“The Reason of Two”

「二人の理由」 (Futari no Riyuu)

Adlet & Fremy’s History – Talking Fiends & Losing Family:

After this episode, I think it’s fair to say that neither Adlet nor Fremy are the fake hero. They were already at the very bottom of my suspect list, since the past few episodes have made it pretty clear that both of them aren’t as guilty as the others believe them to be. It was good to have them both share their stories with one another, and even for Adlet to have his tsundere “I’ve not fallen in love with you!” moment. Despite the fact the others wish to kill Adlet, he’s still got a smile on his face and is looking at this positively. But now we know that’s because of his master’s harsh teachings.

We finally learn the name of his master, Atro Spiker, a man who was originally on Fremy’s hit list, but escaped her gun because she thought him too old. His infamous training methods are apparently well known, with all his pupils said to have fled because they couldn’t take it. Of course, Adlet proves that claim wrong, saying that he was turned from an average little boy to (potentially) the strongest in the world, through his studies and practice of secret weapons, poisons, gunpowder, and science. Adlet doesn’t have powers like the Saints, so he’s had to put even more effort into his fighting abilities. We’ve seen his tricks and boxes of secret weapons from the very first episode, and it makes sense why he has so much to carry around. He’s certainly strong after all those years of training, but without his tools, he’s bound to have difficulty.

The most interesting part of the episode would have to be the introduction of one of the three who rules the fiends. Honestly, when he came strolling menacingly down the field and then stopped in front of Adlet and his friend, I was not expecting him to raise his hat and start talking in an eloquent voice. It caught me by surprise, but this has me much more interested in the fiends. The fact that they can speak and seemingly have their own hierarchy makes them feel more rounded, and if we eventually explore that further, I’ll be keen to see the other fiends in charge. As for now, we know that this one in particular ties Adlet and Fremy together: he came to their village and divided their people, taking them to the fiend’s side of the war; and Fremy was born because of this his wishes to have a half-human in their company (before she was later betrayed by her own mother and those she had called her friend). As Adlet says, they are both more similar than they originally seemed, which made this whole encounter so easy to watch. But as Fremy also points out, Adlet at least has something to believe in, and she’s jealous of that. But I’d say there are two Braves who would work well together to take down the real fake, I’d place my bets on Adlet and Fremy.

Suspect of the Week – Nashetania:

We’re not focusing too much on the ‘fake hero’ right now, and even less on the idea of there being an eighth person. Others were saying that the eighth doesn’t necessarily need to be another hero, just another person involved in this scheme. As for now, Adlet is still the major suspect in the eyes of everyone, except Nashetania. She’s very quiet in this episode, except for when Adlet is concerned. I said last week I thought her concerns were genuine, and I still believe they are. But now that I think about it further, it’s possible that if she is the fake then she feels guilty for Adlet being blamed for it. She’s certainly grown to like him quite a bit, and wants to rid him of suspicion. At least we can say that Nashetania and Goldov can’t be working together on this, going by their conversation about Hans. He seems out of the loop compared to the princess, who is ready to prove that the cat-like assassin may be the fake after all.

Overview – What’s Next?:

Another strong episode, like the previous two. I appreciated Adlet and Fremy’s backstories getting fleshed out further, and trying them together with that one particular fiend. They’ve both gone through some horrible things to get where they are, and I’m rooting for the two of them. I’m also still liking Nashetania, even if I suspected her again this week. Hans is an obvious choice just by his nature and profession, but I think his eagerness to kill Adlet stems from him genuinely thinking he is the fake, and not because he, himself, is the fake and needs to get rid of one of the Braves.

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  1. I wonder if Goldov will slowly start to doubt Nashetania as time goes on, despite his feelings for her.
    Goldov: “Do you hear anything?”
    Nashetania: “NOPE!”

    P.S. @Samu ‘their being an eight person’ should be ‘there being an eight person’. 😉

  2. Goldov, “I’ll do anything you say Nashetania.”

    Nashetania, “Help me prove Adlet is not the fake.”

    Goldov, “I can’t do that.”

    Nashetania, “o_O”

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. This is why Goldov is more boring than Mora. The correct response to Nash’s request is “What’s in it for me? Some bunny tail would be nice”.
      Criminal lack of vision.

