「至上のルセット」 (Shijou no Rusetto)
“The Heavenly Recette”

This is what I’ve been waiting for! I was expecting it sometime in the future but I never expected Souma to challenge a teacher to a shokugeki this soon. It’s all for good reason though because I love seeing Souma come to Megumi’s rescue (the romantic side of me is hopeful anyway). Considering what’s at sake here, I doubt Souma will lose, but at least it gives me the thrill of seeing how he defeats Shinomiya Kojirou (Nakamura Yuuichi). At first I thought Kojirou was just faking the “tough guy attitude” but it turns out, this teacher is actually just a big jerk. And I’m sure his superior attitude is well-warranted since he’s a former graduate from the school and has his own French restaurant, but you can be humble and still be well-respected. He does not need to purposely create tasks to fail students. I had this gripe about the series before, but it seems like this camp (and the school in general) just wants to weed out all students except for the top 10%. Kojirou only reinforces this idea with his difficult recipes and sabotages. I’m behind Souma 200% on this one when Kojirou isn’t even dismissing students due to their inability to cook well, but rather he’s purposely finding reasons to fail students.

Luckily I thought Megumi had a great chance to shine this episode and despite her nervous behavior and awkward start, she did well for herself. In a single episode, we get to see how Megumi proves that she’s capable of so much more if she puts her mind to it. Oxidizing vegetables are not an easy solve (and fruits – I hate when my potatoes and apples brown quickly) so I thought her method of adding acid was ingenious. Not only that, but she relied on her own knowledge and creativity to pull her through and she should get full credit for that. Instead, she gets spat on for “not following the recipe”. But why? Why would you fail someone because you made it impossible to pass in the first place? How can you blame someone for trying their best and even exceeding your expectations? Up until this point, all the teachers have been rewarding Souma for his creativity so I can’t see why Kojirou is so different. Either way, I don’t believe Megumi will be leaving anytime soon. I have confidence that she’ll only get better from here on out.

It wouldn’t be Shokugeki no Souma without a little fanservice each episode but this week gives a special treat to both the men and women watching the anime. I get boobs and manboobs?! What more could I ask for? I was not expecting Souma to walk into another guy in the hot tub and would you believe it, it turns out to be Doujima Gin (Koyasu Takehito), the best of the best. It’s a good thing that neither of them were aware of who the other was because Souma seemed to have no idea what made Gin so special and Gin seems to have a thing for the name Yukihira. Either Gin knows about Souma’s proclamation during his entrance or maybe his father? That would be an interesting twist, however I somehow don’t see Souma’s father coming back into the story so quickly. What also caught my attention was the mention of Satoshi being one of the top of his class from the prior year. I always knew he was good but just how good is a different story. I can see why Satoshi sees a lot of potential in Souma.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Finally! Some focus on Megumi =D She’s adorbz. And some fanservice for both males and females =X This show is all about equality after all #shokugeki_anime



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  1. It is really amazing how this series can develop a character. Shinomiya Kojirou in particular will get a huge amount of development later, enough to make him one of the most popular characters overall, and probably the most popular non-student character. He even has his own spin-off manga.

    On another note…




    1. It’s an actual JoJo reference which they added in the Anime lol (there are references in the manga, but it appears later on). So it can be assumed that they did this on purpose.

      Dio’s voice with Dojima’s body is so weird though.

  2. Hahah Man! This episode was awesome! I got to see one of my favorite scenes between Soma and Erina, and then that ENDING!! Oh man, it felt so much more intense in the anime than I remember reading it. Truly a magnificent episode.

    I like how they added extra things in these eps that is not present in the manga. It makes me actually want to watch the anime. For example, Hisako returning the cards and such. That was not shown in the manga.

    But omg that ending. The way Soma’s eyes burned! Hahah. I’m a Soma-Erina Shipper (i ship them sooooo hard!), but I adore this moment of how Soma steps up for Megumi. Tadokoro is such a lovable character, our Soma obviously is not going to let her go like that. Can’t wait for the next ep!

    Keep the reviews coming! ^_^

    1. Yep! The added scenes were really great and provides some breathing space while we get to know the quirks of the PSD students and Erina.

      Really love the ending as well. Those were such imposing eyes from Souma. Wonder how will they one-up this scene down the road Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yeah! I definitely agree. All the little extra scenes makes the anime so rewarding to watch. And just seeing it all come to life is just amazing as well. I can’t wait to see more Erina Soma scenes in action hahahah. They always make me laugh XD

        And about Show Spoiler ▼

      2. @Kevin

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Got to agree completely with you. Also, the end of this ep really made it for me to. Funny all around. Gotta love this series. I’ll lay off of the manga for now, since the anime looks so great.

