OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「ライジングレインボウ」 (Rising Rainbow) by ミソッカス(Misokkasu)

「『修羅』と呼ばれだ男」 (Syuura to Yobareda Otoko)
“The Man Called Demon”

After a week’s break, Shokugeki no Souma comes back with a new OP, ED and the return of Souma’s father. What a fabulous episode and it reminds me just how much I missed Shokugeki no Souma in a week’s time. Not only that, but Souma’s father, Yukihira Jouichirou returns and surprises everyone, including Souma himself. And it wasn’t like he didn’t want to share his background or was ashamed of it – Souma just never bothered to ask. Who would’ve thought that Jouichirou was the second seat in his year and went to school in the same year as Gin? The episode doesn’t even give you a second to guess around because within the same half hour, you have your answer. I always had an inkling that Souma’s father must’ve been a great cook. He sent Souma to this prestigious school, he went overseas to cook and according to Souma, he never really admired anyone else’s cooking besides his father. Until Souma came to Toutsuki, Jouichirou was really his image of the man to beat. And for good reason now. I’m not completely shocked, but I am pleased to see that Souma’s skills and knowledge of cooking didn’t come from nothing. Jouichirou passed on a lot of knowledge to Souma without him realizing it and it just hit Souma now how highly regarded his father is. The expression on Souma’s face is truly priceless – it’s a mixture of disbelief and shock. While I’m looking forward to see how Souma competes against his father, I think I’m more interested in hearing about what Jouichirou did with his time after graduating Toutsuki. Who is Souma’s mother? Why did he decide to open a quiet little diner in Japan? Was it to raise his son, and if so, why did he leave Souma at this critical time?

So many questions and so little answers…
This episode was a great start to the second cour of this series and provides a good basis for the Autumn Elections. Erina did a decent job explaining the importance of why students are anxious to participate and it piqued my interests. Now that the training camp is over with, I would assume that the students leftover are the serious competitors that want to be the top 10% that graduate. As a result, this should be the pool of students that alumni and teachers would want to evaluate the potential for if they’re going to be hired for their own restaurants. The Autumn Elections will be a good way to dictate how the teachers, judges and mentors actually view the students compared to one another. Seeing as Souma and Megumi are already being approached to work at some of the alumni’s restaurants, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone elected them to compete as well. Obviously. What’s a competition without Souma right?

For all the Erina shippers out there, I think the series is definitely leaning more towards an Erina x Souma pairing with the new OP and ED out there. There’s a lot more involvement from Erina in these recent episodes that makes me believe that the mangaka is slowly phasing her in more for audiences to see her growth. She’s not just another rival for Souma, but seeing her own weaknesses are important for development later on. I never expected her to have a soft spot for Jouichirou – that feels both forced and also a good leeway to tie Erina’s story to Souma. I’m not sure what I make of that nice tidbit yet, but hopefully there’s some good story behind how Erina got inspired to be a great chef from Jouichirou. Maybe it’ll influence Erina to see Souma in a different light.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Wow… Souma’s dad is such a man… <3 Who doesn’t love a man with a troubled past but also cooks?! #ShokugekinoSouma returns after a week off with a new OP and ED! Liked the old ED more but this OP is better ^^


ED Sequence

ED: 「さっちゃんのセクシーカレー 」 (Sacchan no Sexy Curry) by 大森靖子(Oomori Seiko)


End Card


  1. I think I’m more interested in hearing about what Jouichirou did with his time after graduating Toutsuki

    Cherrie, I believe you’ve missed one of the most important revelations that came in this episode, which is that he never actually graduate from this school.

    1. while unlikely, I’ll lmfao if Joichiro ends up being the final boss. Imagine Souma clawing his way to the first seat, only for Joichiro to claim it! “Technically, son, I haven’t graduated yet”

  2. Oho. I believe the new OP has some minor references to Cooking Master Boy this time.
    What convinces me such:
    – some action sequences you wouldn’t expect, since Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga anime
    – title font with lots of flames in the background, a major part of CMB OP.

    That ED is one of the more unique ones I’ve seen in my anime experience though..
    You’d think the Show Spoiler ▼

    was the MC instead.

  3. The new ED is great in its own way, and it’ll grow on anyone who doesn’t quite get the appeal yet. As a manga reader though, the ED entertained me greatly. XD

    Purple Bomber
  4. Erina did a decent job explaining the importance of why students are anxious to participate and it peeked my interests.

    Minor correction: it’s “piqued my interest”, not “peeked my interests”. Honestly, that’s the only time I ever see pique being used, so I’m not sure what else ever gets piqued.

    As for the Erina/Jouchirou reveal, I think the important thing that it shows about Erina is that her cooking philosophy has a flaw: she believes you never cook anything that’s less than perfect, but ironically, her chef idol actually refines his food by experimenting and creating terrible, terrible dishes. It shows the double-edged sword of her God Tongue; she can’t stand to taste anything that’s not good, but ultimately she may limit herself by being unwilling to make less-than-tasty food in the pursuit of the best.

    Oh, and her idol happens to be Souma’s dad. Really looking forward to her reaction when she finds that out. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Curiosity also gets piqued.

      If it was too early, the reveal of Soma’s dad would’ve floored Erina in a big way, but at the current manga time I think she’ll be able to handle it. She’ll have a million questions and she’ll be pissed as hell, but she’ll get over it. The big one will be all the crap she’s given Soma about pedigree and not being good enough to even be at the school when her idol never graduated and came from no background, then made his living at a diner because he decided family was more important than cooking.