  3. Major points to Fremy’s voice actress in this episode. I could feel her suppressed emotions when she was talking about her mother and so-called friends having pretended to love her, and then turning on her. She was quiet as she always is, yet the power in those emotions was incredible.

  4. I have to agree with Nashetania being the fake, at least for now. It seems rather convenient that she suddenly believes Hans, the Brave Adlet has clashed with is the fake. I reckon Nashetania is trying to redeem Adler because she believes she can manipulate him into helping her, same with Goldov. However I still don’t trust Maura ( I think her name is Maura) as everyone takes her word as law just due to her status as leader of the saints, which would make her the perfect traitor

    1. Well, at least Mora has her position to back her up. What baffles me was how did everyone take Hans words very seriously despite his position and the way he talks. Whatever he said, everyone is ready to agree with him. Would be funny if it turns out everyone is the fake and Adlet is the only real one…

      1. That’s very true! he just turns up, says “I’m an assassin so i know how this door works and it can only be opened once! therefore Adlet is evil and must die.” And everyone just believes him! starting to think the goddess needed to pick smarter people. However I don’t think Hans is the enemy as its would be far too easy and he is an assassin so he’s gotta be a little bloodthirsty.

      2. To be fair, to some extent Mora can verify his knowledge of how those seals work since she knows every saints’ powers. Basically, the logic is that if Hans is fake and lying, Mora would notice and if Mora is fake and doesn’t care, Hans is a real hero and speaks the truth.

        As for blaming Adlet, as far as the cast knows, he was the first to enter the temple which couldn’t be entered before he opened the door. His situation is suspicious enough and taking Fremy hostage didn’t exactly help. Besides, he was questioned before the “let’s kill him” talk started but he couldn’t defend himself properly. In their situation, I would suspect him too.
        I agree that Hans, Chamo and Goldof appear a bit too happy to kill him though.

        About Mora/Maura thing, Mora is her name’s official romanization in the LN, while anime romanizes it as Maura. Take your pick =P
        (Everyone but Adlet and Hans is in similar situation.)

      3. Ahh, thanks for clearing up the name issue, I noticed there had been variations flying about.

        I concede to your point about Mora knowing of the doors that was well explained and I do agree that Adlet certainly did not help himself. I guess they are just trying to accurately depict a situation where a group as an unknown traitor as much as possible. I’m sure real people would want an easy answer as much as the Braves do, and unfortunately for Adlet, his situation makes him that easy answer.

      4. a literal romanization would be Mora. Maura would be pronounced very differently in Japanese. hence why anime can have Maura because English is so inconsistent with pronounciation and this is only by ear. in English it could be Maura where ‘au’ is like in Laura but in Japanese that would be Ma-u-ra, so that U is pronounced.

  5. I’m starting to think Hans is the fake even though he’s probably just a red herring. He talks too much and as an assassin, doesn’t seem too subtle, which could mean he’s lying. He’s probably lying, but not about whether he’s the fake or not. He’s just there to cause trouble.

    Maura made some questionable decisions this episode, with her letting Chamot go off by herself and then letting Hans guard the temple by himself. There’s a point to pair people together…Maybe she’s the fake? Or just has bad judgment?

    Goldov is just a annoyingly boring and wooden, so could he really be the fake?

    Chamot seems like she needs to be fleshed out more.


    Adlet is starting to become a touch obnoxious with the “strongest man in the world” schtick every. singe. episode. we get it, you think you strong bro. And also, he’s not too bright – he’s gonna protect everyone even the people trying to kill him!!!!

    And Adlet, you can blame the villagers. Don’t go placing the blame solely on the fiend for their stupid actions.

    Though I wish the show would offer more hints to the identity of the fake (unless I’m just too daft and have missed them), but it seems like it’s just the characters speculating as of now. Hopefully when/if we get all of their back stories there’ll be enough information.

    Adlet and Fremy’s backstories were certainly sad.

    Impel Down Hippo
    1. “And also, he’s not too bright – he’s gonna protect everyone even the people trying to kill him!!!!”