  3. In spoiler hindsight, Shinomiya’s exam judgment speaks to his own inadequacies. His decision to refuse creativity reflects… Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, I realized the main reason I hate Erina as a heroine candidate is that she blatantly lied about Souma’s egg dish in the very first transfer exam judgment. Everyone else in this series is honest with their judgment of their opponent’s cooking. Even Shinomiya recognized Megumi’s creative skill, but rejected her for other reasons. However, Erina is the only one who violated that honest fairness between cooks. For someone with the tasting power of God’s tongue to be so biased is simply unforgivable even if just because her character setting is super tsun.
    /end weekly Erina rant

    1. I agree with you there about Erina. I didn’t like how she lied about Souma’s dish and at the time I just wrote it off as – well, she’s a tsundere character and she has a lot of pride. She’s also not an official “chef” yet or teacher at the school so really, she shouldn’t even be given so much authoritative power. She may have amazing taste buds and do well in school, but I hope she gets put in her place soon (preferable by Souma himself) because she’s never going to change if she doesn’t get knocked off her pedestal. I tend to like the tsundere types too but Erina… just doesn’t rub me the right way.

      1. She’s also not an official “chef” yet or teacher at the school so really, she shouldn’t even be given so much authoritative power.

        Erina’s in the Elite Ten, though. That is the authoritative power in Tootsuki. As they explained in Episode 4, the only higher power in Tootsuki is the Director himself. So Erina actually does have authority over the teachers, and Isshiki actually has even more power as a higher seat, if he chooses to use it.

    2. Ptolemaios00, and Cherrie, yeah I can definitely understand your frustrations with Erina.

      I can can see why she makes you two angry. It’s hard for me to defend her this early in the anime without giving too much away about her (and even then she’s still pretty mean even now).

      She’s a weird one. I don’t fully classify her as a tsundere and I don’t we should hold her as one. She has no romantic interest in Soma (as far as we know), and she’s hands down a strict person. The only person thus far (in the anime at least) to see her good side is Hisako.

      For now I would suggest bearing with Erina. She can be a bit annoying, but she doesn’t get as much screen time as all the other characters so her being mean is not that over whelming. I’m glad she actually gets more screen time in the Anime than she does in the manga it feels. I think they are personally doing that to accommodate the fact that she was ranked 2nd for the 2nd time in row in the polls. But who knows? lol.

      1. IMO the only reason she’s gotten 2nd in the polls is because she was billed right from the start as “the girl for Soma”. If that hadn’t happened I don’t think anyone would’ve be able to stand her before the Megumi scenes much later. She throws her money and name around to get what she wants, and even in the manga we haven’t see her do anything worthy of being on the Elite Ten in her first year. If this were an action series I’d say she’s the “faux action girl” troupe.

        They need to actually show that she’s better than Soma,Show Spoiler ▼

        , and not just because she has great senses or that she’s had a silver spoon in her mouth since birth and is just more used to everything. Or tell us practically anything about her. Until then I’ll be happy to see Ikumi and Megumi get more Soma-time. Hell, the only reason she ever “helps” Soma is to laugh at him when he fails, since she’s so hung-up on pedigree she still can’t get it through her head how good he is. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

      3. @Aex

        While I do agree that it would be nice to actually see Erina performing “in front of the camera”, for now we simply have to accept that her status as Elite 10 member as well as her performance in the training camp beside Souma are clear enough indications that she is, at least for now, the top freshman in the class. Everytime they play up the Elite 10 in effect they play up the skills of every member of it.

        Also regarding the popularity poles

        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. I’m completely up to date with the manga and nothing Erina has demonstrated so far has improved my opinion of her. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Anything “good” she does only serves to highlight her singular “bad” judgment of Soma upon her first introduction. She completely demonstrates her ability to be a fair impartial judge in appraising others later on, but that only serves to highlight how horribly unfair she was and is to Soma.

        I’ve pretty much written her off in my mind already.

      5. Show Spoiler ▼

        Basically, the repetition of her character makes it hard for me to take her seriously, which is why I’d like to see her actually do something instead of just hearing other people talk.

      6. At this point in the anime, I also can’t see Erina as the main heroine. Sure from the first episode my first impression of her was she was hot and I was curious to see more of this beauty with the amazing taste buds. After a few more of her screentime in the anime though, I really can’t see her as a heroine and more like the evil rival to the main character throwing her weight around and thinking of nothing but aiming for the top and constantly wanting Souma’s downfall, kinda like Light and L, or maybe Kenshin and Shishio, or I dunno Goku and Freeza? Show Spoiler ▼

      7. Aex: She completely wiped the floor with Souma in the “serve 200 breakfasts” competition. And Souma will later admit that having him survive the breakfast task was only possible by leeching customers off Erina’s stand’s waiting queues.

        Erina is a perfect target for Souma’s unflappable and unreverent personality. For me, the interactions of those two are the highlights of the show, and especially when Erina enters SD mode, things turn absolutely hilarious IMHO.

