“The Heroes Gather”

「勇者集結」 (Yuusha Shuuketsu)

An Ugly Episode:

First things first, this episode was ugly. There’s no point sugar coating it: this was one of the worst looking anime episode I’ve seen in quite a while (and I watch World Trigger!). So many shots were needlessly zoomed in (which I presume was by error), characters were speaking out of shot, and about 80% of the episode just looked off. Character models were wonky, and the CGI fiends and environments are overwhelmingly poor. Note: These screencaps are not reflective of the overall quality of the episode – these were the passable parts lodged between one terribly-drawn scene after another. That camera-spin at the end was nauseatingly bad. God… whose idea was that?

I found myself wondering what Rokka no Yuusha would be like if it were animated by a more renowned studio – would it have received better treatment? Passione are still newcomers, so this lackluster execution is to be expected, but it’s still disappointing because the first episode in particular had some promising art direction and fight choreography. Since that premiere, we’ve never got anywhere near that level of animation quality.

And Then There Were Seven:

Thankfully, the last few minutes of the episode saved it from being terrible. It’s an odd one, because the first two-thirds of the episode were below average, and not just in the visual department. Apart from some lame fights, nothing really happened. We learned that Fremy is in fact the Brave Killer – going out of her way to assassinate those who could have been eventually chosen. Yet, as Adlet points out, she seems to want to take down the Demon God herself. Why? We don’t know just yet, and I suspect that mystery will be drawn out until the very last moment.

The episode finally gets good when the final three Braves are introduced. Chamo Rosso (Kakumi Ai) is introduced as the strongest Brave from the offset – a little girl who is already well-known by all of the others. Mora Chester (Satou Rina) makes her appearance after being referenced last week. She’s the most mature of the bunch, and instantly feels like the ‘leader’ of the pack. And then there’s the seventh Brave, Hans Humpty (Suzumura Kenichi), an oddball with cat-like characteristics who doesn’t seem shaken by the revelation that there is an extra Brave among them. They’ve all got their mark, but legend dictates that there is always six Braves – no more, no less.

It took a while to get to this point, since it was in every synopsis of the series, being the major ‘hook’ to get us interested. The good thing is, I am interested now. Last week may have been a step-down, much like most of this episode, but now that we’ve reached this pivotal moment, I expect (and hope) things to heat up from here on out.

Suspect of the Week – (Mostly) Everyone:

There’s a fake among the seven – that much is obvious. It could be that particular individual is unaware of the fact, but I’m going to assume otherwise. Since we’re introduced to everyone now, I think it’s only fair to judge them all from what we’ve seen of them. At this stage, some have alarm bells ringing. In order of appearance (and order of most to least suspicious), we have:

  • Adlet (6) – Some suspect that he may the fake; his powers given by the Demon God instead, because of how ‘dark’ and suspicious his choosing was. That’s possible, but if that is the case I think it would be a weak twist. I want the fake to know they’re the fake. I want them to be actively plotting against the others, and I want it to be a surprise when it’s revealed (and we know it will be revealed in the final episode, according to the new Crunchyroll competition). For the time being, Adlet is among the least suspicious. He’s the point-of-view, and he’s shown no signs of an ulterior motive.
  • Nashetania (2) – One of the most suspicious, for sure. We know the most about her, her motives, personality, and past. But was it the truth or is she putting on an act? Sometimes I feel like she’s being genuine, yet other times her expressions makes me think that she may be a different person from who she’s making herself out to be. I have my eye on this privileged, powerful princess.
  • Fremy (7) – Initially suspicious, but now that we know that she’s the infamous Brave Killer, I think it would be very anti-climactic if she’s also the fake Brave. We know nothing about her, really, but my gut is telling me that she can’t be the fake. In fact, she’s less likely than Adlet at this stage. Calling it now, it is most definitely not Fremy.
  • Goldof (3) – I don’t trust this guy. He’s probably my least favourite of the bunch, just by my first impressions of him, and I don’t quite believe anything he says. He’s not done anything too ‘out there’ to pin the blame on him, but he’s another one to watch.
  • Chamo (5) – I’m going to go ahead and say that I don’t think the Chamo is the fake. She might be, because her personality would be fitting for the role, but if she really is the most powerful Saint since the original, why would she have to fake her position? If she is as strong as she’s claimed to be, then she should have been the most obvious Brave candidate. No one seems surprised by her being one; they’re more shocked that the most powerful Saint is in fact a little girl. Chamo is a funny one, for sure, but I don’t see her being the fake.
  • Mora (1) – My favourite from what I saw and read when looking into the series, and her first appearance was everything I expected. She’s the oldest of the lot, and comes off as the most experienced. She’s already taking charge and making it clear that there’s an impostor amongst them. From the final scene, she seems the most concerned with there being a fake seventh Brave. I’m pretty sure she’s a smart one, and if she were the fake then she’d have a careful plan to prevent her from being discovered. I’m very suspicious of her right now, but that’s why I’m liking her.
  • Hans (4) – There’s not much to go on this guy. He’s seems like a bit of a goofball, and not as concerned or serious as the other Braves. I’d place him around the middle somewhere, since there’s not much to go on with Hans just yet.

