bully other smaller clubs.

        But lets think about things in retrospect.

        Erina is actually only 15 years of age. What 15 year old girl isn’t sometimes moody and will be sometimes pride driven? I remember back in High School (In College Now) those years were crazy. I know she has the body of a grown woman (don’t all Shonen mangas have that now?) but she still has the psyche of a teenage girl. Soma is the first guy to probably ever appose her, and rightfully have a reason to get away with it. She judged him wrong, and he made her look like a fool in front of her assistant. Obviously she’s going to reject him haha. Her haughty attitude and probably years of never going apposed has given her no experience in handling with a boy her equal. Especially one that doesn’t care what her status is.

        (I actually liked that she rejected him. Makes for a more interesting read imo. I know a lot of people hate her right now. And truth be told she doesn’t really get much better. PLS ARTHUR GIVE HER SOME MORE SCREEN TIME. But I like that she’s a hard mean tsundere type of girl who’s not easily broken. She looks long and far from ever showing Soma respect and I like that. That just means more Chapters/Ep’s of Soma just showing her just how wrong she is of him. XD

        If I wanted her to be nice and accepting of Soma, then we can just turn to tadokoro. At first megumi did not want to be partnered with soma but now she is realizing he is amazing.

        I also don’t want to say much because I know there are those that only watch the anime. But Erina, she’s like a character I have never seen before. She’s unbroken and still adamant against Soma even now 100+ chapters in. I can’t really think of any other female lead (that might be a potential love interest) to hold out so long from the power of a MC hahaha.

        I am an Erina band wagon fan though, so hey. I understand if I come across a bit bias. But I try to make my arguments and reasons as sensible as possible. Hope you understand why I like her a bit more now. 😉

  7. Erina is actually the #1 in the entire first year, if you don’t think that’s amazing then I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s good that they didn’t dump in any filler episodes so far.


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