      It seems like you don’t understand what he’s saying. 7th trying make Heroes kill each other and foster mistrust. If even one genuine hero dies than the 7th wins. Because Adlet is the suspect himself it gives him motivation and insight need to expose the real culprit.

      Iron Maw
      1. I’m saying it based off of the idea that he’s really bought into playing the role of the “selfless hero” who may blindly sacrifice himself, even for stupid reasons. I understand he feels he’s a Brave and it’s his mission to work with everyone, but he’s still pretty dopey at times (but also shows flashes of smarts). Also, I think I’m starting to dislike him, since he’s a little too one note and all he ever says is…”I’m the strongest man in the world!” every episode. That can get a little annoying, even if there’s a bit of comedy behind it, as they’re using it too often.

        Impel Down Hippo
      2. Well I’m finding this a little bit ironic, considering this was the first episode where Adlet didn’t explicitly say his catchphrase in the usual fashion. Instead, we have gotten the revelations of why he says his line so often.

        “To him, the “Strongest Man in the World” is more of a mantra he tries to tell himself rather than an actual fact. Adelt wants nothing more to be the Shounen Protagonist, who laughs in the face of danger and over comes his hurdlers with Friendship Effort and Victory. But the sad reality is that Adelt doesn’t really have what it takes. He might be a little smarter than the average man and have some neat gadgets, but Adelt isn’t actually stronger than someone with real power. Kakashi might have countless techniques and tricks, but he still isn’t stronger than Naruto. If this wasn’t a show that required critical thinking, Adelt would have no place here…”—METANORN

        Plus, Adlet said it himself, Atro Spiker molded him to be not a man who fights for the sake of revenge like most cardboard cutouts like Yuichiro Hyakuya, the MC from Owari no Seraph, or Eren from Attack on Titan (and countless other revenge-crazed characters) but ‘someone who chooses who believes in something’, making him one of the most realistic characters I have seen in a long time.

        This is also supported by the fact that he panicked in episode 6 when almost every brave wanted to kill him, and also the tsundere element in this episode etc, etc. There really are many examples of how realistic he is.

        He’s really likeable if you ask me, and this is just evidence from the episodes so far.

      3. While that’s true with the last few episodes where we really get a more in-depth idea about his character motivations to show it’s more a mantra for him (plus he’s being shown “not to be strongest”), it wore thin, for me anyhow, before we even got there.

        He seems a little dopey because he gets by on his cunning/smarts, but doesn’t really understand it for what it is and just mistakes it as his strength. He’s certainly deluded, and that’s where these a slight comedic tone to whenever he says, which now also feels slightly sad.

        Or he’ll make grand statements and gestures without really knowing what that will entail or result in, as technically he’s only in this situation because he brought Fremy along even though everyone was against it, including her. Of course, it’ll work out for him since he’s the MC.

        To me he just rubbed me the wrong way the first few episodes, and it’s very difficult to come back from that.

        Impel Down Hippo
      4. All pretty true. When it comes down to it, the likeability of a character really is a subjective thing so I can understand why people can be so divided on Adlet’s personality especially. Granted, I can also bring up the case that an abundance of people who have seen Neon Genesis Evangelion really dislike Shinji, but that didn’t mean he was an (objectively) bad character; rather, it was the complete opposite. I believe that Adlet is just a recent analog to that, though keep in mind that I’m not directly comparing these two characters, just saying the cases are very similar.

        More importantly, I think it should be noted that Adlet’s use of the word ‘strong’ is incredibly generalized. Both brains and brawn come under this umbrella and I blame the simplicity of the dialogue for not pointing that out.

      5. Def agreed, it’s very subjective, though to be fair to Adlet, I don’t really like any of the characters except for Fremy right now, as everyone else isn’t really fleshed out. Goldov may be the worst, and he just sucks too. Maura and Chamot aren’t that much better since they’re not quite characters either but so far just plot movers, and Hans is blatantly there just to cause trouble (I usually like that character too, just not a fan of the execution), and Nash right now is underdeveloped in favor of the mystery like everyone else.

        Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say I don’t like and enjoy the show or find it interesting, I do and look forward to see how the story will unravel and how the characters will develop, but it’s just I see all the moving parts whenever a character shows up to do their schtick essentially.