Overview – What’s Next?:

The seven Braves finally meeting saved this episode. It could have been an ugly, boring disaster, but thankfully it got to the point of no return, and I’m genuinely excited to see how this plays out. Mora, Nashetania, and Goldof are the most suspicious as of right now, but I’m sure everyone has a different opinion, and our opinions will likely change from week to week, depending on which characters we focus on and whose actions come across as suspicious. I know I went over everyone in this post, but I’d love to hear who you think the fake is, and why.

Of course, if you already know who it is, then don’t bother saying. No spoilers, please. Don’t ruin it for everyone else. Much appreciated.

Full-length images: 24.

ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Dance in the Fake」 by RUCCA


  1. If we’re going to compare the two (which is fair because the animation this week really was bad), then I’d still take Rokka as it is now over World Trigger. I’ve heard better things about it since (dropped it right before the invasion arc), but Toei just dragged the pace of World Trigger’s plot down to a crawl. We weren’t getting interesting plot hooks to relieve us of the cheap and/or lazy animation every week. At least thus far, Rokka’s giving us things to think about each week.

    Purple Bomber
    1. I also like the idea that the plan relies on the heroes’ paranoia to work. It would be a great Hannibal Lecture in the last episode: “There was no traitor”. It would crush the heroes, especially if their distrust caused some tragedies along the way.

    2. The other thing which got massively skimmed over due to the …”wait a minute… there’s clearly seven of us… flower petal standoff… moment” was that moments before Adlet had just been part of a serious revelation..

      Fiends that can look like humans…. I mean he even held the damn thing in his arm and had no clue…
      but he chooses not to reveal this as to yet completely unconsidered possibility to the group. Now thats not to say I think hes the fake…

      There’s plenty of red herring flying about… although its interesting that Adlet’s powers are based on deception and fakery… Perhaps he’s the Brave of Fake… a self fulfilling Brave Power!

      Calling it now Hans Humpty is too ridiculous (Ichimaru Gin feelalike) to be an imposter… i mean that’s sleeper cell 101.. don;t stand out or display obvious psychotic tendancies in the OP…

  2. Eh, I think you over-exaggerating the animation this week. True was overall mediocre, but hardly anywhere compared to worst the medium has to offer let alone this season. And I’m watching almost everything.

    As for the situation with Fremy in the first half, I’m surprised it bothered you. It was taken care of pretty quickly so didn’t overstay it’s welcome and came with interesting revelation. The temple was gotten to fast while it had some strange, but intriguing stuff going. Like the Fiends being surprising organized for once, and even one transforming into a human and running off. Then of course there barrier activating on it’s own and trapping everyone inside. This all definitely come into play with the main mystery, but safe to say this situation is unlike any the previous generations of Braves faced.

