“The Wind of Love!?”

「愛の嵐!」 (Ai no Arashi!)

The Takanashi Family:

The Takanashi family have never been my favourite part of WORKING!!!. I never quite fell in love with them like I did with nearly every other main or recurring character. Because of that bias, the first half of this episode didn’t do it as much I’d have liked. Still, it was amusing – though not so much in a laugh-out-loud way – to see this bizarre family on screen again, with their memorable quirks on display.

Kazue (Shiraishi Ryoko) is the oldest of the bunch, and would no doubt always back her brother up in court; Izumi (Hikasa Yoko) is the shut-in Goth-lolita who can’t bear the sunlight; Kozue (Itou Shizuka) is the resident alcoholic; and Nazuna (Saitou Momoko) is the youngest, but possibly the most mature of the entire family. They’re certainly an odd bunch, but as far as gags go none of them really stood out in this episode. If I had to pick, my favourite moment would probably be Souta’s whole conversationg with Kazue’s ex-husband, the self-confessed masochist, Minagashi Tooru (Yuusa Koji). Looking over it now, It was certainly an odd first half, but altogether not that funny.

Banter at Wagnaria:

Thankfully, getting to see the familiar faces at work was enough to lift my spirits. I’ve read comments about how a single cour wouldn’t be enough to properly adapt the rest of the series. I think that should be obvious, but there are bound to be key plot resolutions that have to be met before this third and final season is over. One of them, of course, is the relationship between Satou and Yachiyo. It’s such an endearing match, and it’s baby steps are finally starting to pay off. I found myself heavily identifying with Souma here – these two should just get together and live happily ever after! I’m sure when such a moment comes, it will be very satisfying. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Souta’s glasses breaking was probably the funniest gag of the week. Is that because Yamada was involved? Mayhaps. Probably. Yamada and her deadly punching teddy bear is just too cute. There can never be enough Yamada in any episode of WORKING!!!. Inami is also showing some development – last week she properly served some male customers, and this week she didn’t lash out at Souta after he got uncomfortably close. It’s a Christmas miracle! Honestly, it’s good to see that gag thrown away; hopefully now Inami can provide more than comic violence for the remainder of the series.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Nowhere near as hilarious as the previous episode, but I don’t think that was the intention with this one. We got to see the Takanashi sister in action again, and hopefully Satou and Yachiyo will properly ask each other out at some point. WORKING!!! is all about the teases, but this season I’m ready for the real deal.

Note: I’m officially picking WORKING!!! up for weekly coverage. I’ve always loved the series and seeing it potentially go uncovered in its final season would be terribly unfortunate – So I refuse to let that happen! I doubt I’ll be proving any groundbreaking commentary on what WORKING!!! gives us – I just hope I get plenty of laughs, and hopefully my expectations for this final season are met accordingly!

ED Sequence

ED: 「Matsuge ni LOCK」 (まつ毛にLOCK)” by Souta Takanashi (Jun Fukuyama), Jun Satou (Daisuke Ono), Hiroomi Souma (Hiroshi Kamiya)


  1. Yay. Thank you for covering Working!!! I was hoping it would get picked since is the last season. I never thought I would like the show as much as I do, but it is just interesting and funny. I would say though this was not the best episode but we are finally seeing some improvement in the 2 main relationships. Inami did not hit Souta and Satou ask Yashiyo out. We’ll sort of. Can’t wait for next episode.

    1. You’re welcome! It should be an easy, fun show to blog. This wasn’t the funniest episode, but hopefully next week will be better (not that this one was necessarily bad, because it wasn’t).

  2. Nazuna’s clearly the best sister. Even if the first half wasn’t particularly comedic, it was worth it to see her all innocent and angelic again (even if she did get angry for all of one second).

    But the highlight for me was definitely Inami getting RROD’d after Souta gets too close to her. Definitely a good thing that she’s grown past instinctively punching when faced with a guy, because this is much funnier (and also much more shippable).

  3. I actually like watching life in the Takanashi household so I was thrilled to get an episode of it this soon. Izumi is actually my favorite of all the sisters. Even up to now I’m still amazed that Nazuna is just 12 years old. Somehow though she looks shorter compared to season 2, considering Souta was sad last time that his little sister already caught up to him in height. The way she got slightly angry at Izumi too makes me wonder if she’s going to take after Kazue, with some sadist tendencies added.

    On the episode itself, there’s now lots of things I’m curious about from what happened, like what Kazue saw in Minegishi that they ended up getting married, and just how scary is the Takanashi matriarch that they’d prefer putting up with a masochist than her.

  4. I’m not gonna lie, but I actually found this week to be better paced than last week (and more enjoyable to watch).

    (though it might be my state of consciousness last week being way worse than this week.)

    Masochistic behavior is rated R? News to me.

    PSA. Pasting just the hyperlink for screencaps from this series WILL NOT work. Please insert them into anchor links ie.”a href=”” “…

    1. She was probably too young at the time. Considering that Kazue is 31 and Minegishi was her childhood friend, Nazuna might have been only a few years old at the time of their divorce (not sure if a precise time for when she divorced her ex husband was mentioned).

      1. Seems kind of crazy that an apparently distant, workaholic mother would have so many kids over such a long period of time. If she cares so (apparently) little for them, why did she keep having more over a period of 20 years?

  5. Wonder if Kazue yells at her ex husband because he likes it. Saying to Souta that he can beat up her ex husband might also have been for her ex husband, as well as herself. Souta probably doesn’t regret not beating Minegishi within an inch of his life though.

  6. im surprised no one commented yet on the fact that none of the takanashi household want to meet their mom. they’d rather deal with the masochist than meet her face to face, and you could see from they’re reactions they already dont like him.

    makes you wonder what she’s done to her family…

    its important for people who watch working to not just be swept away by the comedy and notice these little tid bits of deeper plot.

  7. While it’s completely valid to like one character more than others, I do feel like you should try to judge an episode on a bit more than your personal character approval ratings.

  8. I’m the total opposite of you, Samu. I love the Takanashi family interactions, and always look forward to them… well some of them, anyway. They’re not knee-slapping hilarious, but they’re funny in that, “Oh yeah, family. Nuts,” kind of way.

    This week, to see the usually strong Kazue (who will clobber you with a law book if you give her any lip whatsoever) have trouble dealing with her ex-husband Minegishi, well, that was pretty funny. And then Souta being disgusted by Minegishi’s ドM-ness is funny, because Nazuna thinks her brother is a hardcore M, too… remember? So yeah, if you don’t remember those bits, it’s not so funny.

    And then there’s Nazuna, who’s probably going to have all of them dancing in her palm… oh, who am I kidding? She already does. XD


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