      1. The best part of this is that Souma didn’t actually used the reputation of his dad. Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Speculations (no spoilers, but placed in spoiler tags just in case)

    Show Spoiler ▼

    “For all the Erina shippers out there, I think the series is definitely leaning more towards an Erina x Souma pairing”

    I don’t think so (speculation placed in spoiler tags, just in case)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. My own speculations:

      To me, making such a big point out of the different last name screams that his leaving school had something to do with Soma’s mom. Show Spoiler ▼

      Really isn’t enough information to go too deep.

      For the OTP: Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I do like Megumi more than I like Erina and I clearly ship Megumi x Souma… but I don’t think I’m completely biased in this post. I mentioned the Erina x Souma ship and if the anime can actually show why they make a better pairing, I would be totally on board, but they haven’t. I barely mentioned Megumi here >_>…

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Shokugeki%20no%20Souma/Shokugeki%20no%20Souma%20-%2015%20-%20Large%2036.jpg

    More chef muscle, do you need muscle and a BIG knife to cook an unbeatable food in shokugeki?

    That face from URBAN images

    The demon had just cast Raping no Jutsu, via FOODs

    They want him to gangbang them up

    Beware of the letter D – (cited from One Piece)

    Reiji Akaba from Yu Gi Oh Arc V – similar to that French/Jap chef with glasses, and habit on that glasses/finger motion and glasses reflection shine. Card Combo are D , DD , DDD name types.

    In that point of view, let say, for instance

    D = Demon
    DD = Demon + Daddy
    DDD = Demon + Daddy + Desuka (Like in Japanese pronounce) or Desuka / ETC (whatever you like)

    He is truly Demon, and in fact Daddy
    and He want to rape his son with his D***** in Shokugeki

    1. That Link! Dude that was amazing. I’ve been a manga reader since about chapter 2, and since waaaayyy back then when this chapter of the car ride had first came out, I wished it would of gotten expanded on more.

      That was a lovely addition. Wow, this anime just keeps adding to the awesomeness to the series.

      That was a great drama cd. Erina and Soma shippers, watch that link! 😉 I know I enjoyed it.

  7. Soma’s dad is the ultimate DILF wingman.
    In a series of meals he captivated the hearts of 3 young girls and set his own son up for potential future wives because they all got t-h-i-r-s-t-y over the idea of Soma ending up like this dad.
    So many questions, so many….and you have soooo many of them that Show Spoiler ▼


    Seriously, Soma’s dad is eternally mysterious, but every time he pops back into the show you learn a little bit more. Which is what I seriously enjoy about this series.
    It’s time the Autumn Elections aka future Elite 10 building time (potentially).
    I also love the OP simply because of the strange attention to Show Spoiler ▼

    lmfao and her demon cooking.

  8. Also….
    This is just a general thing for all viewers.
    You’re better off not caring about the shippings right now because Soma keeps them all at an arms length romantically speaking. It also helps to make note that none of the female chars (except maybe Nikumi) are appearing to be romantically interested in him. It’s all just cooking on the brain as of right now.

    1. You know, it’s like a husband coming back from work to see a recorded football match and asks his wife “please don’t tell me the score”. And the wife says “ok, I won’t, just don’t expect to see any goals”. You are the wife, mister.

    2. You’re wrong about that “none of the female chars (except maybe Nikumi) are appearing to be romantically interested in him” part.

      I think you have missed all the hints about a certain female character.

  9. OnePunch_Guy
      1. Since if feel like that would require the tournament to start next episode, I’d rather they didn’t cut Kaarage/Summer Vacation and ended at ch. 61 afterwards. Seems like a good spot, just past the Prelims.

  10. What I’m curious about is Fumio’s comment about Jouichiro now cooking with kindness. That must mean back in his school days he cooked with so much ferocity.Show Spoiler ▼

    Hinako never fails me make me smile. I like how they added the little things to the Alumni recruiting scene in the anime, like showing even more how badly Hinako wants Megumi by blocking everyone else’s offers, and in Donato’s case literally pushing him away. Not to mention Shinomiya tying Hinako up…again.


    I can already see Megumi’s other job aside from a chef if she agrees to work for Hinako: a human dakimakura.

  11. I really really really wanted my Megumi and Souma ship to sail. Sigh. I don’t care how much growth Erina does, I will just never like her more than Megumi. MegumiXSouma forever!!!

      1. @Reikakou:

        At their current pace it wouldn’t make sense to try to go past the end of the prelims (ch. 61). They would have to cut out both Sensual Kaarage and summer vacation completely, and still couldn’t cover the entire Election at the quality they’ve given the rest of the show. Each match will need at least an episode, maybe two considering the prep-work beforehand.

        Isn’t a second season already planned? Here’s hoping to sticking with good pacing.

      2. Just poking around ANN and Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Curiosity got the better of me =(
      I need to stop opening spoiler tags lol… >_>

      Show Spoiler ▼

  12. Sorry, not knowing bothers me, so I felt the need to post this. It’s basically how I figure the matches after the Prelims will go(coded to avoid spoilers):

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, all the content of the Prelims will take 2 FULL episodes, so unless someone cuts some massive corners–which would be a first for this anime–we aren’t finishing the Autumn Election. Better to just include everything before the tournament and not worry about it IMHO.

  13. As much as I find Erina really hot I just won’t won’t approve it at all. I really want to see Souma end up with Megumi and I hope fans of the series would convince the show’s creators to do so. If not maybe a second series

    SoumaXMegumi forever

    1. Soma does not need an ‘obedient’ wife that worships him, he needs a counterbalance.

      Otp according to manga backstory is SomaXErina but characterwise, i think Ryoko or Hisako would be a better match.

      Culinary wise I think Soma X Boiling Witch would be awesome though 😀

      But im also fine with the otp, since I kind of like Erina somehow


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