        Let’s be realistic: Erina is NOT just word and name. We see her ace all cooking tasks assigned to her, and she certainly didn’t enter the Illustrous Ten on word of mouth alone. So, skillwise, she is definitely still above Souma all things combined. That she has an ugly arrogant-haughty streak is obvious, but it is exactly this streak paired with her temperament that makes for awesome comedy.

        So, looking forward to more Erina. And just for the record: She was not second in the first popularity contest – she has been on the rise ever since.

      8. I think though that in the end for me what makes Erina interesting as a Main Heroine (which I guess we all have to admit that she is) is her interactions with Souma and how Souma tends to “push her buttons” and her reactions to it. It’s a-typical in terms of the development and draws a stark contrast to how Megumi is basically the typical Heroine route.

        I kinda like how the two of them interact, much the same as how I like how Mayumi and Tatsuya interact in the LN (sadly they took majority of it out in the Anime)

      9. Mentar: Show Spoiler ▼

        Yeah, I probably won’t be satisfied until the next manga-arc is over, or they actually face off, or even just tell us the story of how she got on the Elite Ten. People can talk all they want; I want to see it. Until then she’s just comedy-fodder, and Ikumi SD > Erina SD 😛

      10. Lots of lots of spoilers here and there. Somebody even mentioned facts from the latest manga chapter, Chapter 121.

        In any case, if you think Erina’s exposure in the anime is lacking, be surprised that at this point in the anime, Erina already had more exposure compared to that point in the manga. The anime is trying to sell Erina better to the viewers compared to the manga as these story arcs up to the Autumn tournament were more Megumi-centric. Heck, even Ikumi beat Erina in screen time. I think the anime is actually trying to balance out the shipping, especially between Erina and Megumi.

      11. You know whats interesting, I find Erina to be such a well thought out character. The fact that there is such a debate (you either love her or hate her) just goes to show the genius behind her character creation.

        The author purposely made her reject Soma. Such a dynamic route to go, even though she actually liked his food, just makes her that more of a polarizing character. Yes she rejected Soma… GET OVER IT lol. It’s not like he didn’t get accepted to the school. Hell, he was in the school the next chapter LMAO.

        He even saw her after his big speech and laughed it off, completely owning her. Soma doesn’t care how mean she is. He’s a boss. I’m not sure why people are hurt over her actions if even the MC doesn’t care lol. It didn’t hurt him at all. In fact, since that 1 time, Erina hasn’t really done anything bad to Soma. Unconsciously, she’s been helping him Show Spoiler ▼

        It’s what, over 100+ chapters gone since she did that (even though it is fresh in the anime). Not sure why some people are still clinging on to it like it was the MEANEST thing in history…

      12. K, just a few things then I’ll wait till next episode (OMG can’t wait!)

        Not getting into highschool is a big thing in Japan. Goes on your record and everything. When Erina took the proctor job, she took that responsibility. Then she just laughed as she lied about doing that job and possibly ruining someone’s career just because she was too elitist and juvenile to handle a little teasing from someone who wasn’t “elite” but still one of the best cooks her age. In fact, she wanted to ruin Soma. That’s a horrible first impression right there, so it’s no wonder people still hold it against her.

        Next, excluding the most recent arc the only times she “helps” him are when she means to trip him, then laugh in his face as he’s kicked out of school. She’s arranged and/or sat and waited for that what, three times now? That’s low for someone who’s supposed to be part of running the school. She only gave the vaguest answer possible in the stew so she would get the manga and because she was 100% sure he was too stupid to figure out what she meant. So yes, she’s done plenty wrong by him.

        I think what bothers people the most is that this is a girl who’s supposed to have serious responsibilities, yet aside from maybe using her name and spoon-fed talent it’s really hard to guess how she got to where she is considering how she acted the first 90 chapters. If she wasn’t so self-destructive she wouldn’t even be funny.

      13. Hi Aex!!

        Btw, I love our debate XD. This is great having someone to speak to about this show. Especially since I have no one irl that actually watches it with me haha. So thank you for engaging with me ^_^ You don’t have to feel like your offending me by expressing your opinions.

        Ok now back to our debate haha.

        Um I do see what your saying. That all the bad she’s done, she’s supposed to be more responsible, and we have not really seen her in direct competition with anyone yet really. This is all to some extent true.

        But what I’m trying to say is how does this negatively impact Soma? In fact, everything she’s done to him at this point has not hindered him even in the slightest. He just brushes it all off.

        And he’s actually the only one she behaves this way around to. Show Spoiler ▼

        So in truth, she’s really only (unfairly) mean to Soma. And soma doesn’t even care. so I think people are overreacting to her one “selfish” deed. And her decision to reject created no real issue at all. I know you said in real life that is very big problem, and it goes on record. And I acknowledged that this is true. But that is not the case in this situation. No record was put on Soma, and he actually go accepted.

