“Heart Knocker”

「ハートノッカー」 (Hato Nokka)

More Progress!:

Can it be that WORKING!!!, the series where the majority of its comedy comes from teasing the audience is actually delivering on its character development and potential romantic ends? All we needed was the Yamada siblings to bump into each other (which I’m sure will come soon) and this episode would have felt even more complete.

Whether it be the developments with Satou and Yachiyo or Souta and Inami, this episode felt like a reward for us long-time viewers. After two seasons of teasing and misunderstandings, we’ve finally got to the point where the characters are facing each other head-on. But will they end up together? I think both of them will, though I still think Souta and Popura are a cute combo. Carrying on from last week, Yachiyo clearly has developed feelings for Satou, and Satou just can’t say what he’s feeling. It’s painful, but believable. Their scenes together were my favourite – when/if they do eventually confess to one another, episode like this will only make it that much more rewarding.

More Hilarity!:

This was another hilarious episode, carrying on from Satou and Yachiyo’s date. I don’t know what was more funny: Satou having to leave with an upset stomach because of how nervous he was, or Yachiyo shouting “Ask me out again!” as she tried and failed to leave the stockroom. Honestly, any moment with this pair is enough to put a smile on my face. Even if Satou doesn’t know anything about her (as proven by the quiz) that doesn’t change the fact that they’d make a great, cute couple. Yachiyo spends most of her time blabbing about Kyoko-san anyway, so if it were just her and Satou, maybe he would know her blood type, birthday, and shoe size.

The other recurring gag this week was the developing relationship between Souta and Inami. These two really have come a long way from the days of various punches to the face. But I like this new dynamic, even if Souta isn’t quite sure how he feels about Inami. I’ve never been 100% behind this pairing, but I agree with Souta: Inami can be pretty cute once you remove her comically-abusive tendencies. I’m not as sure about these two as a pair, but Inami tearing up and softly punching Souta was a strangely powerful moment. Yamada, you failed as a producer! Hang your head in shame and get back to not doing your work!

Overview – What’s Next?:

Yamada was also hilarious, yet again; especially her taking pride in not wanting to work. If I worked with her, I probably wouldn’t be so in favour of her ways, but watching her in all glory is a treat. Overall, this episode carried on well from the last one. Will we get more progress next week? I sure hope so. I’m liking this new side to WORKING!!!.



  1. Even if Satou doesn’t know anything about her (as proven by the quiz) that doesn’t change the fact that they’d make a great, cute couple

    Well, that can be intepreted as Satou not bothering to know anything about the Yachiyo he likes,
    but then again, I interpret it as Satou actually remembering about everything Yachiyo talks about with him,
    even if its about Kyoko and not herself.

    The other recurring gag this week was the developing relationship between Souta and Inami.

    I find it amusing that what triggered their shenanigans this episode was actually casual remarks by both of the Yamada siblings. Their observation powers are no joke XD.

    1. Satou was too embarrassed to ask Yachiyo anything, I mean literally anything. But he listened to, literally every little story she had to tell him. I guess that’s how a shy boy gets a girl.

  2. I absolutely hated Inami early on in the series. The constant assault on Takanashi just gave me flashbacks to one of my personally hated anime tropes – guy gets punched by the heroine for almost no real reason (eg. Keitarou from Love Hina maybe started it, many other examples that I forgot).

    Eventually, we learned why Inami was that way. When Takanashi berated Inami’s father for being the source of her androphobia – followed by Inami hopelessly falling for Takanashi – just melts away my hate for her.

    And finally, we’ve come to this. To see Inami tearing up and softly “punched” Takanashi…I just…it’s kind of sad.

    I’m firmly rooting now for Inami. She is indeed cute…when she’s in control of her destructive fist.

    Danny Zeto
    1. I’ve never really understood why they went with Inami, even though they did, popura is clearly the female lead. Plus you’ve got the fact that Inami was a fairly unfortunate character for a season and a half or so.

      Really the only reason I think Inami works okay is because she requires him to overcome his issues just as much as her. If it had been Popura, you would have had some odd pedo/non-pedo implications to his whole thing.