    Iron Maw
    1. This. For me this ep was not worse than ep. 2. Yes, there were some bad drawn faces in some scenes but 3d monsters were at least better than in Chaos Dragon and animation in general was decent. The studio is quite new and probably just don’t have enough hands to make it on the highest level. Honestly, Durarara x 2 Shou was worse but they somehow improved with Ten.

  3. I want the fake to know they’re the fake. I want them to be actively plotting against the others

    Really? How… traditional. Allow me to suggest to you the concept of the unwitting pawn.

    Also an alternate possibility of the mole being a person who wants to kill the demon lord, but also has an interest of their own that might not align with the others: so rather than a fight between good and evil, it would be a fight between good, evil, and “we don’t know what the heck this person wants.”

    1. I’m just being honest. From what I expected of Rokka no Yuusha going into it, that’s how I interpreted the ‘fake hero’ concept. There’s every chance I could be convinced to enjoy something less traditional (as you put it). I just want a good mystery, and hopefully a well-delivered twist by the end. If that means the fake hero is no more than secretly being ‘evil’ then so be it – if it’s done well enough, and is believable, then that’s more than enough in my books. If not, I’m willing to see what else Rokka no Yuusha has to offer. Either way, I’m interested.

  4. Perhaps I’m just ignorant of such things (wouldn’t be the first time) but I didn’t find anything particularly off-putting about this episode’s visuals. In retrospect, sure they could’ve been a lot better – particularly if you want to compare it to the first episode, which I’m not really inclined to – but I can’t say they stood out particularly noteworthy one way or the other.

    That aside, as to who the ‘fake’ might be, my suspicion falls on Mora this week. She seemed a little too eager to knock down even the remote possibility that an exception to the Braves of the Six Flowers could happen, almost as if she were trying to encourage the idea of a traitor in the group.

    Of course, the same could also be said of Hans, albeit to a lesser degree. Those two are at the top of my list right now; Goldof and Nashetania not being far behind, but still not suspicious enough to merit anything more at the moment.

    Ryan Ashfyre
    1. I think what it is is I put a lot of focus on the art and animation when it comes to viewing/reviewing an episode. As an animator myself (or someone who studied it, at least), I pay attention to when things are noteworthy – be it exceptionally or terribly done. If the visuals of an episode are just ‘fine’ or unchanged from what I’ve come to expect, I don’t tend to bring it up, but overall I’m very much aware of good or bad animation when I see it, and so I bring it up in my reviews. That’s why KyoAni is my favourite studio, but you’d know that from my Hibike! Euphonium reviews (if you read them).

      We all view anime in a different way, and put emphasis on different things. Of course, I can love a series that doesn’t look all that great, but delivers in every other way. However, when I’m watching an episode, I’m usually always aware of the art direction, the art quality, framing, animation, and general cinematography that’s being used to tell the story. I appreciate when those things are done successfully, because I know how difficult it is to pull it off. Sadly, this episode didn’t, and that’s why I brought it up.

  5. If we look at this from an out-of-universe perspective I think we can narrow the fake down to two main possibilities:

    First, Hans, Mora, and Chamo can be excluded on the grounds that, being just introduced, the audience doesn’t care enough about them for it to be an effective twist. Goldof has been around longer, but his stoic, mildly dickish personality puts him in a similar position. Fremy strike’s me as unlikely, given that we already did a “she might be evil” plot (and, in-universe, a fake that’s likely to get killed on the spot is ineffective). So that just leaves Nashetania and Adlet

    If it’s Adlet, he clearly has no idea about it, and there’ll probably be ramifications coming up later. If it’s Nashetania I’d expect her to be evil all along because “I’m a fake but still good” is the sort of thing that really doesn’t work well when you’re not the PoV character

    1. Eh, I don’t know about that. We don’t that much about Adlet and Nashetania either, they just only had more screentime then others because someone had introduce the onset of plot. So they are really all on even ground here.

      Iron Maw
    2. That sounds promising. In either case, it would have been foreshadowed since episode 1.

