“Mystic Sugar”

「ミスチック・シュガー」 (Misuchikku Shuga)

Yamada & Family:

This episode of WORKING!!! took the three things this third season has developed the most – Yamada and her family, Souta and Inami, and Satou and Yachiyo – and celebrated just how far they’ve all come. I’ll start off with my favourite of the bunch, and that’s Yamada. Yamada and Yamada are the most ridiculous siblings in anime for a good while, constantly outdoing each other in absurdity and hilarity. Yet, it’s their mother who outdoes them both. For how difficult the two Yamada’s are as children, she is much more difficult as a mother. Whether it be the her blank text message and Kirio’s longwinded explanation behind it, or the fact it took her four weeks to buy her the phone and then two more weeks to give Yamada her number… their mother is quickly proving to be more ridiculous than both her children combined.

I must also say how good it is that Yamada isn’t gone from the series. In typical WORKING!!! fashion, just as she says goodbye, she returns with the intention of never leaving. I said I’d be disappointed if that was the end of not just her arc, but her character as a whole. Thankfully, I had no reason to worry. Yamada is here for good, and she’ll forever remain my favourite!

Souta & Inami:

Next is my least favourite development of this season – though, I don’t hate it by any means; I just can’t get behind this relationship. It’s cute enough, represented perfectly by Souta repeating Kirio’s ‘joke’ to Inami with some blushing and violence to follow. The series is really pushing this couple, and it’s 100% going to be canon by the end, but I can’t see myself budging. It’s the Souta and Popura scenes that overshadowed the main relationship this week, with the height difference increasing by 2cm. Poor Popura, she even managed to grow that extra 1cm, but the math is not in her favour. Forever short.

Satou & Yachiyo:

And then there’s the best (soon to be canon) couple of the show. The accumulated birthday presents over the past four years was very sweet but very sad at the same time. Four years it’s taken for Satou to get this far. Well, at least we got their eventually. Souma is still pushing for this relationship – as am I – but I’m sure by the end of this final season it will blossom in a natural and rewarding way. Five more week to find out.

Overview – What’s Next?:

This was a much less serious episode than the past few, which was actually a good thing. I love that this season of WORKING!!! has developed so many characters and relationships, treading into new territories. But the series is still funny despite the new dynamics and completed character arcs, and I think that’s proof enough that WORKING!!! will – and should be – remembered as one of the best comedy anime out there.



  1. The different levels of disgust in the cast’s face when Aoi mentioned that she will be their guardian angel, to Kirio mentioning that he will visit more often, was hilarious. Inami’s face especially went from an uneasy smile at Aoi to a full on “D:” at Kirio.

    The first time we see Satou play a prank on Souma. Revenge! But run Satou! Run before the annoyances become part of your everyday life!

    I’m more on the SoutaxInami ship than SoutaxPoplar. The latter felt more like a father doting on a daughter than a true romantic relationship. Plus the latter relationship only started because Poplar was small, where else Inami’s personality (excluding all the punches) was what won Souta over more.

    Hope we start seeing slightly less of Kirio. His annoyances knows no bounds…

    1. I wasn’t too keen on Kirio before, but I’ve really warmed to him this season. About the shipping, I guess you’re either on one camp or the other. It’s obvious that Souta/Inami was always gonna be endgame, but I can’t hide my disappointment.

  2. When Satou gave Yachiyo a gift the next day I knew right away he had three more ready. I love how endearing he is and how he isn’t really a stoic, so much as he’s just really awkward. I don’t like how he and Yachiyo’s development has come to a stop again, though.

    Kirio is good for Takanashi. He needs someone to just rub his face in the obvious. Hope somethings happens there soon, cause Takanashi is starting to border on more annoying than funny. Inami’s a good girl, get in on that!

    Next we just have to find out what Mama-Takanashi does… and how the hell that damn masochist is better than seeing her!

  3. The opening credits added Minegishi and Yamada mama, not to mention a whole lot of daisies. Takanashi taking out the trash has got to be the funniest moment in the episode for me. Not to mention you can’t help but be impressed by Kirio’s talent for interpreting his mother’s thought process, even from just a blank text message.



    I hope this isn’t an indication that Haruna-san is going to get lost again.

  4. I’m really wondering now how they will handle Souta and Inami development chapters in the last 5 episodes since the anime is now covering Chapters 189 and above (excluding the Takanashi family arc, im pretty sure they’ll adpat it later) and I’m pretty sure Jun and Yachiyo are officially canon before the season ends.

    Btw, lol at the Yamada family.

  5. My heart skipped a beat when Haruna-san was like “Oh no i forgot the milk !” and was ready to disappear once again xD
    Really this show comedy-wise is one of the best for me


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