「聞かせて、笑顔の旋律」 (Kikasete, Egao no Senritsu)
“Let Me Hear the Melody of Your Smile”

Appearances are not always as they appear. Just as I predicted last week, Zen’s brother, Izana is not the horrible or heartless person that you think he is. Given – his tactics are probably not the preferred method, but his results speak for themselves. He only wants what’s best for his land and people and he just needs to work on communicating that. Given the amount of respect that Zen has for his brother, I think it’s clear that while he doesn’t agree with Izana’s methods, Zen knows he’s only thinking of what’s best for him (including what he thinks about Shirayuki). Izana is also a very forward-looking individual that has a lot of foresight for the future. I think that’s what makes for a great king/ruler (and CEO) if they can predict and gamble on the future like that. A lot of people can’t foresee so far out and understand the consequences to their actions and if Izana has that, then good for him for being able to rule his kingdom. It’s no wonder that Zen looks up to him in this regard.

Izana has some shortcomings too though and that’s where Zen is different. Zen is definitely more understanding, compassionate and empathetic towards Shirayuki and that’s what got him in this position in the first place. He shows his feelings more readily and there’s nothing wrong with that. I wish he was more proactive about his affections towards Shirayuki, but given his position, I think he’s made it more than obvious enough. It’s up to Shirayuki to meet him halfway so perhaps we’ll see more action from her.

Raj continues to be hilarious and I love how he brings that humor piece to the anime. I’ve got to admit, there isn’t much comedy in this series and it gets very monotoned without Raj or Obi on screen. I love watching the dynamics between the couples and family, but there needs to be something that breaks the tension or silence. Raj and Obi are good additions to the team and seeing Raj again doesn’t make me hate him, just pity him. I’m not sure what his role will be in the episodes going forward, but I hope he comes back. Maybe as an improved human being (and not such a prick) and as someone that appreciates Shirayuki’s kindness. I doubt we’ll see him much in this season again but maybe the next.

Next episode goes a little further into Zen’s world and his childhood (I think?). Perhaps his relationship with Mitsuhide and Kiki will be explained with some detail as to how they became his confidants. Some more focus on Obi would be nice but I shouldn’t be expecting that too much. Clearly I’m just biased and even though Zen and Shirayuki will get together by the end of this season (hopefully!), I’m imaging that Obi will be the third wheel one day. As the episodes progress, I’m beginning to think that Akagami no Shirayukihime is panning out like a typical shoujo would. That’s a little unfortunate in my books because I was expecting it to be different like Ore Monogatari!! with a key couple that gets together sooner rather than later. However, what Akgami no Shirayukihime has going for it, is still a stronger and atypical female protagonist and a good supporting cast. We’ll just see how it continues (and ends) this season before I can tell if the journey was worthwhile.




  1. I’m of a different opinion actually. Most shoujos either concoct episodes of misunderstandings, ridiculous levels of obliviousness, or really bizarre scenarios, before a couple is established. I think the romance is progressing rather organically here… Zen obviously isn’t oblivious (in fact, he doesn’t even deny it when Izana calls him out) and I don’t think Shirayuki is entirely either. They started with touches on the hand, to Zen hugging, and finally now to casual handholding while walking and Shirayuki initiating the hugs.

    And not a “~baka~” and “no way he feels that about me” in sight.

      1. Any trope under the sun really…girl has crushing debt and must live with random guy, girl is quirky and strange and recruits the cool detached guy of the school to go on bizarre adventures, girl does something strange and is blackmailed to hanging out with guy. that’s just some off the top of my head

        Rarely is the scenario two people who genuinely love and devote themselves to their professions (i.e being able to lead an independent life), while somehow still enjoying each other’s company

  2. I disagree with your opinion actually. While Zen and Shirayuki like each other, I have yet to see them go doki doki and act flustered ala Kimi Ni Todoke. It’s true that the shoujo elements are becoming more prevalent with this episode but a typical one would include a crying female lead trope, the female third wheel and throwing random pairings given its episode count.

    1. Again, this habit of replying to my own comment. Ugh. Raj is not even remotely funny in this episode and can be treated as a sore thumb that tumbles the balance of this series so far.

      1. As a person/character Raj might be an idiot and a prick but i do find his lively body language and facial expressions so damn funny, he even caused everyone at the tea-party to make funny faces when he claimed Shiryuki is Zen’s fiance XD

      2. @samui

        I kind of agree with you. That remark about Shirayuki being Zen’s fiancee aside, he is not funny and is an eyesore. I respected him more being a jerk, which he should remain throughout the series instead of making him a sympathetic character. I get the gist of what the creator is trying to do with the character, but his dirt-bag impression of him was so intense at the beginning that I find that I cannot forgive him. I know this is a type of fairy tale but not Fairy Tail.

      3. @ Hunter Wolf. I see your point actually and that’s the reason why I don’t hate his presence in the series. I kinda like him being adorable, dork and all but it’s kinda uncomfortable seeing him as a comic relief for the past two episodes. That was good during the first one but his purpose as a tool for laughs also expired by that time.

    1. To me, Zen appears to be too predictable of a prince; he’s everything I want my prince to be! But Raj is just.. how to put it in better words, different? (I like Zen don’t get me wrong, just my two cents in!)


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