      From an in-universe perspective, I think we can dismiss any theories that don’t include some sort of supernatural help. The mark isn’t just a fancy tattoo that can be faked; the previous episode explained that it helps the Braves survive in the Demon God’s land. That means that if all seven go there and can breathe, the fake’s mark is as powerful and useful as a normal one.

      So, either the goddess changed her mind for this generation, or the Demon God “created” a seventh Brave. In that case, the traitor can only be an unwitting pawn or someone who has connections with the Demon God; their motivation is a secondary matter (just wanting to kill everyone in the country isn’t enough if you can’t pull strings to be hired by the bad guy).

  6. ToG and Shield Hero taught me not to trust nice girls so I subjectively pick Nashetania as the fake hero……
    And I agree with the visual in this episode, they’re ugly

    Blahto Blahtoto
    1. Agree. I’ve never hated a character as much as that sneaky backstabbing sonnaovabich in ToG. After everything the MC has done for her and he gets that treatment. Ugggh still frustrates me every single time.

      Back on topic, still think princess is the fake. She has the most foreshadowing so far although it could be a misdirection.

  7. Yeah, I do have to say that the animation quality is quite poor for this Episode. Perhaps it’ll get better treatment when it gets a second season – like many other Anime does. Honestly, given how good the LN is, I really don’t doubt that this will get a S2. However, I do have to say that Vol 1 (which will be covered in this Season) is probably least interesting part of the story. It’s interesting for sure, but the other parts are way better. If they don’t end it on that cliffhanger, then it might be a bit difficult to make the audience interested in a Season 2 (then again, they might be annoyed by the cliffhanger).

    Argh, this series deserve better treatment. Btw, I’m surprised you didn’t cap the new ending. I wonder if they’ll do one for each character. If they make a new ending for every 3 episodes, then I believe there will be one for Fremy and Goldof. Also, the sub group needs to use the correct names for the characters. I cringed so much when they mess up the names of the Saints. Leura became Riura lol.

    I feel sad that I can’t participate in the guessing game (the LN hooked me on so much), so I’m gonna hide and play another game by myself – guessing who is pretending to be Anime-only, and trying to spoil it for everyone.

    1. Updated with caps from the ED. Going by what is shown, it does appear Nashetania’s story is legit. I’ve heard that we’ll have a third ED with a focus on Fremy, so that should be in a few episodes time.

      1. It’s a good thing they have an ED for Fremy. By the way, I’m not sure if someone has mentioned this before, but the characters that are used for the language in this Anime can actually be translated to English. The contents contain more exposition on the world of Rokka, and it is a nice reference to the LN. Although the art is getting a bit wonky, which probably has to do with their budget, it seems like they actually put a lot of work behind the scenes.

        I have a link to Tieba Baidu (Chinese site) which has the translations. You can just ignore the Chinese characters. Show Spoiler ▼

        It’s really nice to see that the studio isn’t plain lazy, but just don’t have the budget to bring out the full potential of this series.

  8. ‘I feel sad that I can’t participate in the guessing game (the LN hooked me on so much), so I’m gonna hide and play another game by myself – guessing who is pretending to be Anime-only, and trying to spoil it for everyone.’


    Anyway, if we are going for the ‘traditional’ fake hero route, Nashe seems by far the most suspicious. Off the top of my head:
    1) She was flipping out way too crazily for no serious reason.
    2) She destroyed some stuff in the process, could there be consequences?
    3) She was covering her mouth at the last scene, possibly hiding a sly smile?

    That being said, it might also be ‘too obvious’, a misdirection even. Same can be said about Hans’ seemingly shady appearance.

    The whole fiend pretending to be human thing probably had a big role to play; someone used that opening to activate the barrier, thus I doubt it’d be Adlet.

  9. So, someone who is not even my friend in FB have spoiled who the fake is. Really annoyed there.

    While it kinda changes the experience (like playing Wolf while knowing who the wolf is), there’s a good thing coming out of it actually. I now noticed some things which are not really suspicious (and other things which are even more weird) and probably could guess the role of each member in the narrative. I’ll try to enjoy it as I could.