  3. Well I know Yachiyo will develop feelings for Satou eventually and they are such nice couple but I can’t help rooting for Kyouko and Yachiyo :)) guess only me here TvT

    But what suprised me the most was Kyouko probably has some feelings for Yachiyo rather than seeing a person she used to protect and get treated since like forever. Also wow Takanashi and Inami, great process, that light punch and those tears, ahh never old stuff.

  4. It really takes a Yamada to stirs things up in Wagnaria. And to think last time it was Aoi who caused some ruckus by telling Yachiyo about Satou’s feelings. Mitsuki just can’t see that the reason Satou knows more about Kyoko is because he’s always willing to listen to the girl he likes talk all day about Kyoko.

    In the past seasons there were so many moments I thought Katanashi-kun didn’t deserve an Inami punch to the face, but this so far has got to be one of those times when I thought he did. I really commend Inami with the effort she’s been putting so I’m also rooting for her feelings to reach Souta. That has got to be the closest Inami was able to touch Souta without his Kotori persona, and I don’t think that soft punch counts as breaking Inami’s record of not punching any guys so far this season. I do also have to give props to Souta for making the effort to at least say Inami is cute. It was funny though how he thought he got along with Inami better compared to his older sisters and he thought it might be due to the bustsizes. Even if Souta realized there’s something small with Inami, she will never see that as a compliment.

  5. Welp, it’s finally off its rocker and moving along to some sort of an finale to the two love stories.

    With Kyouko and Yachiyo’s “relationship” finally mellowed out to a big sister / little sister dynamic (shame Yachiyo’s bad habit – talking about ‘Kyouko-san’ in front of Satou – is still there) , and Souta and Inami‘s feelings for each other finally got a bit more complicated.

    Can we even have a conclusion in another 8 episodes??? (without the show jumping over the shark, of course)



    Inami X Takanashi ship finally continued its maiden voyage!

    Daym! And Yachiyo is REALLY CUTE when she’s in love.

    I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Nisekoi for being the “no progression” lightning rod so all other shows can finally have theirs.

    1. This is the final season, so there had to be some kind of resolution involved unless they wanted to give the audience the middle finger. And to be fair, it looks like the Nisekoi manga might finally be making real progress with Raku rejecting someone.

  7. Man, Inami’s “punch” really hit me. Can’t wait to see how their relationship moves forward from here.

    Maybe I’ve just encountered too many internet trolls in the years since season 2, but I can’t help finding Souma more annoying than I used to. I really can’t stand people like Souma who annoy people to get a reaction, then claim the reaction was uncalled for. The Souma and Satou dynamic is still funny, since he’s not using the anonymity of the web and Satou can give him a good smack when he deserves it (if only all trolls would do it in person…). Also, it seems like he genuinely cares about Satou and Yachiyo working out, so he gets some credit for that.

    1. Well, that might be a side-effect of certain other roles Souma and Satou’s seiyuu have this season… 😛

      More seriously, though, it actually seemed halfway through season 2 that while he might have started out poking fun at an easy target, Satou’s plight was actually pitiable enough to eventually garner Souma’s real support. Or maybe dealing with Aoi gave Souma more empathy for the people he’d been making fun of. Don’t ever tell Aoi that, though…

      (On a vaguely unrelated note… so I saw a video of a Japanese player trying SCP Containment Breach… who quickly came up with a nickname for SCP-173. Based on a goroawase reading of the number… I(1)-na(7)-mi(3) chan. The irony. :P)

  8. It seems I’m not the only one affected by Inami’s “punch” and tears. Souta is a hard hearted bastard to be able to withstand those tears. Oh, and Yamada may think she failed as a producer, but Souta’s defenses are just about destroyed. One more and I think he’s done for. It’s been a long time coming but the two couples look like they’re finally going to give us a happy ending. Now when the Yamada’s meet…

  9. I still don’t like Inami. It’s not like I like Poplar more but I really don’t like Legend of the Fists, the girl. To be honest, I kind of wish Yamada’s older brother had met Inami in season 1. They have a better dynamic anyway.

    Also, isn’t Kyouko kind of too old for Yachio? I don’t think the author is pairing Yachio with Satou to break their paring but it’s just the author saying that Yachio has graduated a class S relationship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class_S_%28genre%29


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