        Interesting you mention Shinji, as I was pretty meh about him in the series, but hated him in the movie. They made him a way too mopey in the movie (among other things).

        Impel Down Hippo
  6. why no screenshot about chamo playing with multicolored tentacles?? it was weird these is her saint power?
    i want see fremy mom face with luck she will not be so ugly like the lizard with wings

      1. He was the one that insisted most that Adlet was the faker, after killing him and turn out to be a real one, the others would naturally question HIM for putting the blame on Adlet.

        Case A1, Hans is Real kill Ad
        The change of he brave mark would show that Adlet was a real one, Hans becomes the main suspect.
        Case A2 Hans is real not kill Ad
        All again from the beginning.
        Vase B1 Hans is fake kill Ad (Unlikely is that the case)
        A real one dies, and the fake make himself the main suspect
        Case B2 Hans is fake not kill Ad
        Increase even more between the Braves. Try to switch the blame to the leader to break the group further apart
        Case B3 Hans is fake not kill Ad and Mora LIED
        Mora set Hans to blow his cover. It’s weird that the only Brave know how the marks thing tell it to the least known guy in the group.

  7. interesting to say the least…
    Fremy and Adlet share something – the families and communities they lost, though the way they face against fiends is different – one has hope and belief to fight for, one only revenge. It is interesting that Hans the Meowssassin points out that few of the people that hired him for revenge killings got happy as a result – and that old master told Adlet that no one becomes truly strong for revenge.
    One thing to point out, it may be that the “mole” might not be at all interested in killing any of the Braves… because with each Brave slain, a petal would be lost from their “seals”.
    So, even if his fake seal is going to mimick that, with every wrongfully slain Brave, he rest would know they have made mistake and seek again, until the mole would have been exposed – and the fewer Braves left, the higher chances the Mole would be hit, even by accident.
    Last but not least, it is pssible that the Mole is so brainwashed he/she even is not aware of own allegiance, and is acting as if truly loyal companion until some trigger conditions are met…

  8. I’m quite happy with this ep in that it’s not all about who’s the fake, but some time is given to flesh out some of the characters better. If they’re gonna be stuck with them in the barrier for this entire season, we’d better learn more about the characters too.

    The problem I have with the mystery taking so much time is actually because I think Rokka’s other aspects, such as the characterization, interactions & world building shine out more. But as long as it doesn’t push every one of those aspects aside in favor of finding out who’s the fake then it’s all good. Making USE of the characterization & interactions along with the mystery would make it even better and this ep gave me hope for that.

    Of course, a little bit of action to spice things up every once in a while doesn’t hurt either.

  9. If this was Umineko, then the scene where Adlet arrives in the temple and the sword is already there would be a lie – just something Adlet invented, which would mean he is the 7th.

    But since this isn’t Umineko, I think Nashetania is the 7th, because of the way she destroyed the “evidence” two episodes ago and the way she attacked him in the first episode, making it seem like it was just some joke.

  10. I must say that the scene where the fiend started talking to Adlet and his friend was one of my favourites these week. Polite villains are so nice! That scene and Fremy’s past open a lot fo questions, though.

    Fiends are intelligent. They can speak. They have hierarchies. They can take care of children. Fremy is sure her mother’s love and her friends’ friendship were a lie, but are the fiends unable to have those feelings or is it just the byproduct of a Mordor-like totalitarian society?

    Also, they have pets.

    And I’m surprised. Weren’t humans supposed not to be able to cross into demon land? But that fiend convinced the villagers to go with him. So is it possible? Can they live there? How?

    1. I don’t think the fiend really meant what he said about the villagers joining the fiends and living in fiend territory, but there are few possible reasons to why he did what he did.

      1-He just told them that to make them kill each other, then he would kill/eat the others who wanted to join him (messing up with people is probably a fiend’s past time activity i guess XD).

      2-He told them they will joining the fiends only to take them as willing sacrifices to the fiend god.

      3-There is a way to give humans immunity to the fiend mist deadly effect, but only select few will recite it from the fiend god itself (like our fake brave for example).