    About animation, it has a lot of off model character indeed, however I think it’s nowhere close being the worst. The animation direction is still decent, I think.

  10. My theory is that there are 2 enemies of the 7.

    1 is the fake while another 1 is a collaborator.

    I believe that princess bunny ears is the fake while her knight in shining black armor is the pawn.

  11. Maybe there’s no fake at all? Because last time one of the braves was killed off before they face the demon lord. This time they even planned that someone might have to be left behind with the barrier.

    My suspect of the week is still Adlet though.

  12. So one is fake, huh?

    I don’t know why, but the princess is on my radar. Her freak out and weird characteristics throughout the past episodes are kinda hinting at her not being all she’s saying to be. It’s just too obvious if it’s cat guy or Best girl Fremy.

    Since the saint of the gigantic mountains(sorry, I had to) and the flower saint seems to be quite established as already known braves, this can only leave out maybe Hans as another possibility. I find that kind of a bit of a stretch, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that so he can protect the princess. Then again, I don’t see him doing something that dishonorable.

  13. i think Adlet might be the fake rokkan for this week. Rewatch back episode 1 , his mark were given by the tentacles (possible is demon king) to trick him to believe that he is one of the chosen.

    As for
    Goldof – i dont really trust him. he keep too much secret. very obvious he is envy with Adlet
    Fremy – guess she doing the killing to increase her chance to get chosen
    Mora – nothing much about , will see as story progress
    Chamo – the strongest Saints and well known, so she totally out from suspicion.
    Nashetania – as for she is very naive princess, complete trust Adlet ( guess she like him) and show some jealousy in front of Adlet
    Hans – for some reason, i completely dont trust him. he somehow give vibe of Ichimaru Gin (Bleach) or Hazama/Terume (Blazblue)that sly attitude and look as seem he is the mastermind.

    last but not least i really want to more about Ruira ( the Saint of Sun). what her relationship with Adlet? hope she do make appearances in the anime

  14. Hmm, I guess I’m not that in tune to it, but I didn’t notice any animation problems. I LOVE the score to this so much. That music at the end was just breathtaking.

    As to who could the fake be?

    My biggest suspects are Nashetania, Goldof, Mora, or Chamo.

    The rule of thumb is that it’s always the one that you least suspect. In this case, I would usually suspect Adlet however, because of a small spoiler as to the nature of the fake, I no longer think it’s him.

    Hans is TOO obvious. Just as someone suggested, he reminds you of a character like Ichimaru Gin who serve as red herrings for the real villain. He looks too shady, and thus it’s very unlikely he’s the one.

    Fremie as the Brave-killer is useless as a fake since no one trusts her and she wants no one’s trust. She also already had her “is she, or isn’t she?” plot line.

    As for the rest, Chamo, I know nothing about, but she looks like a kid which can make people think she’s innocent and is a good cover for a fake spy. But other than that, got no real vibes concerning her.

    Goldof has been gone for months since Nashe saw him last. And there was a long period where he just stopped keeping in contact. Whose to say that he wasn’t killed and replaced by a fake during that time?

    I don’t know much about Mora, but she has the legendary background that can get people to trust her. Also, she was the one who kept emphasizing that there was no way there could be 7. Also, as a leader she could easily lead them astray. And she did happen to be the first one to get to the area…

    Nashetania, well, something has always been off about that girl to me. Especially that moment when the demon god awakens and she’s standing off in the distance watching. It’s just off. Also, she’s the main female lead as well, which is one of the least likely to be seen as the villain.

  15. And here starts the real deal! =3

    I didn’t really see that bad animation (though to be honest, I usually don’t, unless it’s something like the lengthy stills in World Trigger or that one episode of Wizard Barristers), but agreed on that camera-spin at the end, that was was nausea-inducing.