      14. If you look at the whole, then no, it isn’t that big of a deal. From Soma’s perspective she’s just a weird girl that gets worked up over everything. Let’s face it, when it comes to anything other than cooking he’s Ichika-level dense (with just as few hormones). My problem with her is her intent. She wanted to ruin him for like 90 chapters. It’s all well and good that when she tries to trip him he only ends up doing a cartwheel instead, but she still tries to trip him (aka get him expelled). That’s a horrible goal to have just because someone embarrassed you, and speaks to her personal character. The conflict is good for the story, but until she stops talking down to him and trying to get him kicked out of school, I’m never going to be able to like her, even if she does make for good comedy. Show Spoiler ▼

      15. @Kevin and Aex:

        Hope you guys don’t mind me saying my piece too on this whole Erina debate. The way I saw it, Erina failing Souma back then might have been the end of his cooking journey before it even started. It’s very fortunate for Souma, in a way, that Sonzaemon was silently observing, recognized his potential and overruled Erina’s verdict. If Erina’s grandfather wasn’t there, her decision might have been recorded as official, even if it was an unfair result. In my case, it wasn’t just Souma’s rejection and Erina constantly wanting him expelled that didn’t make her a heroine (so far) for me. It was the other things she did like forcibly taking club rooms through Shokugeki and withdrawing support for Ikumi when she lost.Show Spoiler ▼

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Shokugeki%20no%20Souma/Shokugeki%20no%20Souma%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2033.jpg
    Badass Souma is badass Souma.
    S.S. Megumi in full sail now. Hands to your stations lads, we are entering a storm!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    but it turns out, this teacher is actually just a big jerk.

    Don’t worry, in the next episodes, this will be explained.

      1. On the spoiler
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I think the fans here are more tamed compared to the other blogs *cough* Hibike Euphonium *cough*

      This arc marks the point where I started to really love the series when I marathoned the manga. Just hang on tight Cherie, We’re in for a wild ride.

  5. That’s why I’m only throwing in one liners here and there on some of the episodes, don’t want to make the mistake of spoilering stuff by accident, i’m just enjoying the show ^^

  6. This episode’s cliffhanger was so exciting I really wanted to see what happened so I told myself I’d read just up to the conclusion of this alumnus-student fight…and then I couldn’t stop until the latest chapter. This series is awesome stuff so I’m still gonna follow the anime.

  7. I don’t think it’s fair to judge the academy–or even the rest of the training camp–based on this test. Shinomiya went over the line here, and I think a fair number of teachers would agree. The point of the academy is to produce the absolute best chefs and yes, that means that not a lot of students pass, but this is the first time a test hasn’t had a lesson the students would need in the working world, as well as the first time it just wasn’t possible for everyone to pass. IMO a test should never be designed to eliminate students by pure numbers. That defeats the point of the entire school: to polish a true gem of a chef by conflict and effort. Up until now the students have always had what they needed to pass, be it tools or knowledge. Even if it was still incredibly hard, it was always possible that they would all pull through. Here that was never an option. People were going to fail because Shinomiya felt like it. That’s BS, and the school should be ashamed of itself for bringing him back as a guest judge. You don’t need to be the biggest and the baddest to be the best in cooking, not if everyone is doing their jobs right.

    *phew* Sorry, I’m all for tough tests when there’s a point, not so much when it’s just someone being a b*tch and making a false point to himself.

  8. They actually made Shinomiya look more surprised in the anime than in the manga when Soma slapped that shokugeki. As someone who reads the manga and watches the anime, I say they did a very good job replicating some of the scenes (although some had creative touches).

  9. I’m sure his superior attitude is well-warranted since he’s a former graduate from the school and has his own French restaurant,

    Not just that; he’s also said to be the first Japanese to win the (fictional?) Pluspol award for French cuisine in Episode 8. There seems to be a (justifiable?) opinion in Japan that Europe looks down on their chefs and doesn’t fairly give them their due (see also, Dinner where this played a part in the final episodes). Positioning a character as a major award winner abroad up front could be considered in that context as basically announcing a world class superstar in any other arena just walked into the room.

    1. … or, in summary, he’s good enough to convince a room full of Frenchmen that he’s a better French chef than they are at half the age they likely convinced anyone else of that fact themselves….

  10. I gotta admit that part of my frustration with this Erina character is because she is billed as the main love-interest to the MC and yet it’s hard to find her likable (I’m not fond of the tsundere archetype and as far as character designs go, she is hardly the best in this series). But I try to get over that by reminding myself that in a shonen series, it is likely that the whole franchise ends without even resolving the romance.

    Ah heck, I only watch this show for the delicious foods after all.

  11. Show Spoiler ▼


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