OP Sequence

OP: 「Day you laugh」 by 豊永利行 (Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

「汝の敵を愛せよ」 (Nanji no Teki o Aiseyo)
“Love Thy Enemy”

Yes, apparently, this is x2 Ten, but also episode 13. Just to be confusing. I don’t know, whatever. I suppose we’re picking up right where we left off from x2 Shou so there’s an argument in treating this as a continuation. At the same time, though, there were plenty of flashbacks and recapping, as if Durarara!! was afraid we had forgotten about it over the season break.

No time is wasted in resolving the cliffhanger left from x2 Shou, which means: Izaya is alive. Although I’m sure nobody was actually expecting him to actually be dead—Durarara!! just wouldn’t be the same without our resident puppetmaster—part of me just couldn’t help but feel, ‘what a shame’. It would have been the perfect, anticlimatic way for him to go, with the very simple moral that if you piss off enough people, eventually someone’s going to shank you. That’s a life lesson right there. I suppose someone does come after Izaya, rather than just some guy who didn’t like his face she was slighted more than a year ago and has harboured a grudge ever since. It just feeds into Izaya’s delusions of grandeur. Don’t give him any more attention, guys; he’s a bit enough narcissist already. Look, he’s the kind who would sit in bed all day fantasising about which of his acquaintances who come to kill him. Izaya may love humanity, but he’s a very needy lover.

The truth is, with Izaya temporarily incapacitated, the rest of the cast are enjoying the day off. With no active plots to embroil Ikebukuro in violence (if we ignore that Yodogiri Jinnai guy, of course, freshly forging a shady alliance with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals), everyone gets to relax for a spell (even Shizuo, deep down; throwing people is just a hobby by now). All except for poor Shinra, of course, because Izaya can’t stand the idea of something going on a day trip with their pretty, headless girlfriend without him. Can you? If I had a friend who was dating an Celtic fey death spirit, I would sic the cops on him too. You can hold me to that.

Looking ahead

I’m not sure about picking up Durarara!! this season—change of pace, still getting used to having free time on Sundays—but let’s have a look on what’s on x2 Ten‘s horizon anyway. There were plenty visions of the future, and between scissor throwing (next week, I assume), Va/orona, and fire, I’m sure there’s plenty of excitement in store. And from the ED, they’re going to be introduce even more characters, so Durarara!! will never stop being fresh there. The one I’m looking out for, though, is an old hand: Mikado, fresh from his Faustian bargain with the Blue Square. We don’t see much of him this episode, but he does show up in the OP a lot (not to mention sings it). What is he going to do with his new found power? On one hand, I hope nothing too rash that he can’t take back. On the other hand, as a viewer, I hope he does something completely crazy for our entertainment. This is Durarara!!, after all.


ED Sequence


Like last season, someone with more skill is going to have to stitch the ED. It’s too much for me.



  1. Was in two minds about covering this, but decided to in the end: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/durararax2-ten-01-or-13-or-whatever/

    Something I didn’t mention there though: I really liked how Mikadio kept to the shadows, just as he’s last in the new OP. With Izaya antagonized and Mikado gaining some individual influence and sociopathic tendencies himself, I wonder if he’ll be evolving towards becoming an ‘Izaya’ of his own principles. Would be a great dynamic, since Mikado and Izaya are both linked in the establishment of the Dollars (which, funnily enough, didn’t seem to get mentioned this week, unless I missed something).

  2. It’s honestly pretty sad that Izaya somehow has his faith restored by someone who barely knows him holding a petty grude, while everyone who does know him does not give the slightest care whether he’s shanked or not because they’ll quickly forget about him and move him. Of course if he didn’t spend his life being a dick to everyone this wouldn’t happen.

  3. I love Izaya being the King of Trolls that he is. Shinra should know better always treat Izaya nice or you will pay. Shinra and Celty found some were wolfs and maybe vampires oh well for a relaxing trip although I don’t think Shinra was planing on relaxing.

    A Dullahan with her head has sexy possibilities. But a Dullahan with a head is basically unstoppable as they can kill you by saying your true name and they know all true names, after all they are a version of the Grim Reaper.

  4. Okay episode.

    Izaya’s prank on Shinra was funny.

    Izaya really really adores humans.

    If I’m correct,I believe the Adabashi arc is going to be adapted this cour so hyped about that.


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