    The voices given to those fiends made me think of digimons xD

  16. To find out how is the Fake one?

    Well, in reddit, this is flowing around:

    Let them go all to the Demons Land, then the Faker would die of the Poison.. So easy, but the Anime progression is trying to slow it down. Trapping inside this Barrier, where the triggering is strange

    No, like Classroom Crisis, i smell this Plot line was not really fleshed out beyond episode 1 or 2. All energy gone into the Pilot-episode, and now they are suffering to bring the Meat on the Table

    1. Actually going to the enemy teritory won’t be an effective indicator, because (it’s not really a spoiler I think, since it’s just a background knowledge and it’s never treated like a secret, not to mention it’s almost irrelevant to the plot at this point, but I will put it in spoiler tags just in case) Show Spoiler ▼

    1. If you rewatch the 1st and 2nd ending , there is a scene (a temple or pyramid) showing 6 heroes darken shade standing watching sunrise.

      1st ending – Adlet , the remain 6 darken
      2nd ending – Adlet (slightly fading appearance) , Nashetania , and remain 5 darken shade.

      Guess the remain character ending will show when times comes.

  17. my rating of suspects:
    7.Fremy – we don’t know anything about her motives, but she’s not hiding being brave-killer in the very least. If she is an enemy to you she will point gun at your face, not back (see previous episode).
    6.Adlet – he’s underhanded in hsi fighting ways, bragging about being strongest and plainly too stupid to be the mole.
    5.Nashetania – give her break, she’s kinda fish out of water after being sheltered as princess for so long.
    4.Goldov – He would never betray his beloved princess – we can see it now he is head over heels in love with her. I suspected him afterhe was so eager to attack Fremy but now she admitted to being brave-killer i can kinda understand him.
    3.Hans – he’s acting kinda overly chaotic. As in, he can be chaotic good, chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. Plus I dont trust characters who hide their eyes.
    2.Chamo. She is apparently most powerful of saints, and is immediately trying to kill Fremy even after learning she’s one of 6 (and before news of them being 7) Plus, what better smokescreen for the mole to be a seemingly innocent kid?
    1.Moira – she seems smartest of the bunch, and she was involved in the very barrier plan that has them all now stuck.
    So we’re in a situation straight out of the RPG session where Agatha Christie is GM…
    I hope the studio will get over the animation quality problems, because while the suspense element and storytelling is nice, it is after all animated series…

  18. In the perspective from the other braces Adlet is very suspective, because it seems he activated the fog.
    Fremy is out, by helping the dogs we have her allraedy estaplished as a good person. No one likeing dogs can be evil.

  19. Wouldn’t rule out Goldov. His feelings for Nashetania makes him easy to manipulate.
    My top suspect is still Nashetania. We know to less about Hans, Chamo or Moira. So my rating together with their most likely role as mole is:
    1. Nashetania as a brilliant manipulator.
    2. Adlet as an unwitting pawn.
    3. Goldov signing a pact with the devil.
    4. Fremy as “lol, I even told you”.

  20. I just noticed one point: The biggest suspect this episode is Chamo. If we assume that the fake activated the fog it had to be Chamo. We have seen that it wasn’t Aldet. Nashetania, Goldov and Fremy were in one group and Hans and Moira in another one, so one Chamo is left.

    1. This hinges on the assumption that the fake is the one that activated the barrier. If a fiend can transform into a human, isn’t it possible the fake could have leaked the plan and let the demons activate the barrier, plus set someone up to take the fall (in this scenario, Adlet). When Adlet came in, there was no one inside but 2 armors. By the time he came in, it was already activated and I don’t think someone slipped past him.

  21. Wouldn’t the fiend zone be the best “traitor” detector, the moment they step there only the real braves will survive and the fake will die (since they said that only the braves can survive into the fiend territory), to counter that -acting as the devil’s advocate- i’d say maybe the fake was given some powers by the great fiend making them immune to the deadly mist in the fiend zone .. but again shouldn’t those powers have some symptoms or apparent effects different from the braves powers !!?