      4-Humans can actually be turned into fiends, and all the villagers will “join” the fiend army as newly mutated fiends (not sure there are any indications of this being possible, so it’s the lowest probability)

      1. We do know that he’s the chief fiend interested in fiend-human hybrids, so I think 1 and 2 would be too poor for his character. Why waste good human resources?

        3 could be. Hey, he was already trimming them down to prove their will, so having more tests to only get “the best of the best” seems plausible.

        And 4… yeah, it doesn’t sound likely, but it would be interesting. And full of implications.

    2. If i remember correctly, this part is not addressed until Show Spoiler ▼

      but everything is explained considering that:
      1. yes, there is a way for humans to live in the territory of the demons, but Show Spoiler ▼

      2. if you rewind an episode or two or three, Fremy said that demons kidnapped humans and kept them in their territory so they could build a shrine for saint of gunpowder

  11. Minor gripe, but I never like how openings and endings can be so indicative of future events in the anime. It’s just that feeling that I’ve been getting aboutShow Spoiler ▼

    Of course, it’s still an inkling rather than a fact.

  12. The crocodile fiend’s a recurring character in future LN volumes. And yes, he looks like that in the LN illustrations.

    You’ll also see more of the other 2 Fiend leaders in later volumes.

  13. I don’t understand why they’re more focused on killing a usurper rather than determining and extracting information out of them. Makes more sense to me. Hans rose higher in my suspect chart because of how swift he is to try and kill Adlet and cripple the hero’s numbers if he indeed is the fake.
    Chamot seems like such an obviously distraction for suspicion from everyone else since its leaving me wondering why she’s so indifferent and kill-happy (even for a kid).
    Goldov has been so frikken quiet I feel like he and Fremy are the only ones not suspicious anymore, or maybe that’s Goldov’s trick and why every decision he makes seems irrational or poorly thought. Probably having moral conflict with his word to the princess to serve her and his role as the 7th
    Maura leading the conversation toward everyone else, but herself (along with Hans) just makes her so fishy imo. Won’t be surprised if those two are working in unison.
    Nachetanya just doesn’t fit the bill when I think of a hero. So green and so obviously prone to emotional manipulation for a fighter. No way she’s supposed to be a hero.

  14. The tidbit about the Saints confuses me. Do previous Saints powers reappear in new generations? Why are Goldov/Hans/Adlet not classified as “Saint of —“? Do new powers appear and are classified later? If Maura/Mora knows all the Saints powers, shouldn’t she by default know what everyone’s abilities are? Maybe I just missed the explanation..

    1. Only females can become Saints. That’s been covered. A saint is chosen by their god to bear some of that’s god’s power into the world. It’s a different sort of thing entirely than the group of six braves. Once a previous saint dies, the god in question can choose a new saint for themselves if they want. Some gods may not have chosen a saint before, so they’re unknown up until now. Maura knows all of the powers of all of the registered saints, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the saints came to register with her, as Fremy did not.

    2. Actually what told is like this. those god / goddess unable to come to human realm. for them to materialize , they need a vessel which happen to be only maiden. which why all Saint are maiden. when a saint dies ( old ages or killed) the god / goddess will reincarnated in the new vessel. the only Saint of gun power is artificial saint because the temple of worship is built recently which eventually creating artificial god ( no explanation from LN up to this point) and furthermore Mora / Maura had no knowledge on this Saint , as she serve as leader of all Saints and train new born saints after Ruira ( saint of sun ) retired.

  15. Two thoughts on the episode.
    First, Nashetania was there when Adlet got his flower seal. Why hasn’t she said anything to the others about that? It is just one minor theory that does point to her not being so honest.
    Second, I have this sinking feeling that all seven of them are the real Saints. Maybe one of them thought that activating the seal was a smart idea and now realizes that it wasn’t as great an idea as before. I say this because of a gut feeling I have because I’ve seen so much anime and books that it feels like it might be correct. I think that after defeating the Demon Lord one of the SEVEN Saints has to take his place to keep the cycle of the people vs the demons so the people don’t go to war against each other. Common enemy principal and such. I get the feeling that might be the BIG secret that Flamie has that she says that will make the others want to hate her or some such.


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