    My top suspects are Nashetania and Adlet, there is something off about both of them, Adlet seems to have no special braves powers manifest so far and the nightmare before he was selected looked like something a fiend would create … also, he might look and act like an idiot sometimes but he is actually quite smart and never really trusts anyone fully (as we saw with the mirror scene with Fermy), he also hid from them the very important fact that fiends can disguise themselves as humans (i know it might cause a panic in a situation like this with the traitor and all, but you can’t really hide a crucial bit of info like this unless you have ulterior motives), we need to learn more about his past and his master before we can say for sure whether he is the fake or not.

    Nash on the other hands acted weird this episode when she destroyed the stone tablet and threw away the scrolls (which nobody seemed to bother with or even attempt reading, as if she faked that act to get rid of those or something), also her skill with the flying swords don’t match with her claims of inexperience in combat against fiends and panicking before in ep2 .. when Adlet was away she seemed pretty confident and even gleeful as she set a spike trap to one of the fiends -then disappointing when it managed to escape- that’s something that shows she is quite experienced fighting fiends and enjoys it.

    As for the animation, i only noticed a serious dip in the quality in the scene where Nash berates Adlet about him getting too close to Fermy so fast saying she must be “popular” .. their faces looked really weird there, other than that the episode was the same quality as ep2 and ep3 and is above average overall (in terms of visual quality)

      1. Huh, didn’t see all the magical swords that Nash had been using since the start of the show, that’s her power, same with Fremy’s ability to conjure gunpowder out of thin air to fire her bullets with, Adlet is just using the same dirty tricks he has been using before he became chosen, so aside from the supposed immunity to fiend mist he didn’t manifest any meaningful power to use aganist the great fiend, which is very suspicious IMO.

      2. I’m pretty sure that Nashetania and Fremy’s powers (and Chamo and Mora as well) are because they are Saints, and it was explained that Saints were always women. Adlet, Goldof, and Hans all specialise in some form of combat without any magical abilities.

      3. Like Samu said, Nashetania and Fremy’s powers come from them being Saints of Blades and Gunpowder, they had those powers before becoming Braves.

        Common misunderstanding I’ve seen is that Saints = Braves when Saints are entirely different group of people (they are basically highest ranking followers of specific gods, and only ones with special magic-like powers in the setting. Unless Braves have something like that we don’t know about as well). Basically, not all Braves are Saints and not all Saints are Braves. For example, the mist barrier was said to have been created by Saints of salt, mist and illusions, none of whom are among current Braves.

    1. There are 78 saints that are known so far, and saints are only women who can manifest supernatural powers. Adlet, Hans and Goldof are not saints. Like Erimaki said, they can’t all be Braves. It’s usually combination of normal people and saints, even 700 years ago, they had 3/3 combination and 300 years ago they had 1 man and 5 saints. Nashetania, Fremy, Chamo and Mora are saints that are chosen for this set of braves.

      Also, if you watched horrible subs version you will see that they translated Mahnyakam’s gender wrong. Since SHE was the Saint of Salt, she cannot be male.

    2. I don’t know if the fiend zone would act as a detector. It might be the fiends who are behind giving the fake seal to the traitor. If so, it wouldn’t surprise me if they also are immune to that climate.

  22. so the monsters were bombing nothing? 0 dmg to the temple? demon lord u need hire better underling
    also i find a bit weird that the temple door could be open from these small bomb

    1. You are wrong. The demon lord did a good job here. He intend to lure all heroes to the temple , send a fake hero to activate the barrier (fog) trap all of them in 1 spot and do evil deeds without any interferences from heroes. Remember the previous episode, the mayam warrior stated 1 heroes had to stay back to activate the barrier while the rest subside the demon lord.

  23. Well with this early on in the show, It’s hard to pinpoint any of them. But right now with the 4 episodes we have, I’m going with either Adlet or Maura as the fake. Hans seems too obvious considering how sneaky and mysterious he already presents himself. The princess would seem suspicious with the way she acts differently from time to time, but I think she’s the bait. The show may want us to think she is the fake when she really is actually innocent. Maura seems like the most capable of the lot (aside from Adlet) to be able to hold up a front and actually be tricking everyone. I’d like to see Adlet as the fake too, but it would be pretty hard to cover it up if it was him since he is the main POV.

  24. The thing about trying to use, getting on the island as a test. Yes, the real seals will protect the real ones, but since it’s the demon god’s poison that would affect them anyway, I would think that the spy for the demon god would have a way around it as well. What better way to protect yourself, than to get protection from the source.

  25. My money is on Mora for this episode.
    – She was supposed to be waiting at the temple and guard it but instead she arrived last with another brave in tow
    – She is part of the Barrier Plan but she doesn’t even ask why the barrier was activated and who did it (just like Chamo or Hans)
    – She also doesn’t ask how they even opened the doors
    – She is the Saint of Mountains and I wouldn’t be surprised if her power allowed her to move through solid ground or walls, which would explain how she could activate the barrier without being seen

    Chamo is also pretty suspicious
    – She knows that Fremy is the Brave-Killer and wants to kill her on the spot, but how does she even know this? Did Fremy already try to kill her and both survived?
    – She is the Saint of Swamps and again, I have no idea what kind of power this translates to, but sinking into the ground or using swamp gas for illusions and stuff sound possible
    – If the Saint of the Sun is dead, the strongest Brave sounds like a good murder supsect

    Thanks to the empty room mystery I’m pretty sure it has to be one of the Saints at the moment. Sure, the human that turned into a fiend could have been an distraction so that someone could slip past Adlet and activate the barrier, but without some sort of magic or disguise I don’t know how they could have gotten out again. Or if the fake is a fiend that turned itself into a human, could it also turn into something small like an insect to get past Adlet and turn back into a human? And a fiend would also be immune against the demon lords poison.

  26. Alright! Now that I’ve learned the identity of the faker, my brain will finally rest easy from trying to be Sherlock.

    I will just mutter on the fakers every peculiar scenes… “So that’s how it is, eh?”

  27. Each one of them are real as putting up a fake theory makes it more interesting…

    Here’s my speculation….
    There are no fakes as the seventh one was actually the reincarnation of the one who created the six to finally end this cycle of Demon God.

  28. An OK episode. I was expecting more from this, but the tension is nowhere to be found. The revelation is not shocking anymore now that everyone has known there would be 7 Braves, and at least one of them is the fake.

    I am particularly annoyed by two things:

    – There are some very awkward animation segments. How much time did they spend editing this episode? The camera spinning is nauseating. Don’t do that again.

    – I feel like they are taking it too easy with Fremy. She is guilty of killing innocent people (potential Braves). Goldof is a knight and he seems strict. He should have apprehended her weapon and even cuffed her hands to make sure she does not do anything stupid until her innocence can be surely proven. It’s a precautionary thing. Take this example, if you are in a zombie apocalypse and find yourself teaming up with a murder who just escaped from prison. The man claims his kills were unintentional and he was just robbing to feed his family. Would you trust him right away?

    Episode gets 6.5/10 from me. I don’t watch a lot of anime, so I am a bit more choosy and critical when it comes to impression.

  29. At first I thought that it was not Hans because that would be too obvius, but then I thought: What if Hans just sneaked past Adlet when he was fighting the guards after opening the door,activated the thing ans sneaked out. He said himself that he is an assassin.
    But also the princess is very suspicious…
    This is just what I think though 😉

  30. I think that the fake one is out of 3. Chamo, Nachentanya or Maura. I think Chamo seems suspicious and what was she doing before, she met the group. Nachentanya because she is one of the least suspected, I mean for all we know she could even be faking to be the princess. Finally Maura coz she could be giving false information to make her seem less suspicious. You know what they say, Expect the unexpected.


    Lucy Heartfilia
    1. it was Planed that the Guardians of the Castle in Episode 3 (That explained how to activate the Barrier to Adlet and Flamie), to go there and activate the Barrier, so that thr Braves can go into the Demons Lord land.

      Yes, only Demons can not penetrate the Walls of this Temple. So Humans and Braves are capable of this

      my guess? Someone that is capable to go in and clean after himself when things was done. So renew a Seal. How is capable of it? or fake the Door still working


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